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Sport performance training, injury prevention, plant-based nutrition, tennis-specific training, and general fitness and health. If you struggle with aches and pains that stop you from improving your tennis game, or if you are an athlete who wants to become very fit and healthy, Tennis Fitness Love Performance Training will help you!

Operating as usual

"If you sit a lot and have constant lower back problems, you definitely want to work on getting a strong pelvic tilt control."

"You need to be conditioned well to do this exercise, so don’t even try it until all the above drills feel easy."

"I am somehow strong, much more flexible, I found new muscles that my body didn’t even know how to use and first now I have become strong enough that I can safely practice my pole skills and enjoy the process"
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"Your core muscles, especially the TVA (transversus abdominis) should do this stabilizing work, but are often too weak or not engaging properly, and then the hip-flexors have to take over the stabilizing work."
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"Therefore it is very important to be able to control your hips and have the strength in the muscles to put the hips in the position that you wish."

"Sit on the ground, placing your hands behind you shoulder-wide and fingers pointing away from you."

"Keep the other leg completely straight and externally rotated, heel pushing to the ground and the..."

"If you don’t have a good overhead motion (full flexion), the other body parts (for example the lower..."

Lessons from Pole Dancing for Tennis Fitness Training
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"When the hip-flexors don’t work properly in flexing the hips, the quadriceps takes over some of the load, and gets overused, tight, and short."
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"Remember that even a small improvement of your shoulder extension will make you feel better than you are feeling now, thus make it a daily habit and enjoy the journey."

Get Massive Results with Compound Effect of Small Efforts

Pelvic Tilt for Better Performance

A little something we wrote recently: Shoulder Extension Exercises For Better Performance

"Make sure all your movements are clean, which means if you do depression and elevation, do just these too"

"If you focus on the dislocates for the next few weeks, you will see huge results"

"It takes quite a lot of practice to master your hips, but if you start practicing these pelvic tilt exercises today, you will feel great only in a few weeks."

"If you are too tight in many areas, you may need more weeks to hang freely and comfortably, but even you..."

"Sit on the ground, placing your hands behind you shoulder-wide and fingers pointing away from you."

"If you sit a lot and have constant lower back problems, you definitely want to work on getting a strong pelvic tilt control."

"Would you like to have more great simple exercises in your hands?"

"It could be the strength of your legs, glutes, and core, the flexibility of your hips, knees, or ankles,..."

"When both of these joints contribute as they should, and all of the involved muscles work properly, it..."

"I was almost depressed and disgusted with my non-athleticism, and I decided on the spot that I need to learn this athletic endeavor and bought a package of six beginner classes"
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Hip-flexors Triangles Solve Your Problems
#hip-flexor #strength #core

"How your hips look and how you can control them will say a lot about your body."

Check out our new article: Pelvic Tilt for Better Performance

Shoulder Extension Exercises For Better Performance

"Shoulder Extension Stretch"

"Each day, we make a multitude of what seem to be “tiny and insignificant” decisions"

Lessons from Pole Dancing for Tennis Fitness Training
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"And you go to the tennis court or the gym after all day of sitting, and start abusing these tight and shortened structures, and it just gets progressively worse."
#hip-flexor #strength #core

"I was not able to hold myself on the pole just to hang there and spin, not talking about doing any graceful movements"
#Training #Motivation #Sports

"Also, you cannot expect an optimal performance if your muscles don’t work in full range of motion."
#hip-flexor #strength #core

In case you missed it, check out "Lessons from Pole Dancing for Tennis Fitness Training"
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"Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: a Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-Free Tennis" on Amazon: To all the athletes of any age and skill level, who always strive for improvement and who never stop believing that the impossible is possible, and who know that there are no limits to growth and performance other than the human mind.
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