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Sacred Hot Yoga Method Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance -certified RYS-200 Program designed to create magnetic, heart centered and savvy yogi leaders.

The Sacred Hot Yoga Method℠ ("the Sacred Method") is on a mission to wake up the world through yoga: we hail from the great masters lineage of Calcutta India with emphasis upon connecting with Nature,our hearts, and control over life-force and use of affirmation and visualization during the yoga postures.

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How’s everybody doing during their quarantine?

We are thinking of you and wishing your heart and mind some comfort and peace.


We are beyond pumped,
Coming to you in February!
300/500 Hour YTT!

Dates in the comments 😎


Hello Fam! We've been nose deep in studies and are so thankful you're still here. we are back and happy to announce our new training and coaching immersion. More Info to come!


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Sacred Hot Yoga Method's cover photo


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Amrit Yoga Institute

Can you hate others and still love yourself?

What you think about other people does affect your health, secretly hating on someone harms you just as much as it harms them....this is how energy works.

If you are spiritual in any way, and want to fine tune your thought process,watch this man explain the link

Yogi Amrit Desai explains the link between thinking and bodily health, citing the Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as a relevant example...


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"You can't teach what you have not lived"

Presenting class #17 Day 2

200 hour Sacred Hot Yoga Method YTT


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Hi Beautiful Ones! Master SHYM Trainer Staci Zweschper from Soul Den Hot Yoga will be hosting a Sacred Hot Yoga Method Teaching Training in Farmington, NM beginning in March. Here are some of the amazeballz things that are planned for the weekend trainings! If you know anyone interested in becoming certified in the SHYM have them contact Staci at 505.991.1964.

March 5th - Sacred Hot Yoga Co-Founder, Holistic Life Coach and Sexual & Wellness Expert Jennifer Anaya-Applegate

March 18th - Chakra Healing Bowls with Cheryl McAdams

April 1st - Angel Healing/Talk to your Angels with Whitney Lamb

April 22nd - Temezcal/Sweat Lodge with Michael Guzzio

May 20th - Opening the Throat Chakra - Sacred Singing with Sue Hurll-Bastian

June 24th - Aerial Yoga with Paul Sanchez


Food for thought: What is the one thing that you think makes you unlovable?

What part of yourself do you hide from the world?

Let me give you and example:

Years ago, I hid how afraid I was when I got pregnant,

I put on a strong face and pretended I wasn't scared sh*tless when I was told my child might not make it to birth.

I held back a tidal wave of shame because I thought it was my fault that my baby had life threatening birth defects.

I hid the terror and shame so well that I just stopped being myself. I kept my child at arms length, I stopped being silly and irreverent, I never looked at my own eyes in the mirror and I stopped feeling anything except a constant low grade panic......

Have any of you ever felt that way?

Your circumstances may be different but is that feeling always there?

Then under the panic is another layer; The feeling that if people knew, you'd be judged or ridiculed?

It gets pretty ridiculous doesn't it? The crazy mindloop

The shadow cast by that feeling is where your power is,

This is where the seeker walks her talk, when she can bend her perceptions of good and bad,

Once you unburden yourself of the things you think are wrong with you,

when you stop judging and ridiculing yourself

That just might be where you find your superpowers

They asked her, “How did you free yourself?”
She answered, “By embracing my own power.”
~ Yung Pueblo
Art by Dzaet art


Sacred Hot Yoga Method


When you begin to awaken, you might be called "selfish" by people closest to you or they tell you that you are changing.

Yes you are!

When you change other people's plans for YOUR life you will set off some triggers.

Their comfort is not your priority, it's time to be SOUL-Fish.


Sacred Hot Yoga Method


Sacred Hot Yoga Method's cover photo


Sacred Hot Yoga Method


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Collective Evolution

Do you ever feel like you're a hot mess? Hyper Emotional? Making bad decision after bad decision? This video is amazing, please watch!

At Sacred Hot yoga Method we use and teach many techniques that achieve and help you remain in the peacefully empowered state this video speaks of.

Yes it's possible to not be a big hot mess.

Not only do We focus on the heart and its intelligence, we show you how to teach these techniques to others,

Not only do you learn to be a yoga rockstar, you learn to be YOU to the core, lose the chronic emotionally reactive state & the best part?

If you've got extra weight you've been carrying for years, you learn how to lose that for good too!

Send us a message or email @ [email protected] to inquire about your next steps to becoming a powerful yogi healer!

Learn how to unlock your heart's intuitive intelligence: The HeartMath research team has explored our heart's intuitive intelligence and the results are fascinating.



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Jennifer Applegate-Anaya - Sacred Hot Yoga Method - Episode 9 - 4K

Yay!! Watch my interview on how Being Authentic, taking huge risks and birthing yoga trainings leads to success.

In episode 8 of The Real Albuquerque, we continue talking with Jennifer Applegate-Anaya aka JAA from Sacred Hot Yoga Method. Listen to her journey as she too... 02/20/2016


Who's in?? 😀


Let's all get afflicted

Do something kind for someone when they are least expecting it. 01/02/2016

9 Tips for Starting a Home Yoga Practice. ~ Angel Kalafatis

Many teachers including myself have found that "taking" class while teaching is impossible, and never the same...

We need to treat our own yoga practice with the same passion and dedication we have for the classes we teach,
And if you are not a teacher and your practice has fizzled...

Start in your home, start in bed, sit up and do a seated spinal twist...bam you just did yoga! Take 5 breaths with your eyes closed...bam you just meditated...

The all or nothing mentality will sabotage you from your practice, and rob you of the peace and fitness you had when you were is a lifestyle, not something you just attend. Nine tips for beginning, and sustaining, a home yoga practice. 12/28/2015

After Watching This, I Love Yoga

Here is some yoga p**n for your viewing pleasure! (Sillies it's a beautiful yoga flow) After watching this, inspires me to practice more yoga. Wow - such strength and control!


We pass this on with the most love


Namaste, Bi***es - Episode 1 "Pilot"

You must watch this 4 minute YouTube pilot, it shows the dark side of American yoga culture in the most hilarious ways!

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How’s everybody doing during their quarantine?We are thinking of you and wishing your heart and mind some comfort and pe...
How to deal with stuffy noses... Besides cuddles, rest and healthy food....affirmation for a stuffy nose....I love and a...




Produce the most amazing, real and healing teachers on the planet


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