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It's official! I am listed as a certified running coach on the RRCA website! I can do virtual coaching as well!


Have heard nothing but amazing reviews for this book. 📚Excited to dive into it! 📝 #neverstoplearning #personaltrainer #suppleleopard #continuingeducation #movement #personaltraining #beckleyfitness #optimizeperformance #injuryprevention #painfree #read #readmore


Officially passed the RRCA Running Coach Certification exam! If you have ever wanted to learn to run or are currently a runner and want to improve your pace, contact Beckley Fitness to learn more!


The holidays are approaching! The holidays are approaching! Are you prepared to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition? Beckley Fitness has Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches and Personal Trainers available to help you learn how to enjoy the holidays and not gain all the holiday weight! Leave a comment below to learn more!


If you are an endurance athlete, you know (or should know) the importance of electrolyte replacement during and after a workout. I have tried several and highly recommend Ultima. The raspberry flavor is okay but the grape is very good! Let me know if you try it and what you think about it!


Runners need strength training too. Contact Beckley Fitness to learn how to run your best race!


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I'm pleased to announce that the blog is back up! Please read it, share it and send it to friends and family. The more people that know about Beckley Fitness, the closer I am to fulfilling my dream. #dreamoutloud #beckleyfitness So stick with your healthy eating and healthy ways and if you hit a bump in the road, don't beat yourself up. Acknowledge it and move on. You are stronger than that! BE BOLD! BE YOU!

[05/09/14]   Fighting the Gold Standard 04/27/2014

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Curious about the Beachbody 21-Day Fix? Here's my review...


Beckley Fitness for You

How Did My Experiment Go? Find out here


Beckley Fitness for You

Per my recent blogpost,, I am posting on social media that my happy self will be up and working out at 5:30 am. Check the blog this weekend for updates on how it went!


Beckley Fitness for You

Where Did My Motivation Go (aka Got to Get Back into Bikini Shape)


Trying New Things (aka How I Fell on My Face at the Gym) 03/07/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

Need inspiration to get moving? Read more here... 02/12/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

Do your muscles hurt after a new workout program? Check out what causes that and how to alleviate it.

[02/07/14]   Even personal trainers feel the effects of muscle atrophy! 02/04/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

It's never too early to start shopping for warm weather workout clothes. Check out my review of four tank tops I use when I run or workout. The final four challenges are posted here as well. 02/01/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

Do you know how much more healthy foods really cost over unhealthy foods? Check it out here (as well as the Beckley Fitness challenges for days 25 and 26).


Challenge Days Twenty through Twenty Four

As promised, here's your list of challenges for is week. They are tough so take your time and do what you can.

MONDAY- Jumping jacks for 1 minute followed by 10 squats with 10 pounds - 2 sets

TUESDAY - 20 shoulder presses with 5-10 pounds followed by 20 overhead extensions with 3-5 pounds - 2 sets

WEDNESDAY- hold plank for 30 seconds followed by 15 bicycle crunches - 2 sets

THURSDAY- 15 walking lunges with 5-10 pounds followed by 15 wall squats with 10-15 pounds - 2 sets

FRIDAY- 21s with 5-8 pounds followed by bent over dumbbell rows with 10 pounds - 2 sets

It sounds like a lot and, well, it is. But if you have been following the progression the last three weeks, this will be easy peasy for you.



Challenge Day Nineteen

Here's what's on tap for tomorrow and the next few days.

Saturday: 5 burpees
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday thru Friday: I will post all five workouts on Sunday night as I will be traveling for work and won't have time to post each night.

So let's discuss the burpee. I have found that people either love d**g burpees or loathe them. I'm in the loathing group but I will admit they are one of the best whole-body exercises that also get your heart rate up. So since they are not easy to do when first starting out, tomorrow you are just going to do 5. If you have never done them before, you will quickly realize why you are only doing 5.

How to do a burpee: stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat and put your hands on floor n front of you. Jump both feet back at once into a plank/push-up position. If you want, you can do a push-up here. Jump both feet back to hand then jump with hands up in the air. Repeat 4 more times.

If you want to do more than 5, you can. However, I will warn you that starting Monday, we are kicking up the challenges a few more notches . You might want to just do the 5 burpees and take advantage of your rest day Sunday. Just a suggestion.

Remember to check the blog Sunday for your week of challenges. Have a great weekend! STAY WARM!!!


Challenge Day Eighteen

Time to check in. How are your workouts going? I hope you are finding the exercises challenging but not too challenging that you can't do them. If you find you are having difficulty with a particular exercise and need ideas of how to modify, let me know. I'm happy to help you achieve success!

