Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar

Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar

Best martial arts in the world! LA Family Martial Arts teaches K*k Sool Won a traditional Martial Arts system passed down over 18 generations in the Suh family

Operating as usual


Thank you K*k Sa Nim!

K*k Sool Won Sylmar Martial Arts Video 05/05/2022

K*k Sool Won Sylmar Martial Arts Video

Come join us for training!

K*k Sool Won Sylmar Martial Arts Video K*k Sool Won Sylmar Martial Arts! Come Train with us! Call or text 818-855-2221 for a free introduction class. @K*kSoolWon of Sylmar


Congrats to Master Nathan for joining the other masters on the K*k Sool Won headquarters page! We need more correct practice sir!


She’s a warrior! Gaining skill and confidence! It would be wise to show her respect!


In K*k Sool Won you learn to work together in a group and on your own individually. Understanding how to work together with others, seeing issues before they get out of hand and being able to defend yourself in a bad moment is very important. Like knowing how to swim… it’s “not important” till you really need it. Self defense is a fundamental life skill. Learn it BEFORE you need it!


Kids acclimation class in progress! Great way for children to learn how to interact with each other, learn respect and get more disciplined!


Knife throwing! K*k Sool Won studies the practice of many different weapons! And also the defense against them!


Believe in yourself.

Focus and breakthrough!


Youth sparring! No touching!


K*k Sool Gong -

Take your best shot! @ksw_losangeles


Grand Master Suh! Spear hand


It’s always great when mom is watching and supporting! 😍Your child will try harder when they know they have your attention. 😌

-Use a third or half of the class to let them know you care about how hard they try. Simply by watching in curiosity- No looks or comments necessary lol

- Then take the other half to leave and relax! After all mom needs a break! 😌

-these young men need more correct practice! 👍🏽


Happy Easter!
Under belts be ready to train tomorrow!

Black belts should have already trained today- 👊🏾


Concentrate on what you’re doing! Take time to appreciate the moment you’re already in! Dig deeper! Train harder


Look at that smile!!!! Warrior mindset! Positive! Ready to learn!



Join our family with a goal to better our community, show respect, learn to practice hard, and never give up! Call us at 818-855-2221! Invest in yourself! Invest in your family!


Train at K*k Sool Won Sylmar and make friends with similar like minded positive mindset!


Time to push yourself to the next level! What are you waiting for? Chop chop! ⚔️

Balloon races - Martial Arts FUN 04/08/2022

Balloon races - Martial Arts FUN


Balloon races - Martial Arts FUN Martial Art's Teenager and Adult class having some fun with balloon races.


Early morning black belt training!


Clap when your peers promote!

Be willing to lift those around you up when you can! Be encouraging! Suggest solutions to people’s problems when you can! And you find someone will be there for you!


Instructor training! Thank you Master Gene. And thank you Grand Master Suh.


K*k Sool is for everyone! It’s never too late or too early to start!

9th Dahn Master Harmon demonstrates double sword while barefoot in the snow.

You can do more than you think you can. But WILL you or WON’T you?


This amazing DBN right here is an amazing example of a strong woman who works tirelessly to improve her life and the lives of her children. She’s been through so much yet she continues to get up and fight everyday! She has passed 4 tests so far on her way to Black Belt and continues to shine as a leader! Our community couldn’t be more proud of her and I’m honored to be able to work with her on her journey! Keep it up Wendy! @wsmarr @blackbeltmag @jockshotz @courtneyleibowitz


The ninja turtles came by to visit! @tmnt_teenagemutantninjaturtles


Promotions were fantastic! Great demos! Great etiquette! Yummy food and very supportive families and community! Soooooo proud of our students


Promotions were fantastic! Great demos! Great etiquette! Yummy food and very supportive families and community!

@jasonhemmens @hemmensbrosstudios @blackbeltmag


Promotions! We all need more correct practice!


Promotion day! Fantastic time!


White belts and yellow belts need lower stance training!




Great times at CEP with southern Cali team! (Missing a couple people!)

We need more correct practice sir!


Dream big! Work hard, surround yourself with doers!


Back bend practice! We all need more flexibility! Why not have some fun while we do it!


Early training has started!

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