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Joining DC fitness “6 weeks challenge” is probably one of the best decisions I have made recently. Staff including trainers are very friendly, supportive and make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in the gym. Assigning an accountability coach to keep in touch with out side of the training sessions is a great way to keep your momentum up.

After 6 weeks, winning the challenge and gaining a lot of knowledge and information that I will certainly incorporate to my future lifestyle, I would definitely recommend DC fitness to anyone wanting some help to break the barrier between their will and the goal to get started. Thank you all DC fitness staff for a wonderful 6 weeks. It’s been a memorable journey!
I just finished the 6 week challenge and lot 17 lbs. and 7% body fat. Thank you for changing my life. Special thanks to all the staff and trainers (especially Brent and Terrence).
Perfect place to hit your fitness goal, very friendly atmosphere with caring staff ❤❤
Woohoo! FIRST workout today! Cornelius kicked my ass.
Lucky to have happened upon DC Fitness on Instagram. After my consultation with Dylan & Ambra, I knew I was in great hands. The 6 Week Fitness challenge served as a reboot in how I approach my Fitness journey, which began back in Summer 2012.

Dylan and his team of consistent exceptional trainers, all of whom always offer specific, tailored modifications and form-corrections to all students in class, helped me achieve and surpass my goals - goals I was genuinely convinced were unattainable in 6 weeks. Nutrition-wise, Dylan offered me a meal plan that was a complete game-changer. I have always eaten healthy but Dylan offered specific modifications to help ensure I’d be able to achieve my goals.

After plateauing for about a year, after working with the DC team for just 6 weeks, I ended up winning my Fitness Challenge and lost 6 lbs of fat. It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I completed the challenge and not only have I been maintaining how lean I became, my body is still metabolizing and further burning—just in time for summer too!

Thanks all for an incredible time!
I love coming in and working with these guys here! I’d recommend it to anyone trying to better themselves! Feeling and being healthy is key to a happier life!
Class 17 at 7AM yesterday. What?!?! Final one tomorrow. Thanks all for inspiring to finish off strong!! (: ✌🏽👍🏽💪🏽
DC Fitness is a very cool Location to reach your goals and to lose weight! The training is always fun and the people there are just awesome! Good trainers, nutrition coaching and motivation!
Morning sweat! :) Never thought I'd prefer working out in the AM vs. at night
Hello everyone,
I’m a new member. I’m very excited to be Part of this 12 weeks challenge.

Semi-private and private online training, nutrition, accountability, and mindset coaching.

If you want to learn how to eat cupcakes, burn body fat, and increase your strength, check out new videos on our YouTube channel: YouTube.com/DylanConradFitness
Follow us on Instagram! @dylanaconrad

Operating as usual

Photos from DC Fitness's post 01/05/2023

Safa, busy professional, came to us after hitting one of several plateaus. She knew how to get to certain place when it came to her goals, but couldn’t figure out how to move past that. When she came to us, her fitness journey looked like this:

Train 4-5x/wk
Stick to low-carb
Eat “healthy” foods
Train harder if she wasn’t losing body fat
Sticking to inconsistent caloric intake

After joining our 12 week transformation program, we were able to adjust her program and help her lose 6lbs of body fat and finally break through her plateau. What did we do for her?

Got her on a consistent training schedule of 4x/wk and focused on progressive overload
Adjusted her macros to incorporate MORE carbs and keep her macro intake more balanced (ALL macros are important, y’all)
Put her in a proper calorie deficit and showed her moderation to eat whatever she wanted and still see results
Focused on recovery, hydration and managing stress levels

If you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure how to move forward on your fitness journey, DM us “12 week” and we will get you started ASAP!

Photos from DC Fitness's post 12/28/2022

Raz’s 12 week transformation 😍

We are launching another 6 week buddy challenge starting THIS SUNDAY!

6 weeks with a friend and coach to help keep you accountable for the new year 💪🏻

What goals do you have for yourself that you’d like to accomplish next year?

Where do you want to be?

Who do you want to become?

DM us “Buddy Challenge” for more info 😎

Photos from DC Fitness's post 12/21/2022

Noris’ updated progress pics 🤩

The first ones we posted of her were 6 weeks, so here are her 12 weeks!!

