Elliot Musgrave, Personal Trainer

Elliot is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, working independently out of EVERYBODY Los Angeles. Contact Elliot for rates and availability.

Operating as usual


Guess what...you can catch me EVERY Friday at 12:30pm PST, serving you some ANIMAL FLOW! Sign up via @everybodylosangeles, only $5 for non-members. Thank you for supporting this small, local business with me! 💗💪🏼💗


Big news y’all! @tgenby.project is now on Patreon. It’s never been easier to show your support, AND get early access to all content (and more)!


The link is updated for tonight's Monday Fitness Livestream! We're having peaches for dinner y'all...come get this all booty class live at 5pm PST. Always FREE! I have a very special announcement after tonight's class, so make sure you watch live to be the first in the know!



Monday Fitness Livestream is all about the 🍑 this week! Come learn how to feel the booty burn, using only body weight. A strong butt is important for so many things, including knee health...who knew! See you at 5pm PST, Monday April 27th, there will be an exciting special announcement after class! Tune in to be the first in the know. 😉


Here is the flow for tomorrow’s @animalflowofficial class I am teaching via @everybodylosangeles. Every Friday at 12:30pm PST, sign up the n the EB app! This one is really fun at a brisker pace. I take you through each movement, and put it all together. 🦧 🦀


On the floor at @folkloresalonbarber trying to plot the flow for Friday’s @animalflowofficial class for @everybodylosangeles; and this nugget has me major distracted. Puppers are angels from heaven, I’m frequently asking what we did to deserve them, but eternally grateful. Spoiler alert...Porkchop couldn’t stop me, tune in tomorrow for a preview of what I will be teaching you in Friday’s class. 😉


I’m teaching a FREE an class for @tgenby.project Monday at 5pm PST. Venmo tips appreciated, but not required. Go to TGENBY.com for the link.


Wanna learn this heart and hip opening flow? Well, join me Friday April 10th, at 12:30pm PST, I’m going to spend a whole hour breaking it down! This will be the first @animalflowofficial class at @everybodylosangeles, and I can’t wait to watch you all develop your flow skill. Sign up via the @everybodylosangeles app!


Monday! I’m dropping another @tgenby.project class your way! New time (5pm Pacific), same great content. You can access the YouTube link via TGENBY.com.


This Thursday, at 2pm, I’m taking over the IG live of @everybodylosangeles!! I’m going to bring you a fun, 30 minute introduction to @animalflowofficial. Get at it live to ask questions, and participate in the moment...it will only be up for 24 hours, so don’t miss it! Go follow @everybodylosangeles, so you get notified about when the fun is starting. 😘


Tonight I’m feeling a certain kind of way. I’ve been moving my body in new patterns, and on a new schedule...so now it’s time to get some exercise with restoration as the intention.
Join me at 7pm PST, via YouTube for a live virtual class. Free for any one who needs it, with donations accepted via Venmo (@werkout).
I will be signing on 10 min early to chat with you, and take your questions.



This could be you!! No matter where you live, we can train together. I love creating free fitness access for folks who need it, but in order to keep doing that, I need folks who still have jobs to hire me for one-on-one sessions. Shoot me an email if you are interested, and let’s get a game plan started! Movement is important for mental health right now, more than ever. Be well fam! @ Los Angeles, California


Nurse Cristy Explains Vital Signs During COVID-19

Nurse Cristy Michel explains vital signs. Go to TGENBY.com, and subscribe on YouTube. Bringing you fitness and health content from Queer sources. Free live-streamed fitness class every Monday!

Visit us at TGENBY.com to stay up to date on events, and to make a donation. Find Cristy at: silverlaketrainer.net

youtube.com 03/23/2020

Livestream Test, AND How to Prepare For Tonight's Class!

I will be streaming a live class from YouTube for the first time, tonight at 7:00pm Pacific Time! Subscribe to the TG/ENBY Project YouTube channel to stay up to date on future classes. I'm cooking up lots of fun stuff for y'all!

The feed will also be available at: TGENBY.com

As always, FREE! Donations/Tips accepted (and appreciated) via Venmo (@werkout).

youtube.com Livestreaming from YouTube for the first time! Meet Pony Lee, and learn how to prep for tonight's free fitness class...streaming on our YouTube channel and w...


Have your backpack, and whatever heavy items you can find! I recommend cans of food, books, dumbbells, etc...get creative! Send me shots of what you put in your backpack. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCexL3RZd9GVkptmbjza0vcg


Hi, I’m Elliot! This is TG/ENBY Project!

