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Litzfitness is an innovative practice that blends traditional yoga, martial arts and strength training while cultivating inner peace and self-love.

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Have you guys ever had a setback that fueled your motivation and rather empowered you? This one truly resonates with me 🔥#strongwomen #bossquotes #successquotes #empoweringwomen #empowerment #grind #competitor #fitlife #bikinicompetitor #wbffbikini #fitfam #nasmcertified #inspiration #dedication #determination #bosslady


Born and raised in Venezuela, current mood #snowbunny Who is in? #mammothmountain #mammothlakes #ride #snowboard

[11/12/18]   I tried some new exercises today at Gold’s Mecca and held plank for 2 mins/x 3 #proud These cable Crossovers are killer by the way, even at low weight I highly recommend you try them to strengthen your chest. Also big shout out to my friend & photographer @freundstudio.architecture @yamamotonutrition @nikewomen @jahkhalib


Had so much fun dancing and sweating with these beauties @knockout_la Most fun way to get your cardio and shape your booty 🍑🍑🍑I highly recommend them! @knockout_la @aubrewinters #knockoutla #dance #90smusic #sweat #janefonda #popup #fun #bootybootybooty #strongissexy


In this short video I introduce two leg variations when doing leg presses. Leg presses are one of my favorite machines on leg day because they target the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and calves. Here’s some tips to do them correctly : 1️⃣ Avoid hunching over to allow for a full range of motion. 2️⃣ Drive through the heels to engage the glutes & hammies. 3️⃣ Position your feet evenly on the platform center and turn them out slightly 4️⃣ Drive up explosively but control the negative (eccentric contraction) on your descent.
Hope you guys find this helpful and don’t forget to like it if you do 💙 #goldsgym #bodybuilding #getstrong #legday #shred #workout #fitnessaddict #gymshark


I hope you guys enjoy my night 🦉workout, heads up #memes when someone walks in front of the camera 😤🤣


Loving this quote #repost What type of person are you choosing to be? Tag a friend who needs to get a message and have a “make it happen” type of Monday guys 🙌🏼 #goals #motivationalquotes #motivationmonday #makeithappen #personaltrainers #happymonday #carpediem


Happy Friday guys! #selfie As a woman I love doing whole body workouts targeting my inner/outer thighs, glutes and core and I add some HIIT in between. Ladies I know you’ve heard this before but don’t be afraid to increase your load in the last reps, you won’t bulk up unless you are spending 3 hours at the gym and taking steroids 😣 Also muscle burns fat like crazy so if you want to get leaner that’s one way to do it ☝🏼💪🏼What’s your favorite body part to work out at the gym? Show me some 💙 and comment below 👇🏼#sumosquats #squats #gymrat #muscle #bodybuilding #strongissexy #wotkout #fitfam #instafit #personaltrainer #motivation #fitnness #fitnessaddict #tgif #shred #legs #functionaltraining #litzfitness


Dig deep, find your truth and believe in yourself, the rest will fall into place. Have a beautiful Thursday guys, go chase those fitness goals #inspired #beyourself #motivationalquotes #motivationalquotes #goals #goodmorning #believeinyourself


Happy Sunday, loving the Ube flavor @baelittletokyo #bae #ube #icecream #littletokyo #yummy #foodie #flexibledieting


Does anyone out there suffer from this condition? @samueloscarhair #wonderlust #travel #santorini #takemeback #welivetoexplore ##ilovegreece #welovegreece_ #exquisite_greece


Litz Fit


We don’t always “walk the talk” when it comes to this, right? It’s so easy to fall into the vortex of self-criticism and judgment that we often internalize as kids. I try to catch my self when I drift into these patterns and reframe my thoughts, you too can be your own shrink sort of speak :) Any thoughts please comment below👇🏼 and have a compassionate Monday, with yourself 🌈 #goals #inspirationalquotes #goodquotes #happymonday #positivevibes #smile #positivity #personaltrainer #selfcare #selflove #love #buddha


