All Out Effort

We mix the best in sports science and nutrition, with the best in cognitive science, and Eastern philosophy. What this means is: we teach you how to move and be fit, how to make those habits stick, and how to balance your mind so you don't sabotage yourself.

We take the uncertainty out of being healthy. Our goal isn't just to train you, it's to make you more educated and passionate about your own fitness.

Mission: I started the company because I wanted to help people. Really help people. I have a diverse background and I wanted to leverage it all to help people maximize their lives, to show them life is experiential, and that their bodies are meant to experience life. I've helped thousands of people already but there are so many more lives I'd like to affect before I'm done. If someone needs help balancing their health, I'd like to be the person to help remove a lot of the uncertainties. That's how this business started.

Fat Shaming Shouldn't Be Part of Our "New Normal" | The Walrus Even in a pandemic, our culture is obsessed with controlling our bodies

Activists sour on Oatly vegan milk after stake sold to Trump-linked Blackstone The private equity firm that now has a stake in Oatly has been accused of contributing to deforestation in the Amazon

[08/29/20]   Whenever someone dies of cancer, health fascists show up with "if they had only been on this diet and taken these supplements, they would have lived forever"

Workers at No Evil Foods Say the Vegan, Progressive Company Busted Their Union Drive

If you want to be "clean" and "wholesome," don't bust unions No Evil Foods markets itself as a left-wing, “revolutionary” food company. But its workers say the company recently busted their union drive and fired organizers.

Working out is great but it's not the answer to everything

[08/24/20]   Body fascism - prejudice or discrimination based on a person's weight and appearance

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The Organization Dedicated to Keeping Wellness White

The racist side of health and wellness For a decade, an organization with extreme power and influence in the wellness industry has designed a system that disproportionately and…

[07/18/20]   There are way too many LA trainers who have been ignoring and continue to ignore masking and social distancing since the first lockdown.

[07/07/20]   Wearing masks and sanitizing hands is why families with COVID19 infected members can prevent its transmission. It works. So do it.


Love this

This teen started a nonprofit to teach the elderly karate right from their nursing homes — now he’s moving his practice online so everyone can take part

CrossFit Owner Fostered Sexist Company Culture, Workers Say

I mean... the creator always said CrossFit was based around social Darwinism and that he was a libertarian so... Women report getting lewd assessments of their bodies, among other mistreatment from top male management.

[06/10/20]   We support Black Lives Matter. We are anti-racist. We are inclusive. We do not condone body shaming or shaming of any kind nor do we believe in upholding any standards. Shaming is so normal in fitness and also in our daily lives. Understanding its harmful effects is not a conclusion we understood right away but only after listening to our marginalized participants. Sometimes we need to stop talking and listen.

The Community Speaks Out, 100+ Gyms Disaffiliate Following CrossFit Founder’s Tweet | Morning Chalk Up

Good for these gyms to take a stand. More of the fitness and martial arts community need to do similar. The CrossFit community continues to swirl following comments from the CrossFit founder and CEO, Greg Glassman on twitter. Responding to the Institute for Health Metrics and Education’s tweet of a statement from their director that “Racism Is A Public Health Issue,” Glassman responded with a tw...

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[06/01/20]   People protesting for gyms to reopen or ignoring social distance rules to work out are proving something I've said all along, a lot of people don't diet and exercise for health. In fact, they're willing to risk death to achieve a certain look

Black Lives Matter Rash Guard (Pre-order)

Okay fam, they need at least 5 orders to make a run. Also share this with your communities, fitness or martial arts Support our efforts to raise money for The Innocence Project with our custom Black Lives Matter rashguard. PRE-ORDERS WILL SHIP EARLY TO MID MARCH. Please note. This is an estimated ship date, if pre-order items arrive ahead of schedule, orders will be packed and shipped early.

Decolonizing Fitness

Examples of Toxic Fitness Culture:

The promotion of fitness the sole purpose of weight loss.
The belief that fit has a look.
Personal trainers unwilling or unable to modify exercises that support your unique body.
The belief that you’re not working hard enough if you haven’t achieved thinness.
Personal trainers who aren’t registered dietitians giving diet advice.

Personal trainers who don’t believe you when you need to stop and encourage you to push through pain.
The belief that beating your body up makes for a good workout.
Only being seen as an “expert” because you are in a smaller body.
Having a limited view of what fitness is.
Believing working out is more important than listening to what your body needs.

