Siesta Yoga

Siesta Yoga


The best part about a virtual event? It gave us a chance to try a lot of new things!
We are so excited Brandee will be joining us for the Virtual Walk for the Animals 2021 with a virtual yoga class!

Brandee teaches yoga for the sake of feeling good in the body. Her teaching style ranges from restful to strengthening, and it is all led by deep breathing and mindful movement. She is the co-founder of LA-based studio, Siesta Yoga (all classes are now online).
For more information on Brandee and Siesta Yoga, click here:
Brandee Goatcher Yoga Siesta Yoga
Celebrate Autumn's first Full Moon with us and Siesta Yoga TOMORROW at 7PST! Click the link for more info!
Well, it's official. It is now red hot fiery Summertime! We celebrated with a 3-day sound adventure at Siesta Yoga. Recordings of each of these Sound Baths are available for view upon donation!

Friday: Focuses on the New Moon energy of inquisitively turning inward; the Root Chakra grounding sensibility; and the Sacral Chakra ability to shift and adapt. Includes Bee Breath.

Saturday: Summer Solstice 90 minute sound party! This event gets us revved up and ready to activate, while teaching exercises for balanced use of our Solar Plexus Chakra. Includes Belly Breath, Skull Shining Breath, Fire Mudra, Chanting (and why we chant), Visualization, and Solar Meditation.

Sunday: A 2-hour Solar Eclipse exploration through our shadow selves and into the inner light of wise speech, action, and thought. Works with Heart Chakra and the Spirit Chakras for balance and focus. Includes a yoga class, Alternate Nostril Breath, 3-part breath, Chanting, Ether Mudra, and Fearless Heart Mudra.

Note which event you wish to access when you purchase!

(Don't worry! You're in the right place. This link is updated with info our next event. We always use the same link to keep it easy on ya.)

PayPal and Venmo donation links in Comments.

We offer Yoga of many types: Hatha • Ashtanga • Vinyasa Flow • Restorative
We hold monthly sound baths and a variety of other healing workshops.

Parking is available in a small lot behind the studio. Be sure your spot is marked "Siesta Yoga." Established in 2011 Siesta Yoga was founded with the idea of creating a comfortable, safe place for people to find their breath and move around a bit. It has turned into a school for yoga students to heal and tune into themselves, while being a part of a sweet community of yogis. From students who hav

Operating as usual


@dreamcometmusic ‘s Eye View

Meet him and @beegyoga in TOPANGA CANYON on SATURDAY for a Sound Bath & Meditation! Register through link in bio or just show up at the door.

WHAT: @modularsoundbath
Refresh & Renew
A healing Chakra Balancing soundscape follows breathwork and guided meditation. Workshop helps guide you into your energy body and discover the spaces and tensions present.
WHEN: 4pm on Saturday, May 21st
WHERE: @corazontopanga

Sound Bath In Person this Saturday! 05/19/2022

Sound Bath In Person this Saturday!

Sound Bath In Person this Saturday! -

Sound Bath In Person this Saturday! Clarity & Transformation This week, we are functioning in response to the stunning sky event from Sunday (that big red Lunar Eclipse). We are moving through a time of transformation which offers an opening to let go of a little, set some boundaries, and lay plans for future thrills. However, it's i...


Yoga anyone?


11am-12pm Align & Connect - @beegyoga

8-9am am Hatha 1-2 - Brandee
10:30-11:30am Yoga Class - Christian

11am-12pm Align & Connect - Brandee

10:30am-12pm Ashtanga Led Primary - Christian
5-6pm Release & Restore - Brandee

8-9am Basics - Christian
11am-12pm Align & Flow - Brandee
🌱 4-5:30pm @modularsoundbath @corazontopanga 🌈

8-9am Basics - Christian
9:15-9:50am Meditation & Pranayama - Brandee
10-11am Hatha Therapeutics - Brandee


Happy May!
Happy mid-Spring!

We’re fresh off a and ready for a fresh take on the world.
This is an opportunity to:
*Reignite your passions
*Deepen your connection to your sensory experience
*Get into a state of flow
*Submerge yourself in water

Listen to our 15-minute @modularsoundbath session (link in bio) for an opportunity to pause, internally explore and discover how to move forward!

Modular Sound Bath for Earth Day / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Root Chakra Meditation 04/22/2022

Modular Sound Bath for Earth Day / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Root Chakra Meditation

Happy Earth Day! Thought you might nejoy a sonic pause to reflect on how amazing our planet is :)

Modular Sound Bath for Earth Day / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Root Chakra Meditation This is a thank you to our planet. A wish for the health and wellness of the earth we stand on. This is a song from the stuff from which we came for the stuf...


As a family member recently chirped:
Happy Easter!
Happy Spring!
Happy Happy Everything!

This week’s practice:
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Inhale and expand your belly / Exhale to soften it. Can be done sitting or laying down.
Benefits include:
*calming the nervous system
*encouraging digestion and settling upset stomach
*grounding the mind and body into a feeling of stability and support


“Taking your classes feels like a weekly gift I give myself.” - Siesta student

All smiles after receiving this latest testimonial!

This is why we do what we do. Let’s keep helping each other feel good 💜

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday! 04/13/2022

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday!

NEWSLETTER: Spring Transition + Full Moon Sound Bath -

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday! Happy Easter! Easter may or may not be your thing, but it is a time in the season that represents a shift. It is a holiday representative of Spring and all its vast wonders, and it is a great time for a reset. This weekend brings us that shift. We also have a full moon that peaks Saturday around no...


Trying to look at the world through the lens of a fresh, green, open mind.


