Yoga & Breathwork with Barbie Rebecca Eriksson

Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Leader in Sweden & America Experienced yoga teacher and breathwork leader, Barbie Rebecca Eriksson, was born and raised in Los Angeles and now teaches in Los Angeles.

She has taught for years in both Sweden and Austin, Texas. Students will have fun, learn a lot about their bodies, and develop their own yoga practice. Yoga Alliance certified through YogaWorks (Annie Carpenter and Sonya Cottle) and trained by Lauri Ashworth Westfall, Doug Keller, Jo Tastula, John Friend, Todd Norian, Mary Dunn, and other great teachers. U.S. Nationally Certified as a Bodyworker w


B. Rebecca Eriksson, Attorney At Law

Should advertisers pay artists for the reproduction of artists' murals in the background of advertising photographs and videos?

Just over a year ago, Mercedes Benz posted to Instagram photos of the Mercedes G 500. The photos were shot in Detroit, three of them in Eastern Market, which had been beautified in recent years with more than 100 murals as part of its Murals in the Market program.

Mercedes filed lawsuits against the mural artists in federal court in Detroit, Michigan last Friday. Mercedes claims that a year after the Instagram post, the lawyer for mural artists Daniel Bombardier, James "Dabls" Lewis, and Jeff Soto and Maxx Gramajo threatened copyright infringement lawsuits against the company as part of a "shakedown."

Artists' rights, especially those relating to visual art in public spaces, such as publicly viewable walls, are valid and enforceable. In the U.S., we the people have decided that we benefit from art, which is one of the reasons our U.S. Constitution preserves rights for artists. We want to encourage and motivate people to create art. Is an artist's demand for payment for the commercial use of art the equivalent of a tortious offense?


Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter was one of my yoga teacher trainers (in addition to Lauri Westfall and a few many others). This online training seems like the perfect fit for those who want advanced understanding of their yoga practice. You don't need to lead a class to be a teacher. A great investment in YOU. After all, the best teachers are those who lead through living their own lives.

Namaste Y’all!

I am so excited about this project! As many of you know I’ve been leading teacher trainings since 2003. My method SmartFlow has been evolving and honing for all these years — and NOW — I’ve put a module of the Training online at YogaGlo, my online home.

You’ll find a great mix of lectures, demos and anatomy segments, amazing new images (created especially for me by MaryBeth Fama) and specific Asana practices crafted to illuminate each teaching module. The Training platform is remarkably user friendly and allows me to bring my method to life. You’ll have access to the training forever (virtually speaking!) including a discussion board where you pose questions and live video chats too. 03/21/2017

Trisha Brown, Choreographer and Pillar of American Postmodern Dance, Dies at 80

During my hiatus of teaching, I'm more aware than ever of my spine and how all of my movement emanates from it. "Postmodern" dance choreographer Trisha Brown recently passed away. She broke the mold of the definition of dance, but she seems to have upheld the consistent premise that the spine is the source of dance movement and its suppleness is graceful.

"For decades, Ms. Brown was her own greatest dancer, creating many remarkable solos for herself. “If You Couldn’t See Me” (1994) memorably fused her cerebral and sensuous sides. The underpinning notion — a gimmick, you might say — was that her back remained turned to the audience throughout. The transcendent factor lay in her spine’s fluidity." Ms. Brown’s choreography, showcased primarily in New York, helped shape generations of modern dance creators into the 21st century.


Hello Yogis!
While I'm now on Los Angeles, I'm making this year about movement. I don't have to be in a classroom or a gym to do it. And online courses, like this one with Noah Maze, are perfect opportunities to be with your family and friends to learn about movement together. You can even do it outside! I will return to teaching yoga someday. If anyone would like to ask me a question or even wants to move with me (loads of opportunities in LA), please connect with me! I welcome playtime!

We start Anatomy 202 February 7th.

Did you know that at least 35 muscles cross the pelvis & hip region? Some of these muscles include: multifidi, lattissimus dorsi, inferior and superior gemelli, obturator, gluteus maximus/medius/mininimus, pelvic floor muscles, piriformis, iliopsoas, TFL, re**us femorus, hamstrings, erector spinae, transverse abdominus, internal and external obliques, quadratus, sartorius, and the iliotibial band.

We have a course about your SI joint:

And learn SO MUCH with us about the whole body in our Anatomy 202 online course. Eight 90-minute sessions each cover a specific body region:
Session 1: Spine and Core
Session 2: Pelvis
Session 3: Hip
Session 4: Lower Extremity (hip to foot)
Session 5: Foot and the Ankle
Session 6: Shoulder
Session 7: Upper Extremity (shoulder to hand)
Session 8: Wrist and Hand

We hope to see you online, starting February 7th.


Happy Holidays 2016!!
One of my favorite teachers is Doug Keller in Virginia. He travels to teach a lot. And, if you're able to take a workshop with him regardless of your "inability" to do yoga, just do it! May your heart be full, your body healthy, and your mind open to all possibilities. Good wishes to you and your families.


