We offer Pilates Sports Rehab, Pre/Post Natal Fitness & Guided PEMF Therapy. This is a mobile compan I specialize in low back, shoulder, and hip rehabilitation.

Pilates Sports Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Natal, Cardio Pilates and Barre classes are available. I have additional certifications in foot foundations, ACL/MCL tear rehablitation, runners rehab, scoliosis, and release of the thoracic/cervical complex.

Operating as usual


Missing your ? Well, get some gliders and weights and let’s DO THIS! Catch the entire full body routine with cues on tomorrow!


This Glider series is a Lagree inspired routine that’s sure to get your heart rate up and abs workin’. I recommend doing 2-3 reps with 10 pushups in between each set. Check out the full routine on


Simulate skating from the Reformer or Megaformer by utilizing Glider Discs and an exercise band. Get those outer thighs, b***y and quads in this series.
Check out the FULL 18min routine on


Work that b***y with this Lagree inspired sequence. Curtsy lunge is one of my absolute favorite moves on the Megaformer...and now you can do it in the privacy of your home. Slow controlled movements will help you get that deep b***y burn. Check out the FULL routine on


Glider Disc & Band Series 1 - Curtsy

Work dat b***y in this Lagree Megaformer inspired Glider Disc routine! No Gliders, no problem..all you need is paper/plastic plate and a smooth surface.


Pilates Mat 1 B***y Burn Basics

Lengthen, tighten and tone your legs and t**h in less than 20minutes. You can always add light ankle weights to intensify the burn.


Pilates Mat 1 Ab Basics

Tighten and strengthen your core in less than 10minutes! This routine is especially great for beginners to intermediate. If you are nursing an injury, or just need to get your core stronger...this is a simple routine to help you reach your goals.


Yoga Block Hip Release & Modality

Increase mobility and decrease hip discomfort with a yoga block, a TheraBand and 6minutes of your day.


Allegro2 Infinity Foot Bar Arms & Abs

Here’s a killer ab and arm routine with the Infinity Foot Bar. It’s simple, quick and super effective for everyone. Open your chest, release shoulder and neck tension, tighten and tone your abs and arms in minutes!


Foot Foundation Hip & Back Release

Hip, low back, foot and siatic release that will leave you lighter and looser in minutes!


Patella Tracking & Hip Release Stretches

Stabilize your knee and release your hip with a TheraBand and these easy yet effective moves.


Pilates Circle Stretches

Take 8 minutes for yourself to release the tension of the day. Your neck, shoulders, chest, hamstrings and hips will thank you.


Pilates Circle Mat Routine 1

Got 20min?? That’s all you need for this full body routine...The Pilates Circle will allow you to use your deep stabilizer muscles without strain or pain. There are modifications for everyone.


Exercise Ball Quick Fix Abs

This series is great, ESPECIALLY it you have a bad back or neck. The ball will allow for deeper stabilization and strengthening without straining your back, neck or hips.


Foam Roller Ab Routine

Here’s a killer ab sequence in less than 15minutes! This series is great for everyone from beginner to advanced.


Foam Roller Upper Body Stretch

Release the tension and tightness from the day with this quick, easy and effective “roll out” routine!


A little to where I got to meet amazing people like .sam.nd and ||

About 19 months ago I was still living in AZ and remember saying to a friend “all I want to do is move back to LA, travel the world and help make people feel better” Thanks to and I’ve been able to just that, while educating people on the power of E+ Guided PEMF healing. I guess it’s true...if you put it out in the Universe it’ll happen! ||

Looking forward to the next 2.5 months!! 🙌🏻⚡️❤️



Look closely at the quad muscle and how it’s not moving at first. By utilizing (machine not shown in this video) I was able to “reactivate”’or “recharge” the the unhealthy tissue within leg ||

It’s like you’re connecting the dots or points of energy. Watch the involuntary activation as I went from the quad to the vastus medialis, to the back of the knee to release the hamstring which moves the foot...back up to the psoas which moves the whole quad ||

