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Offering Training/Coaching services.
Pick from one of our nationally certified trainers. Get Fit today @obsidianfit


“Your Future is Now!”
Coming soon!!


Adding content to the website. Soon I’ll be plugging in all my trainers, chiropractor, supplements, and videos. Stayed tuned Everyone. @obsidianfit


A little update with @ObsidianFit . Creating something big doenst come easy or just pops up in a few months. It takes time to create everything from the ground up. Having a huge imagination, creativity, and innovative ideas I’m happy to see my Dream unfold. I can’t wait to share with you all! Please support my biz by following my page @obsidianfit and I’ll keep everyone up to date. Love you all.


It all starts with a vision! What I learned creating a new company is to give what the people need and want. Do the research! Never sacrifice quality and always be different. Follow @obsidianfit


Visualize and create your future. 🙌🏼

ObsidianFit updated their business hours. 10/01/2021

ObsidianFit updated their business hours.

ObsidianFit updated their business hours.


Here it is people this is the official font for my brand. Hope you all like it and easier to read with those eyes of yours. :) Stay tuned website is under construction. 🙌🏼 @obsidianfit


Hi Everyone,
Website is coming soon!
A lot of you might be wondering what this company is and what it represents. Well let us start off my thanking those who have supported this brand and creating a vision into something amazing.

ObsidianFit started out as a gym development company. The CEO/Founder of this company was also a very successful independent celebrity Ifbb pro trainer for the past 25yrs. named Chad Crouse.
He had to walk away from his 12 hr. Work days and take an opportunity that changed his life forever and for the better. So he created a personal training platform that funnels business to independent trainers all over the United States. With his relationships with so many people in the fitness industry he wanted to help other highly qualified independent trainers and potential clients seek out each other easily.

ObsidianFit will also sell
supplementation / Apparel for Everyone.
Coming soon !

Trainers have any questions DM me for more info.
Looking for a Trainer? I can help. Dm me for more info.

Let’s Help the world get Fit & Healthy.

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The landing page is up!
Still working on financials and other legal corporate stuff. Stay tuned 💪🏽
@obsidianfit @obsidianfitgym

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If my strength intimidates you,
I hope you realize that’s a weakness of yours. @ObsidianFit


Off to Paris,France tomorrow!
Attending 2018 Premiere Vision. It’s time I make some solid contacts to Launch my Apparel. Wish me luck everyone :) @obsidianfit @chadcrouse @ Paris, France

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Make your dreams happen. You only have one life.
Time does not wait for you.
@obsidianfit ⚫️

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Invest in yourself 💪🏼
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Back at it again every Monday. Working on that biz plan , revising and perfecting it. Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️


Working on the biz plan ! This will take work and a lot of time but it has to be done and it will be worth it .👊🏽 Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️

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Anything is possible !
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An App will be Available for shopping alongside a website and many other third party distributers. Coming soon ! @obsidianfit ⚫️

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Be Unique Be @obsidianfit ⚫️

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EVOLVE ! Follow @obsidianfit⚫️

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Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️
Introducing a brand with no limitations!

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Always research !
Always keep up with today's Trends!
Always know the inside Market!
Give what the people want ;)
There is limits to create and innovative!
Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️

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Be different. Be Bold.

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VISUALIZE! COMING SOON! Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️

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Time to be Obsidianfit!! Coming soon the Innovative Brand people will talk about and love :) Follow @obsidianfit ⚫️

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Stickers for the Brand! Dropping these in all future orders. @obsidianfit ⚫️


Making some final edits for some printing for the brand. :) Follow :@obsidianfit⚫️

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HUSTLE TIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE !!! @obsidianfit ⚫️🇺🇸

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