Keep it up, Noris ❤️

Coach creds to master 🙌

Photos from DC Fitness's post 12/14/2022


Sharon went down 23 lbs and her pictures look AMAZING

S/o coach 😎

Solid work Sharon 🤩

Our next 6 week challenge enrollment is ACTIVE so sign up TODAY 🏃‍♀️💨

dm us for more info if you’re ready to start the last program you’ll ever need 📲💪

Photos from DC Fitness's post 12/01/2022


Our girl jessieeee back at it again with fire progress 🤩

s/o coach

Jessie is 39, mom of 2, former collegiate athlete, and down 28lbs

On the left, she was 165 and the right (last week) she weighed in at 137

She takes our zoom classes 3x a week with our coches and walks 8,000 steps daily 🚶‍♀️

The journeys we share are more than just the number and progress pictures, Jess has also been able to prioritize her self care for at least 5min every day

It’s all about creating a lifestyle that works for you 🙏

What habits do you want to start by the end of this year?

Photos from DC Fitness's post 11/23/2022

My girls Kelseyyyy🔥

12 week transformation, down 9.4 lbs 👏

Kelsey is a mom of 2 & a project manager with her own side job and has been dealing with sick kiddos almost this whole time 🤣

She has been extremely inspiring in how she manages her time while taking care of her family and her own health

She does orange theory 2x a week with 1 customized workout while keeping up with a step goal and her nutrition 🍽️

We’re so proud of all your progress, Kels 😊 Keep it up!!!!

Photos from DC Fitness's post 11/16/2022

6 week transformation 🤩

One of our 6 week challengers & half of the 2nd place team 😎

She’s down 10lbs here & still working towards her goals 💪

Keep it up!!

Stay tuned for our next challenge 👀

Photos from DC Fitness's post 11/09/2022

Erin’s 12 week transformation 😍

Erin’s has 3 kids, works at a bank, & lost around 14lbs in 12 weeks 🎉

She has a very busy life but still managed to prioritize herself

We’re so proud of you, Erin 😊

Photos from DC Fitness's post 11/02/2022



After losing 10lbs reaching her goal weight in 7 weeks, we started focusing more on our strength training and increasing calories & protein! 🍣

Lindsey loves running, riding, & lifting weights, but she could never master her nutrition

She came to us frustrated, wanting a change, and 9 weeks later she’s doing amazing 🤸‍♀️

I can’t wait to see all the progress she makes in these weeks to come 😍

Keep it up, Lindsey!!💪

Photos from DC Fitness's post 10/05/2022


An absolute badass of a human being 😎

Down 10lbs in 12 weeks with coach 💪 (and counting)

Alandy has been with us since November of 2021 which is when these were taken!

Since then, she’s created a lifestyle out of her habits and continues to see progress

Before this program, she struggled with restrictive diets, macros, skipping meals then binge eating, poor sleep, and rarely exercised

Jump forward to today, she exercises consistently (even while traveling), has a better relationship with food, and is killing it on calories and protein 👏

She takes our group zoom classes which we love having her in 🏋️‍♀️

Keep it up Alandy!!! & See you in class 😜

Photos from DC Fitness's post 09/28/2022


Letizia has been with us at DC since February this year 😎

In these 12 weeks, she lost about 11lbs 💪

Today, she’s lost about 25 lbs!!! 🥳 (and counting)

She occasionally takes our zoom classes along with soul cycle at home, but mostly goes for walks! 🚶‍♀️

She struggled the most with motivation before DC

The activities she enjoys are spinning, dancing, and walking 💃🏻

Keep it up, Letizia 🤗


Adam’s amazing 12wk transformation 🤩


Down 20 lbs by slowly implementing healthy habits

First a calorie goal, then cals and protein, then full macros, all at each members own pace 🚶

Every program looks different for everyone because everyone has different goals, bodies, & lifestyles 💪

What healthy habits are you working on implementing?

