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I'm a personal trainer dedicated to helping you reach your fitness and health goals. I'm a certified personal trainer and professional bodybuilder located in Los Angeles.

I've been featured in the following magazines: Men's Health / VoyageLA / Headliners Magazine

My passion is helping WOMEN of all ages reach their fitness and health goals. Here's how I can help you:
- In person hourly one-on-one training at a private gym in Los Angeles

- Online training

- Unique and fun exercise programs focusing on weight loss, muscle building, strength & conditioning and endurance.

- Nutrition guidance and healthy recipes.

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HAPPY MONDAY! Exercising on a Monday helps start your week off with more energy & will motivate you to continue for the rest of the week. So what are YOU training today?


Did YOU know that the best time to STRETCH is after exercising? This will reduce muscle tightness and prevent injury.


7 Easy Chicken Dinners

What are YOU having for dinner? Here are some of my favorite chicken recipes

Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: Check us out on Facebook! - Visit these links for the recipes: One...


Do YOU exercise with resistance bands? You can use them at home for a full body workout. 01/01/2017

6 Ways to Detox After the Holiday Season

How to detox after the Holidays? Checkout this great article giving you 6 simple steps. With the holiday season just ending, overindulging at festive parties and get-togethers may have easily derailed your diet, and quickly. One treat can lead to many, while appetizers, drinks and carbohydrate-rich sides can have you eating your full amount...


Are YOU ready to take your FITNESS to the next level? Tag a friend who can motivate you.


Start the New Year right with my customized online coaching programs! Contact me for details.


Wishing you a Healthy & Happy Holiday Season!


Dinner AND dessert all in one meal? Try this healthy dish to help satisfy your sweet cravings. It's baked chicken & sweet potatoes topped with sugar free pancake syrup and cinnamon.


My Favorite Leg/Glute Exercises

What are your favorite exercises for legs and glutes? Here are some of my favorites.


Are you trying to lose weight? Start by tracking your daily caloric intake. My favorite app to do this is “My Fitness Pal” where you can track your diet & exercise quickly. And it has one of the largest food databases making it easy & fast to add your daily meals.


How drinking water can help with weight loss?
1) Water helps fill you up. Sometimes when you feel hungry you’re just thirsty. Try drinking a glass of water before eating.

2) Water increases your metabolism. Drinking a glass of water in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism.

3)Water keeps you healthy by flushing toxins from your body & helps keep your joints lubricated.


Which of these will you follow to have a healthy weekend?


How to perform a push-up

Great workouts can also be done at home. This video shows you how to do a push-up.


What's your favorite breakfast? I love egg whites and oatmeal.


Not all carbohydrates are bad. Learn how to choose the good ones.


Let me guide you in choosing the right foods to eat.


Lower back pain is the most common injury. You can follow these exercises at home or in the gym to help strengthen your back, preventing further injury.


Some mid-week motivation to keep you focused on YOUR goals

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My Favorite Leg/Glute Exercises
How to perform a push-up



- One-on-one personal training
- Online training
- Nutrition guidance



Los Angeles, CA
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