Dodger fans vs. Dodger haters showdown

Dodger fans vs. Dodger haters showdown


Dodger fans it's time to let the Astros [email protected]##$%!t go and get to the 2020 season. I'm getting tired of hearing about it
Dodger fans it's time to get over the Astros [email protected]#$%!t and worrie about kind of tired of hearing about it.
Bellinger is OVERRATED
The Astros come to Oakland on March 30th-April 1st. Who in NorCal wants to come out to take the cheats to task?
Unpopular opinion: Clayton Kershaw should have extended rest periods prior to the world series, to make sure he's there to clutch it.
Don’t waste it being a VAGiants fan!!
This says it all. Today's Chronicle paper.
Dodgers Baby!

This is the battleground where Dodger fans and Dodger haters meet up for an all-out trash talk war.

Or are you a dodger fan prepared to take on the haters? Like us to join to join the wars and debates. Please no personal comments or racial slurs. No ignorance(as in just being an as***le) allowed on this page. DISCLAIMER: If you are any of the following:

1) Easily made butthurt.
2) A braindead moron.
3) Ignorant
4) A bandwagoner
5) A Yankee fan(see 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Your opinions will likely be mocked to no end. Also...we love it when you share us :)

Dodger fans vs. Dodger haters showdown 10/07/2021

Dodger fans vs. Dodger haters showdown

Since the Dodgers are playing the luckbox called the Giants, let me revive this page before I shut it down for good.

Admins.. assemble


Dodger fans vs. Dodger haters showdown This is the battleground where Dodger fans and Dodger haters meet up for an all-out trash talk war.


Farewell SD


What a fu***ng joke

MLB has issued penalties to the Boston Red Sox & Alex Cora after completing their sign-stealing investigation.

(via Ken Rosenthal)



Allow us to introduce you to future Dodgers star, Charley Kershaw.




F**k em
I don't condone the Astros cheating unlike another Admin on here but
F**k them putaaas

except for the ball boy he good!


I just don't understand why you dodger fans continue to defend this guy.

He really is the peyton manning of baseball.

Does great things in the Regular season and just chokes when it matters the most.

I mean how much evidence do you need?

He may very well NOT GET A RING!!

For being one of the greatest pitchers of all time,
This is ARGUABLY one of the saddest careers ever.

- SFC.


It's never too early to s**t on our rivals in the north


San Francisco Giants

how are you gonna let a 500 pound Panda beat you at the plate bro.

F**king diamond c***s 🤣
Take the big L of the day!

Sliding Sandoval 🐼



Hi I'll take things that didn't happen for 500 please Alex.
Buncha baby back bi***es.

Btw the only thing San [email protected]//ggcisco winning is the 1st overall pick in the toilet bowl.


But but but they shoulda won the 2017 world series!

Aw man poor little bi***es got beat and couldn't hit s**t

Just shut the f**k up ALREADY!

You guys are worser than yankee supporters on their periods



Let's face it, Cody bellinger was destined to suck when it mattered the most.

Let's not forget that Justin Turner also hit .160 in the 2017 WS.

So 🙊




This is how you Dodger fans sound like crying from the beatdown you recieved in the World Series


Houston Astros starting lineup today vs the Nats. They decided to have all those cheating pu***es sit out for their spring training opener lol -323


New admin over here bi***es. Thanks Olde for giving me a chance to s**t on these fans. Proud Astros fan since the Killer B's were owning the NL Central and I can't forget, a proud fan of your 2017 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!! I don't give a f**k if we banged on trash cans or banged on your team. We won that s**t. Don't like it, go open a GoFundMe account and cry to the world how we punk'd y'all. Call me..


I don't condone violence.. but fk it


You had a chance to upgrade your pitching staff and add another big bat but you let you're ego get in the way lmao. That's the Angels for you


We get it. The Astros cheated and they are still champs, but y'all need to get it over with -SFG




Dustin May confirmed ALIEN.
Son of a bitch I Knew it! -SFC


San Francisco Giants

Nice hit!
Giants win too! Woo
Sorry i promise to keep posting! -SFC

WILL SMITH (yes, you read that correctly) with his first career hit.


Difference between Angels and Dodgers fans

one is a stud, ppl wish they can be like.

the other is a dweeb. a goofball

Don't be like that dweeb


This guy took the L tonight :) -SFC


Yea it be like that too. -SFC


The lone Giant admin....
F**king dodger fans... -SFC


Beating on these sorry ass NL West teams doesn't excite me like it once did a few years back. Not even the bitch ass Giants. Not to sound like we're superior, but the Dodgers are the cream of the crop in the NL


What a fu***ng comeback 05/30/2019

Madison Bumgarner needs to be traded along with the bullpen to improve the Giants future.
Hands down.
Blow it the f**k up. Trade them to a contender.


"but.. but.. Dodgers be buying talent"


HAHAHAHA ..... f**k off baseball -SFC


Hey dodger fans.
F**king sad ass giant fan here. -SFC.


This wheel will never be broken


Watch Manfred be like alright URIAS you're only getting 1 game and 10 dollar fine... such bs. -SFC

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Bro what the f**k. Nice catch Pillar! -SFC
They call our fan base savages.. I f**king agree-LA
Padres fans celebrating when they were up 3-0 till..
I don't even care if the Giants come back today, this was still funny.
Magic Number: 5.
Angel fan: My team is way better than the Dodgers..Me:
The future SS of the Dodgers has arrived!
Just in case you wanted to relive that beautiful Joc Pederson catch...
"Yet, on talent alone, Olivera was a better player than (Rusney) Castillo and (Yasmany) Tomas when they were in Cuba. Ol...
The 2014 season started one year ago today, with Van Slyke hitting the first HR of the season.-LAD15





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