Ashtanga Yoga
is a practice that draws you into your body and the present moment with such fervor that you have no choice but to deal with it. On a good day or a bad day, this practice leads you into yourself in the best way possible - with honesty. So, the next time you practice, apply acceptance, patience, and curiosity to this physical journey. Perhaps then, it will not be hard or easy, but just as it is. And from that perspective, who knows what inspiration will emerge!

with Christian
Wednesdays + Fridays at 10:30am
Saturdays + Sundays at 8am
on Zoom = link in bio


We invite you to join us live and in person Saturday 4.16.22 for a @modularsoundbath event in Topanga Canyon!

We will transition into the Full Moon calendar phase and feel a sense of refreshment and renewal with our transition into Easter Sunday 🐰

Come to breathe deeply, take in nature’s abundance, and meditate with sound.

Event is indoors, but hiking trails and the beach are nearby.
Register to SAVE YOUR SPOT: link in bio.

Modular Sound Bath: New Moon Reset / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Earth Chakra Meditation 04/01/2022

Modular Sound Bath: New Moon Reset / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Earth Chakra Meditation

Wishing you a lovely New Moon evening!

Modular Sound Bath: New Moon Reset / Crystal Bowls + Modular Synth / Earth Chakra Meditation Beginnings. This moon represents the beginning of the moon cycle and of the astrological chart. The new moon falls in Aries, which imbues courage, assertiven...


Wishing you a nice week with a new experience or two!


Full Moon tonight at midnight! Check it out while listening in. Pleasant dreams! Might want to keep a notebook by the bed tonight.
17-minute Spring Sounds Meditation available now.

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday! 03/16/2022

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday!

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday! -

Sound Bath In Person on Saturday! Spring Equinox This weekend, we get to enjoy balance between darkness and light: the Spring Equinox occurs on Sunday 3/20. It is a moment of balance and a time to reintegrate some of the activities that we've been putting off over the Winter. It is a great time to take a long walk with lots stops to...


Yoga can be fun! It can be challenging. It can be gentle. It can be what you need from it. Yoga practice is a reflection of you. So, next time you step on your mat, ask your body - what do I need to know? - before you start moving.

Christian is in , a hovering .
He teaches this posture and it’s variations in his *W / F 10:30am Ashtanga classes.*
He preps your body for such feats (should you want to partake) in his *Sa / Su 8am Basics.*

To Attend Class:
Click the bio link. It will take you to a sliding scale listing of classes. Pick your class - pick your rate. Then you’ll receive a link to stream or watch on demand!


Be slow to unfurl after this new moon.


Well wishes on this New Moon 🌚
May your evening be gentle and slow, your meditation be eye opening (sound meditation by @modularsoundbath available in their bio!), and your sleep be restful.


*Pillow on the thighs roots thigh bones back and applies gentle pressure to the abdomen, relieving tension in hip flexors and low back.
*Block under the forehead melts away tension along the brow line, relaxes facial muscles, skull, and neck. It also provides a point of focus.
*instruction: Imagine you could breathe through your third eye point, inhaling space and exhaling stuckness.
Stay for 1-5 minutes.

Modular Sound Bath: Sparkle / Chakra Meditation / Modular Synth / Crystal Bowls / 15 min meditation 02/23/2022

Modular Sound Bath: Sparkle / Chakra Meditation / Modular Synth / Crystal Bowls / 15 min meditation

Need a break? That's what siestas are for! Here's a 15 minute sound meditation to assist you in your reboot. Enjoy!

Modular Sound Bath

Modular Sound Bath: Sparkle / Chakra Meditation / Modular Synth / Crystal Bowls / 15 min meditation This sound retreat is a chance to settle in and take that 15 minute break you need during your day to check in, breathe deeply, and reset. May you be well!Ho...


Wishing you expansion on this full moon!

🦁Check out our stories for some astrological insights.
💜Find a pillow and try this pose while breathing softly into your heart and out through your palms.
❄️Go to our bio for a link to a @modularsoundbath dedicated to this Snow Moon.


It has been sunny and warm and the plants are soaking up every minute of it!


Release & Restore success!
This is what your sleep will feel like after a relaxation class.

Every Friday night at 5 PST.
Of course recordings are available for viewing at your convenience.
Link in bio.



Align & Connect - recorded

8-9am Hatha 1-2 >>> Moves to Friday
Yoga Class - recorded

11am-12pm Align & Connect - @beegyoga

8-9am Hatha 1-2 (on Friday this week only) - Brandee
10:30am-12pm Ashtanga Led Primary - Christian
5-6pm Release & Restore - Brandee

REGISTER for livestreams or recordings through link in bio.
Sliding scale pricing.
Memberships available.


Weekend Vibes
(because his legs are in a “V” - you get it)
Livestreams and original Recordings available! Schedule follows:

10:30am led primary - Christian
5pm release & - @beegyoga

8am Basics - Christian
Align & Flow - recorded

Basics - recorded
- recorded
- recorded

REGISTER for livestreams or recordings through link in bio.
Sliding scale pricing.
Memberships available.
Times are pacific 🌴


Welcoming in the new leaves, new days, and a NEW CLASS!
Starting tomorrow we will add *8-9am Hatha Level 1-2 with @beegyoga * to our schedule!
Join us by registering for a membership ($60-$120 sliding scale) or a single ($10-$30 sliding scale). You can enjoy the livestream or a recording! See ya there!

This class uses a sequence of basic postures that take you on a journey through the body. You will learn names, benefits, and alignment techniques for each pose. Each movement will follow a breath, giving students a point of focus to swiftly move through the practice. 1-2 = Beginner to Intermediate

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Saturday 8am - 9am
11am - 12pm
Sunday 8am - 11am

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