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www.revolutionfitness.net Revolution Fitness is a boutique style studio that opened its doors 17 years ago by combining great instructors, energizing music, Spinner® bikes and a lot of passion for fitness!

Today hundreds of people come in to our home every day to ride, row, strengthen, stretch and connect with their friends.


High Fives & Partner Workouts are my superpower! Yeah!!
Thank you to my superhero co-worker @hybridfitnesstraining for flowing with me today! I have to tell you that a workout partner can be a game changer 👉
Anytime I workout with Aaron, I am challenged to stay on pace with him and he pushes me to do things I’m not A+ at yet. He added the Tricep Push Up into the flow and my first reaction was “No, I’m not good at those.” He encouraged me to simply do my best and I’m happy I did it.
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Core training to decrease low back pain by strengthening your abdominal muscles in their stabilizing function. It sounds fancy but it’s actually using the core muscles to control the pelvis. As opposed to movement actions for the core, stabilizing is a more functional, everyday use of these muscles.
The Stability Ball is a great tool for this type of training because the unstable surface requires your core to create the stability. And btw- you’ll know you didn’t create the control needed because the ball will topple you over 🤪
▪️Stability Ball Weighted Overhead Reach
▪️Stability Ball Push Up to Pike
▪️Stability Ball Side Plank Hip Drop
▪️Stability Ball Weighted Twist
▪️Stability Ball Low Plank with Tap Outs
Location @trifitla
Outfit by @ryderwear Shoes Nike 270

[08/10/19]   Do not get caught up in the abs of steel. Do not get caught up in the number of the scale. Instead get swept away with the workout high. The feeling you get from when you do good for your body. Cuz when you treat your body like it matters it’s because you believe you matter. Do not get caught up in the results. Get caught up in the feeling ✨
Perform each move on each side for 30-45sec, rest 15-20sec btwn moves
▪️Tempo Eccentric Crunches (MC)
▪️Sprinter Start Gumbo (F)
▪️Pike to Spiderman Plank (MC)
▪️Iron Cross Superman (F)
▪️Side Plank Knee to Elbow Twist (MC)
X 3-4 sets
📍Location @trifitla
Outfit @carbon38 code TARALYN for 15% off your first two purchases of $100, Nike 270 👟
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DCP Entertainment

My podcast episode of #PickedLast in Gym Class with Paralympian Lacey J Henderson just went live!!! So excited to share it!

On this episode of Picked Last in Gym Class, host and Team USA Track & Field Paralympian Lacey J Henderson and personal trainer Tara Lyn Emerson discuss how Tara became a trainer, living and staying in shape with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, shoes, and how social media has been a tool to bring awareness and connection to those with shared disabilities.

We all have setbacks, struggles, and tough moments. Paralympian Lacey J Henderson talks to influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, activists, creatives, and more to talk about powering through life’s challenges and finding humor throughout it all. This show is for the losers, the ones who made it through the awkward years and came out stronger for it on the other side. Because at the end of the day, at one point or another, we’ve all been Picked Last in Gym Class.

More #PickedLast - podcast and video - using the link below!

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These TRX exercises targets the muscular endurance and power of the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals. Each of the following TRX leg exercises should be performed with precision and intention. If your movement patterns begin to wane, reset and rest, if necessary. These are also an excellent way to get your heart rate elevated in no time.
Perform each move on each side for 30-45sec, rest 15-20sec btwn moves
▪️Hinge Jacks (F)
▪️Sprinter Starts iso to Knee drive (F)
▪️Lunge to Knee Drive (MC)
▪️Lateral Lunge with Twist (MC)
▪️Running Man (F)
X 3-4 sets
📍Location @trifitla
Outfit @yearofours Thermal Hockey Leggings, Nike 270 👟
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4 Strength Exercises
Your weekly strength routine probably involves core work. But does that include low back strengthening exercises. Your core is more than the flexor muscles on the front side of the body! Your core is a cylinder that wraps all the way around your body and includes the muscles on the sides and back. They all work to stabilize the spine. You must train your extensor muscles to maintain strength and tone, just like any other muscle in the body. These extensor muscles include the large paired muscles in the lower back, called erector spinae, which help hold up the spine, and gluteal muscles.
The following moves focus on strengthening lumbar muscles combined with core stability, which will reduce the risk of low back pain if exercises are done correctly, and on a regular basis. All moves shown here are medium to advanced in difficulty.
I recommend beginning with some easy low back strengthening exercises first before advancing to these.
▪️Reverse Plank with Knee Pulls x45 sec
▪️SB Dolphin Kicks x45 sec
▪️Superman x45 sec
▪️SB Hip Press 1-Leg Balance x 45 sec
My suggestion is to pick 1-2 of the following exercises and superset it with your ab work. Do NOT do all these exercises together as a circuit.
Location 📍 @trifitla
Outfit @alala @splits59
Shoes Nike 270


