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Pilates/Fitness/ Happiness/Inspiration/Motivation & Positive insight! Pilates Instructor, TRX, Motivational Coach, Barre Fitness, former ballerina, Corelotus (yoga flow, barre & pilates mat).

Lover of peace, love, essential oils, crystals, and all things spiritual

Operating as usual


Be the 💜
Contemplating this lately. Wherever you are… literally the building or structure you are in, be the heart. Fill it with your goodness, your positivity, your heart. 💜

Everything is energy and everything affects everything. Ponder that for awhile.

We have but a fleeting moment on this Mother Earth. The time is now to find the gratitude and to awaken to your highest potential. (And I don’t mean just in terms of “success” or “money”)

Happy Sunday. May you bask in the sun, may you shine your light, it’s needed.
💡 💜🙏🏼


My product is finally up on my website and here in my inst shop!

🔮Reiki infused organic essential roller oil with crystal chips.
🔮Infused with Love 💕 and 💡 Light.
🔮Crystal choice and oil choice. (Just a few for now!)
🔮Did you know essential oils help your vagus nerve as well?! Yep! 😉

Dm for info or add to your cart or go to my website:

Here’s to feelin and smellin good! 🥰💜


Stacey’s tip of the day:
Metta meditation!

Give yourself loving compassion. 🥰😘


Happy Sunday and Sun-Day.

🌞As we approach the Spring Equinox, what are you doing to “clean out” the things that don’t serve you?

🌞 what thoughts do you constantly think that perhaps aren’t uplifting? Can you change at least one them?

🌞amongst all this chaos can you find at least one thing to be thankful for?

🌞Getting outside into the sun, hugging your pet, hugging a person, grounding into the earth, water or sand…all these things help to connect us back to ourselves, our unity, and the unity with mother Gaia. (Vagus nerve helpers….‼️‼️‼️‼️) 😉

🌞can you create an affirmation for spring that you say to yourself several times a day with feeling, something positive something you can wrap your mind around.?

🌞 when we help ourselves to feel better, and heal, we help the world. Butterfly 🦋 effect.

Here’s to more peace love and hope. 🙌🏼😘🦋🌞💜‼️


Lately I’ve had several people tell me they love the cues I use when I am guiding them in yoga.

Cues they haven’t heard before. I am so grateful they resonate with people.

I tell you this to share a win but also to share that as a lover of learning, and knowledge I am always trying to figure out ways to get my point across and help students understand why the body is doing things a certain way.

I constantly am learning more myself and reading, expanding, experimenting.

💜 it’s my pleasure to help assist a person to feel better in their body and then hopefully their mind as well.

💜 Imagine if every master of their craft kept learning, opening, trying new things. Many do…but a a lot not so much.

💜 So find your way to relate to others, to teach others, to help others. Then we help ourselves as well.

Always a student.

💜 I’ve got some juicy amazing info coming soon about your 😉

💜Let’s kick in that rest and relax vibe and learn and grow and heal. I’ve got your back. 🥰😘

Happy Thursday party people.


Stacey’s tip of the day: Dead bug 2.0! Advanced version of dead bug 1!
💜keep your “corset”on (ribs down) navel engaged
💜don’t let your pelvis or back change position
💜inhale through nose, exhale through mouth like you are blowing through a straw
💜go back to version 1 if this is too much
💜keep at it and you will get stronger! 👏🏼

Have fun 😉


Heart chakra. Anahata

Happy 💚 day!

💜 close your eyes and take a deep breath into your heart.
💚 deep inhalation…deep exhalation.
💜picture a light emanating out from your heart space each time you exhale. See it surround you and go out into the space around you.
💚repeat several times.

A great way to cultivate self love, present moment awareness, and feeling grounded.

Open your heart….it’s the only way “in” 🥰😉💜💚

Happy Love Day!


Happy Terrific Tuesday!
Crystal ears or crystal wings behind me… I say wings 😂

💜 A but about me:
A dreamer, a manifestor, a light being, a strong lover and fighter, a reiki master, a yogi and yoga teacher a pilates teacher, a barre teacher a trx teacher a meditation student and teacher, a breathwork student and facilitator. The list goes on….
Most of all a Divine being having a human experience. 😉

🔮Regardless of whether you believe in the magical properties of crystals and gems, you have to admit that what the earth made is mind blowing and outstanding!

🔮Aren’t us humans the same? Mind blowing, unique, part of the earth, and with so much possibility?!


🔮Take this month to enjoy your surroundings, make it fresh, feel the vibe of love 💜 all around you.

🔮we are the co-creator of our reality, what are you focusing on?

🔮words are powerful…what intentions do you set for each day? What are you grateful for?

🔮what we focus is what we get! 👊🏼💜

🔮seems basic yet so many of us don’t do these things. It’s a practice like yoga….become aware of your habits…are they serving you?

🔮awareness is the 🔑

💜 stay tuned for tips on all things exercise/healing/spiritual based.
And Happy Birthday 🎊 to my dear hubby @jerbuds and @refreshquest
Great things coming!!


Stacey’s (Stezfit’s) TIP OF THE DAY!

🦄 before your feet hit the ground in the morning, set 1-3 intentions for the day…

🦄 it can be anything, ie: “I will be compassionate today.”

🦄 it really can be anything, keep it simple and place your hand on your ♥️ and take one deep full breath as you set them.

🦄 keep it light, keep it simple, keep it positive, make it a habit.

🦄 even if at the end of the day you feel like you didn’t accomplish it, who cares? You keep at it and and it sets a “tone”, it brings you into more mindfulness and the energy rubs off onto you and others in a powerful way 💥

EVERYTHING you do matters!

💜Let me know how it goes.
Sending you all the high vibes. 😊😉


Lookin up to the full moon! Wolf moon to be precise….1st full moon of the new year.

What can you release through you to uplevel your life?

Humans are creatures of habit, so why not have a ritual each morning/each month/each 🌕 to help motivate you, inspire you, access your deepest feelings and desires?

🌕what rituals do you have?

🌕 what type of body movement do you do to feel better and work through things?

🌕what words do you say often/all the time to yourself? Are they uplifting and helpful? Or negative and sad?

🌕 find a ritual and movement that works for you…tiny steps each day equal big change.

🌕 how can you assist another?

Happy Full Moon and stay tuned as I drop more nuggets after my Vagus nerve training. 😉💜🙏🏼
It’s all connected friends…everything. 💥💥💥💥💥💥


A throwback to that time I communed with my large crystal and tried to figure out a way to ship it home. 🤣🙌🏼🔮🧙‍♀️
Awe memories are so fun (some of them) but being in the moment is priceless! 👊🏼
and I’m comin for ya! 🔮🔮🔮🔮💜💜💜🥰🥰

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Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor (200RYT), TRX, Motivational Coach, Barre Fitness, former ballerina. Lover of peace, love, essential oils, crystals, and all things spiritual!

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