Cirque School Los Angeles

Cirque School Los Angeles


Hello, what’s the best way to contact someone regarding PR/marketing?
Missing my fellow cirquers-I’ve coming here for 9 years and it’s a huge hole in my week to not be able to come to class. I completely support the decision to shut down in the interest of safety during this trying time, and I will be back with a vengeance when your doors are open again. Keep calm and point your toes! (right James?)
Passing along in hopes of helping out someone in our circus family;

Looking to find some accomodation in LA from March 3 - 28. A Smirkus Alumni and ENC graduate - currently works for 7 fingers (Passagers). He will be in town for a workshop and is on a low / no budget visit.

Please post here or send me a message and we can try to help him out!

New network series is currently casting people who dream of performing on a big stage, have NEVER EVEN TRIED and are ready to go all in to not only learn but perfect that stage talent!

If you're ready to prove the nay-sayers wrong, overcome your fears and finally make your talent show dreams come true- email me right away!

Email [email protected] with name, age, location, phone number, recent photo and a little bit about yourself, your variety show dream and what's holding you back!?!
Hello ! Good Morning ! My name is Pablo, I want to know if anyone could be interested in my aerial cube! since I have to leave the country in two weeks! and I can not take it! Have a great day!
Hello Cirque School Team! We have an awesome AERIAL ARTS INTENSIVE SUMMER 2018. Can you please share this info with any aerialists intermediate to an advanced level?

Instructors: Terry Beeman, Shannon Beach Loureiro, Mirela Golinska, John Patrick Cartin

Thank you!
Don’t miss this extraordinary event!
Rare Circus Poster and Memorabilia Auction!
Appraisals and Estate Sale Specialists, Inc. is pleased to present over 400 lots of seldom seen antique and vintage Circus Art and curiosities.
Check out our Facebook link to view photos:
January 28, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. PST.
This single owner collection of a lifetime was amassed by Fred Kingdom, born 1921 in Iowa Falls. A child of the Great Depression, the spectacle and splendor of the circus was his escape. In the early 20th Century, dusty wagon trains crisscrossed the barren landscape of Mid-west. When the caravan rolled out, Fred plucked posters to save the magic. His love of Circus continued over 80 years. In his lifetime, Fred sought out rare objects and became master craftsmen, building scale replica models of circus wagon trains. The collection includes early Ringling posters and obscure Circus promotion from the turn of the last century, 1920 - 1950 and more.
FREE to register and FREE to bid.
An extraordinary event not to be missed!
Have a great recital Cirque are all awesome!

For Anybody with Any Body Cirque School is now OPEN!! We are committed to creating both in-person and virtual programming curated to your needs that inspires a healthy and fit body and mind.

Cirque School uses training, performance, and community outreach to inspire an appreciation for the circus arts in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. Encompassing public classes, a space for circus troupes and professional artists to train and rehearse, student performances, and a professional performance company, Troupe Vertigo, Cirque School welcomes individuals of all ages, sizes and abilities.

Operating as usual


Flip & Fly with us in our new 90- minute Acro Thrills class! This new class allows students to amp up their acrobatic trick training and start linking tricks together with the help of our new Spring Floor!!
When: Monday’s 11am-12:30pm with coach @marcello.balestracci


📣 Announcing : August Aerial Rope class with coach Lindsey ⭐️
Saturday’s 12:30-2pm
We are thrilled to have @covacova back with us for the month of august sharing her passion and knowledge with our community.
Join her as you learn to create work on this simple apparatus this is beautiful , powerful and dynamic. ❤️💥🎪
Link in bio for more info


Trapeze class …
drills for skills…
rolls, revolutions & drops
Students having fun creating and using momentum while finding precision and safety in each skill.


