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🐅 If you haven't watched them yet, please watch my videos about fighting #Covid. If you follow all 4 points in the 2 videos, your need for a vaccine will be likely unnecessary. So please watch and please share!


This picture was taken a while back. I thought I should put it on my FB so it will stay in history. Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹

🐅 My video on fighting Covid part 2 is finally published on YT! This video has more interesting knowledge so you don't wanna miss it. And please make sure to share and subscribe. 👍


Teacher Ma cracks me up dude.......

Having bbq with respected and honorable Dr. Ma at the back of my gym!!

🐅 My second video on fighting Covid will be published very soon. Part 2 has more interesting facts so you will wanna watch and share. The more we want to return to normalcy the more you will want to get everyone to follow the 4 principles discussed in my 2 videos. Thank you.

Spanish subs are now available for my latest YT video. Special shout out to those who follow me from Mexico! Thank you!!



🐅 My video on fighting #Covid19 is finally published! We are all sick and tired of this #virus but there are solid ways of overcoming it without all the idiot #shutdowns and #socialdistancing. So please watch this video to learn more. And make sure to share it with everyone. Special guest is in it: Dr. Karys Ma.
Espanol CC próximamente


🐅 My next YT video will be published soon. Currently it is being translated into Korean by yours truly! 아자아자 화이팅!!!

My next YT video will be published soon. It is a 2-part video about how we can actually fight #Covid19 without all the regulations the government has forced upon us. Please watch and share when I post on YT. It will have both Spanish and Korean subtitles. Thank you.

🐅 You can check out my nice butt 👍 This ball weighs 50 lbs and it can really get your heart going.

What does salt have anything to do to help fight the #coronavirus? I will be filming my "salt talk" tomorrow to explain. And so my next YT video is close to completion. We as a world can tackle this #covid #virus problem without all the unnecessary business shutdowns and without waiting around for a vaccine. In Los Angeles, things are utterly ridiculous and both the government and health department are causing more harm than good. So after I publish my video please help get the word out. I am working with a very special doctor, Dr. Karys Ma, to produce this video and Josh is still editing from Korea. Thank you both! Let's change the world together!!!

I am on a weekend vacation in Sonora, CA. Someone once asked me if thought energy and mass are all the same, then how did the trees next to her home exist. It was that same question that opened my eyes to what I teach today. Without thought, nothing can exist. With thought, we can not only exist, we can continually shape what exists now to become even more beautiful and more awesome tomorrow. #THOUGHTISENERGYISMASS


🐅 Bicep curls with Fat Grips. Excellent way to strengthen your #grip. 💪

🐅 He is doing this exercise with a 20lb vest on. The ball itself weighs 25lbs.

🐅 A great way to switch from a #pecfly to #triceps pull down in one quick set!

I just filmed some foods I like to eat to help people understand what I try to do to eat healthy yet include not so healthy foods in my diet plan. This clip will show on my next YT video which will discuss how we can actually battle #Covid19 and not just safeguard from it. It will be a very educational video and Josh is in the process of editing from Korea. I look forward to it!! 👍

Squat rows. This workout is very common and very effective to burning fat 👍

#THOUGHTISENERGYISMASS. 🐅 My formula proves that these types of issues can end NOW! And I will work hard to spread my message to the world to stop these type of problems. 🐅

So please watch my YT video "The Power of Gratitude - The Cure to Everything episode 3" if you haven't already. You can also help by watching my video.


🐅 I must apply my formula #thoughtisenergyismass everyday like everyone to move forward towards greater things in life. Right now I live in an apartment with no parking and no kitchen but would love to be able to afford those things soon. In Los Angeles that will cost over $1000 extra every month! 😬 So it will require a lot of planning and a lot of freaking hard work to achieve such a great milestone. But I will never give up. The things I achieved so far in life were all very, very difficult but I achieved them, so I will just keep on pressing forward. One day soon I will share in my IG and FB my #success!! ✊

Watch The Power of Gratitude - The Cure to Everything episode 3 to learn more about thought = energy = mass:

🐅 Good work to my client Tim! He gave me 5 stars on Yelp and you can see why!! This change took about 30 sessions of training. 🐅

🐅 I really love this new machine. 🐅

Of all places in the world, Mexico is extremely receptive to my message: #thoughtisenergyismass. #gracias #thankyou #❤

¡Buen día a toda la gente de México! Amo toda tu dedicación a Dios y a Cristo Jesús. ¡Pero asegúrese de ver mi video antes de hacer comentarios! Hago una afirmación muy científica de que Dios existe, y ningún científico puede refutar lo que digo ya que mi prueba es tan clara de entender. ¡EL PENSAMIENTO ES ENERGÍA ES MASA! Se aplica a ti. ¡Y se aplica a toda la Tierra! Mire mi video para comprenderlo completamente. ¡Gracias!

I have very unfortunate news. My good friend and YouTuber, Josh, left back to Korea due to emergencies and won't be coming back to the states. Since he has all the vlogging and video editing skills I haven't been able to continue with my YT channel. Also it was really sad for me to let him go. But I am now determined to learn video editing on my own and hope one day Josh and I can reunite. My message #thoughtisenergyismass is too important to just pass on anyway. And I am confident God has other plans for both Josh and me to continue growing in our skills and for both of us to continue in success in the next coming weeks and even the next coming years. Stay strong and positive, Josh! You will be missed!

🐅 Two-story, private 1:1 personal training facility in #Koreatown LA! How bad ass is that???? 🐅

Toy #2. Lat pull down/row machine again by @atlantisstrength, best of the best in fitness equipment. #thankyou!

Toy #1 Cross Cable Machine by @atlantisstrength 💪

I'm very grateful to Coby Persin, with over 6 million subscribers on his YT channel, for helping me make this video on Thought = Energy = Mass. If you watch it, you too can see the power of gratitude and how it can completely change your life:

🐅 I hit my first goal in less than a month. #Thankyou #God 🐅

🐅 And the world starts to respond ✊


🐅 Tiger's Law and my fight against #Covid officially goes global as of today. 🐅


🐅 My battle against Covid begins in Spanish as of now!

Lots of people with a science education or background have a hard time opening their door to my message. THOUGHT = ENERGY = MASS. They take one look at my formula and scoff. But a book is a perfect example of my formula. It holds a person's thoughts even if that person passed away. Energy was put into it to form words. And it can change the masses by the millions if that book was very popular.


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