Photos from DC Fitness's post 09/15/2022

Jen’s 12 week transformation 🤩


Jen started with us in September 2021 and is still crushing her goals now in 2022

She’s a single mom with a stressful work life who prioritizes herself whenever she can 🧡

Plus she’s so much fun to workout with in our group zoom class 😝

This past month she’s noticed she’s gotten a lot stronger AND more toned (especially in her arms) 💪

Keep it up Jen!!! We love ya 😎

Photos from DC Fitness's post 09/08/2022



She is down 11.7 lbs in just 5 weeks

Before our program, she was on a weight loss journey of her own after her last baby in March before she hit a plateau

She came to us in search of help so could continue losing by the time of her wedding

It’s is coming up in October and she has finally been able to fit into her dress… I could tear up I’m so proud of her 🥲

She is a mom of 2 and has been walking, doing yoga, a few strength classes here & there, and swimming!

She is also currently tracking calories and protein & has hit them every. single. day. except 1 day…an absolute cyborg 🤪

We are so proud of how much you’ve accomplished in such a short period of time 💜

Keep it up 🏆💪

creds: coach

Photos from DC Fitness's post 08/26/2022


Girl, I feel you 🙄

Meal prepping can be a task BUT it doesn’t have to be

Meal prep hack:
✅ Don’t put food away after grocery shopping
✅ Preheat oven to 400°
✅ Turn on music
✅ Put the weeks poultry/potatoes into a glass dish with ONLY spices
✅ Timer for 35min for chicken, 70min for potatoes (or air fry them!)
✅ Put veggies away
✅ Cook rice/pasta
✅ Wash any Tupperware from week before
✅ Put meat/taters in a large Tupperware or separate meal prep containers
✅ Enjoy a serving of the meal 😊

Still too much?

Freeze your food!
Buy a veggie chopper!
Invest in meal delivery service!
Crock pot meals!
We love an air fryer! 🤤

Also, think about where your priorities lie

At the end of the day, we make time for the things we want to make time for (& we have to eat!)

Stop making time your excuse 🙅‍♀️

Find 1 hour out of the 7 days of the week

Can you do it?

Let us know in the dms 📲

Photos from DC Fitness's post 08/24/2022

12 week transformation by Ben💪🏻

WOW!! It’s amazing what our members can accomplish 😍

You guys never fail to impress us 🥹

The most important thing to realize is you have complete control over your journey

Sure, having a coach definitely helps, but at the end of the day, you decide to keep going 🚶‍♀️

You decide to push passed your struggles and achieve your goals no matter what! 🎉

Remember to count your wins more than you count your losses 🏆 I promise it helps :)

What’s one win you had this week?

Photos from DC Fitness's post 08/17/2022


Miss Rebecca has been crushing our metabolic momma method program 👊

She came to us struggling with comfort eating, arthritis, low energy, and concern for diseases that run in her family

She’s worked with a nutritionist and a trainer in the past which didn’t end up working for her

Now, she’s eating more, working out less, and seeing progress! 🕺🏻

Just after a few weeks, she noticed her pants fitting looser and her energy levels skyrocket! 🤸

Rebecca used to not be able to walk up this hill in her neighborhood without running out of breath, and now she’s able to walk up it with ease and keep going! 🚶‍♀️

She understands that this journey isn’t easy, that it’s “a marathon not a sprint”, and that’s what helps her keep going even after an off day or an off weekend 😌

We’re so excited to see her progress at 12 weeks and thereafter!!

Keep it up, Rebecca 💪🏻

Creds: Coach

Photos from DC Fitness's post 08/10/2022

Another amazing transformation 😍

You can even see the smile thru the blur 😜

The most amazing thing that transforms is the mindset 🧠

Starting a weight loss journey isn’t always easy, and neither is staying consistent

Every day you have to choose who you want to be, and allow yourself to keep going even after a day of falling off track (we’ve all been there)

Consistency isn’t easy, but if you look at each slip up as a lesson or it being a part of the process, your whole mindset shifts and it becomes a little easier

You don’t have to be perfect to see results, you just have to keep trying 😊

Who do you want to be today? 🤔

Photos from DC Fitness's post 08/03/2022

OKAY JESSIE J! 12 week transformation from 1/2/22-3/27/22

Today, she is STILL crushing her goals with us at DC💪🏻

Jessie is one of the most kindest, strongest, dedicated moms. She enjoys paddling (hence the badass bruise) & has 2 kids 💜

