Purple Lotus Massage and Wellness

Purple Lotus Massage and Wellness


Michael has a reverence for the body that translates through every part of his medical massage. He is able to tap into exactly what my body needs in the moment. During my session I feel like a queen. The music, aromatherapy, vibe of the space and of course his profoundly healing touch transports me to a place of balance and peace. Bless you Michael for your healing gifts and all that you bring to our community and the world.
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Treat yourself to some healing bodywork. Massages include candle light, soothing aromatherapy, and leave you feeling new. A variety of massage treatments will be provided to suit the needs and wants of the clients.

In addition to massage, yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation classes, and workshop will also be provided in order to support the community in living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Operating as usual


I had a full day of clients followed with tech challenges so by the time I got ready to go for our weekly #highviberituals I surrendered to the message of this card, and sure enough, the magic showed up! Big thank you to all of those who brought their incredible energy into our virtual space... so grateful for these weekly experiences and awesome virtual community!


I can’t think of a more precious way to celebrate Easter than with these two beautiful soul sisters Rosalina Rosales who’s offering live sound healing and Guzel Gjenasaj who will be providing reiki after I take you on a journey of meditation, Oracle reading, kundalini warmups, dance, and yoga nidra.

Excited to share this beautiful cacao we sourced from a women’s collective in Guatemala. 10% of the proceeds will go back to supporting the farmers.

I can already feel the power of coming together on this special day to celebrate this shifting of cycles as we enter a new time. We have a few tickets left!

Click on the comments below for ticket link! Hope to see you there!


This Sunday we channel the energy of the rabbit, Tochtli! 🐇

Celebrating renewal, a rebirth! So happy to guide you through ritual with healing energy of sound from hermana @yo_m3d and reiki from @spiralcirclehealing.

Wow!! The potency of this energy is strong! We changed locations to have a more private intimate space.

Link in bio to register !!!
#cacao #ritual #sundayfunday #sundayla #losangeles #glassellpark #selfcareday #cacaosource #eastla


It’s been exactly one year of having our Rituals go Virtual! I remember my very first Zoom ritual, I had no idea what I was doing. The sound wasn’t work, had no mic, nor any understanding of any other tech stuff that came along with it. Today, I’m celebrating the progress, the fun virtual backgrounds, the @djtazrashid music and collaborations, the connections made BECAUSE of it being virtual with my Northern California community and people from other states and countries who have dropped in.

If you haven’t experienced the magic, join us next week! 🐇


Rabbit medicine... introspection, rest, and relaxation... we definitely got our fix of this last night. The cool thing about being a High Vibe Ritual member is that you get access to the recordings plus access to a phenomenal community of amazing people! For more info, check out our bio for linktre.ee. 🐇


Another powerful High Vibe Ritual tonight! Planting our seeds for our dreams and clearing out any clutter both physically and mentally that is holding us back from moving forward on our journey. To join us next week, go to the Linktr.ee in our bio for next week!


Last time I was on a jet ski was probably over 15 years ago when I’d flown off going over a massive wave... kinda traumatizing... so as much as I resisted going for a ride, I decided to face the fear and go for it... it was terrifyingly fun.


Meet our Mayan Abdominal Massage teachers, mentors, and guides. For the last 7 years, I ha sheen seeking a Mayan womb healer teacher... preferably an elder whose been carrying the wisdom as part of their tradition. Several people from so many different communities recommended the same teacher... @Doña Dominga and Mariu @amatistalchemy in Lago Atitlan. This training went beyond technique... this was an opportunity to connect to the plan medicines and Nahuales of each day. The first step in this modality is connecting to Spirit... connecting to source energy and remembering we are here to be a clear channel and serve from a place of love and humility. We completed our experience with a Mayan Fire Ceremony where we connected with each of the Nahuals, our guiding forces. Receiving the reminders of these beautiful wisdom keepers to continuously connect to our inner Fire as such a powerful transmission. Grateful for the guidance and the wisdom of our elders! ♥️


It has been such an honor to study Mayan Womb Massage with Doña Dominga and Mariu in San Marcos Lake Atitlan. Considering this was a role that mostly woman were born into and received the wisdom through there dreams, it was truly special to receive this guidance from these teachers around the womb, herbs, and ceremony.

One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of connection to Spirit. Everyday we started by connecting to the Nahaul in the Mayan Calendar. By syncing ourselves with the calendar, we link up to the rhythm of Mother Earth.

Feeling super excited to integrate all that we have learned into our practice!


Coming home with a little bit of pure ceremonial cacao!

Thank you @cacaosource for supporting local farms and playing such a vital role in education and reforesting!


REFLECTION... This trip has been such a powerful time to reflect on the ways we get to transmute the shadows. We realize how important it was for us to take this time to be in Guatemala, to not only have the honor of studying Mayan Womb Healing, but to also reflect and do our own inner healing so we can continue showing up and serving from a full cup. Looking forward to bringing this medicine home! 🐆


We spent our day collecting herbs for our Temescal, overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan. In the Temescal, we sweat, sang songs, and received Mayan abdominal massage. As beautiful as this experience is, it brings up the shadowy parts. This has been a practice of letting these darker sides emerge so they can move through. Grateful for our teachers Doña Dominga and Mariu who hold such beautiful space and carry such powerful wisdom.


We had the pleasure of going on a cacao journey with @cacaosource where we learned all about the benefits and the power of these trees as a regenerative source for agriculture.


