Angela Hucles

Angela Hucles

Angela is a sports commentator and leadership expert with 2x Olympic Gold Medals & 2 World Cup Bronz


What a Feeling! Episode #006

Such a fun time talking and feeling with my friend Archie Cares, on his What a Feeling podcast!

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

Posting this picture of our wedding in honor of but also in celebration of ...and might as well top it off with our household because . Peace & Love 💕❤️

Timeline photos 06/10/2020

Sport changed my life for the better, and everyone should have that opportunity. I'm joining Athlete Ally and my fellow athletes in calling on the NCAA to relocate all events from Idaho in response to its recent bill, which seeks to ban transgender athletes from participating in school sports. We encourage the NCAA to take immediate action to ensure the integrity of NCAA events and the wellbeing of all athletes.

Timeline photos 05/31/2020

Timeline photos


Thank you to Governor and First Lady Northam for inviting me to provide the keynote address for “Virginia Graduates Together” Honoring Class of 2020. I am truly honored and humbled by this & so hopeful by the opportunity this graduating class has before them! 🎓 🎓

And a huge congratulations to the Class of 2020! 👏👏👏 You did it! 👏👏👏 And I can't wait to celebrate you and your fellow Virginia graduates ‪TONIGHT at 5 PM‬ on "Virginia Graduates Together" 📺 >>>

🎓 🎓

Timeline photos 05/18/2020

Miss you ladies & times and memories! Ok you too .stone5 😆😊⚽️💪🏽

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Have we seen Trolls World Tour yet, and does Alexa play the soundtrack almost on the daily? Yes

Does mommy switch up her hair into a Troll’s hairstyle when “Hair Up” plays to get guaranteed laughs out of this guy? Absolutely...

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 05/10/2020

Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible and gorgeous wife. I love doing life and motherhood with you, watching you with our son, carrying our beautiful baby #2 (for those who may see this post but not want to know the gender 😉) and being in this journey together no matter what. To learn and evolve with you as family dynamics change with a growing family is one of life’s greatest adventures. I choose you each and every day, and thank you for loving me and choosing me too. Love you babe, happy Mother’s Day 😍❤️😘 @ Los Angeles, California Meg Mangano

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 05/10/2020

Happy Mother’s Day to my best example, best supporter, and best friend. You brought me into this world never leaving my side and have been the greatest constant a daughter could ever have in a lifetime! Thank you for being the incredible matriarch to our family, wife, mother, sister, and grandmother/ Didi/ M’dear 🥰 happy Mother’s Day mommy. I love you 💕❤️😘 Janis Sanchez

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The team, & I are looking forward to speaking to this gem of a lady and badass entrepreneur tomorrow!! Check back in with us to listen to the interview with our favorite, “Goldy” and how she’s gone from the United States Marine Corps to starting her own businesses, and how she supports her clients as well other business owners.

Gold is an experienced entrepreneur in the business world. In 2011, she created one of the most high-profile domestic and corporate recruitment agencies in Los Angeles, California, providing support to the elite entertainers, athletes and prominent families in the area.

Before founding the Belle Maison Agency, Gold spent many years serving corporate clients as a respected and award-winning financial advisor, then moved onto servicing high-profile domestic clients as a personal assistant and estate manager.

This included providing 24/7 care, being entrusted with critical financial accounts, and maintaining the utmost discretion in handling individual and estate resources. Such work required intensive logistical oversight, strategic management, and interpersonal communication—a powerful combination of skills, which she now employs on behalf of families she services nationwide.

Gold holds a B.S. in Management from Park University, and achieved certification as a top-graduating Marine Corps Paralegal, in addition to a Series 6, 63, Life insurance license and financial consultant registration. She remains heavily involved in the Southern California community, tirelessly contributing her time and energy to numerous nonprofits and child enrichment organizations.

DRE # 02031950
DRE # 02050903

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

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I try to just stay in my happy place and not watch too much of the news, especially these days. But please tell me I’m not the only one, after Trump’s comments, that can only think about the 80’s toys, Glowworms?!💡 🐛 🐛

@ Los Angeles, California

Timeline photos 04/24/2020

If you need some positive messaging and some laughs in your life right now, at 1pm ET today, come join us. Looking forward to chatting with all things “When I Grow Up”! Viewing link in bio!

