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F•A•S•T which is short for Functional•Afterburn•Strength•Training is a combination of Functional Strength / Integrated Body Training and Afterburn / E.P.O.C or High Intensity Interval Training! These workouts deplete the bodies oxygen storage in a way that continues to burn body fat and calories (up to 1500 per 30 min workout) for 14 up to 36 hours after the workout… Hence AFTERBURN!!

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saturday mornings 07/12/2012

saturday mornings

saturday mornings 07/11/2012

saturday mornings




"Skip to my lou"...Finishing the warm up with TY, Mike, and Marion!


The pied piper Winston leading the crew...sort of!!!


Uh oh...We have a late straggler!...Don't worry there's enough butt kicking to go around!


Nice lunge Marion!


That's more like it!


All the way down Geena!...Brian stop looking at her b***y!!! ;-)


That's right... warm it up girls!!

Timeline Photos 05/14/2012

Timeline Photos


Jessica looking a little distraught after class...Don't worry it'll be okay!


Geena & Korene having waaaay too much fun!!! I guess that's what beating the the Instructor will do for you!


Michelle & Brian with their "We're not that tired"..."Really we're not" face after Bootcamp! :-)


"Big B" a.k.a. "Mr. Punch-out" after doing his thing at BBB Weekend Warrior Bootcamp!!!


Ropes of Torture!!!

Michelle up against the ropes!!

Timeline Photos 05/03/2012

Timeline Photos

[03/09/12]   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BBB!!! Year #2 and still going strong!!! Thanks to everyone for all of your support and all of the butt kickings you've taken from us! Let's keep those butt kickings going for years to come!!!


Body Boxing!.... Feel The Pain & The Gain!!!

Body Boxing Fitness!!!... Personal Training & Boot Camp... A One Stop Shop For Getting Your Butt Kicked & Learning to Some Butt At The Same Time!!!

[03/04/11]   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BBB!!! Yes everyone we've made it through the year and we want to thank everyone who helped make BBB a success... now it's time to celebrate!!! Join us Friday March 11th 8pm at "Lucky Strike" in Hollywood for some BBB... Bowling•Bites•Booze!! :-) We would love to see the whole BBB family there! If you plan on showing up please RSVP Through facebook or call by Wednesday the 9th.... Thanks Everybody!


"Crouching Tiger"!!!

One of B•B•B's Prize Students "Michelle" aka "Crouching Tiger"... Kicking a little butt!!!


This is how you start the day!!


BBB Testimonials!!

The Transformation of Ryan aka 110!! 11/16/2010

Ryan Okun aka 110 at 264 lbs before Body Boxing Bootcamp!

Ryan Okun aka 110 at 264 lbs before Body Boxing Bootcamp!

Early morning boxing!! 11/16/2010

Early morning boxing!!

[10/11/10]   B•B•B Fitness Tip of the Day Continued..your body its ok to burn the excess fat and calories it’s retaining because you’re not starving! Try it and see how fast your body starts to burn fat!

[10/11/10]   B•B•B Fitness Tip of the Day Continued...4 to 5 hours your body thinks it’s starving and jumps into self preservation mode holding on to most of the fat and calories you consume throughout the day! You could be stranded in the desert for all your body knows, so eating more frequently like every 2 to 3 hours tells your ...

[10/11/10]   B•B•B Fitness Tip of the Day... Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Your body is an efficient machine which unfortunately has no concept of your everyday reality. It just knows if it has sufficient fuel or not. When you eat leaving great amounts of time between meals such as...cont.

[10/08/10]   B•B•B Fitness Tip of the Day Continued... Skipping breakfast can actually lead to gaining fat – as your body attempts to prepare for some sort of famine! At the very least, make sure you grab a meal replacement bar if you’re in a hurry. Start your day with a large glass of water too.

[10/08/10]   B•B•B Fitness Tip of the Day! Nutrition: Always eat a good breakfast! Other than your post-workout meal, breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Your body has just gone many hours overnight without food, and is running on ‘low’. Your body needs to replenish its energy supplies to continue its natural functions, including keeping your metabolism high and developing your muscles.

[10/08/10]   There are 2 articles on the B•B•B discussion board check them out and let us know your thoughts!! "FIND YOUR FITNESS BLISS" and "YOU ARE NOT FAT SO GET OFF THAT SCALE!!

[09/30/10]   What a Great turn out 2day at bootcamp well done everyone!! have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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Ropes of Torture!!!
Body Boxing!.... Feel The Pain & The Gain!!!
Body Boxing Fitness!!!... Personal Training & Boot Camp... A One Stop Shop For Getting Your Butt Kicked & Learning to So...
  "Crouching Tiger"!!!
This is how you start the day!!
 BBB Testimonials!!
An Average Saturday B•B•B Bootcamp
Practice makes perfect pt.1!!
B•B•B Boxing Basics pt.3!!
B•B•B Boxing Basics pt.2!!
B•B•B Boxing Basics pt.1!!




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