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Founded by Fitness experts Guilherme Chaves and Nikolas Whitehead, Those Trainers is a company that gives an elite personal training experience.

Founded by Fitness experts Guilherme Chaves and Nikolas Whitehead, Those Trainers tailors to dedicated High-end Clientele to provide World-Class Personal Training experience for your BEST possible results!

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[01/24/20]   So Excited to announce that we are Partnering with Axis Apartments in DTLA to service the fitness needs of the community! After a long break - WE ARE BACK!! Stay tuned, lots more to come!

Results-Based Training! Message @Fitmentallity to get started!

Results-Based. Message @Fitmentallity to get started!

When you work hard and stick to the plan, your results are guaranteed! This was just 30 days of work, imagine what is possible in only 6 months! Our bodies are capable of incredible things! Check out this transformation from one of my best clients!

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This is Aaron Day @alldayphysique.. There are several reasons that he is our #motivationmonday hero!
Just to name a few:
>110% positivity
>extremely knowledgeable
>works his ass off
>straightforward no BS
> tons of personality
> complete dedication

We met Aaron at an event in NYC last year, and have followed him since. If you want incredible knowledge, awesome fitness and nutrition tips, and everyday feel-good positivity, Aaron is your guy. Follow him ASAP!!


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So for 25 years of my life, I thought vegans were weird. I categorized them for no other reason than not knowing exactly what they're all about. I'm not here to convert everyone to veganism, because I strongly believe in doing things behind greater purpose. I'm often asked why I decided to become vegan, and I have to tell you the #1 reason is the way that I've felt since beginning my journey to plant based nutrition. Its been one year and I havent gotten sick once. My physical, and cognitive energy has increased. I'm leaner, I'm overall healthier and I feel it daily. People are willing to try the craziest drugs and diets to take a shortcut. If for no other reason, do it to find out how it feels to be on a plant based diet, and to try something new that MAY benefit your health. The side effects are far less risky than most other methods. Also, it is far more sustainable than eating animal based diets. Plus, animals are cute why not try to save a life🐷🐗🐮🐓🐹??

Thank you @kyrieirving
For being outspoken in your experience!


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#Thosetrainers follow @docjenfit because she has an incredible amount of knowledge, and everyday tips for ALL people. I use many of her highly effective techniques, go follow her!


🔑 Mobility helps with treatment for pain, injury and imbalances, but beyond that, mobility is the key to #prevention
🔑 Today we’ll start with the neck! NOTE: each video is sped up to almost 2X to fit within the minute. Move slow and with control. 🔶Neck Mobility:
🔸Upper Trapezius Stretch: lean your ear toward your shoulder without allowing the back or shoulders to follow. You may use a hand for assistance but hold gently and breathe into the stretch. Hold 1-2 mins. Repeat on opposite side.
🔸Levator Scapulae Stretch: turn your nose toward the armpit and bend the neck to the desired stretch. You may again use the hand on the head to assist gently without allowing the back to bend as well. Hold 1-2 minutes. Repeat on opposite side.
🔸SCM Stretch: Hold under the collarbone and tilt your head away from the hand and the chin tilts toward the ceiling. 5-10 slow breaths to each side. 🔸Controlled Neck Circles: create tension through your body to maintain an upright spine. Bend your chin toward your chest and think of drawing a line with your chin to your shoulder and then up to the ceiling to the opposite shoulder. Repeat 3-5x each direction. Move S L O W .
🔸@intelliroll Suboccipital Release: move the roller to the base of the skull (the @intelliroll has a dip to find optimal contact). Gently rock the head back and forth, side to side for about 1-2 minutes as needed
🔸@intelliroll Belly Breathing: scoot the bottom forward to allow a gentle distraction of the cervical spine. Place one hand on the belly, one hand on the chest. Think of keeping the chest hand relatively quiet as the belly expands up, sideways and into the floor on your back. 5-10 minutes.

If you LOVE Bootygains as much as we do add this exercise to your routine!! #Lunges, and #squats are two staple exercises for promoting muscle growth in your glutes! @thosetrainers incorporate both, adding variations to get MAXIMUM RESULTS!
------>weighted squat pulses
------>pulsing curtsy lunges

Try it out!

1. post video doing this exercise
2. Tag #thosetrainers
3. Recieve a FREE WRISTBAND!

Thank you @afarias96 for demonstrating! Follow her awesome fitness journey!


For even more booty tips follow

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This is @sinfreesophia more formerly known as Sophia Elliott.. Ive been following her for a few months now, and she has shed light on a very serious epidemic that people face through her own experiences that she's shared. She is a true representation of beating the odds, preserverance, strength, and tenacity. #Fitness #Badass! And oh yea, she also happens to be a #Vegan! Her story inspires me when especially on days that Im feeling complacent. If you feel like you cant do it, I encourage to follow @sinfreesophia and listen to her story and see how everyday people like you and me beat the odds !


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Follow our workout & meal plan for guaranteed results! For those of you that are serious about changing the way you look & feel about yourself... Reach out to us via e-mail
[email protected]

Fitness model 👉 @aleana.naylor

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**TAG A FRIEND that's ready for a life changing transformation** Killfat will start on Monday, July 10th. Limited spots available!
DM us for more info

Fitness model👉@sofitsam_
Photographer 👉 @phmmurta
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Check out these KillFat transformations. No, this is not a quick fix. It is not "just" a one month program. This is a challenge that will give you a jump-start to your fitness goals! If you dont know exactly what to do when you go to the gym, or maybe youve been exercising for a while without seeing the results that you want.... THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. No matter your level of fitness, we accommodate all shapes and sizes. Our program is Proven, Effective, Different, and most of all ENJOYABLE! These transformations were from dedicated clients who stuck to the plan, and were consistent with exercise and nutrition for just 45 DAYS!! Life-changing results, and good habit-forming routines are only one click away. Message, call, E-mail or text the contact(s) on the Flyer for more information. It worked for them, WHY NOT YOU!?

Join our 30 day Killfat program designed to help you shed unwanted fat / tone / build confidence & strength 💪. Program will start on June 5th!
Dm me for more info 👍

Fitness model - @feh_franco
Photgrapher- @phmmurta
Thank you @ngp23 for making our Killfat logo🔥🔥🔥
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