"Karma, Relationships, and Transformation" Sally Kempton at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

Yoga This Week~! To Serve Others - It's NOT just a cookbook!

I heard a story this week that the local yoga studio manager received a package intended for a different neighbor. The manager made efforts to contact the right neighbor, even though the address on the label was wrong. Rather than just returning the package to sender, the manager made some simple inquiries to the local dry cleaner and found the intended addressee and gave the package to the people who were looking for it. This saved the neighbors' time and money and confusion. Such a simple action illustrates what it means to serve others and to conscientiously think through solutions to a dilemma. How do you know that something in your life is an opportunity for you to choose to get involved and act? Is the opportunity to do a good deed so obvious to anyone in the same situation? Serving others is always a choice. But, when do we know that any act is the right choice or even an available choice? For some, there's no analysis. Help any way you can at any time you can. For others, there is an analysis of whether or not someone wants to get involved. In the Vashistha, they say - past karma and present effort are like two rams fighting it out to see who wins. The highest power is always right action in the present moment. Whatever lead a person to a moment in time, it's the choice to do the right thing that sets one's energy, one's emotion, one's outlook and affects positive traces for others. Such a personal choice and action begins to cultivate the climate for one to live an inspired life.

“The way we experience the fruits of our actions have everything to do with the motives with which we perform them.” – Sally Kempton In this Speakeasy talk f... 08/16/2016

8 Ways (Besides Handstand) to Use a Wall in Your Yoga Practice

You can practice at home! See some great ideas here to help you do it. Discover 8 ways to modify, deepen, and explore poses with the one prop everyone has at home.


Yoga Tonight! Turtle Pose

It's the last class. Let's learn to float, open our hips, and release all of our resistance. Change requires us to go with the flow with joy in our hearts. After all, as George Kaufman and Moss Hart wrote, You Can't Take It With You.

7:30pm Tonight July 12th


It's International Yoga Day! Let's Join The Fun!
7:30pm Tuesday 6/21/2016


Yoga Tonight! Laterally Speaking

The most beautiful body poses are those that draw our eye from one end to the other, especially in the shape of a spiral. Our bodies were never intended to function part by part. We will explore the roadmap of how our body parts interrelate to one another. We will feel how our fingers cannot simply function without a connection to our core, our feet, and everything in between. Side bending and lengthening poses require us to use our feet and our fingers, our core and our necks, and our breath and our voice. Elongating our bodies is a lot like looking at the long term view of any situation in our life. By working our whole body in a pose, maybe we can also work every perspective in our mind at the problems and opportunities in our lives.

7:30pm Tues. June 14th


BKS Iyengar pranayama

Yoga Tonight! Remembrance.Skull Shining Breath

Memory and brain function diminishes for many reasons. This morning, a friend in the elevator commented that she couldn't believe it was Tuesday. Have you ever walked through your morning and thought it was a different day? What's worse is the self judgment and shame we can feel when we are not feeling like we are in control of our senses or we question the very basic things in life. Of course, everyone goes through this. The more someone criticizes us for these lapses is just an indicator that others feel the loss of memory and "control," too. Our yoga practice is an opportunity to root back home in our bodies and let the breath be in control We will play with our breath with exercises collectively referred to as pranayama. We will work on Kapalbhati or Skull Shining Breath, as well as other breathing methods that circulate blood and fluids to our brain, calming our nervous system, and opening ourselves up to the energies inside and around us.

7:30pm Tuesday 6/7

Just one breath.


Yoga Tonight! Tornado Twists! BRING YOUR STRAP!

In honor of the giant Tornado Warning across central Texas, we will unite with the energy in the air and all around us with spirals and twists. Sprial motion in the body frees our constraints in our deep fascia. You'll often hear yoga teachers claim that your organs are "wringed" of all of the toxins. That's nice. We can approach the spiral in a more gentle fashion, starting with the smallest thoughts of circular motion before subjecting our body to any extreme movement. We can articulate vocal thunder through our mantras during the poses and tap into deep energy. For those who do come to class, we will allow ourselves to unwind with deep meditation.

7:30pm Tues. 5/31 Focus on Bharadvajasana 1 and 2


Yoga Tonight! Lighten Up

We'll blossom and open up in our asanas.
Tuesday 5/24 7:30pm


Yoga Tonight! "Never Give Up! Always Let Go!"

Yoga philosopher, Patanjali, writes about yoga and beautifully focuses on the simplicity of continuing a yoga practice without attachment. These are the two grains of sand that constantly rub against a shard of glass to turn it into a soft stone. A daily practice of yoga is as simple as breathing with awareness and allowing your body to be breathed while releasing attachments to any judgment or opinions in those moments. Practice is called Abhyasa, and Non-Attachment is called Vairagya. As one teacher states, "Never Give Up! Always Let Go!" A daily yoga practice frees your body to open up your emotions and mind. A daily practice of letting go of judgments and opinions frees your mind and your spirit from the bo***ge of emotional attachments that are self destructive. Our bodies tighten and shield our emotional hearts when we create misunderstanding or we misinterpret a situation. By releasing tight fascia in our bodies and constricting thoughts in our minds and hearts, we are more available to the truth and can rely on our intuition to always act on truth. As we move through balance asanas, we will engage our minds and bodies to break these chains.

