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Ever heard of or practiced Kemetic/ Ancient Egyptian yoga?
We do 💋
this was my favorite place from 2014-2016 . does anyone know of a similar place in the valley thats open now ? vaccinated only preferably ? thx

New Student Special - Two Weeks of Yoga for $30! Welcome to InYoga, the Valley's premier yoga center. Taught by the best-trained teachers, InYoga offers more than 55 classes a week in a variety of styles, for students of all levels, ages and abilities.

The Center features bright, beautiful and spacious yoga studios; clean, spa-like restrooms; plenty of free parking and SEEDS, our yoga-inspired store. We host workshops with respected guest instructors and present a Yoga Alliance-certified 200 hr Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion program. At InYoga, you will find a calm, comfortable, safe place where you can explore your mind, body and breath, making it the perfect place to begin a new practice or enhance an existing one. Join us, InYoga.

Operating as usual


Lots of good stuff we're fining as we're clearing stuff out! Please come by and grab some free stuff!

"The Seeds of Yoga - And Your Practice" 11/02/2016

"The Seeds of Yoga - And Your Practice"

Read InYoga's final newsletter here, with tender send-off thoughts, and inclusive of a teacher directory.

"The Seeds of Yoga - And Your Practice"

When One Conversation Changes Everything 11/02/2016

When One Conversation Changes Everything

When One Conversation Changes Everything Didn’t some famous business guy once say “the next conversation you have could change your life”? I can’t help but think about that when I recall my transition from being an…


InYoga Potluck Celebration Extravaganza is happening tonight at 6pm!! Let's toast to 7 amazing years of yoga and community ❤️📿 See you there!

Timeline photos 10/28/2016

InYoga forever! TT grad Leif's latest ink 😍

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center 10/27/2016

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center 10/27/2016

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center

Satsang with Babaji
Friday, October 28
Please bring candles, flowers or sweets (whichever's most comfortable for you) to welcome Babaji and celebrate Diwali together Friday evening, 7-9pm.
Donations benefitting the Sonoma Ashram Foundation are warmly encouraged and generously accepted.

InYoga's Final & Epic Potluck Party
Saturday, Oct. 29
Bring your favorite food and/or beverage.

Special Guest Teacher
Sunday, Oct. 30
Level 1-2 with Sabina Weber

Candlelight Restorative with Soundbath
Sunday, Oct. 30
Aimee and Trisha are planing something (extra) special.

A Weekend of Closure - and New Beginnings - at InYoga Center

Timeline photos 10/26/2016

Longtime, talented, kind InYoga student Wendy created this loving gift. "Take what you need." Both literally and figuratively InYogis - it's all at your fingertips - take what you need. It's right here for you.

Timeline photos 10/25/2016

Satsang with Babaji, this Friday. 7-9pm. Please join us.

This time, in this moment, Baba will perform puja (a ritual ceremony celebrating and honoring an auspicious event - InYoga's closing) and give blessings to the teachers, students and staff members who belong to this special, sacred community.

Timeline photos 10/21/2016

Last Yoga Nidra in this space. Tonight at 7pm with Trisha. Join us ❤️


InYoga Closing Furniture and Fixture Sale!
We're selling it all! Follow this link to our website to see what's available. Contact Whitney at [email protected]. All sales are not confirmed until paid. Cash Only. All items available for pick up between 10/31-11/2/16; 9am-5pm.

Photos from InYoga Center's post 10/20/2016

SEEDS - 50% off sale starts NOW!

Timeline photos 10/18/2016

Mark your calendars! Special guest Jeanne Heinemann will be teaching this Sunday, October 23 - Flow 1/2 at 9am.

Timeline photos 10/17/2016

Joe Kara Yoga has live music lined up for his remaining classes at InYoga! Starting tonight w/ Whitney. Flow 1/2 at 7pm.

Timeline photos 10/14/2016

THIS SUNDAY! October 16
Special Guest Teacher Clio Manuelian
9:00-10:25am Level 1-2


Grace IS BACK! She's teaching Flow 1-2 at 5:30pm today!!

LA’s InYoga Center Announces Closure After 7 Years — What’s Happening To All The Indie Studios? 10/06/2016

LA’s InYoga Center Announces Closure After 7 Years — What’s Happening To All The Indie Studios?

via YogaDork: What's Happening to All the Indie Studios?

