Awesome concept mate 😃💯
I started working with justin after a hospitalization and years of neglect on my body. Justin was approachable, understanding, and willing to work within my limits, while also encouraging me to reach out as far as I could. It has been 3 months since we started working out and I can honestly say I am in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life. He knows how to work towards your specific goals, and does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable and motivated to work out.
For over a year and a half I have been working with Justin to improve my fitness and get reliable results. He is extremely accommodating in terms of scheduling, communication, and making you feel empowered to pursue the kind of goals you want. Despite myself having a hectic work schedule, Justin always ensures every session feels relaxing enough to push through. He’s very easy to talk to and genuinely cares about his clients. In terms of results I have never been more fit in my life. I am able to help out my own friends with similar workout concerns given how thorough Justin is with teaching his clients on proper techniques. More often then not I have gotten consistent compliments on my improved physique despite always having suffered from a slimmer frame (the word “twunk” has been thrown out left and right when I hit the clubs). Because of the confidence and general positive outlook I have towards fitness, it has definitely improved my own romantic endeavors in a healthy way. Ultimately, Justin is a comprehensive trainer who exceeds every expectation. He constantly evolves my workouts and makes sure that his clients feel good while sweating up a storm. He is a natural conversation starter and someone I would consider a genuine friend. I cannot stress how fortunate I feel as his client, and how happy I am to continue working with him.

The official page of NoobStrength. YouTube ▶ Instagram ▶

NoobStrength is run by Justin Zhang, a NASM certified personal trainer and StrongFirst certified bodyweight instructor. He is based primarily in the West Los Angeles area and is not used to speaking about himself in the third person. Simply put, Justin turns ordinary humans into lean, mean, human Wolverines with an indestructible resolve to dominate their lives, kick some serious ass, and look mighty damn fine while doing it. ;) Justin sought to find a way to get strong and look good without having to spend countless hours in the gym. After all, he is a man with many interests! He has successfully developed a system that allows you to look great, get strong, move well, feel awesome and still be able to indulge in the things you enjoy. You can check out NoobStrength's Instagram page and YouTube channel for more fun content! IG: @noobstrength YouTube: NoobStrength

Operating as usual

The face I make when I rip my hands working out...⁠

Sometimes you'll get callouses when you train hard...⁠

Some people don't like it...⁠


They're my battle scars!⁠

And I hear scars are sexy.⁠

What about you? Do you think callouses are sexy?⁠

[01/07/21]   Finish this sentence:
The hardest part of losing weight is ____ 👇

The “Piggyback Motivation Method”⁠

Here’s a nifty little psychological trick to turn something you hate into something you love.⁠

First, make a list of things you enjoy.⁠

Activities you find yourself doing naturally, without having to "motivate yourself" to do them.⁠

Then look at what these activities have in common.⁠

For me, I love teaching and coaching.⁠

I get fired up whenever I see a client make a breakthrough. ⁠

Once you got that list, think of something you dread doing, but that's ultimately good for you.⁠

For many, that could be something like making healthy meals or exercise.⁠

Now here's the fun part…⁠

Ask yourself, "How can I connect what I dislike to what I like?"⁠

Here are some examples so that makes sense.⁠

A mom felt like cooking healthy meals was a pain.⁠

But she loves spending time with her daughter.⁠

So she started cooking with her daughter, and then cooking became a fun, family activity.⁠

Let's take exercise.⁠

How can you make exercise even more fun?⁠

Do it with friends (even virtually)?⁠

Make it a game or a contest?⁠

Create a case study of different exercises you're trying and the results so it's like an interesting experiment?⁠

These are just a few ideas.⁠

The key is you take what you don't enjoy…⁠

And have it piggyback, or ride along, with something you DO enjoy.⁠

It takes a little creativity. Sometimes the answer isn't always obvious.⁠

But the payoff is you can turn a dreaded chore into an exciting "get to do" activity.⁠

And this is the key to success that lasts a lifetime.⁠

If you’d like more insights on how to not only get great results but KEEP them forever… DM me or comment a Lion below 🦁⁠

Happy New Year's Day! 2021 YEAHHHHHHH!⁠

Are you planning to have 2021 be a kick-ass year for you?⁠

A great way to reach your goals is through the power of “negative thinking.”⁠

Yes, negative thinking can actually be beneficial (if you do it correctly). ⁠

For instance, Marcus Aurelius had some clever, yet counter-intuitive life advice thousands of years ago.⁠