Like any other, her story hasn’t been an easy one, but she chose to prioritize herself and become what we like to call a cyborg 😎

Jessie has absolutely amazed us and is always so much fun to have in our zoom classes. “Last round BEST round 🎊”

Keep it up Jessie!! We love ya 👊💪🏻

Photos from DC Fitness's post 07/27/2022

Our girl Deana’s 12 week transformation 🤩🤩

About an 8 lb difference but looks more like 15-20 lbs

This is why pictures are SO important 🤳

The scale doesn’t always show an accurate representation of your progress, so it’s important to have another way to track like pictures or body measurements!

They’re also good to have after a transformation because it’s such a good feeling to see them side by side 🧡

How do you track your progress?

Photos from DC Fitness's post 07/20/2022

12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION by the amazing Ashley 🧡

and counting…

Ashley is extremely inspiring to watch especially in our group classes

Her hard work and dedication isn’t just represented by her progress pictures!

As we always say, there’s a whole story behind all of these pictures. A whole human with their own struggles and wins 👊

No matter what program you choose, YOU decide how effective it will be 💪

We’re here to help you every step of the way 😊


Many people decide one on one coaching isn’t in their budget, so they search for “at home” ways to help them lose weight

Looking up BMR’s and TDEE’s with online calculators to start tracking food 🧾

In all reality, those calculators use algorithms that don’t consider all the variables of YOU 🕺🏻

They don’t tap into what you should eat when healing your metabolism or trying to balance your hormones

They don’t take into consideration how many calories you’re currently eating, so if you’re used to eating 900-1100 calories and the calculator tells you to eat 1800…

Do you jump right into that 700 calorie increase?

I hope not 💛

There are so many benefits from getting professional coaching, and every time, you learn more about yourself than you ever even thought of

Why not take the leap and see? 💃🏻

Photos from DC Fitness's post 07/08/2022

Tracking food or not tracking food?🧐

Like many other things, the answer isn’t so simple

Tracking IS great when you want to:

✅ achieve a goal quickly
✅ be more mindful of your eating habits
✅ precisely structure your cut/bulk
✅ learn how nutrient dense your food is
✅ have more accountability
✅ see where you may be deficient in macros/micros
✅ factor in “cheat” foods without feeling guilty about it

Tracking ISN’T great when:

✅ it becomes obsessive
✅ you don’t feel empowered by it
✅ it takes a toll on your mental health

It isn’t always the best options for everyone, but it can be a very useful tool when used properly

If you’re new to tracking, the first couple weeks will be challenging when shifting your habits; but be patient with yourself. You can’t always master a new skill after only a few days! 🧘‍♀️

At DC, we guide you step by step and slowly introduce you to tracking at whatever pace you need. There’s no pressure! You control the timing of when you move into the next phase 🐢🐰

The goal is to get you to a place where you never have to track again! 🙌🏻


Every client has different needs, goals, and motivations

& behind every transformation is that clients journey and how they got there 💜

No 2 clients are the same and we understand that at DC. Everyone moves at their own pace!🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️

It’s amazing watching people find their strengths as well as their weaknesses and being able to help them

So many people learning more about their bodies; things they never even thought about before 🧍‍♀️

The key in any program you take on is optimism. Don’t hold yourself back because of limited beliefs

YOU decide what you’re capable of 💃🏻

Click the link in our bio to experience our program with us; we can’t wait to meet you 🤗


Have you been told that fruit is bad for you?

Our thoughts when we first heard of this theory….🤯🤦‍♀️

We’re here to remind you that fruit IS good for you

They obtain healthy, essential micronutrients our body needs to keep us functioning at optimal levels 🌱

As far as the sugar content, our body uses these easily digestible carbohydrates to turn them into energy quickly 🏋️‍♀️

The point is…any diet that tells you not to eat something or to avoid certain foods isn’t worth trying

Not eating your favorite dessert? COULDN’T BE US AT DC!!