Timeline photos 04/22/2020

Happy Earth Day! One of the things we are all seeing right now during this time of is the incredible response of nature and all of her elements. We heard that dolphins were swimming in the Venice Canals, for perhaps the first time! Curious what you all are seeing in your areas as well?? Any fun nature stories to share?! 🌍

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 04/21/2020

I’ve had many conversations recently with family, clients, and friends about the real estate market, are transactions happening and what to expect. Have things slowed down, yes, but is real estate still happening, absolutely. We’re seeing price reductions or prices level dependent on their geographical location. If you have any questions on the market or what we’re seeing right now in the real estate industry please reach out and happy to chat! 📱

Also we can help set up virtual tours, which I personally think we should take advantage of here in SoCal saving invaluable time spent doing things like sidewalk art instead of driving in traffic once we are allowed back out! 🚗 🖼 🏡

@ Los Angeles, California

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 04/03/2020

Thank you for our morning yoga session!! Our son was entranced! My favorite part was watching Huntley do his namaste at the end 😊 maybe more impressive is that you got me to do yoga for the first time in years!! 🧘🏽‍♀️

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 03/30/2020

A HUGE shoutout to our medical professionals now more than ever!! And to our very own family doctor & aunt .chez getting geared up for work! 😷

Timeline photos 03/18/2020

Hi everyone, a friend just sent me this email and trying to spread the word about this grassroots effort for people who either need assistance or people wanting to give assistance. Links for both options are at the end of this note. Thanks for reading and please share!! This is primarily for those in the LA area, but the more we share this hopefully we can all impact positively in our communities or even start this type of effort in more areas as well.

Shelley Tygielski () has started a grassroots effort to connect people who can offer assistance to those who are now struggling with everyday expenses. This is all via word of mouth and sharing to help as many people as possible to our ability. Since Shelley started this effort a few days ago, she’s been able to connect 2900 people affected by business closures - people who are worried about paying their gas bills, buying groceries, baby wipes, you name it. This is an incredibly simple way to personally connect and the lack of corporate or foundation structure is probably what’s allowing this move fast and help people directly. There’s no vetting process, just putting a little bit of faith in the process of communities helping each other.

I’ve volunteered to help spread the word here in LA (while the name of this google doc is SFV, its really for people all over LA) - matching up patrons with those in need.

If you can help, please click on the link below and take a minute to fill it out. You’ll be matched up and put in contact with someone asking for assistance. How you handle the help is up to you - send a venmo, mail a gift card, offer to walk their dog, whatever is most comfortable for you.

If you can help:

If you need help:

Please share this with anyone you’d like - especially if you or those that you know are in need!!

Timeline photos 03/12/2020

“You are not lesser because you are a girl. You are not better because you are a boy. We are all created equal and should all have the equal opportunity to go out and pursue our dreams.” ~ Megan Rapinoe
Although I’m not a current member of the USWNT, just like all other past players this group and this team is in my DNA. Like many others, I’m extremely disturbed to see the statements of blatant (enter any marginalizing term here) from the USSF. What Pinoe brings to light in her clever way is how these thoughts and words which turn into actions, impact not just the players on the team, and their daily work environment, but the damaging messages to our youth, the next generation and our greater society.
It’s also unfortunate that this is now the image that the USSF holds, because I know that there are very good and hard working individuals on the Federation’s payroll that don’t believe in this type of discrimination. I believe it’s the actions of a few people in leadership positions making these decisions, which speaks directly to the reason why we need to see more diversity in leadership positions across the board. Sometimes we are in situations that make it hard for us to speak up, real consequences to balance, such as if I say something I may lose my job, and not be able to provide for my family, or if I say something I may be in physical danger. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to speak up and take a stand for things that can be ultimately the right and best thing to do...yet time and time again we must all come together and push through that fear, discomfort, to make change. I’m posting this because I know what it’s like to be “The only” in a room...the only womxn, the only black, the only latinx, the only lgbtq person, in a room. And I’ve felt the discomfort, the fear...I’ve been in situations where I’ve lost my voice, felt unheard even though I’ve spoken up. This is very deeply personal for me, but also for all of us. This transcends the sport and this isolated situation, this is part of what we as a society are each a part of, whether we feel directly impacted or not. And because of this and so much more, I stand with the USWNT.