LA’s InYoga Center Announces Closure After 7 Years — What’s Happening To All The Indie Studios?

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

InYoga Community Gathering Tonight, 8:30-10pm. All are welcome.

Last month, we celebrated the Fall Equinox. At the time, our teacher and friend Claudine Penedo designed and set this altar to represent the reflection, the turning inward we tend to do at this time of year.

The coincidence of the altar, with the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur (which also translates as “Days of Awe”), the Hindi tradition of Navratri (the 9-day festival honoring three Goddesses, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati) and the studio's announcement that it's closing is indeed auspicious.

Each of these events - rights of passage - are laden with layers of meaning, shared across traditions: prayer, feasts, fasts, gifts. They call for introspection; they call for aspiration. They call for acceptance, understanding, compassion…. love.

In dedicating the altar, Claudine wrote on Facebook, “This altar is an offering to ignite posterity and abundance for the community.” Yes it is.

In honor of InYoga's community, please bring a personal item as an offering to the altar - something that’s meaningful to you, that represents a thought or feeling about your experience of InYoga. For those not able to join us tonight, feel welcome to bring your item any time this month. We’ll watch it grow, together.

Let us gather tonight to listen, learn and share… in all of this.

Photos from InYoga Center's post 10/03/2016

Our Dearest InYogis:

With deep sadness and a profound sense of loss for the whole community, we write today informing you that InYoga Center will permanently close its doors in Valley Village at the end of this month. The last day of public classes will be held on Sunday, Oct. 30.

You’ve chosen InYoga as your home yoga studio; it’s been ours too. For many, we’re family. So we recognize this news is disappointing, indeed difficult. It comes as a shock.

Deep breath.

With seven years serving the community, InYoga’s lease expires soon. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to renew or extend the lease. We don’t hold an option to buy the building. We don’t know who the new tenant will be, or if there will be a tenant. The land itself is valuable. Please be assured that we have pursued every recourse in a vigorous effort to preserve our beautiful shared space for this vital community resource: yoga.

InYoga, like other neighborhood brick & mortar small businesses, relies on location for its success. We vigorously explored numerous opportunities for relocating nearby. We’ve been unable to identify another property with the same amenities we enjoy here: lots of square footage; high ceilings; natural light; a dedicated room for privates, small groups and teacher trainings; spa-like restrooms, with changing areas and showers; retail and lobby areas; plus plenty of free parking. There’s nothing like it out there.

Commercial real estate is expensive. Leasing is precarious. Properties come with usage limitations; local government (in our case, the City of Los Angeles) imposes onerous requirements. Small businesses struggle to meet state and federal regulations and compliance measures. Moreover, building out to InYoga’s specifications demands capital investment for construction improvements and startup costs.

While the situation with InYoga’s lease is insurmountable, the competitive challenges, including real estate, for all independent yoga studios in L.A. and in other big cities nationally are pervasive. It’s true that more and more people are doing yoga asana. Yet fast-growing gym-like chains dominate the marketplace. Today, an independently owned yoga center is not a promising business model, especially not one that provides an exceptional customer service experience, as we do.

Over the years, InYoga seriously examined expanding its brand by opening additional locations; there were awesome opportunities from the Eastside of L.A. to Ojai. Yet, we made the decision not take on another location, rather to focus on foundation. Our flagship is here, in this Village.

And so, despite our strongest efforts to save InYoga Center and with these additional business considerations, we’ve determined there are no further options for InYoga to continue at this time. We must close.

InYoga has been a labor of love on the part of ownership, management, teachers and staff alike who hold this space. It takes the ongoing support of students who want to practice and pay for high-quality yoga. Everyone here has made a commitment, an investment. We’re honored and humbled knowing you’ve trusted us - and each other - in this endeavor.

Our primary responsibility for the remainder of our time together is to you – this community of teachers, staff and students.

Over the last several months, we’ve put in place certain business protocols intended to help make the studio’s closing as smooth and easy as possible for you. Later today, we’ll send out emails with detailed information about memberships and class packages. Anticipating many questions you’re likely to have, we ask that you please read and review those emails carefully for relevant information.

Please be assured that we are prepared to manage this transition with the same level of care, professionalism and integrity that you’ve come to expect from us.

What can you do to help?

Come to class. Practice yoga. A lot. Take advantage of your memberships and use the remaining classes on your packages. Participate in our workshops; attend the special events. Support us by buying merchandise in our store, SEEDS.