He said, "When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly."⁠

That could kinda seem like a buzzkill.⁠

Unless you get the intention behind this thinking.⁠

You see, when you prepare yourself for the worst, you'll be ready for it.⁠

You'll be able to adapt to what the world throws at you.⁠

And you may be pleasantly surprised when things aren't so bad.⁠

You can apply this "negative thinking" to any goal you have… including fitness goals.⁠

If someone wants to get in great shape, they can say... ⁠

"There are gonna be times where I'll need to endure hard workouts. Times where I'll want to quit. Times where I may be upset it comes easier for others than for me."⁠

This thinking prepares them for the challenges ahead.⁠

Then they can reframe those challenges not as problems, but as opportunities to cultivate greater discipline, strength, and resilience.⁠

So as strange as it may sound…⁠

Planning for a goal to be tough to achieve makes it easier than expecting it to be easy.⁠

Especially because when you know it’s gonna be a challenge…⁠

You mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come.⁠

Plus, you’ll realize it can be near impossible to take on those challenges alone.⁠

Even the toughest Navy SEALs and warriors work as a team.⁠

So, often, the best way to conquer the challenges ahead is to get support.⁠

That’s what I’m here for.⁠

To see how we can work together as a team to overcome any obstacle to achieving your most ambitious fitness goals…DM me or leave a T-Rex emoji below 🦖⁠


There’s a great philosophy from addiction recovery that all of us can embrace.⁠

“Live one day at a time.”⁠

Let’s look at this with fitness.⁠

Imagine having to spend 36 hours exercising and make at least 60 healthy meals over the coming 3 months. ⁠

Does that seem overwhelming?⁠

Now imagine your mission is to simply get 20-30 minutes of exercise and eat at least two healthy meals today. ⁠

Does that seem more doable?⁠

It’s not a new idea to break down large goals into daily steps.⁠

This, however, is about embracing a new way of thinking.⁠

It’s only about TODAY.⁠

Because you can do just about anything for one day. ⁠

And if one day you get off track, tomorrow is a fresh start. ⁠

So see what happens if you focus on just living healthy for TODAY.⁠

Then let that momentum carry on to tomorrow and each day that follows.⁠

This is a much easier way to reach your goals. ⁠

And if you’d like help figuring out your game plan for what you need to focus on each day to hit your fitness goals...⁠

Then DM me or comment a Sauropod below 🦕⁠

What would you be like if you were "super?⁠

Now, I'm not talking about literal superpowers lol.⁠

I'm more talking about an idealistic representation of you and your traits.⁠

Most people I speak to want to become the "greatest version of themselves."⁠

The question is, have you actually thought about what that really looks like?⁠

Down to the micro-level. Behaviors, appearance, temperament, etc.⁠

Have you? I'm very curious!⁠

Is there such thing as a stupid question?⁠

Personally, I don't think so.⁠

If you don't understand something, it's only natural that your questions might seem "stupid."⁠

But the job of a coach is to help you understand what's going on.⁠

My client Tyler had a lot of questions during his time with me. ⁠

And asking a lot of questions is exactly the kind of thing a smart person would do.⁠

His enthusiasm and curiosity paid off and he lost 16lbs during his time with me. ⁠

No matter how far behind you think you are or how "stupid" you think your questions might be, its better to take action NOW.⁠

If that's you, comment a T-Rex below or DM me.

How to get more fit over the holidays (while still enjoying all your favorite foods)⁠

“I have to wait until the New Year to get in shape… because I wanna enjoy the holidays.”⁠

To put it bluntly…⁠

That’s one of the dumbest things I hear.⁠

And I hear that a lot. ⁠

Now, I don’t blame people for thinking this way.⁠

Mainstream diet advice teaches the way to get in shape is to deprive yourself of treats and go on some strict diet.⁠


What if you could enjoy ALL the delicious feasts and treats coming up with family and friends…⁠

AND get in BETTER shape before the New Year rolls around?⁠

Yeah, it may sound like a “too good to be true” fantasy.⁠

Except this is what my clients and I do, year after year, during the holidays.⁠

The key is knowing how to work with your metabolism so you can eat whatever you want and still get results. ⁠

To see how this is done, I invite you to leave a T-Rex emoji below or DM me. 🦖⁠

What do politics and diets have in common?⁠


Some people are more hardcore about diets than even politics.⁠

You’ll even see some people throw a full-blown temper tantrum if someone doesn’t agree with their diet philosophy.⁠

