Kerri Baker Pilates

Comprehensive Pilates certified, NASM-certified personal trainer & 200hr registered yoga teacher in DTLA. I work with people of all ages, body types, and experience levels to help each client achieve their individual goals.

I'd love to work with you! For the past decade, I’ve been teaching private, one-on-one pilates sessions to clients out of my home studio in a converted loft in the heart of Downtown LA. I have equipment including a reformer, ladder barrel, wunda chair, pilates springboard, and floor equipment. My clients are as diverse as Los Angeles, ranging in age from 18 to 80, and including folks of all different backgrounds, body types, and goals. To me, pilates is about more than physical exercise: it’s about taking an active role in your health and aging process, and working toward a physical and mental balance. I’m extremely proud of helping people on this journey, and seeing my client’s grow is what keeps me inspired daily.

Operating as usual

I’m not really good at the self promotion, but at this stage in this pandemic lifestyle, I think it’s time I start. First step, getting my hair done for the first time in seven months. Thank you, @redjoey666, for the amazing hair. The second photo I realize looks like we’re a little close, but he just spent three hours doing my hair so I figured a selfie wasn’t much of a stretch.

A while back, I ordered these beauties from @winstonandmain. She's an AMAZING floral designer responsible for some of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Since large gatherings are a big no-no right now, she's been doing contactless delivery in the Los Angeles area for the last several months. It's important to support small businesses in your community. If we don't show them some love, they may not last.
Want to show my business some love? Hit me up and let's talk...
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#Thank you, @jdotjourney for putting words to this for me.

#Repost @jdotjourney
🚨Potential trigger warning on abuse🚨
#challengeaccepted This is Pınar Gültekin. The young women who was murdered by her partner earlier this month in Turkey. She left her home in Mulga on July 16th and never came back.
The hashtag was created to bring awareness to this young woman in Turkey and the issues of Femicide.
An article I read hsd this to say,
“Violence against women and so-called “honour” killings are deeply rooted and prevalent issues in Turkey. According to a 2009 study on prevention strategies, 42% of Turkish women aged between 15–60 had suffered some physical or sexual violence by their husbands or partners. Every year, the problem is getting worse: in 2019, 474 women were murdered, mostly by partners and relatives, the highest rate in a decade in which the numbers have increased year on year. The figures for 2020, affected by coronavirus lockdowns, are expected to be even higher.”
We know how hashtags are designed to find resources, awareness, pictures, etc. we see it with the Black Lives Matter movement. For me personally, I deleted my personal photo and think it’s important to spread awareness on this of Violence to women and Femicide. Which we have repeatedly seen here on our own soil with our BIPOC and Trans sisters. Let’s continue to empower the voiceless. These queens need us.

Challenge accepted. Thank you @kcasonhawkesyoga @charitybakerphoto @pullitogetherbycayenne and @nona_truthseeker for lifting me up. and thank you @farahsosa for the kick ass photo.

#womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen #challengeaccepted

Challenge accepted. Thank you @kcasonhawkesyoga @nona_truthseeker @charity79 and @pullitogetherbycayenne for the nomination. photo by @farahsosa #womenempowerment #challengeaccepted #liftingwomenup

Monday feels: 8-10 hours of teaching makes me #doggonetired. And also super grateful for clients who Zoom. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#dtlapilates #privatepilatesinDTLA #longdays #zoompilates

Living and working in the time of Covid-19 comes with extreme highs and extreme lows. Just remember to Ride the Waves. This image by @felttipfeelings perfectly illustrates the state of things right now.
After being open for in-person sessions for one month and once again enjoying face-time (masked and socially distanced) interactions with people other than my husband, fitness facilities have once again been shut down in LA County. Let's all do our part to stay safe and stay healthy.
#ridethewaves #lifeinthetimeofcovid #notyourbigboxgym #dtlapilates #socialdistancepilates

Word. @felttipfeelings with a reminder to drink enough water. Summer is here and with the temp pushing 90 degrees hydration is a must. Staying hydrated has a positive effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. So drink up, buttercup.

#Repost @felttipfeelings
“Truly exceptional. You’ve gotta experience this one in 3-D” - Your Brain.

💧stay hydrated, fam

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Excited for this month's collab with felttipfeelings! Mental health and physical health are linked - let's make sure we're taking care of our whole self!

Today is my birthday 🎂!!! I’m raising money for @bailproject. I’m at $800 and really want to reach $1000. Click through to their page & donate! Much love. Stay safe and stay healthy.

My beautiful and amazing friend @holisticbynona is teaching a 10 am yoga flow Sunday June 7th. She’s also an esthetician and all around bad ass.
We met the first day of my Pilates training and have been friends through some seriously rough times and seriously good times. Outspoken ladies need to stick together.

