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Succesful transfomation coach "VegTyler" can help you lose unwanted body fat rapidly. Connect to share more information about yourself and your goals.

If there is a fit we will recommend a solution.

Mission: Helping You create the best version of You in a cruelty free and enviromentally friendly way.

Operating as usual

Hawaii is out there somewhere...

Have a good Sunday out there.
Happy St. Lucia day. But ❤️

Reporting in straight from Paper street today. ”From Dadbod to fight club in 120 Days” is officially a highly effective transformational program with clients from all around the world. By invitation only.😎

What a fantastic message I got this morning. Congrats to my latest graduating client, who lost 20.3 kg fat and now looks 10 years younger in only 120 days. Don’t let anyone tell you that transformation is not possible. With the right method it is easier than you think. Reach out to schedule a clarity call now. #fromdadbodtofighclubin120days

The view from the garage gym. Got to enjoy the canyon vibes

Another stroll. Thank you for keeping it real @tomerikryen 🚀🚀🚀

This is just the best feeling ever. Getting stellar results for clients, who put their trust in you.

Out cruisin’ for a bruisin’?
Good morning. But first coffee @tomerikryen

Heading out for a stroll in the hills. Have some fun with it 🎯🙏

This is absolutely “the city of lights” and I love this night hike. Thinking of my clients in Seattle, LA, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Copenhagen, Drammen, Oslo, Kr Sand, Stjordal, Bodo and Baerum etc, who are out kicking butt with both nutrition and training on the “From Dad Bod to Fight Club in 120 days” program. So proud of you! 🚀🚀🚀

My client just shared this in my group. Down 4.4 lbs on average per week. Soon done with the fat loss and time to build.

Garage days #metallica


Kale has a solid fiber to carb ratio. Don’t over-think it. Just eat it. Make sure to add some healthy fats and protein to make it a full meal.

Hiking in the hills season has just started. Beautiful day. 🇺🇸

The biggest motivation for me is all about this kind of feed back, that I received in my private group today. That is my big reason WHY. 🚀🚀🚀

Pasta with zuccini, garlic, mushrooms and pesto (no cheese).
Extra protein added on the side. 🎯

Tofu, brown rice, veggies and Japanese curry. Green tea on the side. Good times.

When in doubt, get some peas in the marinara 🎯

Good morning ☀️
Try a coffee with some #mctoil and see how that makes you feel. Have a beautiful week out there. ☕️🥥☀️🚀

Evening snack #beyondmeat #spinach #sesameoil

There are so many good substitutes for dairy out there, that will make you feel amazing.

Tofu scramble looking good...

Don’t be afraid of the broccoli, but also know what else to add to make your meals complete “fat shredder dynamite”. Reach out if you are ready to take your transformation to the next level.

This is absolutely SUPER SONIC fat loss speed and we are not done yet. My client in Norway absorbed the Veg Tyler concept and executed like a professional. The results are 11 kg fat loss in 45 days.
Don’t ever trick yourself into believing that you can’t get fit quickly. Reach out if you are ready to draw a line in the sand and start your transformation. We will get on a clarity call and find out if we are a fit. 🚀🚀🚀

My transformation client, Andre is featured in Norwegian news-outlet Dagbladet again. It is an empowering story, showing that it is absolutely possible to transform and go from 24% to 9.7% bodyfat in 4 months and get tons of more energy. If you are ready to draw a line in the sand and create the best version of you, reach out to schedule a transformation call. 🚀🚀🚀

Got to love it! It has been such a pleasure to help my client Sean break through a tough plateau. He was running, lifting and “eating right”, but was still having a problem losing those last 10 lbs of fat. He wanted to unleash his full energy and vitality potential. After only 6 weeks working together, we are almost at target. So proud of this rock star, who now has WAY more energy for his kids and family.

Just got this screenshot from a client in Northern Norway, who is down 10 kg after only 6 weeks! Damn. We are about 10 weeks early but it sure feels awesome to overdeliver Love it 😍

Keep on pushing. Celebrate every win, big or small. 🎯

When the right kind of training at the right amount at the right time, meets the right amount of food of the right kind at the right time, there is only one outcome.
You will go SUPER SONIC straight to your fatloss goal. Reach out to schedule a session, where I will give you a step by step game plan for what you need, in order to lose up to 20 kg in 120 days.

This is stellar! Just reveived this from another client from Copenhagen, who has gone super sonic. He is down 5.9 kg in 30 days AND down 9 cm on his waistline. This is how optimal health and energy levels are created. The six pack is just a bi product. ❤️❤️❤️ Reach out If you are sick and tired of being over weight and want to learn If we can apply the same principles to get you rapid results.

Want to look and feels 10-20 years younger AND dramatically decrease your chances of having a bad Covid-19 outcome? Reach out to schedule a transformation session with me. ❤️🙏

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend out there.

Celebrating yet another client, who went super-sonic during our work together. 11 kg down in a very short time. Love it 🚀🚀🚀. If you are stuck in your fitness and health and want to transform, reach out to get some more clarity.

Have some fun with it

Why Veg Tyler?

Rapidly helping you lose fat, to look better, to feel better and to add many quality years to your life. My own transformation gave me the courage to serve others on the same journey.

The only thing that gets me more excited than my own transformation is seeing my clients win and succeed with theirs.

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