Our community has been kindly gifted %15 discounted tickets to Outfest LA LQBTQ + Film Festival ❤️🎥🏳️‍🌈🎪
Featuring over 200 films from around the world !
Link in bio for more info



Juggling Fun! We use juggling drills as a body break from being upside down- here students from our cirque fit class, just so happen to all know how to juggle- amazing! Generally we start with simple one ball drills helping to refocus the mind body connection. Juggling is a metaphor for life - we will drop a thousand times before learning to juggle and we have to be willing to drop, fail, make mistakes and be brave enough to try again❤️
Fun Facts:
Juggling is scientifically proven to increase gray matter and help strength in your brain cells connections.

Juggling can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s it’s like exercise for your brain.

Juggling sharpens your focus & concentration and is a great stress relief ✅


Cirque School’s Youth Performing Arts Team had the honor of performing in the 🎪ring with the incredible @circusbella in Laguna Beach!!
Thanks to @tristanavelinacunningham for creating magical opportunities for these young performers and guiding them through the process of rehearsal to performance❤️

Fun Facts:
#1 Tristan spent 3 years performing with Circus Bella as a clown, acrobat & juggler- making this event a true heart warming spectacle that came full circle.
#2 Circus Bella founder @highflyingabigail and CS founder @aloysiagavre began their circus training together over 30 years ago in San Francisco.
Thank you @circusbella for the fabulous show and welcoming us into your ring🎪💕🤸🏽‍♂️💥🎪❤️⭐️☀️🤸🏽‍♂️


Cirque School Reunion 📣
In 2013 @kaihou718 walked through our little red door in search of a circus community to teach, train and connect with 🎪❤️ 9 years later on a break from Cirque du Soleil he walked back in our same little red door and took the stage performing his trademark sequence for our community ⭐️💥⭐️
Thanks for inaugurating our new spring floor Kai!
CS Founder @aloysiagavre and Kai sharing a moment of gratitude, appreciation and reflection.
Fun Facts about Kai:
He began his martial arts training at the age of 5
He holds the Guinness World Record for the most backhand springs (50) in 1 minute 💥⭐️💥⭐️💥⭐️


Join us for a summer of flying and flipping in our Cirque Kids & Youth Summer Cirque Camps🎪 There are just a few spots left! Campers will learn A variety of skills including juggling, acrobatics, hula hoop, aerial arts and clowning 🤸🏽‍♂️⭐️🎪
Camp #1: June 20th-25th
Camp #2: July 25th-29th
For ages 7 to 14, vaccination required and masks are optional. Link in bio for more information


Gratitude shout out to the dynamic duo of Rick and Steve. It was an absolute thrill to host our first Cirque
Life Drawing workshop in person, after 2 years of only virtual broadcasting . A pure joy to have over 25 visual artists join us ✏️ The original concept for this unique workshop came about during the lockdown of 2020 from Disney artist and CS student Steve. Since that time we have offered 18 virtual workshops with over 24 guest models including private events for animation and film studios.

A truly ingenious idea that has enabled such creativity for all artists involved clearly embodying the phrase “Artists Inspiring Artists”. Thanks to all the models who took upon the challenges of holding poses for extended lengths of time and the visual artists who were game to draw.. sketch.. paint Circus Artists as their models.
Thanks to our community manager @rickandreoli who ran with his husband’s @sthompsonart idea to help fill the need to keep visual artists sketching and creating during one of the most challenging times in our lives.
Thank you both for sharing your visionary idea with Cirque School….🎪✏️🎨


Pull Up Power 🦾💥
Teamwork at it’s best! Laughter helps and demands our lungs to breathe ❤️
Looking forward to spending our Summer Circus classes with you 🎪☀️🦾❤️


Jumping into the summer season with excitement 📣
Check out our new ☀️summer class schedule including new morning and midday classes plus our Summer Promo class package sales 💥🎪☀️📣Join us for a summer full of skills & thrills and flips & flights 💥🦾🤸🏽‍♂️🎪