Tonight 7:30pm


Yoga This Week! Pratyahara

Illnesses in the body force us to shut down and focus on healing. Usually, the illness will win if we attempt to move forward without honoring our body's ability to self heal. When we slow down and manage our senses, we can focus into one thing or the littlest thing. It could be our breath. It could be darkness behind our closed eyes. Pratyahara is the gift of shutting down our senses, filtering what we consume, and limiting ourselves from being overwhelmed by outside elements. An illness just forces us into it. But, what if we learned a few of the skills of a pratyahara practice in yoga to prevent illness, to acknowledge pain, and to address a need, while we are healthy? We will explore some of the skills that we can implement to Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out.

Tuesday 5/9 7:30pm 24 Hour Fitness


Ayurveda 101 Primer

No Yoga Tonight
For your interest, Marc Holtzman gives some background about the medicine of life called Ayurveda.

The rich history, deep purpose, and fun facts of Ayurveda revealed in 8 minutes. Namaste!


Yoga Next Week! Go Within
I will be out next week and the week after. Whoever is teaching my class will provide an opportunity for you to practice your yoga and go within. Focus on your breath, your fingers, your feet, your organs and lungs, and eyes. Give yourself a chance to be within what is in front of you. I'll be back! Thank you!


Yoga Tonight! It Aint' Pretty - But Who's Looking Anyway?

It ain't pretty, but practicing YOUR yoga is important to opening yourelf up to ideas, to supportive energy, and to a healthy body. I'll see you and whatever you got TONIGHT!

7:30pm Tues. 4/12


Yoga This Week! Suck It up!

We can actually shift the direction of energy and matter moving through our bodies. Yoga allows us the opportunity to listen to the natural movements within our bodies. The more we listen, the more our body tells us the best way of feeling good and being healthy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, lines of chi flow in various directions energetically in our bodies. One of the best communicators is our feet. By feeling what our feet are doing and how they move, we can let our feet lead our awareness of the energy throughout the body. Energy flows UP in the inside of the feet and legs, and energy flows DOWN the outside of the feet and the legs. We'll explore tonight. Photo and feet in it courtesy of Jyl Kutsche who teaches at Dallas Yoga Center.
7:30pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016 24 Hour Fitness Hancock


Ophelia Pastrana

Yoga For Two Weeks! Inner Spiral

While there will be subs teaching the next two weeks, remember to allow your body to move from the inside out, spiraling around and round. Have fun! See you on March 29th!

Aquí les comparto una bella animación de como se mueve el sistema solar de a de veras

/Vía Miguel Lozano

/Video original por DjSadhu:
website del artista:


Yoga This Week! It's True: I'm Back!

Satya in Sanskrit means truthfulness. It's one of the 5 disciplines or yamas as attributed to yoga philosopher, Patanjali. Satya really describes that which exists. The thing is itself. Lots of weird ways of saying that it is all of the ideas, perspectives, opinions, and facts from whichever dimension you're looking at it. The discipline of Satya requires strict allowance for all things to be possible at the same time. Most people can't handle that mind set, which is why satya is deemed a restraint: Restraint from falling back into one way of thinking. I think empathy, the ability to feel exactly the emotion that another is feeling, is quite helpful in breaking a one-tracked mind. What's even harder is compassion. Compassion requires you to remain as you are and still allow yourself to observe and honor another's perspective, emotion, and position. Not to be swayed from taking on another's perspective or emotion is a powerful skill. I find compassion is most challenging between me and my closest family and friends because I want to both take on their stuff or have them take on my stuff. I want us all to be the same. But, we're each unique. How can we be together and yet allow Satya? We'll stand in our truths with the help of Kali mudra, Sat Nam mantra, and other supportive asanas.

7:30pm Tuesday, March 8th 24 Hour Fitness Hancock


Yoga This Week! Pick It Apart!

This photo of Jimi Hendix is actually a collage made of guitar picks. The artist is able to start with a small aspect of a greater vision and create the final pose. Yogis are just like artists. We can focus on a small movement in a pose to allow us to build our bodies into one final, glorious pose that seems impossible. We must be visionaries! We will learn the bits and pieces, breaking it down. And then amaze ourselves by what we can build!

7:30pm Tuesday 24 Hour Fitness-Hancock


Yoga This Week! Inside out!

Start from the inside and let the movement follow. Sometimes you need to see it before you can imagine what the inside of your body looks like. Break it down by the smallest pieces in your body. The heart, the lungs, the bones, on and on. Picture the insides of yourselves leading the movement. Allow your fantasy imagination to tap into the power inside. Like the nucleus of a molecule bursting outward, we can gain more in our poses and our practice.

7:30pm Tuesday January 26th



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