I love seeing you on here! You look fabulous! I think about our sweet friend Dawn every time I see you! Great memories!
Hej Patrick!
Im a big fan of your dance choreographys. Where can i find the DVD for Dance Remix, Aerobic dance workout and Mad moves plus?
//Federico :)
Hi Patrick--is there a website currently to buy your DVDs? I just got a big scratch on Step my Way--tragedy! would love to buy a replacement. thanks!
Hey, would like to purchase one of your older DVD "Step My Way" . Cannot find it anywhere. Is it still available?

With a “no-nonsense”, “work hard and play even harder” approach to working out; Patrick cont


@serenawilliams you changed the game forever!!! THANK YOU for your greatness! You were so sweet and kind when I was your ‘trainer on set’ for this Nike photo shoot! You will be missed. THE GOAT!!!!

Can you guys tell how excited I am in this photo???? 😂😂


Sun’s out….Tongue out!!! It was already in the mid 80’s and it wasn’t even noon yet! 🥵But…got it in and feeling good!! 👍🏾

Who knew was a thing? 🤔


Looks delicious right? IT WAS!!!! 😋😋Try this quick and easy salad that screams summer and is the perfect companion to your 4th of July festivities! Trust me, it’s soooooooooooo good and your guests will be impressed!! Here’s all you need:

🧅Red onion, chopped or thinly sliced
🍉Watermelon chunks
🧀Feta cheese
🔩Toasted walnuts or pine nuts
🌶Black pepper

The feta is salty and there’s salt in the dressing so no need to add more. The dressing is simply lemon juice, olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. ENJOY!!!


Sweaty Betty after Tuesday’s workout!!! So I bought a new razor the other day and on the pamphlet it said ‘this razor WILL NOT give you a close shave’…so I thought perfect, I don’t need to use one of the comb attachments. Well, one swipe down the cheek later, I had to do my entire face, but I think I like the minimal scruff? 🤔😂😂



🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬9 years today!!
HAPPY VEGAN ANNIVERSARY to me!!! Wow, I had no idea doing a 5-day cleanse would change my life forever…I was just looking to drop a few pounds before filming my next exercise video!!! 😂😂

Every year gets easier and easier to the point where I don’t really think about anymore.

Happy Friday and do some good for yourself and the planet…EAT MORE VEGGIES!!!


Thumbs up to a sweaty Sunday! Check out my reels for a great, full body H.I.I.T workout I did this morning that requires minimal equipment! YOU CAN DO IT!!

No rope, do jumping jacks.
No weights, use cans or full water bottles.
No sand bag, use an outdoor pillow or anything you can slam!!

Tag me and let me know how you did!


Hey now, lookout…I did my first TikTok!!! And let me say this right out of the gate - this is NOT an ad but just me sharing something with you, that I’m really into at the moment!!!

There are a TON of vegan yogurts out there and I’ve probably tried them all. Some I really liked until I dug deeper into the nutrition label and noticed the amount of added sugar!! 😳

And then I finally decided to give COCOYO a shot and I’m hooked! Can you say 100 billion living probiotics in a serving??? Have you guys tried it? If not, get some and let me know what you think?

Enjoy, Happy Saturday and don’t be too hard on my first TikTok!!! 😂


It’s FRIDAY y’all!!!! And as usual, I’m a hot mess! But I had a great run this morning and that always makes me happy!!!


A little older today 😂😂😂and hopefully a lot wiser…but that smile and the head tilt have remained consistent!!!! That red suit with the train and that bow tie - yup, I still have it!!!!



Christmas is around the corner and I love my tree…but I’m not so sure Monte agrees! 😒The first evening I plugged in the lights, he went right up to it and just sat there….looking it up and down. This little half human dog is too much!!!!


They post workout glow can’t be beat!!! It’s been a crazy, somewhat stressful week but got nothing but gratitude for the blessings…Happy Friday!!!! 😀😀


We had a little rain this week and it’s been cold 🥶…so it absolutely, 100 percent felt like Chicken, Sausage and Okra Gumbo to me? Just saying!!! And damn I put both feet in this one! Oh, vegan of course and gluten free too! Go ahead, laugh and sneer all you want…I’ll be getting another bowl! 😜😜


It was a 🔥🔥🔥one today but me and my friend in the back got it done!!!


BEANS AND GREENS SOUP!! 😜😜Yeah it’s 90 degrees outside but sometimes just you want what you want! I was craving red beans and rice but wanted something lighter so I thought soup? Well, let’s just say it turned out delicious. The same flavors without all the thickness and all the rice of the traditional. I used brown rice, an entire bunch of collards and made little meatballs from ground vegan pork sausage!! Happy Friday y’all!!!


I’m so HAPPY to share this launch with you guys!! @venuswilliams Complete Plant Superfood Nutrition! After a great workout this morning, it’s time to fuel better and feel better!

💛60+ functional ingredients for body & mind
💪🏾20g of complete protein
🥬36+ superfoods
🍹4 craveable & complete flavors

Grab some @drinkhappyviking now! Click the link in my bio and use my discount code HVPATRICK for $15 OFF (protein powders only)!!! That’s about $2.60 per meal!!! C’mon now…try it today and stay tuned for all my favorite smoothie recipes coming soon! 😜Team vanilla bean here, what about you?


Oh how I miss and ❤️ New York.


My little rag muffin MARCIE is 5 years old today. They grow up so fast 😩🐾❤️ 🐶


It was a HOT one today in Boston, but got it done early this morning! I know I need to trim the beard and shave, BUT the real question is to bathe or not to bathe? I’m loving this debate…what do you guys think?? Personally I’m a shower kind of guy!! 😂🥵🔥


Now you know you want some of this!!! NOT CHICKEN FRIED RICE

- 1/2 package of @daringfoods original pieces
- @lotusfoods jasmine brown rice
- 2 @justegg folded plant eggs
- mixed veggies (peas, carrots, corn)
- chopped green onions
- low sodium gluten free Tamari

A simple and delicious complete meal! Preparing my own mixed veggies took the most time as there were no frozen veggies at Whole Foods 😲(only okra and one package of California blend). What’s a cook to do? I bought fresh peas, fresh carrot sticks I chopped into cubes and one ear of fresh corn. Cooked the carrots until they were almost done, added the peas and lastly, the fresh corn 😜…so good!


Monday mornings are for rooftop workouts. Boston you’re growing on me…minus the insane traffic 😩


HAPPY 4th and may your burger be as good as mine was!!!! 😜😜Whats on your burger?

Cheese. Pickles. Avocado. Caramelized onions and garlic. Lettuce. Tomato. Red onion. Mayo. Mustard. Ketchup. Almost licked my plate!!!!


About last night…surrounded and NOT complaining by these beautiful, strong and talented women. Love them all!!!! 😍😍😍


It’s been a minute…first treadmill run in almost three weeks. 😳Thankfully I’ve been walking a LOT more (thank you Boston), running hill sprints, Pilates and weightlifting - but this is my happy place. 🏃🏾‍♂️😄😄🏃🏾‍♂️Have a great Saturday and where’s your happy place? Also, this is the first public treadmill I’ve used in well over a year…had the entire gym to myself until one guy came in at the tail end of my run. Thank you @chloearnoldtaps for hooking me up!!!! ❤️

Oh, and I didn’t get my shoes mixed up. How sweet are these @nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Limited Edition running shoes?? 🔥🔥

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Hey now, lookout…I did my first TikTok!!! And let me say this right out of the gate - this is NOT an ad but just me shar...
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