Fitness with Sheila C.

Sheila C. teaches spin & yoga around LA. Her spin class is vigorous & energetic set to edgy pop/rock & throwback. Her yoga is for reformed yoga haters. ;)

teaches a vigorous, high-energy class to a fun mix of modern rock, indie pop, & throwback hits.


Headed back east for the summer! Catch me tomorrow 6/27 & Tues 7/2 for my LAST TWO CLASSES! Sweat•Sculpt•Stretch @4:15p


My old time slot! I miss you guys... Come join me this Saturday morning, June 1st, 10:15a spin @hypesilverlake !! 45 min straight-up cardio. Currently taking song requests... ♥️💪🏼🎵

[04/21/19]   Folks keep asking what my new 4:15p Tu/Th class at @hypesilverlake is like. The first half is all sweaty bikey cardio with thumpy throwback hip hop & alt rock. The second half looks like this. 🔥🔥🔥


Come join me.
I might kick your ass a little.
But it’s what I’m here for.
Also, you love that about me.
Tu/Th 4:15p
30 min of cycling
30 min of weights & stretching
@Hype Silverlake
#silverlake #indoorcycling #strengthtraining #stretching #fitnessgoals2019 #strongnotskinny #hypesilverlake


this cat has nothing to do with my fitness class. nor do those shoes. but those legs do. Tu/Th 4:15pm cycle + strength + stretch at Hype Silverlake. it’s the only one of its kind in LA. I designed the class I’d been longing for. maybe you’ve been longing for it too?


Hey Cycle-Sculpt-Stretchers! I’m back east & will return midweek. @cgamel has gotchu on Tues, then I gotchu Thurs again! See you soon... 👋🏼💪🏼


No idea what i’m actually doing in this pic.
Today & Thurs, let me help you get strong Hype Silverlake . It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. ♥️🔥🚲💨🎶💪🏼💥
4:15p Tu/Th


Meet your new poster child for EXTREME delight while exercising. Also, 5 classes for $79 in March @hypesilverlake !! Come n’ get it.
Tues & Thurs
4:15p 30/30
spin • sculpt • stretch
CARDIO + WEIGHTS (off the bike)!




STARTING THIS WEEK! Cycle + Sculpt + Stretch, Tu/Th @ 4:15p... see official description below! 🚲💨💪🏼🔥
. . . . .
We now offer a unique spin on our signature hybrid class! Prepare for an accelerated 30-minute interval ride, followed by 30-minutes of upper body and core-focused work along with deep yoga-inspired stretches. You will torch calories, build muscle, and increase flexibility all in one efficient class! The cycling component will get your heart pumping and your b***y shaking. The strength/stretch component will bring your focus inward with a series of free-weight exercises and/or strength drills, along with a variety of balance, hip-opening, and muscle-lengthening postures. While this class is challenging, variations will be offered to account for any injury or fitness level. You will leave with a calm mind, a strong body, and a new awareness of your own potential. You are welcome to attend either 30-minute section as a standalone class (Cycle 30 or Strength/Stretch 30) if you prefer. @hypesilverlake
#cycling #spinclass #fitmom #hypesilverlake #strongnotskinny #silverlake #silverlakefitness #yoga


if bars of light don’t shoot from your feet and an arc appear over your head while in a yogi squat, you’re doing it wrong. jk


SILVERLAKE! Retire the Santa gear and fire up with me for 2019!!!!
@hypesilverlake ......

TONIGHT! Weds Dec 26
7:15p -
30/30 cycle/flow

TOMORROW! Thurs Dec 27
8:15a -
45 min cycle
10a -
60 min vinyasa
7:15p -
30/30 cycle/flow

FRIDAY! Dec 28
10:15a -
45 min cycle

9:15a spin -
45 min cycle
10a yoga -
75 min vinyasa


I like making graphics. I like teaching spin. I like when you stand to the left of your phone so it looks like I’m pointing at you. DM song requests for Monday. You know where to find me. xoxo
9:15am Monday morning, 12/17
45 min indoor cycling


Come n’ get it, Silverlake...