Timeline Photos


4 Corrective Exercises
Does your day-to-day have you stuck? Rounded shoulders and bad posture? Hunched over a spin bike? Stuck in traffic and gripping a steering wheel? Slouching in your office chair every day? These body positions force your chest muscles to tighten, which pulls your spine forwards and internally rotates your shoulders. At the same time, your shoulder mobility becomes restricted and your postural muscles in your upper back can loosen and weaken. Weak Rotator Cuff muscles, poor scapular control and tight lats are often responsible for restricted shoulder mobility.
These 4 corrective exercises can help relieve tension in your chest while strengthening those upper back postural muscles. Notice each exercise practices shoulder external rotation (often with a supinate grip). Pay notice to the hand positions- thumbs up to the ceiling!!!
▪️Tricep Kickback with External Shoulder Rotation x10-12
▪️W-Fly Isometric Hold x 60 sec
▪️ Split Stance Y-Fly x12-15
▪️ Lying Supinated Lateral Raises x12-15
X 3-4 Sets
Location 📍 TriFitLA
Shoes 👟 LANE EIGHT 10% off your first pair of LaneEight shoes with code TaraLynInMotion


STRONG HIP MUSCLES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOUR FITNESS! The function of the hip is to transfer power through the body during sports and activities. Energy will be lost between the upper and lower body if the core and hip muscles are not sufficiently able to transfer force.
Abdominal and hip muscles work very closely together; and it would be impossible to adequately strengthen the “core” without strengthening the hip muscles. In addition to transferring energy and power, a strong core is extremely important for protecting the lower back as well as the knees, ankles, and feet, if you plan to live an active lifestyle.
Here are some moves to integral into your routine:
▪️Hip Thrust Double to single leg
▪️Copenhagen Plank with Twist
▪️Bulgarian Lunge with Rotation
▪️Elevated Marching Bridge
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Give these TRX Training moves a try
Perform each move on each side for 30-45sec, rest 15 sec btwn moves
▪️Power Pull with Twist (S)
▪️Side Plank to Crunch (MC)
▪️Lunge with Knee Drive (MC)
▪️Hip Hinge Roll Out (F)
X 3-4 sets


My best friends are the ones I LIFT, LEARN and LAUGH with 😉
This week’s time at the @ideafit World Fitness Expo with @daniella_capitano and @danielle.stead was magical! Thank you to my girls for keeping me inspired, motivated and encouraged in our shared industry, passion and obsession- fitness!!


Developing Your TRX PushUp Tutorial


No need to be surprised that I brought my TRX Suspension Training Straps with me to Bora Bora! Plenty of 🌴 to hang it up on and a great supplement to the lack of dumbbells in the resort gym. I did some straight forward, essential and efficient TRX moves.
◾️Crunch>Obliq Crunches (MC)
▪️Single Leg Chest Press (F)
▪️Squat and Row (S)
◾️Hammer Curls (S)
▪️Pikes (MC)
▪️Superman (F)
Do 3-4 Rounds, each for 45-60 sec

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Wake up and workout Saturday am! Let’s go!!
Try these TRX moves 🐆🐆🐆 fit fam ➡️➡️➡️
▪️Squat Cross Over Jack (S)
▪️Chin Ups (OS)
▪️PushUp to Runners Lunge (MC)
▪️Squat W-Fly (S)
▪️Mountain Climbers (MC)
Outfits by Carbon38 x @adamselman
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One Life. One Body. One of A Kind.
You have the time. Make the commitment.
15 Minutes a day, 4 days per week.
Give it 5 weeks and see how strong your core really is. No equipment needed. Well, except for this ebook 😉
BONUS GIVEAWAY: If you purchase my ebook this week (before March 4), you will be entered into a giveaway for some prizes from my favorite brands.
▪️ $150 Gift Card to Carbon38
▪️ 1 case of Kor Shots Wellness Shots
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One of a Kind- Core & More Workouts
is now available on my website!
▪️5 Weeks of Workouts: 4 workouts/week, 20 minutes or less
▪️Video demonstrations of each exercise
▪️Pre-Programmed Timers to accompany each workout
▪️Quick and efficient workouts that will get your heart rate up and have you sweating
▪️Motivation every step of the way
▪️Access to a closed Facebook group where we can connect on a deeper level
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NOW AVAILABLE!!! Today I launched my first ebook and online program and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you!!!!
Inspired by my own journey and yours, this program is called One of A Kind. It’s dedicated to my very unique body, which has flaws and limitation, but still has SO much potential and ability. You too have a one of a kind body! This program celebrates that!
My first guide contains fat burning, core-focused strengthening workouts, incorporating full body core movements, core cardio and core sculpting that you can do anywhere!

