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Eric Paskel and Rina Jakubowicz are officially streaming classes via their new online yoga studio, ER Yoga. You have 24/7 access to yoga goodness.

ER Yoga is a community of people pursuing health, authenticity, joy, and truth. It's not about getting your foot behind your head so much as getting your head out of your ass! What we mean is we practice yoga to connect with our authentic truth. To practice yoga at ER Yoga is to join a community of seekers on the journey back to themselves. You'll get a kick-ass workout on the way there too! For t

Operating as usual


Make this Labor Day weekend magical! What will you conjure up today? It can be as simple as a smile 😊🙃⁠

Spend part of your Labor Day weekend taking a class either in person or on Zoom with Eric and/or Rina.

Our Weekend schedule - 9-4, 9-5⁠

Rina: Saturday, Sept. 4, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT⁠
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio ⁠

Eric: Sunday, Sept. 5, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT⁠
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio⁠

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Think about this as a new week begins...

"If you lead with vanity, your destination will be insanity!" Eric Paskel

Here's what Eric and Rina are up to at the ER Yoga Studio this week

August 30 - September 5

Rina: Monday, August 30, 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
Vinyasa Yoga

Eric: Wednesday, Sept. 1, 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Rock N Soul

Rina: Saturday, Sept. 4, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio

Eric: Sunday, Sept. 5, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio

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Who said women are the weaker sex?

Something to ponder...
"Whether alone or together, we are a force of nature. But we never force our way upon anyone." Eric Paskel

Eric and Rina's Weekend Schedule - August 28 - 29

Rina: In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio -
Saturday, August 28 at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT

Eric: In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga Studio -
Sunday, August 29 at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT

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"The idea of yoga is not to look for a thrill. But it’s to learn how to chill." Eric Paskel

Yoga classes this week - August 23 - 29

Rina: Monday, August 23, at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT
Vinyasa Yoga
Philosophy Study Group - 5:00pm PDT/8:00pm EDT

Eric: Wednesday, August 25, at 3:00pm PDT/6:00pm EDT
Rock N Soul

Rina: Saturday, August 28 at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga "Garage Studio"

Eric: Sunday, August 29 at 9:45am PDT/12:45am EDT
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga "Garage Studio"
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Whatever you have planned for this weekend, plan on some self care. This is so important for your mental well being. Taking a yoga class or two with Rina or Eric will certainly contribute to that end. ⁠

Their "Garage Yoga Studio" weekend classes are available either on Zoom or in person (if you are in the LA area).⁠

Saturday, August 21 at 9:15am PDT/12:15pm EDT⁠

In Person Class/Zoom at the ER Yoga "Garage Studio" with Rina Jakubowicz⁠

Sunday, August 22 at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT⁠

In Person Class only at the ER Yoga "Garage Studio" with Eric Paskel⁠



Happy Sunday, everyone! Let's play "footsies"! Or better yet, take a yoga class or two this week...

A week's worth of ER Yoga classes at a glance:

Monday, August 16, 4pm PDT/7pm EDT, Vinyasa Yoga with Rina
Philosophy Study Group with Rina at
5pm PDT/8pm EDT

Wednesday, August 18, 3pm PDT/6pm EDT,
Rock N Soul with Eric

Saturday, August 21, 9:15am PDT/12:15pm EDT,
In Person class/Zoom at our Garage Studio with Rina

Sunday, August 22, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm/EDT,
In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga "Garage Studio" with Eric

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It's time to feel loved, supported, challenged and transformed with the intellectual, emotional and action practices we have for you.

This week's worth of classes @ER YOGA beginning
8-10 through 8-15

Vinyasa Yoga with Rina -
Tuesday, August 10, 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
followed by -
Philosophy Study Group with Rina - 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

Rock N Soul with Eric -
Wednesday, August 11, 3:00pm PDT/6:00pm EDT

In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga "Garage Studio" with Rina -
Saturday, August 14, 8:45am PDT/11:45 am EDT

In Person Class/Zoom at our ER Yoga "Garage Studio" with Eric -
Sunday, August 15, 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT

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Eric is getting out of his "easy" chair, planting his feet firmly on the ground. He's back in CA doing what he loves to do best...teach!

Catch him today, teaching...

Rock N Soul, August 4, 3:30pm PDT/6:30pm EDT

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Yep, Eric and Rina are definitely attached at the hip. Yet, they will disengage ourselves long enough to teach their respective ER Yoga Garage Studio weekend classes.