Link in bio for class schedule & summer promo deals


💥 Announcement 📣
Our summer Cirque Life Drawing Workshop will now also be offered In Person 📣✏️🎪💥 visual artists of all levels are welcome to attend this unique workshop either in person or online.
When: Saturday June 4th
Time: 4:00-5:30 pm pst
Featuring Guest Hand Balancer: Junru Wang
Fun Facts about @junru_songzi she began her training at the age of 4 in China and her performance career at the age of 9 touring with Cirque du Soleil’s show Drailon.
Additionally she has been a Guinness World Record winner since 2015 for holding her one arm crocodile for the longest time!💥
Join us ✏️- link in bio for more information 🎪



Cirque LQBTQ+ Youth Workshop is a monthly event for all levels ages 10 to 16. 🎪🏳️‍🌈⭐️
Our next workshop is this Saturday May 28th 1:30-3pm and is taught by @tristanavelinacunningham Cirque School’s Youth Program Director.
LQBTQ+ students and allies will have fun learning acrobatics, aerial arts, juggling, and wire walking in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. No experience is necessary to join. Link in bio to register.


Workshop Day 1 - Aerial Dynamics with guest coach @mari.anadelas ⭐️
Learning self care for shoulders by finding strength & stability through mobility is a key element for keeping our bodies healthy and happy. Each of our bodies has preferences for warm ups and post training cool downs…the sweetness is finding the ones you’re body enjoys so you do it !
Thanks Mariana for sharing your knowledge with the ❤️🎪⭐️🦾


Fancy Feet Jumper’s ⭐️
Jump Rope class learning to sequence skills into an act!!! Not only is jump rope great for coordination, agility and building cardio stamina but honestly it’s just plain FUN💥
Jump Rope class is a great way to cross train the body & mind as it offers achievable challenges that leave you feeling inspired and yes… wiped out.
Join us on Thursday’s 6-7pm with coach Marco.


Birthday Shout Out to Coach Marco 📣🎪⭐️ @marcello.balestracci has been leading our acrobatics program since 2010 !!! His ability to breakdown movement fundamentals for all levels and ages enables his students to walk away from his classes with unique successes of their own. We are grateful he walked into our little red door 12 years ago as he has become a vital part of our Cirque School Family. ❤️🎪❤️

Fun Facts about Marco:
He is a trained Ballet Dancer
He won 1st place medals in state competitions
He performed on Broadway

Photos from Cirque School Los Angeles's post 05/03/2022

Voilà ... Ta Da….
Happy May Makeover
We are thrilled to welcome you into a era of new beginnings with us! Not only have we added in a spring floor but new mats to keep your bodies happy and healthy.
It’s time to Flip & Fly !
Plus check out our new weekly schedule for May including a few new classes: Acro Thrills 102 , Contortion 103, Adv. Aerial Fitness and Stretch 101 📣
Thanks to all those in our community who helped us transform our little circus hideaway into a true circus playground


May Makeover at Cirque School! Looking forward to see our students Flip & Fly on our new Spring Floor!
This new flooring will not only offer your bodies happier joints in our Acro Fit and Jump Rope classes but also more levity and flight in your acrobatic drills & skills. Happy Spring 🌼
Thanks to all the muscles and brains that helped install it 👏🏽
@rickandreoli @mredyork @irrepressible.james @evanbertisch @marcello.balestracci @mace_the_bass @rcamphuis @aloysiagavre


📣Workshop Announcement 📣
We are thrilled to host a series of specialty workshops in May with guest multi-disciplinary circus artists and creators @mari.anadelas & @jadezeron from Mexico!
May 13th- 15th
Trapeze Dynamics
Act Creation: Tools for Sequencing
Aerial Hoop Dynamics
Check the workshop link in our bio to learn more ⭐️


LGBTQ+ Youth Cirque Workshop this Saturday 1:30-3pm 📣🎺🎪🏳️‍🌈
This 90 minute monthly workshop is for LGBTQ+ students and allies, ages 10 to 16 who are interested in learning the circus arts. Students will learn in a safe, supportive, fun, and inclusive environment.
Class will cover a variety of skills including acrobatics, aerial, juggling, partner balancing, and wire walking.
Have fun making new friends while building strength and confidence while being upside down.
Taught by @tristanavelinacunningham
Link in bio to learn more & register