We focus on resetting your metabolism and healing it from the ground up so that you never have to give up your favorite food (or drink) again 🍩🍷

Photos from DC Fitness's post 06/29/2022


Obviously making lifestyle changes are a lot easier said than done

It takes discipline, time management, a change of priorities, mindset shifts, and so on

You are capable of achieving SO MUCH as long as you BELIEVE

Find your inner motivation to WHY you want to lose weight or why you want to change

Picture yourself as the person you want to become and imagine how you will feel once you’ve reached your goal

Allow that feeling to be your driving force and it will manifest

Above all, practice self love. Love your body for the way it is now and for keeping you alive all these years.

That number on the scale? It doesn’t define you. You define you 💜


6lb ground beef 🐄
5.66lb pork chops 🐖
6lb chicken 🐓 (not pictured)
This what protein consumption looks like for my family of 5 for the next 4 weeks
Buying in bulk helps cuts down on grocery store trips (my wife and I hate grocery store trips and if you have 3 kids like us you might understand why 😉)
This also helps with meal prep and having ideas for dinner
Cook what you have and keep it simple 👍


Progress pictures are great when showing your physical progress from start to finish

What they don’t show is the pictures throughout the process, the mental challenges, the setbacks. Each time we post one, there’s a human and a personality behind them, too.

It’s easy to see pictures of people and not recognize their journey because how could you? You don’t even know them!

Remember that no journey is linear, setbacks and deviations are a part of the process, and you can do anything you put your mind to. Even having badass progress pictures.

Photos from DC Fitness's post 06/20/2022

Tired of the fitness industry glorifying diets and workouts?

Again, we hear you. There are simple ways that will help you lose weight and keep it off without wanting to go insane.

What is one healthy change you can make in your life that you can stick to consistently?

If you need some help thinking of one, you can add in a 10 min walk every day, drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water daily, prioritize proteins, eat more fruits and veggies, eat out less, or have a step goal. Anything you want!!

You are capable of achieving anything. Believe it💥

If you need more help or have questions, our dms are always open 😊


Are you tired of paying for programs that only give you a list of exercises to do or how many calories you should eat?

Tired of paying for a gym membership that you say you’ll use but never do?

We hear you. Our program meets you exactly where you are and works in healthy habits over time to build the exact lifestyle you want to live forever.

There’s no “cheat” days, meals, or foods. There’s calories, daily habits, mindset work, macros, workouts, PROGRESS.

Everyone that joins gets a coach picked specifically for them who will help guide them in the right direction. Yes, YOU get one, too!

Don’t forget about our LIVE zoom classes taught by our coaches every day who assist you throughout your whole workout.

What are you waiting for? 🧍‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Photos from DC Fitness's post 06/15/2022

Have you been waiting for the “right time” to start your weight loss journey?

“I’ll start Monday”
“Welp, I’ll try again tomorrow”
“Next week…”
“Next month…”

Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you that it will never be the right time if you keep waiting. We will always find an excuse to not start something that scares us. And hey, it’s life, there’s always gonna be something that gets in our way. Ask yourself, how many priorities in my life are placed before me? Who takes care of you?

I encourage you to believe that your time is NOW. Take control of your life and make decisions in the now. Do something today that your future self with thank you for. You’re only a few seconds away from becoming the version of you that you’ve always wanted.

Join us TODAY and get 2 weeks FREE. Let us help guide you, because what’s more important than your health?

What’s holding you back?

Click the link in our bio to get started❤️‍🔥 We can’t wait to meet you!


At DC Fitness- we call our long term members OG’s: “Only gains”. - our mission is to make a program so simple, that anyone can get results. The gains our long term members make are the result of the simple habits they’ve created.


⭐Client of the Week⭐
Talli Hogen

We are seeing incredible results with Talli because of her hard work, meal planning, and accountability. Even a hectic couple months of traveling, switching jobs, and life changes couldn't stop her! She's already lost 5% body fat to date! She's a sweetheart and a great human with a ROCKIN bod! 💪

-Gaby (Assistant Manager)
DC Fitness 6/12 Week and BAF Challenge


Hump jumps for hump day🍑
Happy Wednesday everyone! And for all my fellow tribes people, hope you had an easy fast and enjoy your break fast!


So glad to have Dylan Conrad from .la come back to the office for a "New Year, New Us" workshop!

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