Once you get all of the points connected properly, your body can function the way it’s supposed to! It’s time to live happier, healthier and pain free with DM me for an appointment ||


This card is everything ❤️⚡️🙏🏼 I met this client about this time last year. She had been hit by a motorcycle crossing the street approx 2yrs prior to us meeting and was still suffering from chronic low back, hip and nerve pain. She had been doing traditional PT and massage with minimal to no relief; so I offered to let her try out . Nerve pain needs nerve regeneration. PEMF IS cellular and nerve regeneration. The proof of what ElectronsPlus+ can do is in this card! I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to help amazing clients just like this one! ||


In the need of a ? Or maybe you just need an overall ?? penetrates over 300,000 cells at one time! can reach almost 3X’s that amount at a time!! PEMF is most commonly used for Do you need help with any of these? I have ONE appt left tomorrow in and TWO appointments available on or at my studio. No appointments will be available Wednesday through Monday afternoon. Message me ASAP to book!


Neck and shoulder pain is no joke. It can come from stress, being on a computer all day, traveling...or in case, from past and . We used with a combination of to allow him to gain more mobility back in his and Follow his progress over the next few sessions to see how you too can start living a


your dormant and helps your Disease CAN’T live in alkalized blood. Get a jump start on living your with in and


When it comes to your business (in this case my business cards), it’s always nice when you can say “I trust you” and the outcome is better than you imagined 💜 Thank you you guys are amazing!! and Click on our link to schedule your first appointment!


“You CAN and you WILL...because you’re a badass like that”


we love our clients we also love our crazy clients’ humor 🤣😂 Have you been yet?!? Specials are online for AND PLUS the new Click on our IG link! @ Los Angeles, California


A little and special thanks to this dude for creating his own method of that inspired me to quit the world and take a chance on people. was an awkward, sickly child who wanted to change his body to become stronger and became known as He was a a a and a (swipe left to read a little more) Still think Pilates is for @ Los Angeles, California


I am in absolute “AWW” of the results we’ve achieved this week 💜 What’s your ?? Here’s one of this week’s testimonials that brought tears to my eyes. What’s stopping you from living a life? Hint: If what you’ve been doing isn’t helping, maybe it’s time to try something new....just a thought😉 Make your appointment today!


Sometimes drinking seems like a bit when it comes to a after an’s totally worth it! 🙌🏻⚡️💜 break up like your old self!! Message for your session in CA or AZ today!!


are fun for ALL ages!! Thanks to for putting this gathering of and together 💜Whether you’re experiencing or just in the need for a an can help cure what ales you! Message me to book a session or Pulse Party. Availability in LA - Tues/Wed OC - Thurs


Another satisfied first timer 🙌🏻⚡️💜 It only took her a year and a half to get her b***y in for a treatment on her neck & hip...but she’s already booked her second session!! Wondering why your PT isn’t really helping? Maybe it’s time to try something new...just sayin’ 💁‍♀️


Just “zapping” people happy with this fine Saturday 💜⚡️ is getting treated for a bad shoulder/trap but says since his first treatment a week ago he’s been sleeping better AND his ADD hasn’t been as bad (he’s even been cleaning!) 🙌🏻 ...What’s ailing you?!? Appointments available in the and this week. Message me to book an appointment in your town!


Bruise easily? Or in this case, did someone else’s clumsiness cause you serious pain and bruising? This client was pushed into the edge of a table; this bruise was directly under her rib cage. Look at these results before and after in just 5 days!


Abs are made in the are tacos...does that mean tacos make abs?? 🤔🌮❤️


recharged your cells, regenerates dormant nerve endings, increased circulation, and overall makes you this week’s treatment schedule: Mon/Tues/Sat - AZ Thurs - OC Fri - LA **Spots are LIMITED!!**

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