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Golf Specific Performance Enhancement Coach I am a Coach, with athletic background as semi professional skier. With A BS in recreation I understand the inherent value of playing well.

I Have fitness certifications with NASM, C.H.E.K Institute & Body Balance for Performance. I recently completed the Nike NG360 Golf Performance Enhancement Certification. Nutrition is a major component to high performance and a continuing field of study having been certified as an HLC2 by C.H.E.K Institute. In January 2013 I completed Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization for Sport 1 & 2 and look forward to DNS 3 & DNS for Golf

Operating as usual 12/26/2020 - Call of B***y

It's pretty simple and kinda funny!
http// I DON'T REALLY NOTICE the Preciosa crystal chandeliers that adorn the Conrad Indianapolis Hotel until I'm flat on my back on the lobby floor. Five minutes ago, during a short break from the NFL combine, I was strolling across this Hilton's marble mosaic entryway, enjoying the collection of modern ar... 10/19/2019

The Functional Screening Solution.: The Ultimate 'Cook Book' Approach to fix Faulty Movement, prevent injury and set a base for performance

Functional Movement Patterns for work, everyday life, sports are the foundation for building a body that can optimize force with minimal stress to body. Can you execute a basic squat pattern with integrity before back or front loading. Come on in lets have a look and chart your path to an active pain free lifestyle ’Eoin Everard has compiled an impressive text following a logical progression from screening to correcting movement imbalance. His work has very much a practical focus. It will be a regular reference for the variety of corrective strategies that may be used to help promote better functional movem.... 10/05/2019

Incorporating Transverse-Plane Core and Rotation Work

The "Big 3" exercises shown here are essential for "Building a Resilient Back". In Chapter 9 of his book Back Mechanic
Stuart McGill PhD calls these "The Non Negotiable Big 3 Exercises"! When you watch someone hit a golf ball, throw a punch or simply retrieve groceries from the car, it’s evident that human movement occurs in all three planes of motion. Did you know that 87.5% of our core muscles are oriented either diagonally or horizontally? One action that these muscles perform ...


The 'Magic Bullet' for Golfers - ELDOA | The Golf Paradigm

Well here is the 5 positions and simple instructions
Come and see me and we can go through it.
I'll give you a printout of how to and the important cues

What is ELDOA? (Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches, is taken from the French Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire) EL...


The ELDOA Effect

I am really looking forward to learning Eldoa Modality. For the time being I have learned a series of 5 positions for golfers that have benefit in everyday life. Dan Hellman H3 provides a short explanation of benefits. He has a more in depth video on youtube. Decompress the spine and create more space in joints. Pros are doing it! Come in and get posture and movement ability assessed. Then we can design a program to perform better and prevent injury. My tool box is pretty good. 818 645 1400


Determining When A Golfer Should Train For Strength And When To Train For Speed

Dr Greg Rose explains how to test for power needed in golf swing. Lower Body - Core - Upper Body

Dr. Greg Rose breaks down the TPI power and strength screens.

[01/27/19]   "If you want to play in college, fitness isn’t a recommendation, it’s an expectation." 01/24/2019

Are You Stretching or Warming Up?

This is a great summary of different aspects and effectiveness of stretching! A decision must be made as to what is the goal of stretching. Are you wishing to increase range of motion or warm up for activity? 05/30/2018

Every Golfer Can Learn From Justin Rose's Approach To Fitness

“If you want to be the best, there's no way you can get away without being an athlete. You have to be working out in the gym. Otherwise someone else is and someone else has a whole set of advantages you simply don't have.'s_approach_to_fitness In a recent feature on Golf Channel Morning Drive, Justin Rose shared insight into his workout, demonstrating a knowledge of fitness that's as sound as any in professional golf. 05/29/2018

Should Golfers Push, Pull or Carry Their Clubs?

Save your energy, posture, especially in thoracic spine and shoulders. Get a Rippin Sun Mountain 3 wheel push cart. Research suggests that using a push cart is a better option than carrying your bag, even if your pride tells you otherwise. 05/01/2018

Toyota Tour Cup at River Ridge – SCPGA Junior Tour

Congratulations to Caroline Canales you have worked hard in gym and dedicated yourself to Brady. More to come.