I love this vid. Could not be a better example of how being rooted, finding length, and corseting toward the midline can not only improve one’s practice but also prevent lumbar compression during backbends. Thank you, Yoga Vered !!
#Repost Yoga Vered with @get_repost
Back at 2016 I was really proud of myself for even trying to drop back, and after a few months I did it.
Now I can do it very easily, and it feels very natural, as if my body knows every movement and knows what about to come.
Practice And All Is Coming 🙏🏻. Great weekend everyone 😘


In addition to my regular Weds morn/eve classes, I got deez for ya @hypesilverlake :
‪Thurs Dec 6‬
‪7:15p Cycle + Flow‬

‪Sat Dec 8‬
‪10‬a Vinyasa Flow
11:30a ‪Cycle + Flow‬

‪Thurs Dec 27‬
‪8:15a Cycle + Flow‬
‪10‬a Vinyasa Flow
‪7:15p Cycle + Flow‬

‪Sat Dec 30‬
‪9:15a Hype Cycle‬
‪10‬a Vinyasa Flow
#silverlakefitness #hypesilverlake #cycleclass #vinyasaflow #cycleandyoga #decemberfitnesschallenge #losangelesfitness #healthyholidays #eastside

[11/08/18]   this idiot’s dancing in her kitchen because a) midterms went ok and b) hips n’ back felt decent today 😊 (post class @hypesilverlake )


7:15pm cycle + spin
It’s my new Wednesday class and I’m psyched, can you tell? 😝


tonight (Thurs)
6:15p cycle (for @frankiekraft )
🚴🏽‍♀️💨 ➕❤️🎵
tomorrow (Fri)
4:15p cycle + sculpt
(for @spin_demon )


Head still whirling! But I got some new skillz!!!! Thank you @roamlosangeles ♥️
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That’s a wrap! Although we are missing some friends @catacquaviva @jessicaoldfieldyoga @hachi_me @hanumanheartyoga and @wikiyogi it has been an honor and a privilege to grow with all of you ❤️#60hourteachertraining #roamsweethome #bevulnerable #community #brave #alwayslearning #yogaislife #lifeisyoga


fun with props... 😂 #yogatraining


blurry hallway bhujapidasana with yoga crap and laundry everywhere... “KEY MUSCLES,” ANYONE????? (this one’s fer you, @sunandmoon_asana ♥️ )
#bhujapidasana #armbalance #hallwayyoga


still learnin! lookit all the s**t I don’t know.... LOL


come spin with me, yo!
three more chances this week.
tonight (Wednesday) 7:15p cycle & flow
friday 11:15p cycle & flow
saturday 10:15a cycle
see ya there @hypesilverlake ...


I’ll be hanging ‘round @hypesilverlake a bunch this week... come find me!
tues 9:15a cycle & sculpt
wed 10am vinyasa flow & 7:15p cycle & flow
fri 11:15a cycle & flow
sat 10:15a hype cycle


if the US supreme court has decided women’s bodies are not worth protecting, do you really need another reason to be fit? #staystrong #stayfit #nomeansno #womensselfdefense


Wednesday morning 10am vinyasa flow w/ Sheila C... wake up and get loooooonnngggg ♥️


10am Wednesday mornings @hypesilverlake I’m gonna get you chill AF. That cool? 😎


Me after subbing for @kerchyoga this morning... I’m back! (ish) Join me for a one hour FREE vinyasa flow class tomorrow morning (Sunday) at Lululemon at the Glendale Americana @americanabrand @lululemonla AND/OR at Hype Silverlake 10am on Wednesday mornings. Baby steps... see you soon???? ♥️🙏🏼


As a professional writer, I’ve spent many many years living inside my head, tending to and nurturing its contents. The rest of me, however, inspired cavalier and often hostile attentions.

Eight years ago, my body decided it didn’t care for me very much either.

In some ways I’m still recovering—not just from an injury, but from the habituated denial of my own essential form.

Nowadays, whenever I spend large stretches of time floating in the ether with my thoughts, I try to return home with gifts. One of these is yoga.

I practice yoga from the conviction that I can’t be a functioning person in the world if I’m only partially in it. I teach yoga as a means to connect with actual humans, not just the weirdos who occupy the darkest recesses of my mind.

And I reject the idea that some people are “good” at yoga. If you walk out of class feeling better than you did walking in, and if you feel grateful that your body stayed with you during that time, you’re “good.”

More soon... 🙏🏼👍🏼♥️


REHABBIN’. Week one of the wobble board. Turns out my hip is effed because my back is effed. So now I’m working on my multifidus and my ankle stability. Wobble board for three minutes, hottub for five. Wash rinse repeat. I have a weak medial arch so balancing has never come easy to me. This is gonna be a journey, kids! Stay with me...


so... i guess I’m a swimmer now? #recovery #healthats**t #waterbaby I’m taking a few months off teaching so I can deal with whatever is going on w/ my bones but I hope to see y’all back on the mat/bike sooooon... miss you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


anyone out there use an acupressure mat regularly? does it do anything aside from scattering a million tiny holes across your back? 😬


folksy-apartment-on-a-farm-somewhere-in-jersey yoga


rooftop yoga. last greek chaturanga. 😢

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Sheila C. teaches spin & yoga around LA. Her spin class is vigorous & energetic set to edgy pop/rock & throwback. Her yoga is for reformed yoga haters. ;)

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