Timeline photos 03/03/2020

Go out and VOTE! ☑️

Photos from Angela Hucles's post 02/28/2020

Much like meditation is considered a practice, so is leadership. Inspiring conversation, “Leaders on Leadership” with some of top leaders, Dean Ian Solomon and Professor Christine Mahoney from the school and from , Athletic Director, and coach, Bronco Mendenhall. Moderated by , social entrepreneur & angel investor, Jill Royster, this event made me want to go back and be an student all over again!

@ Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Timeline photos 01/30/2020

So much more fun doing the with real estate images vs photos of moi! 🏡

Timeline photos 01/26/2020

can’t wait until Huntley and she are the same shoe size!! I give it one more year 😆👟 👟



Come walk through this beautiful and unique Mar Vista home with and of the Hucles Mangano Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Located at 3522 Greenwood Ave, Los Angeles 90066 an open house will be held Sunday, January 12th from 1-4 pm. Come stop over and check it out and experience it for yourself! 🏡

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#ESPY bound with a beautiful date! #ESPYGOLF2018 with fun people including @cocovandey and winning the longest drive what?! 😲 hoping to get bonus points for tonight’s date night 😊 07/18/2018

#ESPY bound with a beautiful date! #ESPYGOLF2018 with fun people including @cocovandey and winning the longest drive what?! 😲 hoping to get bonus points for tonight’s date night 😊

bound with a beautiful date! with fun people including and winning the longest drive what?! 😲 hoping to get bonus points for tonight’s date night 😊 @ Los…

#ESPY bound with a beautiful date! #ESPYGOLF2018 with fun people including @cocovandey and winning the longest drive what?! 😲 hoping to get bonus points for tonight’s date night 😊

Global Sports Community Joins WSF & Athlete Ally with Open Letter 07/10/2018

Global Sports Community Joins WSF & Athlete Ally with Open Letter

What is at stake is far more than the right to participate in sport. Women’s bodies, their wellbeing and their very identities, are at imminent risk. I’m joining & to demand rescind this discriminatory policy.

Global Sports Community Joins WSF & Athlete Ally with Open Letter In response to the recent IAAF regulations, which openly discriminate against female athletes with naturally higher levels of testosterone, more than 60 athletes in the global sports community have signed on to a letter to advocate for an equitable and inclusive athletic experience for all. The powe...

ETS on Twitter 06/13/2018

ETS on Twitter

If you currently play or played sports in college or at a high level/professionally, would love for you to take this survey!! Thank you 🙏🏽

ETS on Twitter “Help us, help you! Will you take a few moments and complete this short, but important, survey? Your answers will play a major part in the work of Empowerment Through Sport, and help us understand how we can best serve our athletes: Thanks so much!”

Timeline photos 02/19/2018

Looking forward to continuing the conversation in helping athletes in their career transitions! Women's Sports Foundation

Fantastic article on Twiniversity with Olympian Angela Hucles!!

Repost Twiniversity with
Up on our site we have a Q & A with Olympian regarding youth sports. 🏆
What’s the best sport my child should get into?
Will my kid fit in with everyone else?
Bullying seems to be everywhere, how prevalent is it in youth team sports?
Click the link in our bio to read answers to these questions & more.

National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) | February 7, 2018 01/05/2018

National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) | February 7, 2018

Hey everyone, National Girls & Women in Sports Day is kicking off on Feb. 7! We know the value of sports, so let’s inspire more girls to get out and play. Visit to plan or find an event!

National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) | February 7, 2018 The 32nd annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day theme: Play Fair, Play IX. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary achievements of girls and women.


Great article, Rejoov and Meg!

Sports & Entertainment Society member and nutritionist to the stars Meg Mangano of Rejoov knows that every client’s needs and goals are different, and that tailoring programs and plans to meet their needs is the very definition of service. Check out her article “Hydration for Health & Performance” in the latest issue of Sellebrity at

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