I’m taking this online workshop next Wednesday. You should too.
#Repost @robynyoukilis
📣 @ebonyjanice and I invite you to our online workshop, “Wellness For All - Using white imagination to dismantle racism, collectively heal, and create a new dream together” 📣
This is your invitation to envision a wellness world for all. To be inspired. And to inspire others. To feel empowered to take action and have the tools you need to do so. Until we can all be well, none of us will truly be. 🤍
In this 75-minute LIVE workshop with Culture Anthropologist and Anti-Racism Educator EbonyJanice Moore, you'll learn: .
▫️Why stretching your imagination is key to transforming the wellness world
​▫️The connection between privilege and wellness
▫️Specific actions you can take within yourself and your communities (off-line and virtually)
▫️How to bring anti-racism work into the wellness space and your personal brand
▫️Rituals and practices to support you during this time and prepare you for the new future
▫️Plus Q & A with @ebonyjanice moderated by @robynyoukilis .
Details :
▪️When: June 10th 1pm EST ▪️How: Register with the link in my bio @robynyoukilis and at ▪️Investment: $20 (100% of the profit of ticket sales will be donated to Dream Yourself Free WOC Scholarship, WPP Little Readers Big Change Initiative, Inc., and Mystical Soul Project) .

Thank you for showing up, sharing, and being a part of this important call to action for the wellness community. 🙏🏼 And yes, if you’ve ever held a matcha or done yoga (or at least thought about it), you are considered a part of the wellness community. 🧘🏼‍♀️But even more importantly, if you are a human with a heart, who reminds yourself to be kind to yourself and others, you are a part of this community too. We can’t wait to see you at the “Wellness For All” workshop. ❤️ #wellnessforallworkshop #amplifyblackvoices

I do not understand. All I can do is try to understand. All I can do is listen. #mutethewhitenoise #amplifymelanatedvoices @jessicawilson.msrd @blackembodied

Can we talk about how amazing Dennis is? At 73 years young, he's been doing Pilates and arguing semantics with me twice a week for about eight years. September will mark his 50th year playing bass for @laphil. We've come up with a solid routine, both in person and on Zoom to keep him in top playing shape.
Want to know how we did it? Hit me up in my profile and we can chat.
P.S. I learned this swan variation from last year from @anulamaiberg when she brought her amazing talent to @veropilateslongbeach.

Pilates with your pals 👫

Want to workout with some in the time of social-distancing? I’ve got you covered. Friends and Family sessions are now available. I hope that these last few weeks (months? years? eternities?) have been going well for you, and that you and your loved ones are healthy. I know that for me, friends and family have been my rocks and I'm not sure how I'd be doing this without them. Between virtual dance parties, weekly happy hours,....

Let's face it. Live online workouts are here to stay. So how do you keep it interesting? We all know that all you need is a mat for Pilates. Let's be real though. Those 34 mat exercises can get old for some people. I like to hit the props when things feel stale.
Between straps, weights, and foam rollers almost any Reformer exercise can be replicated. No props, no problem. Everyday household items work just fine. Water bottles, bathrobe belts, sofa cushions, paper plates. I could go on.
Need a workout to keep things interesting? Hit me up and let's get going!

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Always look for the light these days. This woman, @kcasonhawkesyoga, has been my light for more than 25 years. My best friend, my teacher, sometimes even my therapist. Took her 1 pm class @yogaworks online today and came through it lighter for it. How are you finding your light these days?
#pilatesmeetsyoga #stretchthosehips #dtlahistoriccore #pilatesdtla #agencypilates

I don’t know about you but this social isolation is killing my motivation to put myself together. Yesterday I took a shower and did my hair. Screw that makeup stuff. I gotta tell you, it made me feel so good I had to take a quick snap between clients. Who knew that a good hair day can turn things around? Was I productive? Eh. I worked. Did I feel better than I had in weeks? 1000%. Are you doing anything to turn your days around? If so, tell me!!! If not, maybe Pilates can help. Hit me up in DMs if you want some info.

#agencypilates #realtalk #kerribakerpilates #historiccoredtla

This is my husband, @kula_baker. 13 years ago he tried Pilates. Once. Apparently I kicked his ass and he thought it was the hardest thing he‘d every done 😂. This from a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Flash forward to social isolation/“stay at home” orders and no access to a gym or a soccer pitch. Now he’s sniffing around my home studio wanting Pilates.