Tomorrow, we are going to do more arm exercises with the dumbbell fly. There are several options for completing this exercise depending on the equipment you have.

The traditional dumbbell fly is done lying on your back on a weight bench (or other stable surface). With a dumbbell in each hand, you start with your arms straight up above your chest and as you extend and lower your arms, you will bend at the elbow. Keep your abs tight and don't go past 90 degrees of elbow flexion.

If you don't have a weight bench, you can do a standing reverse fly. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend slightly at the hips. Start with your arms straight out below you and pull them back, bending again at the elbow. Again, tight abs and arms straight out if you can. If your arms are not strong enough yet to do that, then bend at the elbow.

For even more of a challenge, you can do reverse fly on a stability ball.

However you choose to do your dumbbell fly, I want you to do 2 sets of 8-10 so choose your weight accordingly.

Have a great Friday!

BE BOLD!! BE YOU!! 01/23/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

To Wheat or Not To Wheat...

Is wheat bad for you??

[01/23/14]   Challenge Day Seventeen

It's time for squats again! This time I want you to add weight and increase reps. When you first did them, I had you only do five. Tomorrow, you are going to do two sets of 8 with increased weight. So here's the guideline for how much weight to use:

If you didn't use any weight last time, I want you to use 10 pounds in each hand (20 pounds total)

If you used full water or soda bottles, I want you to do 15 pounds in each hand (30 pounds total)

If you used 5-10 total weight last time, I want you to do 40 pounds total.

If you did more than 10 total pounds last time, you are a pro and can increase your weight as you see fit.

Remember: FORM IS EVERYTHING!!! You may have to go slower since you are increasing weight and that's okay. Do a set of 8 and then rest for a minute and do the second set. You will definitely feel it but you have been doing great so far and your body thanks you for it!!

Have a great Thursday!

BE BOLD! BE YOU! 01/22/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

Healthy Weight Week (How Your Body Type Affects Your Weight)

Read more at 01/22/2014

Exercises for Functional Movement and Injury Prevention : How to Do Bear Crawl Exercises

Challenge Day Sixteen

Tomorrow we are kickin' it old school again. The challenge is a great whole body exercise that doesn't sound like it's going to work much muscle but trust me it will.

Your challenge is to do a bear crawl across your gym, living room, garage or wherever you workout. I want you to go back and forth across the floor 4 times without standing up. It's going to be tougher than it sounds but I know you can do it.

For those of you who don't remember how to do the bear crawl, here's a link.

BONUS POINT: I want to see a picture of your awesome bear crawl!!

BE BOLD!! BE YOU!! The bear crawl is a great total body exercise for strength training and improving body control. Learn how to properly do bear crawls in this free functional ...


Challenge Day Fifteen

So my Niners lost :( It was a good game though. I'm disappointed but now it's on to basketball! No time to dwell on what might have been!

BUT!! The great news is that you have made it to the halfway point in the 30-day challenge!! Your challenge for day fifteen is AB-mazing! Ha! I just made that word up. Okay, maybe I didn't make it up but it sounded cooler if I made it up. Instead of just one exercise tomorrow, I'm going to give you two. Everyone always likes to work on their abs because who doesn't want a flatter stomach, right? More importantly, though, your core/abs/trunk is what stabilizes your body every second of every day and we don't want those muscles to weaken. It's equally important to strengthen your back muscles as well to ensure core balance.

The first exercise is one of my absolute favorites. Russian twists. If I could do Russian twists for an hour and no other exercise and still get the same results, I would. That's how much I love them! So here's what they look like.

The easiest way to get in the correct position is to sit with your legs out in front of you and then lean back until you feel your abs engage. Once the abs engage, lift your feet off the ground. Holding that position, you are going to rotate from right to left just using your abs and upper body. If you have never done this exercise before, you might want to try it without weight for a few reps to just get the feel of it. Once you are comfortable with the movements add weight. I recommend no more than 10 pounds, especially if you are just starting out. I want you to do 30 total (right and left). If you have to take a 2-4 second break during the set, that's okay. Just don't rest too long as we want the abs to work as hard as they can without too much rest.

After you've done your 30 Russian twists, you are then going to do side plank. Some of you may need to do modified side plank and that is completely fine. Your focus should be on maintaining engaged core (abs, back and glutes) while you hold the position. Here is what side plank looks like.

To modify this, you will simply bend and rest your knees on the ground and lift up from there.

I want you to hold this position for 30 seconds on each side. If you feel good, try it twice on each side. Between that and the Russian twists, your core will be getting a great workout.