And if you’re trying to make sense of keto vs. low-fat vs. plant-based vs. carnivore vs. Mediterranean vs insert diet of choice…⁠

It can drive you bonkers.⁠

Here’s the thing…⁠

A lot of diets can work.⁠

If the brightest researchers can’t agree on one single ideal diet for everyone…⁠

There’s probably no such thing as one perfect diet.⁠

My clients all get great results, yet they don’t all follow the same exact diet. ⁠

It’s all custom-tailored to each person’s preferences, lifestyle, and body. ⁠

So you won’t find the perfect diet in some magazine or a fad diet book.⁠

Instead, it’s going to come from working with someone who asks intelligent questions about your relationship to different foods (psychological and physiological), what you enjoy eating, the time you have available, your goals, and so on.⁠

Unfortunately, this custom-tailored approach doesn’t make for good dietary debate drama.⁠

I can’t post a bunch of memes praising “my diet” and bashing “their diet.”⁠

However, I’m more concerned with what gets you results than what’s trendy at the moment. ⁠

So if you’re tired of the gurus and fitness product pushers trying to sell you on THEIR version of a perfect diet…⁠

And want to find YOUR version of an ideal diet based on what’s worked for thousands just like you... ⁠

Let’s talk. DM me or comment a T-Rex below. 🦖⁠

Why are people uncomfortable with being uncomfortable?⁠

It's because, in order to face that which is uncomfortable, one must contend with the possibility that it might be true.⁠

And that possibility terrifies us. ⁠

It challenges our belief and identity of ourselves. ⁠

It forces us to accept that maybe everything we know about our reality is wrong.⁠

But wouldn't that actually be a good thing?⁠

What do you think? Let me know.⁠

I have a gripe with the idea of exercise.⁠

When you label something exercise, it becomes this whole chore you gotta add into your day.⁠

Like, “When can I find an hour to go to the gym and exercise?”⁠

Now, obviously, I’m a big fan of workouts.⁠

The thing is, our bodies are designed to be moving regularly.⁠

Even if someone’s busy, this is still possible in today’s world. ⁠

On a phone call? Take the call on a walk.⁠

Or if you want to read a book, you can get the audiobook and listen to it while taking a walk as well.⁠

Got work to do at your computer? You can sit on an exercise ball to keep your muscles active.⁠

Whether or not you can do these particular activities, the point is, there are plenty of ways to add in movement ALL throughout the day. ⁠

So see what you come up with if you ask the simple question... ⁠

“How can I move more throughout the day?”⁠

That’s it. ⁠

I heard one guy say he broke past a weight loss plateau just by going from walking 3,000 steps a day to 10,000.⁠

While this won’t replace a resistance training routine, these little movement-habits add up to keep a person fit without taking extra time from their day. ⁠

Of course, getting fit takes more than adding in some extra movement.⁠

Your diet and lifestyle all gotta be dialed in on point too. In fact, diet leads to about 80% of your results.⁠

So if you’d like help with dialing in your nutrition plan... hit me up! DM me or comment a Giant Squid 🦑⁠

If a problem does not have a solution, is it really worth talking about?⁠

Too often I hear people come up with all kinds of reasons why they can't hit their fitness goals. ⁠

Time, money, energy, equipment, etc.⁠

Not to downplay those issues of course...⁠

But what I really want to know is...⁠

What are you going to do about it?⁠

Seems to me that a lot of people would be better off presenting an actionable solution in addition to presenting their problems.⁠

Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and energy, and ultimately does you no good. ⁠

Because a problem with no solution is of no real consequence. Not like you can do anything about it anyway.⁠

What do you guys think?⁠

Me after my food coma tonight.⁠

Happy Thanksgiving!⁠

How long does it take to lose weight?⁠

Well, it depends.⁠

People come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.⁠

Some people will get results faster than others, while others might take a while to gain moment.⁠

Tyler was one of those guys who took a while to gain moment.⁠

But once he did...BOOM⁠

20lbs in 10 days.⁠

Point is, everyone's journey is different.⁠

But as long as you keep pushing forward, you'll get there.⁠

And if you're someone who needs help with that, let me know!

