Dr. Ann DeGrey is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in sports and orthopedics. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from USA.

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Posted • With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and National Physical Therapy month,
we are going to shed some light on the great work being done by Physical Therapists to help breast cancer patients navigate recovery with expert support.

MOTI therapists Dr. Ann DeGrey and Dr. Lei Lee have published a series of blog posts (link in bio!) to help those individuals facing breast cancer feel better prepared for the road ahead or the road may now find themselves on.

Our instagram feed this week will be devoted to this topic, as we highlight helpful details from Ann and Lei’s “Road Map to Recovery”…


Humble Learnings
The thing I love the most about working sport events outside of the clinic is the ability to learn and teach from other clinicians working with you! This year I only got to work one avp event due to Covid but one is better than none! I definitely miss seeing everyone and maybe next year we can reunite.
Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Physicians all contribute to my depth of rehab knowledge AND emergency sidelines skills.
It’s October, National Physical Therapy month to spread awareness of the benefits of PT! But I would like to make sure I thank ALL the clinicians that helped me become a better PT first! IG only lets me tag 20 so I’m sorry if I left you out but I def didn’t forget you!!



After a mastectomy and following cancer treatments, a patient can experience loss of both mobility and strength in their upper body and core.

Scar tissue formation from a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or lymph node removals can be painful and can restrict movement in the shoulder, even leading to serious orthopedic side effects like frozen shoulder. Exercises to maintain shoulder range of motion and arm mobility may be prescribed as early as 1 week after surgery.

Physical Therapy as part of a mastectomy treatment plan can have the following benefits:

·Improved upper extremity range of motion
·Improved upper extremity strength
·Improved functional mobility
·Improved posture and core strength
·Decreased pain at the surgical site
·Decreased swelling on the affected side
·Improved sensation at the surgical site
·Improve scar tissue mobility
·Neuromuscular reeducation of affected tissues
·Reduce fears of surgery
·Provide a therapeutic environment and psychosocial approach

We have physical therapists with ample experience helping breast cancer patients. We would love to help you too!


Had to make sure this was for real before I posted anything….but I did it!!

Thanks .nicolept Every time I think about not taking this test, I hear you telling me back in 2015 that it’s worth it.


So glad I was able to help you meet your tour deadline and get you back on the road with the tools to keep you going!
Looking forward to seeing you on stage and CRUSHING it!
Rockstar surgeon


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Office for the day at Glendale Sports Complex! Beautiful day, breeeezyy, and super warm 🥵


I totally agree with this!!
Coming from a DPT, make sure you ask your obgyn or MD to get some pelvic floor physical therapy postpartum to help your body learn how to activate your tummy and down unders after carrying equivalent to a big bowling ball for 9 months!
If you tear your rotator cuff, you get PT. If you sprain your ankle, you seek out PT. So how come when you tear your pelvic floor muscles, it’s not commonly addressed?!
Here at Moti we have physical therapists who are trained pelvic floor specialist! Are one of the BEST in the LA Area. Please DM me if you have any questions or if you want to get started on some postpartum rehab!
Remember, self pay (cash) does not require a doctors note and private insurance in California has Direct Access so you can start PT and get the note later!


Doctors Debunk Mask Wearing Myths


Who needs a Muscle Tune Up?!
I have used these techniques on olympics athletes prior and after their competitions, with Team USA Weightlifting and AVP Beach volleyball athletes.
If you’re an athlete looking for some mobility work prior to your workout or competition, or work at a desk all day and need some mobility work on your neck and back, come see me for a quick Muscle Tune Up!
I am one of few physical therapists that are CERTIFIED in Myofascial Decompression, as well as IASTM and Kinesiotape with experience treating all sports and athletes in the LA region and I can help!!
Myofascial Decompression (negative pressure) and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (positive pressure) are a tissues mobilization technique that improves Myofascial mobility by increasing slide and glide between tissues, inducing space between structures, improving circulation and drainage, ALL while incorporating neuromuscular re-education with movement retraining.
I have used MFD AND IASTM to treat neck pain, back pain, IT band syndrome, runners knee, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, patellar tendinitis, post op rehab AND SO MUCH MORE!
At Moti PT, I incorporate MFD and IASTM into my physical therapy practices and see great benefits and results, short term AND long term for the my patients.
Feel free to ask me questions OR stop by if you’re in the area! I provide MFD, IASTM, or KTape as a quick 30 min tune up session at Moti Physiotherapy in Los Feliz. Please check out their website for appointments and rates!


Patellar Maltracking causing pain in front of your knee?
A common cause of anterior knee pain is due to the knee cap not gliding on the groove it’s intended to move in. When the knee cap is off it’s track, like a 🚂 off it’s rails, it could cause irritation and pain in front front of the knee. ESPECIALLY with squatting🏋️, lunging, running 🏃‍♂️, or going downstairs.
One of the ways we can alleviate this is with taping. Taping the kneecap could help guide it back onto the correct pathway, reducing pain with activity.
HOWEVER it is not the solution! You must also address bio mechanical faults and strength/flexibility deficits that contributed to this maltracking to fix the CAUSE of the problem!!
Come see me or one of our PTs at Moti if your knees hurt and we will get you back into running in no time!! With A Physical Therapy Session, we can analyze your movements AND tape you up AND give you the right exercises. But if you just want the taping, we can do that too with our Manual Tune Up Sessions!

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will be having me teach an hour long foam rolling recovery class this Friday through zoom!!!
Come join me this Friday with an end of the week recovery and also learn about stretching and all the Do’s and Don’ts. I’ll be critiquing all participants’ form through zoom and making sure everyone is doing things correctly. Come pick my brain as well with any questions you may have about recovery, movement, exercise, physical therapy, and anything else you want! To sign up for the class, go to or through the mind body app. It is only $6 and all you need is a foam roll!
If you want to sign up for an entire week of exercises, check out the info below.
5 tough, totally diverse workouts, 1 recovery class, 1 rest day. Purchase 1 week unlimited for $30, enroll in all 6 classes and receive a KFChallenge pack in your mailbox!
🎁Kong Fit Challenge pack includes: mini KFC hand sanitizer, resistance loop (which will be used in wk 5) and ONE bar. US only, so sorry!
Challenge a friend below and sign up in the KFC or MINDBODY app.

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Covid-19 has flipped our world upside down. While it’s still best to stay home and be safe, we are adapting so we can continue to care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries. For the vast majority of patients we can provide continued care via telehealth. As you can see from the first picture, I have employed a new Director of Telemedicine. He is generally a fair boss but he will cry if he doesn’t get his way! 🤣 *

We are still communicating with our physical therapy partners to ensure mutual patients are getting the best care possible. Thanks to and many others! *

We know this time at home can be difficult on bones and joints as posture can be tough and exercise has to be modified. We are still here if you need help! Don’t hesitate to reach out...855-SC-SPORT or alexwebermd.com.

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