"Hot off of being the top player and earning her exemption from the Spring Q-School, Caroline Canales walked away with the trophy with another solid round, 70, for a 5-under two day score. Toyota Tour Cup at River RidgeRiver Ridge Golf Club | April 14th-15th, 2018 Caroline Canales and Taehoon Song Claim the Title at River Ridge Published: Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 | 12:00 PM OXNARD, California – The sixth Toyota Tour Cup of the year took place April 14th and 15th at River Ridge Go... 04/29/2018

Tips from TPI: Mobility and Stability

Here are 4 easy ways from Dr Greg Rose and Dave Phillips at Titleist Performance Institute to assess ankle, hip, thoracic spine and shoulder mobility. If these joints are gunked up and body is compensating by asking other parts to help with movement, it is a precursor to injury and force generation energy leak. Come see me at Fitness Philosophy Physical Therapy Clinic, lets create that kinetic chain of alternating stable/mobile joints. Play better, pain free, hit it farther and recover with ability to play multiple days in a row. Dr Canan Asher DPT is always here and ready to help if you are injured or something more complicated is causing dysfunction. When it comes to getting your game ready for the season, it's also key to make sure your body is ready to get back into action. With this in mind, TPI Co-Founder Dr. Greg R... 04/28/2018

Davis Love III Advices Juniors: Start With Fitness Davis Love III explains that when asked he tells juniors interested in golf to start with fitness first. 02/23/2018

5 Pillars of Golf Strength and Conditioning for Golfers

This is a great article by Michael Carrol. TPI Certified strength coach Michael Carroll outlines the most important physical qualities that golfers should try to develop.


functional movement performance pyramid - Google Search

First we assess movement ability. Then we can restore and improve this most vital physical attribute. The link below shows that movement is base of pyramid, strength is center and then top triangle - skill acquisition is rapidly facilitated. 04/26/2017

Image: The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and How it can Apply to You ...

Sounds like along straight shot down fairway with a long career.
It's amazing how many modalities of fitness are out there. Each with a specific objective important to the client and their goal. It's still vital that the program use this movement pyramid as an outline that allows individual to achieve "Functional Efficiency; The ability of the neuromuscular system to recruit correct muscle synergies, at the right time with the appropriate amount of force to perform functional tasks with the least amount of energy and on stress on the HMS." (NASM) Found on Google from

[03/25/17]   Coach Glass, Awesome podcast on building foundation, joint integrity, hypertrophy of muscle to support increased strength, allowing for mass to increase acceleration and durability of kinetic chain. Front Squats for golfers, indeed!'s_criticism_of_rory's_workout


Hellman Holistic Health

"Because when the individual does not optimally align and stack the thorax over the pelvis - in other words, align and control their thoracopelvic cylinder (TPC) - they will overuse their myofascial system to control motion."
Evan Osar

Golf is life!


Rory: Unfair to criticize my gym work | Golf Channel

"The reason I play at such high level is due to my work in gym."[Combo%20#3] Deutsche Bank Champion Rory McIlroy says the most unfair criticism of him is not about his game but is the work he does in the gym.


Dr. Rose Talks WGFS and Strength Training for Golf on the 18STRONG Podcast | Article | TPI

A great interview from Jeff Pelizzaro with Dr Greg Rose on the benefits of proper strength training for golf. Dr. Greg Rose joins TPI Certified trainer Jeff Pelizzaro on the 100th episode of the 18STRONG Podcast to preview the World Golf Fitness Summit.

[08/07/16]   Another Gray Cook pearl of wisdom I must share.
"Athletes quickly do better on things like video games, but not because their reaction time and reflexes are better. It's because they recognize patterns faster. We look at movement as output, but movement is about input, which is why mobility is so important.

"It’s not because it’s biomechanically better to have more mobility. Mobility is important because the smoother I get your ankles moving, the more flexible I get your hips. The greater the disassociation between your upper and lower body, the more sensory information goes in so more data can be processed by this unbelievably well-oriented movement computer." ~Gray Cook

Movement, Strength, Skill Acquisition is the pyramid of success

[07/04/16]   MY NASM tweaked definition of Functional Efficiency for long, accurate ball flight and longevity; ability of neuromuscular system to recruit muscle synergies at the right time, with appropriate amount of force to perform golf swing with least amount of stress on Human Movement System. 06/24/2016

Understanding Fascia: What It Is + Why You Should Care

Fascial Fitness! Think of fascia as the most sensitive, highly interconnected system in the entire body — it's the life force next to blood. Without fascia, toned and structured muscle would turn to hamburger meat,

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TRX Rip Trainer Lateral Core Stability
Heavy Med Ball Throw
This is a great exercise for strengthening gluteal and hamstring muscles. Very important to hinge at hip and maintain sp...
New Exercise!  This is a great core exercise using a swiss ball and cable machine to strengthen lats.  This is an excell...
1 Legged Swiss ball Hamstring Curl
Inverted Hamstring
This Inverted Hamstring is an excellent warm up for glutes & hamstrings. It is part of a series of warm up techniques th...
Single Leg Supine Lateral Ball Roll





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