Ok, it’s happening y’all! Please go subscribe to TG/ENBY Project on YouTube to participate in all future live-streamed classes. The feed will also be embedded at the website (TGENBY.com)...you’ll no longer need to have Facebook to participate! All classes will be shared here after the fact, but you’ll need to go to YouTube or our site to participate live. Donations can still be given via Venmo (@werkout) or the ‘Donate’ button at TGENBY.com

Next class is Monday, March 23rd, at 7:00pm (Pacific Time). I will be teaching you how to use a backpack filled with common household items to get a good in-home workout. Can’t wait!

Please subscribe to get alerted about future fitness content, and live-streamed classes! Find us on IG and at TGENBY.com


Werk Out with Elliot!

Here is an equipment free workout you can do at home. It is scalable to all levels and abilities, if you need a different variation of anything you see here, let me know! Get your water, and a mat, and let's get to work. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so via Venmo- @werkout


Did you know you can take classes from @everybodylosangeles instructors online right now?? They are free for ALL Everybody members, and only $5 each for non-members. So many ways to move your body, and be in community. Even better, is that participation helps keep these instructors , and the EB staff paid during the mandated closure.
Here is my client’s husband @noodelles doing a yoga class with their dogs @gigiandkarma. I totes 😭 when I saw this. @ EVERYBODY


In every hardship there can be found an opportunity, if you are willing to frame it that way. Folks have been asking me for online content for years, and I just haven’t had the time to make that a reality. Well, now do I not only have the time, but an immediate need in order to survive. I am choosing to frame this situation as an opportunity to bring my services to my community in a broader way, and connect with them during an isolating time.
Move your body, and shake that isolation funk. I will be streaming live on Facebook, tonight at 7pm PST. This will be an all levels, equipment free class. I recommend having a mat or blanket/towel on hand for ground work. This class is offered totally free for folks who need it, and I will be accepting donations from folks who are able.
Typically TG/ENBY Project classes are for Trans/ENBY folks only, but this remote class is for EVERYONE. We all need to come together in any way we can right now. So please join me! photo: @dusticunningham @ Los Angeles, California


Got cut off, I have more for you!


What’s happening with fitness right now?


Elliot Musgrave, Personal Trainer


Hey Fam! I know that the world feels really scary and uncertain right now. The fact that we need to socially distance ourselves compounds the issue. The health of our community is very important to me, it is my job, my passion, my mission. For the next two weeks @tgnbproject.losangeles will not be having any in-person classes. Our weekly group fitness class at @everybodylosangeles will be on pause, and I will assess the situation after a couple of weeks. I am strategizing an online solution for that period of time, as maintaining a habit of movement is going to be doubly important to maintain our mental health through this time. Please stay tuned, and hold that Monday 7pm slot, because I’m going to bring something your way!
I am still doing one-on-one in person training sessions at this time. I am taking extra measure to keep myself, my clients, and the rest of the gym community safe. The gym itself is limiting the amount of folks allowed in the building to 20. I am not charging a cancellation fee, so please do not come in if you are ill. First and foremost, do what you need to do to keep yourself safe and sane right now. If needed, I will explore doing personal online sessions, with my established clients getting priority.
Drink water. Wash your hands. Get lot’s of sleep. Go outside. Keep moving! We are all going to be ok.


Every time I come into @everybodylosangeles and I see these seemingly small changes, I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful to base my practice someplace that strives to be a little bit better each day. I am grateful to have someplace to exercise that values breaking down barriers to fitness. I am grateful to spend time in a space that challenges me to be more thoughtful about issues that don’t impact me directly. Thank you EB, I see you, don’t ever stop.


Monday, 01/27 on the patio at 7pm! I’m heading up a kettlebell flow class for @tgnbproject.losangeles. By Trans/for Trans group fitness. Come be in community with us!


Tonight, at @everybodylosangeles, it’s the last @tgnbproject.losangeles class of 2019! We are going on hiatus for the holidays, so come get it in tonight. I’ll be keeping you warm at 7pm on the patio. 😘 Stay tuned for some exciting new things coming your way in 2020!


Besties @unloveablemonster and @strange_kindness78 twinning at @everybodylosangeles this morning. Wearing @lockwood51la, @tomoffinlandfoundation, and @superfithero well!