This is one of my favorite post-workout clean & satisfying meals, seared salmon on cauliflower purée. After steaming a small cauliflower I put it in the blender with a tablespoon of 🥥 oil and sea salt then blend it until it reaches a purée consistency. It’s light and delicious and you are getting both protein and omega 3s from the salmon as well as fiber from the cruciferous. Make sure that the 🐟 is wild caught to avoid mercury :) Do you guys any favorite post-workout meals you’d like to share with us? Or maybe you know a great salmon recipe. Please comment below 👇🏼 #cleaneating


“I decided to be happy because it’s good for your health” Voltaire 🇫🇷Can we truly make a mental choice to be happy and thereby reframe our perceptions, actions and outcomes? I think it’s worth a try 😊 please share your thoughts on this quote by commenting below 👇🏼#inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #inspire #carpediem #healthychoices #goodvibes #happymonday #philosophy #life #influencer #happy #smile #grateful #gratitude #playavista


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In yoga we cultivate that place of "no mind" or "quiet mind" via the asanas and the breath. That's why yoga is said to be a meditative flow and in those gaps between thoughts, one can have glimpses of inner light and pure bliss 🙏🏼#yoga #meditation #goodvibes #breath #yogi #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #selflove #patience #practice #vinyasa 07/06/2016

Ask the Dietitian: Is Sugar Addictive? - Hello Healthy

Sugar is akin to drugs like cocaine but withdrawal only lasts 4-5 days, take the challenge warriors! By now most of us know too much sugar isn’t good for us and that overdoing it on the sweet stuff is linked to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic disease, fatty liver and other chronic health conditions. For whatever reason though, most of us still find it hard to resist sweet treats, beverages and…


When was the last time you tried something for the first time? 👀
It's never too late to get fit 💪🏼👊🏼 Don't be afraid to try something new 💯


This is how we do things around here at #LitzFitness We don't sit around doing boring work outs waiting for results We chase the gains!!!!!!

Want to get fit with my team and I send me a and we'll get right to scheduling our first appointment. 02/04/2016

The 24 Biggest Health & Fitness Innovations of the Future

Check out this article! It shows the fitness trends of the future. My favourite is Clothing that regulates body temperature. It’s getting hot in here, so… put on all your clothes? Sportswear companies are selling threads that offer weather protection and temperature management. Soon it’ll be possible to run like the wind, and in it, too. Looks like we’ll have to find a new reason not to exercise in a snowstorm.

Check out the full article. A cure for sadness may be a stretch, but a pill that kills the common cold isn’t. Here’s our list of the biggest, brightest changes to come in health and fitness.


What are the 🔑🗝 to a successful breakfast you ask? Nutrients you need your nutrients!!!! This morning we at #LitzFitness cooked up banana almond pancakes that are sugar free and high in protein.
We are still dedicated to the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge! Are you? 👊🏼

[02/02/16]   No matter what is behind us or ahead of us, 2016 is going to be our #new year for the making! It’s always exciting to think of the possibilities that lie ahead for the Warriors here at #LitzFitness. The new year means nothing if you're still living in your comfort zone #LitzFitnes #LitzFitness #LitzFitness #Fitness #Motivation


It happens all the time here at #LitzFitness


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📲📷Practicing bridge pose with a girlfriend up in Malibu is so much more fun @naomijadeuk


Listen up folks so this weekend the #LitzWarriors will be on the water for a #workoutsession 🏋🏻💪🏼 Think you want to come out and join us at 10:30 am? Send me a DM 🔝📩 to get more details.


As good as these innocent looking baked goods 🍞🍪 look they actually convert sugar into your bloodstream. They must be 🚫 avoided to remain dedicated to the #30daysugarfreechallenge


My team and I love to work out at the UCLA fields awesome vibes, awesome people, awesome facilities. #LitzFitnessWarriors


Sugar-free coconut oatmeal with raspberries is my newest most delicious creation, the natural coconut flavors of the #BiochemWheyPowder and the slight sourness of #raspberries is super yummy! #Highprotein #highfiber and satisfying 😋 this whey powder uses "rebiana" which is derived from stevia leaf so you can enjoy the sweet taste without the insulin spikes of sugar 💪🏼🙏🏼#healthyeating


We need to stay fit in style.👟💁🏼 #Litzfitness See what's going on with the Warriors on Instagram.

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This is how we do things around here at #LitzFitness  We don't sit around doing boring work outs waiting for results  We...




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