Do you have a fitness recalibration system?⁠

Do you know what to do if you decide to pursue a different fitness goal?⁠

Do you know how to adapt your training program to handle a busier schedule?⁠

Do you know how to adapt your nutrition strategy to account for eating out on business trips?⁠

Do you know how to train when you're 10 years older? 20 years?⁠

Do you know how to keep getting results even if we have another lockdown or pandemic in the future?⁠

Ultimately, in order to get your fitness taken care of long term, you have to have a system and foundation that stands the tests of time.⁠

You don't want to just be fit for a few months.⁠

You want to be fit for the rest of your life. ⁠

Focus on learning the knowledge and systems in fitness now so that you know how to adapt and stay in shape regardless of what happens in your life.⁠

If you need someone to help you with that, let me know!⁠

Comment a T-Rex below 🦖⁠

⁠What does a typical fitness journey look like?⁠

For most people, it's a sprint at the beginning and a marathon later on.⁠

The hardest part is always the beginning.⁠

Think about any time you learned a new skill.⁠

You probably made a lot of mistakes at the beginning or had a super inconsistent practice schedule.⁠

Fitness is no different.⁠

It might take a while for you to get your sh!t together. ⁠

Some longer than others. ⁠

But once you get the groove going, it's a lot smoother.⁠

Unfortunately, most people quit in this beginning phase for a variety of reasons. One of the most common being not having the knowledge or guidance.⁠

But that doesn't have to be the case for you.⁠

DM me or comment a dragon below if you want your fitness journey taken care of. 🐉⁠

Control what you can and forget the rest.⁠

That is what my client Tyler had to do to lose 16lbs.⁠

He is an Army infantryman trying to eventually go for the Special Forces.⁠

In the military, he had a pretty regimented schedule with random things throw at him from time to time.⁠

In short, he had little to no control over his schedule.⁠

But that did not stop him from making it work and getting it done.⁠

Sure, it was tough at the beginning, but he eventually found his groove, and here he is 16lbs lighter.⁠

Even if you have no control over many aspects of your life, there is always something you can control. So focus on that.⁠

If you're someone in a similar position and feels constrained by a busy schedule but want to take your fitness to the next level, let's talk. ⁠

DM me or comment a Sauropod below.🦕⁠

One simple little device helped a guy get into the best shape of his life.⁠

After packing on pounds for over a decade…⁠

This man completely transformed his body by getting a pedometer. (A device that tells you how many steps you’re taking)⁠

Every day, when he saw he was shy of 10,000 steps, he would challenge himself to get those extra steps in.⁠

He’d even go climb a few sets of stairs while staying in a hotel to hit his daily target.⁠

Once he started moving more, he naturally started eating better as well. ⁠

Next thing he knew, he was in the best shape of his entire adult life. And he’s stayed fit ever since.⁠

All because of one little device he purchased that created a domino effect of better habits.⁠

Now, I’m not here to sell you on a pedometer, although they can help some people.⁠

Rather, consider the PSYCHOLOGY of why this worked.⁠

When you have a clearly defined daily mission, such as walking 10,000 steps a day, and you track your progress…⁠

It ramps up your motivation. ⁠

It becomes like a game you get to win each day.⁠

Compare this to fuzzy goals a lot of people set like “move more” or “be healthier.”⁠

There’s no clear daily outcome to feel like you’re winning.⁠

Even a goal to be at a certain body weight, while specific, can take months to achieve.⁠

The key to success is to give yourself DAILY, specific “missions” you can win. ⁠

This builds up motivation and makes the process fun.⁠

This is also how you make fitness a lifestyle so you keep your results permanently.⁠

The question is, what do you do if you’re moving more and eating well, but STILL not seeing results?⁠

This is where you gotta know the right “missions” to pursue each day for your body type and lifestyle.⁠

To help you with this... DM me or comment a T-Rex below! 🦖⁠

Is your head in the game? ⁠

Many people blame their diets, workouts, trainers, circumstances, lack of equipment/gym, etc. as reasons why they aren't hitting their fitness goals.⁠

And perhaps there is some legitimate complaint in those areas.⁠

But the reality is that more often than not, the real problem is the mindset.⁠

If your head is not in the right place or thinking the right way, the actions you take will likely also be suboptimal.⁠

Where the mind goes, the body follows after all.⁠

So if you're having trouble in fitness, consider looking at where it all begins: the mind.⁠

Or, have someone do it for you. ⁠

DM me or comment a T-Rex if that's you. 🦖⁠

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