Reclaiming Health for Every Body: A Body Positive Conversation

Sun, September 29, 2019
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
(down the street from EVERYBODY)

Join this dynamic panel discussion featuring Disability Justice Champion and Community Organizer Alex Locust (@glamputee), author of You Have the Right to Remain Fat and Babecamp Founder, Virgie Tovar, (size inclusive Yoga Instructor) Edyn Bryant, and Moderator (Educator and Activist) Leah Garza. The panel will explore what a healthy body is from body positive perspectives. We will address myths of “health” that falsely correlate to size, gender, class, race and ability and explore the unique needs of bodies that do not conform to able-bodied, cisgendered, thin, class-privileged and/or white identity.

***All are welcome. Feel free to share and invite non-members who may be interested as well!***

Meditation/Movement led by Edyn Bryant. Co-sponsored by Superfit Hero and The Plus Bus. Reception following discussion with light refreshments, and shopping with our co-sponsors who will also be offering discounts to attendees.


This is a wheelchair accessible event.


Tix: http://bit.ly/2lKDu2y
$15 Group Rate (groups of 3 or more)
$20 Early Bird through 9/28
$25 Day Of*
*Ticket sales only, no cash or cards at door please.


Transportation/ Parking: Carpooling and ridesharing is strongly recommended as parking in our lot is limited. There is also available parking at Staples, Pep Boys and surrounding surface streets. We will be reserving a limited number of accessible parking spots in our lot. Please visit Metro - Los Angeles - (323) 466-3876 for public transportation information. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Flyer art by Savage MUSE.


Join me tonight for @tgnbproject.losangeles at @everybodylosangeles! By Trans/for Trans fitness.


I love making @kdawg500 feel a certain kind of way. HIIT days aren’t for the faint of heart. So proud of all of the hard work that Kenny puts into his sessions. He’s been making huge strides in his goals, and is an inspiration! Keep it up my friend!


No @tgnbproject.losangeles class at @everybodylosangeles on Monday! Enjoy the rest, go for a walk, eat some yummy food. I’ll see you on the patio on 09.09.19!


Amila showed up in this amazing tank today, and I wanted to share it with y’all. Also of note, Amila has been a ray of sunshine from our first session together. He periodically pops up in my social life, and it’s always a deep pleasure. I’m thoroughly convinced that his entire wardrobe consists of fun, Queer shirts...even his button-downs. I’ll keep you posted. 😉


Body positive, female owned, size inclusive, produced in LA...I mean I can keep going. I am proud to be a sponsored trainer of @superfithero. Use my discount code to get 15% off your first order. You want them on your body, I promise!


First, let me say thank you to @strongholdclimb. Second, let me tell you why these signs are important. We live in a binary dominated world, which can be very uncomfortable for those of us who don’t check all of the boxes. Signs like this say, ‘you are seen, and safe here.’ I used the shower and steam room in a public locker room for the first time in years today. I felt confident that if anyone said anything to me, the staff at this space would have my back...because of these signs. These signs also make binary and cis folks stop and think, even for a moment, about an experience outside of their own. This is important. Are these signs a perfect solution, do they change the world we live in? No. But, they are a beautiful step in the right direction; and they helped me feel more comfortable in a space that is usually very triggering. So I guess I’m trying to say, I had a locker room victory today y’all. I was scared, and I did a thing anyway, and I’m grateful to the gym for putting in the effort to make folks feel comfortable. It may seem small, but it’s not.


This past weekend at @internationalmrleatherinc was a dreamy whirlwind, and I’m still processing all of my thoughts and feelings. It was an honor to represent Los Angeles, and @precinctdtla. I am very happy to be back to teaching @tgnbproject.losangeles tomorrow night, at 7pm at @everybodylosangeles. Free to gym members and day pass holders. I can’t wait to see my TG/NB loves, I’ve missed you!!

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Here is the flow for tomorrow’s @animalflowofficial class I am teaching via @everybodylosangeles. Every Friday at 12:30p...
Wanna learn this heart and hip opening flow?  Well, join me Friday April 10th, at 12:30pm PST, I’m going to spend a whol...
Werk Out with Elliot!
Got cut off, I have more for you!
What’s happening with fitness right now?
Time for a milestone moment y’all!  Today @mlevine10 pulled over his body weight, go over to his page and give him some ...
Couples that sweat together, stay together!  I’ve been training Alison for a while now, and we recently added her partne...
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One more week on the books, time to relax into this beautiful Spring weekend. Happy Saturday y’all!  Get your frustratio...
Getting back from into your fitness groove post holiday can feel eye-roll worthy. Don't beat yourself up if you need a m...
Introduced my client Andrew to the steel mace today. He learned and executed this sequence like a champ!  It's much more...




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