You get:
▪️5 Weeks of Workouts: 4 workouts/week, 20 minutes or less
▪️Video demonstrations of each exercise
▪️Pre-Programmed Timers to accompany each workout
▪️Quick and efficient workouts that will get your heart rate up and have you sweating
▪️Motivation every step of the way
▪️Access to a closed Facebook group where we can connect on a deeper level
$49.99 for the ebook click here:

*BTW* If you purchase my ebook THIS week (before 3/4/19) and live in the United States, you will be entered in an amazing giveaway with prizes by @carbon38 @korshots and @sweatwellth More details to come tomorrow regarding the giveaway!
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It’s a process! It’s not been a month in the making, it’s been years in the making. This is what you call your craft. I’ve been crafting this “product” for a long time and in the early years I didn’t even know I was creating it.
I am launching my first ebook this coming week! Woohoo!!! It’s full of my favorite workouts. The workouts are good, really good! I know because I’ve been refining the sequences for years in classes and with my clients. They weren’t always perfect and I’ve adjusted the schemes over time to make them more effective, efficient, interesting and fun!
How can you tell as a coach how hard to push? It takes thousands of hours. When your student or client is in deep, their brow is furrowed, they are grunting, shaking their head, complaining it’s too hard and wiped out when the timer goes off, THEN you know the workout challenged them. But how do you know they had fun? That’s the same class they come up to you after, smile and say “Great class!” It’s confusing because they hated you 5 minutes ago and then give you the nod of approval. Where my fitness instructors at 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️? You know what I’m talking about. As a coach, that’s the workout you keep in the files.
I’ve organized my files 😉. I’ve filmed the moves. I’ve made the timers and I’m going to hand them over to you. If you want ‘em. But know, it’s only my best stuff! 💃🏼
Photo by @hernansanchez_ Location @trifitla


My @trifitla students have been getting so strong that we have had to add some extra weights to their normal exercises to “level up”
◾️1-Arm Row to OH DB Press x10
◾️Sideplank Sn**ch x10
◾️Sideplank Hip Drop x15
▪️Kneeling Rollout x12-15
X 3-4 sets
*Note the Sideplank exercises are advanced and you should have a solid handle on holding a Sideplank in the TRX before progressing to these added movements.
Outfit by @yearofours
@trx_uk @trxvideos @trx_iran_store @trxtraining @trxturkiye @trxtraining @trxfittraining @welovetrxvideos
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Join me this Wednesday at 10AM for a Ab Sculpt and B***ycamp with Carbon38 at Palisades Village!!!!

The Carbon38 Fitness Series continues with instructor Tara Lyn Emerson leading a Sculpt Abs and B***y Camp in The Swarthmore Room on January 30, 10AM – 11AM, built to put your glutes and core to the test. Complimentary event open to all levels.


PopSugar Fitness

We should workout together this week 😉 You name the place and I’m there with you. Just hit play! No equipment needed for this all-levels workout, just a strong will to do your very best 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

Torch calories with this cardio-intensive, no-equipment workout from MoveWith Coach and Fitness Trainer Tara Lyn Emerson. Born with a neuromuscular dystrophy that affects her feet and calves, Tara uses her personal journey to inspire her clients to play to their strengths and be the best version of themselves.
This workout will encourage you to push past your comfort zone; exercises like squat jumps, sprawls, and mountain climbers will leave you breathless, and the lateral lunges and v-ups will leave you feeling the burn — especially in your inner thighs and abs. When you start to get tired, know that you got this and you can do it! Trust us, once you make it through this workout, you'll want to add it to your regular workout rotation.

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