To students who we’ve missed for months or even years, come back! We’re offering reduced rates and we’d love to see you before we close.

Join us for two wonderful workshops and other special events. The first is this Wednesday evening, Oct. 5, from 8:30-10:00 pm – a gathering to support each other and celebrate the community we’ve created together. We’ll be available to listen, answer questions and share stories.

Throughout the month – and while we process this together – InYoga is committed to maintaining its mission: providing the best yoga experience in the Valley, in this safe, inclusive, welcoming space. You can expect a full schedule of classes, with your favorite teachers and same friendly faces greeting you at the front desk when you come in.

InYoga is a special place. It’s unique, especially in this town, at this time. Although our hearts are broken, it is with tremendous gratitude and true joy that we’ve been blessed by the opportunity to serve and spend the last seven years with you practicing yoga, creating community, and in doing so, making the world a better place.


Julie Buckner

Kelly Benshoof

Erin Hoien
Founder/Studio Manager

How Yoga Turns You Superhuman or Just Less Freaked Out About Life 10/03/2016

How Yoga Turns You Superhuman or Just Less Freaked Out About Life

“You have experiences that you wouldn’t believe if someone would have told you,” McCall says of an ongoing practice, be it a deep, harmonious practice session, or a flood of tears emerging in shavasana, the final resting pose that concludes practice. “The floodgates open and the tears flow, and often there can be an epiphany that comes with that. Beyond letting go, there’s some sort of realization,” he says.

How Yoga Turns You Superhuman or Just Less Freaked Out About Life It trains the body, mind, and everything in between.

Festival of the Triple Goddess Begins Today 10/02/2016

Festival of the Triple Goddess Begins Today

Happy Navratri InYogis!

Festival of the Triple Goddess Begins Today Today marks the start of Navratri (‘The Nine-Nights’) the festival of the Divine Mother in Her three forms, or the trinity known as the ‘Tridevi’, that is formed by Durga, the goddess of strength, steadfastness, and courage, Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and beauty, and Saraswati, the goddess o...

Click to Buy 30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $60 09/29/2016

Click to Buy 30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $60

Last TWO days to take advantage of our 30 days for $60 special. If you aren't on membership, buy this deal! You can't beat it!

Click to Buy 30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $60

Timeline photos 09/26/2016

Four days left to take advantage of this amazing promo!

Photos from InYoga Center's post 09/21/2016

This altar is dedicated by our friend & teacher, Claudine Penedo. We invite you to contribute items to our altar!

"Today is the last day of summer, and tomorrow starts the first day of the Autumn Equinox. Fall is a time to reflect, go inward. We build upon what what Spring & Summer created, allowing it to mature and expand. I have been cultivating new ideas for growth in my life. So, I offered to create this Equinox altar at InYoga to represent the inspiration that’s cracking open! As the fruit decays and acorns fall, the fertile ground sows these seeds for next blossom. Harvest season is the last bounty before Winter, a time to germinate our seeds of awareness and love. So, today I choose to hold my family and friends close to my heart. This altar is an offering, to ignite posterity and abundance for the community. Happy Fall Equinox!"

Timeline photos 09/19/2016

Thanks to Aimee Rousey and the inyogi's who showed up for a very special workshop on the sound of yoga.

Oh, Baby: Introducing Lil’ YogaDork 09/11/2016

Oh, Baby: Introducing Lil’ YogaDork

Our friend Jennilyn Carson of YogaDork is having a baby! Anyone with a lil yd, get one of these t-shirts!

Oh, Baby: Introducing Lil’ YogaDork

Timeline photos 09/10/2016

Grace is teaching her last class before maternity leave TODAY at 12! Be there!!

Timeline photos 09/09/2016

Whu???? 30 days unlimited yoga for $60? That's right. Get it while the gettin's good. Buy through 9/30. 30 days starts on date of purchase! Challenge yourself! Just 3 classes in 30 days makes it "worth" it, but think about what regular practice for 30 days can add to your life!!!

Timeline photos 09/09/2016

Just in! Gorgeous sounding singing bowls in the shop! Great prices for authentic, high quality bowls. They are a wonderful tool for anyone who meditates at home, and are an excellent idea for those coming to @AimeeRousey 's Sound Healing and Restorative Workshop on Sept. 18 at @InYogaCenter Find the bowl that sings for you!

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