Please join in on the fun, either in person or on Zoom.

Saturday, July 10, 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Rina
Sunday, July 11, 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Eric

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"Is that so?" Yes, it certainly is!

Eric is teaching, what some may call, a rousing, Rock N Soul class tomorrow.

Rock N Soul, Wednesday, July 7, 3pm PT/6pm/ET

See you on your mat...

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Happy July 4th! It's time to free (liberate) ourselves to be ourselves!⁠

Let's go full throttle this weekend at ER Yoga's "Garage Studio" and take both Eric and Rina's yoga classes. There are sure to be fireworks galore, especially in Eric's annual July 4th class on Sunday. AND there are deals to be had on yoga products and clothing in our mini retail space.⁠

Sign up online at to reserve your spot today, either on Zoom or in person. In person spots are limited.⁠

Weekend Schedule:⁠

Saturday, July 3, at 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Rina⁠

Sunday, July 4 at 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Eric⁠



No matter what our station in life. We need to count our blessings. Rina's tank top is a great reminder.

What are you grateful for? Maybe it is the availability of all types of classes; be it yoga and/or philosophy at
ER Yoga.

Rina is teaching 2 classes Tuesday, June 29...

Vinyasa Yoga at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET
Philosophy Study Group at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET

See you soon...

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Whoever said "three's a crowd" has not been around Eric, Rina, and Roo! This photo tells it all...⁠

Over at ER Yoga, we are changing things up a bit starting with this weekend's schedule. ⁠

Check it out:⁠

Saturday, June 26, 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Rina: In Person and Zoom⁠

Sunday, June 27, 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET with Eric: In Person and Zoom⁠

To register for class, whether In Person or Zoom go to


Namaste literally means "bowing to you". Thank you all for tuning in and taking class, be it Yoga and/or Philosophy, whether live or on replay. ⁠

We are ushering in the real beginning of summer with a 2fer:⁠

Vinyasa Yoga with Rina, Tuesday, June 22, 4pm PT/7pm ET⁠

AND stay for some thought provoking...⁠

Philosophy Study Group, 5pm/PT/8pm ET⁠

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Come join me as I open up our Garage Yoga Studio to anyone interested in practicing some Vinyasa Yoga tomorrow, June 19. Taking an in-person yoga class is so beneficial, not only for our physical well being, but for our mental health too.⁠

There are hundreds of yoga poses. In the photo, I am demoing Crooked Pose. These are some of the pose's benefits; stretches the wrists, builds shoulder, arm and core strength and improves balance. ⁠

Interested yogis in the Greater LA area, wanting to practice with other like-minded people, please DM me for details.⁠

The class will also be available on Zoom.⁠

Vinyasa Yoga, Saturday, June 19 at 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET⁠

Zoomers, sign up at

Photographer: bigcamerman


The weekend is almost upon us. Time for another Garage Studio Yoga class.

Rina has traveled the world, spreading her love of yoga where ever she goes. However, one of her favorite locales to teach yoga is right in her own backyard.

Father's Day is a day honoring fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society. To mark this occasion I am switching my usual Sunday class to Saturday this week.

Vinyasa Yoga, Saturday, June 19, 9:45am PT/12:45pm ET

To take class in person, please DM Rina for details.

Class will also be on Zoom.
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Classes today are canceled. Rina will be back teaching, Sunday, June 20.

No, this is not Rina beseeching a higher power for some guidance. This is just one of the many yoga poses that she may call out to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body.

Roll out your mat tomorrow, June 15 at 4pm PT/7pm ET for Vinyasa Yoga.

Rina is conducting a Philosophy class that will meet after yoga. Knowledge is power!

Philosophy Class - Tuesday, June 15, 5pm PT/8pm ET

Sign up at for both classes

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Online yoga classes.


12408 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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At Electric Soul there are no hierarchies or level systems. Our classes offer a dynamic physical workout in a warm, safe environment where students are encouraged to be themselves and do their best; no one to please, nobody to impress. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility, find enlightenment, or lighten up; Electric Soul is here to serve you! By simply stepping in the door, you become an important member of our community – building connections to real, caring people that deepen every time you come to class! Join the hundreds of thousands of people who continue to experience the many benefits of Electric Soul Yoga.

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