Running LA

I'm running wild through the streets of LA making it a safer place for pedestrians every step I take. Commuting in LA has never been better, I don't get stuck in traffic ever, my back doesn't hurt from sitting in the car.

I heard someone say "my car runs on vegetable oil," and I thought "mine runs on vegetables, fruits/nuts, coffee and really anything I put in it." People ask me why I run. There are so many reasons, life, love, sex, food, joy and even for the pain. But Running LA is also about getting places, because people forget just how far your feet are meant to take you every day.

Been a while since I updated #RunningLA. I live in the Valley now, I've been running and biking more than ever. Still loving those potholes and sidewalks that are a complete joke. Looking out for my fellow citizen, helping the elderly cross the street, and generally just running this city! I love running, biking and fishing in the #SepulvedaBasin. Some areas of the #LAriver are really fun to fish. If you are super nice I might just tell you where I caught "the big one!"

[10/12/13]   Ninja week kicked my ass... actually it kicked my arms. Glad to just be running super far this week and doing a few core workouts. Rest up arms, it is the legs turn.

[10/01/13]   Hey runners, walkers, shakers and movers! It's been a little while. I've stayed active, lately I'm doing a lot of what I call "ninja workouts" on my low running weeks. That means a lot of things that involve the upper body, hanging from the hands. Climbing tall walls, trees, and sprint type efforts. More crossfit that week and just a few low intensity medium length runs (6-15 miles for me these days.) Yesterday was a weights workout and today is looking like a late night half marathon at comfy pace... cause it's ninja week! Woo. Maybe I'll go climb a tree first.

[09/11/13]   Did some barefoot running yesterday, lots of walking afterward to help the feet embrace the need for more callouses. They are a little too sore today, I might lose some skin later. About 11 miles in total, only about 3 barefoot.

[07/25/13]   Crazy hard crossfit workout today: scaled down version of FRAN. The workout is pull-ups and thrusters (a squat to overhead press with a 95 pound barbell, I used 45) you do 21 reps, 15 reps and then 9 reps of each starting with pull-ups. I finished, wasn't sure I could. I haven't been able to do that many pull-ups before. Mostly I was doing sets of 5 until the end when it was sets of three. I did some 10 minute sets on the stationary bike at 18-20mph and then some 10 minute sets on the treadmill. Finished with a 7:20 mile, not bad for after a weights workout. Did a bunch more free weights work and pushups before leaving. Sweat through two shirts and all over the floor. The treadmill needed to be wiped down after just one set of 10 minutes. Did about 4.5 miles of hill training yesterday, a lot of it totally barefoot. Today I was in my vibram super thin EL-X model.

[07/20/13]   Ran 11 miles, to the beach and back with a double stair loop thrown in. Once you learn your way around LA you can run down grassy paths and up and down giant staircases. #urbantrailrunning

[07/13/13]   7elevens are great aid stations. We should get them to support races.

Silverton 1000 Race Entry Giveaway

I hope I win the free race entry! Probably looking at either 24 hour or the 48. But who knows, I might just go for the 6 day. I am honored and excited to offer one free entry to the Silverton 1000 in Colorado at the end of August. The winner will receive a free entry to the race option of their choice. Choose from: 24 Hou...

[07/13/13]   So much running and walking lately. Picked up a new desk today off craigslist. Yup, picked up that desk... literally. Life is exciting when you don't have a car. Good Crossfit workout; almost as good as carrying my car battery three miles a few years ago.

[06/12/13]   Where do you like to run in LA?

[06/12/13]   About 12 miles home from hollywood recording session on Monday, then 10 miles home from North Hollywood. There have been a number of short runs since Bryce. Not too sure how many miles this week but whatevs. Gonna start logging them again.

[06/03/13]   I've no idea how far I ran this weekend. There were some big highlights, and many little runs. I didn't do the last 50 of the race as our runner needed to stay safe and live to run another day. Had a blast, saw the carnage first hand. 100 miles is no joke people, especially when you add 28,000 feet of climbing/descending and an average elevation of over 8000 feet.

[05/28/13]   I went to REI to buy some cold weather gear for my all night adventure this weekend in Bryce Canyon. I'll be running the last 45 miles of a 100 mile race to "pace" a runner. My main job is going to be distracting her from the pain, reminding her to eat, keeping her from getting lost, helping her find the trail in the dark, helping her get up when she has fallen, and running for help should something truly bad happen. She hopes to complete the first 55 miles by about 11pm-midnight. Then I'll join her as we run on into the morning and hopefully finish the 100 miles within the 36 hour cut off.

[05/22/13]   Looking forward to the end of the month when I will be pacing a runner through the end of Bryce 100. She will be facing a course with more elevation change than Western States and an average elevation that rivals the Leadville races.

[05/19/13]   Rode about 8 miles with my wife today. Was a nice first bike errand with the two of us :-)

[05/18/13]   Ran about 12 miles yesterday trying to find the perfect bike for my wife. Craigslist eventually paid off at my third stop, then I rode about 3.5 miles home. Today we are going to go pick her out a helmet on our first bike date! Yay :-) Run dates are nice, but now we can carry more things and go further. She probably needs a bike rack too. Pretty sure I crossed into 600 miles on foot yesterday. I've kinda lost interest in adding up the biking miles, those are just minutes of cross training to me.

[05/16/13]   Oh man! I need to update the running. There has been so much... I know I did 12 miles home from Hollywood a few days ago. 3 miles of treadmill hill climbing, 5 mile tempo run. I've also done a few weights workouts, some time on the stationary bike. Rounding out my core a lot and picking up some more arm strength. 596.7 miles for the year.