Learning to master spinning without nausea is it’s own journey but teaching the body to spin both directions helps to achieve not only more balance but respect for one’s “good side”. Plus always have a ginger chew on standby to mitigate the head spins ✅
Featuring: @camiliacircus @evanaerial during class with coach @aloysiagavre


Today we unite with the worldwide circus community in hopes of sharing the positive impacts and reach of the Circus Arts🎪🎉⭐️
Virtual Cirque School has allowed us to broaden our community farther than we ever imagined, thank you for joining our online family.
For those who are able and want to give back to our worldwide circus families there are 2 options in our bio :
Supporting the displaced Ukrainian circus students and the American Circus Alliance @americancircusalliance


Birthday Shoutout to Coach Rachel ⭐️🎺🎪❤️
@racheltatem joined us as a student taking her first aerial class on March 30th 2011 just over 11 years ago 🎉
Her passionate & fierce dedication to aerial training along with her background in gymnastics led her to become a CS coach in 2014 specializing in aerial straps. Rachel’s approach to coaching is based on enjoying the process of problem solving each students unique body mechanics while being patient to take small methodical steps to create great results.
Fun Facts:
She has a BS from MIT
She is a mechanical engineer
She has travelled the globe as an aerial artist
& loves the Russian Swing where she gets to fly over 30 feet in the air.
Thanks Rachel for sharing your passion and knowledge with our community.


We are celebrating our anniversary month with a memory from 2015 when we had the honorable opportunity to train @rebelwilson for her movie Pitch Perfect 2!
CS Coach & Founder @aloysiagavre worked with her for over 5 weeks at the school before both heading off to the film set where she got to fly super high with the support of the amazing stunt crew.
What a pure joy it was for us to spend time with this comedian, who constantly made us laugh even while hanging upside down!
A true clown at ❤️ and an inspiration to witness her commitment to learning new skills 🎪⭐️



Artists Inspiring Artists🎨
Calling visual artists of all levels to come join our Virtual Cirque Life Drawing
2 hour workshop!
When: Saturday April 2nd
Time: 2:30-4:30pm pst
Fee: $25 Link in bio
Join us as you get to flex and stretch your drawing skills 🖋✏️🎨
Featuring 4 circus artists as your models 🎪🎩
Hosted by Disney artist and CS student @sthompsonart and our Community Directeur @rickandreoli

Photos from Cirque School Los Angeles's post 03/27/2022

Sunday Shoutout to long time CS community member and student Kat- who is featured here warming up for aerial class with Miss Piggy! 2nd shot shows her keeping up with her aerial conditioning at Cirque School.
Fun Facts about @kpurg :
She is a mom of 3 year old twins
She is the Administrative Director at Cirque School ❤️


Bravo & Congratulations to all the kids and youth who performed in our Spring Showcase ⭐️🎪👏🏽🎉
This program is here to celebrate each child’s circus journey giving them the opportunity to experience numerous circus skills within a supportive environment.
📣 Summer Camp dates coming out soon - make sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates 📣
❤️Gratitude shout outs to program director @tristanavelinacunningham for sharing her passion and dedication for youth circus arts education and to the team of coaches @evanaerial @irrepressible.james @kateminwegen @dallys.circus @ana_cirque


Cirque Life Drawing
This 2 hour virtual workshop is for visual of artists of all levels to come and twist your imagination and stretch your drawing skills✏️🎨🖋🎪
The workshop is hosted by Disney artist & CS student @sthompsonart
and will feature 4 circus artists as your models showcasing unimaginable positions of strength, balance and extreme flexibility.
Saturday April 2nd
2:30-4:30pm pst
$25 - Link in bio to register


Unimaginable that we have been able to call this our home for the last 12 years. A circus hideaway off of Hollywood Blvd

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