BE BOLD!! BE YOU!! 01/19/2014

Running Arms Exercise

Challenge Day Fourteen

Tomorrow's workout is getting posted early because the big game is almost on and I can't guarantee I will be in any condition to post the workout after the game. Right now it's looking like my Denver Horsies are going to be in the big game so if my NINERS win it will be AWESOME!! Yes, I know they are the Denver Broncos but its a family joke about them being the Denver Horsies.

Anyway, tomorrow we are working on arms again. We are going to do "Running Arms" which is exactly what it sounds like. You will need either dumbbells (no more than 10 pounds), exercise band or water bottles to use as weights. These will not do anyone for you if you do them without weights. Here's what it looks like:

I want you to do them for a minute without stopping. It's going to burn but it will be worth it. If you really want to give yourself a challenge, rest for 20-30 seconds and then do another minute.

In other news, I am now a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach as of this morning! Jess and I both passed the test and it's just one more step towards BE TRUE health and Wellness being up and running. Stayed tuned for more info soon!!


BE BOLD! BE YOU! 01/19/2014

Jump Squat - Exercise Tips

Challenge Day Thirteen

Did you enjoy your rest day? We are about to turn it up now!!

Tomorrow is squat jumps. Good for your heart, soul and legs!! I want to see you challenge yourself so set that timer to 30 seconds and go full out no stopping. In the immortal words from "Happy Gilmore," YOU CAN DO EET!

Don't forget to watch the big game tomorrow as well!

BONUS POINT: If the NINERS win everyone gets a bonus point! The Jump Squat is a staple of the FitDaily exercise program. This challenging exercise is a must for any workout routine. Go to for m...

[01/18/14]   Challenge Day Twelve

Congratulations! You made it to day 12!! How are you feeling? I hope you are finding it easier to do a bit of exercising each day.

Tomorrow is rest day. Enjoy it!! Next week is going to step it up another level.

BE BOLD! BE YOU! 01/17/2014

Beckley Fitness for You

Do You Know What Healthy Eating Looks Like? Here's a Shopping List to Help!


Challenge Day Eleven

Yep...can't really move my arms today. I suppose I may have overdone it the other day. But I did get back to the gym tonight with 45 minutes in the bike and 400 yards of pull in the pool. That's a mouthful...pull in the pool. Anywho...

Tomorrow we are gong to work on the legs again. Walking lunges are on deck. If you are just starting out, I recommend doing them WITHOUT weights. You will be challenged plenty and you will still feel it the next day. I want you to pay attention to your knees while doing them. Just as with squats, your knee should not go past your toes when it's bent. If you can't get your back leg/knee all the way to the floor without your support leg knee going past your toes, that's fine. Just do the best you can. Try to do 10 walking lunges on each leg.

For more of a challenge, add weights and/or increase the number of lunges to 25. Good luck!



Challenge Day Ten

Happy Hump Day! How did your workout go today? I wasn't as sore today as I expected though I may really feel it tomorrow. So tonight I did a little yoga to stretch it all out. It's amazing how quickly your muscles tighten up with no activity.

I found a great yoga app that I highly recommend: Yoga Studio. Normally, I don't pay for apps but this one is worth the $2.99 to get it. Even if you area beginner with yoga, you will benefit from this app. You can learn the various poses and they have several workouts at each level for different durations. Definitely worth taking a look if you are into, or want to get into, yoga.

So tomorrows challenge is plank. Plank is a great whole body exercise that is much more challenging than people often think. Not only does it work your core (abs and back) but it also engages your arms and quads.

When you do plank, you can either do it on your elbows like this:

You can also do them with full arm extension such as this:

So the goal is to hold plank in the proper form for as long as you can. This is a great exercise that you can build on each day. Add a 10 seconds to your hold each day and before long, you will be holding it for a minute or more.


Challenge Day Nine

Alright alright alright. Did you figure it who said that and in which movie? It was Matthew McConaghey in one of his very first films "Dazed and Confused."

How did your arm workout go? I made it to the Y tonight and did the 21s twice and three sets of overhead extensions. Then I did a few other Rm exercises and then did 200 yards in the pool. Yep. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow!

So your Wednesday challenge is another good cardio exercise that really works the whole body. Are you ready for mountain climbers? I used to hate maintain climbers until someone introduced me to burpees. Now I would rather do 100 mountain climbers than any burpees!

So I want you to really challenge yourself with these and do 2 sets of 30 seconds. If you have to do them slowly in order to last the full 30 seconds that's fine. But I want you to take no more than 1 minute between sets. It's going to be tough especially if you are new to them. But I have faith in you!

Good luck!


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