[05/08/13]   Oh bacon it has been too long...

[05/08/13]   I did about 1.5 miles of hill workout later on Monday, and a nice weights workout. Today I ran down San Vicente to the beach and back. Nice little 8.6 mile run. Total yearly mileage: 576.7

[05/06/13]   Whew! Can't believe it has been a week already! Let's see what I've done: 5 mile trail run with the Coyotes, 8 mile barefoot run with my neighbors. I think that is about it for foot travel this week. So that is 566.6 miles so far, this year (running and speed walking only.)

[04/28/13]   First ever 50 mile was a success! Very hot day, many runners dropped or got hit with a time cut off. I'll write more in detail later but presently I lack the words to describe it. I will say this: this experience is like mental armor. I know that, if needed, I can put one foot in front of the other from sunrise to sunset... literally. From 6 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening I ran, hiked, speed walked, climbed, tip-toed, dodged, jumped, laughed, helped, and yes... even cried. I spent the run reflecting on the life of my Father-In-Law who served our country, and recently lost his life in a struggle not that unlike an ultra-endurance event. Cancer is not pretty, life is not always pretty. It was incredible to suffer today and reflect on the manor in which he carried himself through unimaginable suffering. When I saw another runner go past their limit, I knew that no race of mine mattered at all. Races are meaningless compared to life. I helped a man named Jeff through heatstroke and into shade. Cooled him and sent word to the aid station ahead with EMTs. He too suffered, more than most. And he too was truly kind throughout. Even when he forgot who I was, where he was, what he was doing and why I was holding him up and guiding his feet past the larger rocks.

[04/26/13]   If you had to run 50 miles tomorrow, what would you eat today?

[04/25/13]   Short run with a bro, also, I've been standing and playing guitar on Hollywood blvd for hours a day. Even though I am tapering off the running, I still want to avoid sitting all day. Standing is a good way to keep the muscles from going tight, keep 'em long peeps!

[04/22/13]   Just got home, 14 miles of walking! I didn't expect to hit 500 miles before my 50 mile race on Saturday. Oh well, 503.6 miles so far this year! W00t

[04/21/13]   Yesterday I did easy workout in the weight room at my apartment. Stationary bike, elliptical and treadmill. About 3 miles on the bike and 3 miles on foot, I've walked another 3 as well. About 489.6 foot miles this year, who knows how much biking! Speaking of bikes, who has a large frame mountain or road bike in LA they might part with?

[04/18/13]   Ran down to Balconi to have coffee and lunch with my Dad. Was great, walked around Venice beach a little too. Then I did a 12 mile speed walk home from near LAX because I picked up a used mic and mic stand from a friend. Got home around the same time as my lovely lady :-) Good day, 483.6 miles so far this year. Some people ask me how to compare biking to running miles. The best way is to use time, half hour of biking and two hours of running equals 2.5 hours. This is also a nice way to compare a trail run to a road run or mountain bike to road bike. Really, it is the best way to track interdisciplinary exercise. For me there are two kinds of work out, cardio and anaerobic. When it comes to crossfit workouts and sprints, a few minutes is all you need! As for the cardio, an hour of sweat every day. That is my policy!

[04/17/13]   Math time, I was at 431.1 miles for the year. I did the marathon, walked 1.5 to the store that day also. Then yesterday I did 3 miles and today I did 6.8 miles with the Coyotes around the country club. Total running and walking mileage is 468.6 for this year. That means that during my 50 mile run I'll hit 500 miles for the year.

Photos from the race on Saturday. I am pretty happy to have run a trail marathon in less than 5 hours. Even more happy that I was running again just 2 days later with no major problems.

Moms Little Running Buddy

Runners across the country are uniting tomorrow by wearing a race shirt (any race shirt). If you want to participate but don't have a run shirt, wear the Boston marathon and yellow.

[04/14/13]   Results are in, final time for my first marathon on trails was 4:37:40. Very pleased with that, I felt good crossing the finish line and feel pretty good today. If I wasn't running a 50 mile race in two weeks I could have pushed a little more, this was a perfect test run. I was 41st overall and 3rd in my age group. Not a huge race, 158 runners total. Wonderful time! Griffith Park is such an iconic place for a marathon. I have changed up my 50 mile strategy a little, and I'm now planning to take a 30-45 minute rest in the middle, mostly to just eat a big meal. Also, going to get slightly thicker shoes. Still Vibram FiveFingers, but not the super thin ones I have now.

[04/14/13]   Smashing success, first trail marathon in well under 5 hours. No serious pain or discomfort, minor pain and problems pretty much everywhere. I could use thicker shoes for the Leo Divide 50 mile though. Took one trekking pole, was glad I had it. My uphill hiking saved me a lot of energy. I also think doing all the training runs in thin shoes has made my feet pretty tough. Thanks Griffith Park Trail Marathon!

[04/13/13]   Got my gear packed, outfit selected, food and first aid and all kinds of goodies! This is going to be one fun trail marathon.

[04/12/13]   My wife and I are making lists of what we need for our first ever trail marathon. We also have a list of things we might want after the race. Hers reads: flip flops, comfy pants/regular pants, deodorant, full water bottle, shirt, clean sports bra/regular bra, book and clean socks. Mine reads: beer, chair.

[04/10/13]   Nice 8.5 mile run with my bro from the Coyotes down the center path on San Vicente to the beach. Then 1.5 miles of walking with my wife for a nice round 10 today. That brings me to 431.1 miles of running for the year.

[04/09/13]   Whew, I think I may have missed a run, a bike or more. Yesterday I ran 20 miles on the trails with my wife, and the day before was 9 miles. I will scratch my head a bit and see if I think of something else.

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