Partnerships are not always easy... whether it’s romantic or business or both... we go through the fire, life gets smoky and creates confusion and doubt...so our reminder has been to stay present and observe all of the feels not creating any big dramatic stories around them, so when we get to the other side, we can celebrate and return to the love that brought us together.

Happy day of love everyone!!!! ♥️♥️♥️


Celebrating life and friendship with a beautiful cup of cacao.... thank Goddess for this medicine!!!


As I flew into Costa Rica, we literally flew through a rainbow 🌈.... the feeling of being so incredibly blessed swept over my whole body. Suuuuper excited to get on an other plane ride to Guatemala to meet up with Michael where we will study Mayan abdominal healing at Lake Atitlan in San Marcos.

Costa Rica has been an adventure filled with .... a new word I just learned... blessons (blessings + lessons). I will forever cherish the new friendships and expansion! 🐇


Cacao... I was formally introduced to this precious medicine over 5 years ago and amazed by the heart connections I’ve experienced because of her. When I received the invite to visit a cacao farm with @christineolivia_ I was a heaven yes! To witness the process from tree to cup was such a gift. Thank you Pachamama, Tonantzin, for the abundance and the reminder to return to love.


I love that even our cat loves to yoni steam.... did you know that even if you don’t have a yoni (v***a), you can still steam?

This would be considered a perineum or a**l steam which is great for relaxing the nervous system. It also can support with hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.


Thank you @metaphysicaldre for the reminder! (Repost)


2021 intention to embody: falling in love with expansion... excited for the magic that continues to manifest.
Feeling ready to take our @ganjayoga.la #highviberituals to the next level... planting the seed to go on tour up to Northern California and see what mystical yumminess happens there in Spring.

Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already followed @ganjayoga.la to find out about our weekly rituals which take you on a deep journey to your soul self from the comfort of your home on Zoom, do so now!


Sometimes, you just gotta bathe in a bath of balls and remember that as we were reminded on the Eve of the New Year, “Everything always works out for us”.

[01/04/21]   To @djtazrashid thank you @meiermichael04 for the best Christmas gift ever and @selina_schindler_ and @mymindsweets for the inspiration


Moon dance medicine song...Hubo un Tiempo ... There was a time to return to when life had a melody...Let me soar like a bird and once again sing the melodies of the past

This time of covid has given me an opportunity to connect with the songs of the grandmothers and learn another one on Lelita, my ukelele.

If you haven’t had a listen yet, check out the recently released album Ollintlahuimetzli Moon Dance Medicine Songs produced by a team of @andy_tubman @j_aldana_alba and musical support from @mymindsweets @julianborregomusic @ryebreadharrison @meiermichael04 @spiralcirclehealing @rosalina.l.p.rosales @elmiezal 🙏🏽 🎥 @meiermichael04


Excited to announce that you can officially find the 13 Moon Dance songs on all the platforms... Spotify, IG, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Shazam, etc!

My prayer is that these songs be shared in rituals and ceremonies to support people in their healing and life force activation.


This powerful moon dance song is for that serpentine energy, may it open our minds, open our hearts so that we can receive healing. #songsasprayers


Otra canción!!! This one is on the Ollintlahuimetztli album that will be released on 12/21.

purplelot.us 12/15/2020

How I Recovered from Covid

Got covid? Read this!

purplelot.us After my fourth year of the Moon Dance in Mexico in October 2020, I not-so-surprisingly returned with Covid. The symptoms I experienced were: pounding headache for a few days, a low grade fever,...


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on and shared a song and felt the call... singing seems to slow me down (especially followed with a virtual yoga sesh with @xicanahealingelements ) yoga+voice activation = a happy, calm heart

purplelot.us 12/08/2020

Questions to Consider Before Getting a Massage During COVID-19

Check out our latest blog on questions to consider before getting a massage during covid.

purplelot.us Navigating life during the pandemic has been extremely stressful, so no one can blame you if you’re craving a massage. The question is — is it safe to get a massage right now? With the right...


To the little girl (or little boy) with in... I give myself space to nurture my heart, to connect to my soul’s longing, and practice bring loose so I can flow like water, shapeshift, and transform the dark into light.

youtube.com 11/21/2020

Purple Lotus Massage and Wellness Whiteboard Video

We are back in business! We've been in quarantine for these last two weeks since we were
in Mexico, and now excited to get back into the flow of seeing clients again! Check out this cool video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y1qKk8V_nc&feature=youtu.be

youtube.com Purple Lotus Massage and Wellness Whiteboard Video

[11/02/20]   There is sooooo much to say about this experience.... don’t even no where to start. I went through a powerful initiation that brought light to deep wounds and shadows. It’s considered the path of the warrior considering the extreme conditions of the ceremony of semi fasting, not sleeping, and sitting n multiple sweat lodges... but it’s all worth every moment. My gift to my moon dance sister, fire eagles, and supporters was an album of my top 13 moon dance songs recording by producers @skinnytubs and @j_aldana_alba ... this was over a year long project that I am so incredibly grateful to have experienced. Bandcamp link can be found in Linktr.ee in Bio for the full album.


A taste of Michael’s Sanskrit class for his @yogavedanow Ayurvedic Practitioner Program


Days leading up to my moon, I start to notice my energy levels slow down, and I give myself permission to be prepare for a time of shedding, letting go, and be in the magical space of my #yoniverse


Starting my morning off with 20 minutes of a @yonicrystals Yoni egg practice which is an awesome way to start off the day. Going to experiment with yoni egg exercises on the Yoni steam. Anyone have any experience with this? If so, would love to hear stories! 🌹

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