The belief that your body has to get smaller/toned when you engage in fitness and if it doesn’t you’re doing something wrong.
Feeling coerced or guilted into working out.
Thinking diet and exercise is the only way to take care of ourselves.

Cultivating fitness spaces that AREN’T accessible or affirming to a diverse group of bodies.
Making fitness overly complicated to show authority or expertise.
Personal Training Certifications that don’t offer education on working with body diverse.

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives. It's time for a new paradigm.

The Gym As You Know It Is a Thing of the Past Goodbye, packed workout classes. Goodbye, independent yoga studios.

for whoever needs to hear this

Doll test - The effects of racism on children (ENG)

Really powerful short video about how racism is baked into the fabric of society and how damaging lack of diversity+inclusion is even to young children. It's not enough not to be racist.

The "doll test" is a psychological experiment designed in the 1940s in the USA to test the degree of marginalization felt by African American children caused...

[05/07/20]   If you're a "health" writer who's never written about more access to healthcare, then you're not a health writer, you're a grifter


If the fitness/wellness/health/lifestyle industries really cared about your wellness, they would have been the loudest voices fighting for universal healthcare. You think the healer who doesn't want you to have healthcare actually gives a damn about your well-being?

[04/28/20]   If a gym doesn't have an analysis of "punching up and punching down" along with a dynamic understanding of consent, they will always be inadvertently reinforcing bullying, ableism, xenophobia, sexism, racism, and have their students' personal autonomy constantly dismissed, ignored, or violated.

‎Southpaw: 65 – History of Eugenics & Fascism in Health, Wellness, and Music w/ Antonio Valladares on Apple Podcasts

Personal training is part of the reason why I got so heavily into politics. Within the first few years of my career, I began to be skeptical of all the typical health and self-help rhetoric. I had this nagging question, why are the things that are supposed to make you feel better about yourself so good at making you feel worse? And the more I dug into it, the more I found myself reading political history. Then it became clear why health, wellness, self-improvement, and spirituality is so problematic. With the help of independent researcher and fellow trainer Antonio Valladares, we tackle the history of eugenics and fascism in health, wellness, and music. ‎Show Southpaw, Ep 65 – History of Eugenics & Fascism in Health, Wellness, and Music w/ Antonio Valladares - Apr 13, 2020

Unlocked: Now What? Part 3 | Southpaw on Patreon

For those who might need it and have already been participating in this mindfulness series, here is part 3 with Alex Ferguson, Ph.D. Official Post from Southpaw: By Alex Ferguson, Ph.D. (Find part one and two by Alex here.) Hopefully, you have found some time to do some mindfulness. Even better would be if it was a regular part of your day, but it's alright if not. It's funny how hard it is to start a daily mindfulness practice.....

Our Health Is in Danger. Wellness Wants to Fill the Void.

“There’s nothing like a pandemic to clarify the distinction between wellness and actual health. Our collective health is, most would agree, not so good. But through the logic of wellness branding, this situation can represent not just a loss of lives and livelihoods, but an opportunity.” To the wellness industry, the coronavirus represents not just a loss but an opportunity for self-actualization. Miranda Kerr and Tom Brady are among the celebrities on the bandwagon.

[04/07/20]   Having fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal is a privilege, it was NEVER easy for every family.


For whoever needs this today, some helpful tips on mentally surviving the pandemic by David Hollingsworth from A Mouthful of History


Part two of our self-care series on coping long-term with the stresses of the pandemic. It's especially important now for us to check in with ourselves and make sure we're doing okay.

[03/29/20]   For past, present, and even yet to be clients, we've started doing video sessions to keep our business going during the lockdown. Message us for details.

How Influencers Are Milking the Coronavirus for Clout—and Money

"Fitness and wellness guru Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny claims that a product called Simply Inulin—which she just happens to sell in her own online store—also protects against coronavirus, according to an unnamed doctor." Or at least trying to.


For whoever needs this today, the first of a series of self-care posts about dealing with this suffering for the long-term

Unlocked: In This Present Moment | Southpaw on Patreon

For whoever needs this today, a short self-care essay to help you during this trying time Official Post from Southpaw: By Sam Can we know that life is meaningful without the assurance that there will be an eternal tomorrow? That this is all we've got?Can thinking of death itself not be morbid and suicidal but deeply spiritual? Can meditating on death teach us how to value life?Perhaps if...

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