Having learned my lesson, I’m giving him 30-45 minute sessions at a beginner level, just touching on intermediate skills. I think he’s hooked. ❤️


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We have reached the end of #marchmatness with #pushup. Mine aren't perfect. I've got messed up shoulders so I go as low as I'm comfortable with. The video only shows one but you should do this at least three times.
If you watch until the end, you'll see I'm good with #marchmatness2020 being done. This was the first year I planned out in advance because I wasn't going to fail. And I didn't, despite the whole global pandemic thing. It was nice to have a focus during this crazy time. It also gave me a lot to work with as far as my online teaching goes. Nothing like a 31-day refresher course on the classical mat work.
〰️xoxo for now Kb
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#ControlBalance is the last of the inversions. If I were super strong and awesome, I could do control balance up to standing for the transition to pushups (which you will see tomorrow, the pushup not the transition). Honestly, I've never tried that transition but I think I'll make it a "shelter in place" goal. Have you made "shelter in place" goals"? If so, what are they?
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

The journey through the classical Pilates repertoire builds to #rocking. Elements of previous exercises are combined and the magic should be there. I can understand why some people like it. It’s just not very accessible for me personally. The force of gravity and being top heavy don’t work in my favor. When I talk about how much fun it is to roll around on the ground, I’m not talking about #rocking. That’s why you are seeing a boomerang instead of a full video.
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

#Boomerang is an all-time favorite of mine. It's got all the good stuff: rolling down, inverting, rolling up to teaser, stretching your arms and reaching for your toes. What's not to love? It is so yummy.
Now two things: 1) Using the word yummy to describe exercise is kinda gross. Is it a cookie? Maybe for me. What about you? 2) I wrote the most amazing caption yesterday for this and then my #planoly decided to glitch all over the place. You are getting a subpar caption today.
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

Now we are getting to the good stuff. To the untrained eye, #sidebend looks lie a stretched-out side plank. And it is until you add movement. And believe me, there is movement. Dip, lift and reach. If you are going all out, add a @snaketwist at the end.


I promised myself I wouldn’t miss a day of #marchmatness2020. With only a handful left, I couldn’t skip this one. Yes, I’m in my pjs posting. No big deal.

#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

My teachers always say if you don’t like to do something, it’s a sign you should do it always. I say f*** that. How do you think I feel about #kneelingsidekicks? Truth bomb: Not a fan. I’m a short torso, longish limbed lady, for only being 5’1 1/2”. Trust me, the 1/2” matters. I know the cues backwards and forwards, but as soon as I reach for the ground and extend my leg up, it all goes out the window and I start swearing in my head. Do I teach it? Hell yes. Well, sometimes.
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

Props to make online classes amazing -

I tried (and failed) to get fancy with my #legpulls transition. Going from one to the other requires a bit more finesse and maybe a slight disregard for your wrists that I just don't have. As they say, #practicenotperfection. Love these, don't love pushups. What does that say about me? How do you feel about these?
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth #kerribakerpilates

I love teaching #swimming, which is funny because not all people love it. My class thought I made it up so I could laugh at them. Would I do that? Probably but not this time. It’s all about safely stretching in extension for me. I love extensions almost as much as I love inversions.

This is the most ridiculous boomerang ever!

#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

What can I say about #hiptwist? When you're done with the teaser, this is practically a breeze. Once you finish the teaser, swing your arms back and get to it.
Sorry, but I don't have anything witty to say today. I had a great wunda chair class with @profitablepilates/@lesley.logan this afternoon, #socialdistancedrinks with friends and then mentally crashed. Mon-Sat I keep my spirits up but Sunday is often my day to just not be ok. Add rain in Los Angeles and it feels downright apocalyptic. Or it could that we are watching a NetFlix show called The Rain, about a virus transmitted via rain. I promise I will be back to my slightly sarcastic but kind of funny place tomorrow.
#agencypilates #marchmatness2020 #matstories #dtlapilates #returntolife #josephpilates #punksnotdead #godsavethequeen #pilatesdtla #dtlapilatesinstructor #speakyourtruth #punkpilates #misspentyouth

Pilates Made Personal

Are you looking for a way to improve your physical and mental health, become more active, increase your energy, and develop overall wellness?

I’m Kerri Baker, a pilates instructor, a NASM-certified personal trainer, and a 200hr registered yoga teacher. I work with people of all different ages, body types, and experience levels, to help each client achieve their individual goals. I’d love to work with you!

Click here to email me or here to make an appointment.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Los Angeles?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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411 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA

General information

I've been teaching private and group Pilates classes since 2004. In Fall 2007, she expanded her practice by opening a home studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 06:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 20:00
Thursday 06:00 - 20:00
Friday 06:00 - 16:00
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00
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