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Operating as usual

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It all makes so much sense now.


Today is a great day!!!


Happy NEW year!!! Thank goodness it’s here! Partied it up playing Super Mario Monopoly, making home made pizza and confetti 🎊.

Last year sucked in every way. Having a social only child in a pandemic has been so challenging and emotionally took its toll on all. We need some in person off computer social enter action in 2021! (Once it’s safe). May this new year bring lots of in person hugs, gatherings and happiness! Looking forward to change more than ever.


CaliforniaMex is what’s for lunch.

• steak quesadilla with a side of salsa and sour cream
• kiwis and fugi apples
• avocado
• cheese crackers
• tropical mango coconut chips

is still in high gear even at home.

Click the pic to see the brands that help me pack this awesome


My kid is not an egg lover..... but he will chow down on hard boiled eggs. 🤷‍♀️ This growing kid needs lots of protein, carbs and fruit in his lunchbox. And always, a little treat. (Don’t worry, he eats tons of veggies too.)

• mortadella sandwich
• watermelon
• Bourbon bbq kettle chips
• hard boiled egg
• smash mallow

I still don’t understand how he can eat so much in one day?


Sometimes you’re just in the mood for fried rice. Making it at home is always the best.

• veggie fried rice
• gluten free pot stickers
• watermelon
• coconut Thai rice chips
• yogurt covered almonds

Craving for more!


Left overs for lunch. The best!

Glutenfree pasta for the win!

• Fusili with meat sauce
• Kiwis and blueberries
• Blue cheese salad

Comfort food for comfort dayzzzzzzz


Some days, you just want hotdogs! These mini Frank’s always make for a fun lunchbox.
• mini beef franks
• potato chips
• cucumbers
• kiwis
• homemade gf cupcake

happy FriYAY y’all!


Brunch for lunch!

• @vansfoods gf blueberry waffle
• sausage patties
• maple syrup
• @dangfoods tropical mango coconut chips
• kiwi and blueberries
• pecans

As my kid says, !


My favorite! @canyonglutenfree has the most awesome goods! Best gluten free baked goods I have found! I’m so excited to find all of these in stores soon! Including their fantastic English muffins I was able to try and fell in love with! I am one lucky girl. Thank you for my holiday treats!!


One last Halloween-ish lunchbox. :)

• chicken club spooky face sandwich (chicken, lettuce, avocado, lettuce and cheese on gluten free bread)
• apples and pb faces
• potato boo chips

I still don’t understand how he eats so much for lunch! I can only get down half a sandwich!

Growing kids man!


Who doesn’t love a slice and some salad for lunch? Found a new fav pizza place in town. Loving it!

• gluten free pepperoni pizza
• plums
• blue cheese side salad
• mango chili lime black bean crisps
• dark chocolate covered cherry


What a day! The anxiety is overwhelming.

I hope you all voted for the best of our future! 💙 Our kids need a prejudice free, positive, forward thinking country. Not a country that digresses backwards from all our progress.

Soon this generation of kids will be making a difference no matter which way the wind blows today. And when they do, I hope you all are ready for it! Progress and hope for our future! 💙

Super Mario hat to the rescue! We are all 💙💙!


Lunch du jour.
• mortadella sandwich on @canyonglutenfree
• best mangos ever from @farmfreshtoyou
• avocado salad again from farm fresh
• honey Dijon @kettlebrand potato chips
• dye free fruit gems

Good stuff for a good day!


Sometimes, mac n cheese hits the spot!
• @annieshomegrown mac n cheese with peas and carrots mixed in
• cucumber salad
• plums
• @stonyfield yogurt drink

It’s been nice making lunchboxes right before lunch instead of early in the morning. Everything can be smoking hot!


This is how we roll to school....


A ghostly lunch for a Halloween kid.

• cheese ghost quesadilla over guacamole
• plums
• cheddar popcorn
• carrot witch fingers over hummus
• a butterfinger bite because why not.

for a virtual school day.


It’s Halloween week which means it’s my kiddos birthday week! Eeeeeek! 11! Is 11 considered a tween? Because he sure acts like one! 🤦‍♀️ lol.


• yummy chicken and cheese empanadas from @brazi_bites
• guacamole and sour cream for dipping
• spicy pecans
• mango chili lime black bean snack crisps from @harvestsnaps
• strawberries
• dye free candy corn from @yumearth

in the books.


Nights of the Jack.
Halloween may not be as usual but we are not letting this kids bday go by without our usual Halloween activities. Driving through seeing the beautiful carvings was a bit different but we loved it.



Getting my creepy on!
Gluten free style.

• Spicy buffalo chicken tombstone tenders with ranch
• potato boo crisps
• honey dew melon
• carrot strings
• yogurt covered almonds

this was a fav!
It’s almost my Halloween babies birthday!!! Squee!!!

Click the pic to see the brands that help me make my


2 weeks and 2 days until my baby turns 11!!! Best birthday ever is ! It gets me in the spooky spirit all month long!

Today’s is keeper.
• open faced turkey bagel sandwich mummy
• cheddar puffs
• black grapes
• hard boiled egg
• seaweed
• @tonyschocolonely_us bite

halloween style.


Accurate! Is it NYE yet??


We’re coming to mid October and I haven’t started making Halloween lunchboxes yet? What’s wrong with me?? Our house has been decorated since Sept!

Last minute I decided to spice it up with critters for the beginning of his Halloween lunches.

• roast beef and cheddar on gluten free bread from @traderjoes
• blackberries
• ghost potato crisps
• oat bite from @eatbobos
• trail mix


Loving his morning reads.
Just got our first “The Week Junior” news magazine and he reads it each morning with breakfast before school. Loving it.


Lunchbox for the win today.

• spicy chicken tenders- what I love about these is that they have no artificial ingredients, zero saturated fat, zero added sugar, using NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken that's all-natural 2, raised with no antibiotics ever, and cage-free! And, they are gluten free! @caulipower is the bomb!
• fugi apples
• salad
• lemon wafer cookies from @glutinofoods
• bbq and ranch for dipping

I used these tenders and made an awesome big salad for the hubs and I. We are all happy and feeling good n full!


I missed national sons day... however we celebrate our amazing son everyday. This creature is incredibly talented, smart, funny, intense, sassy, a pain in my butt, my biggest joy, and a musical gift. He also is my one and only that I adore with all my heart. ❤️❤️❤️


So much deliciousness in lunch today. for the win!!

• Mortadella sandwich
• cheddar crackers
• kiwi berries
• red bell pepper and pepper hummus
• carrot cake cup cake

Click the pic to see the brands that help make all of our lunches.


My kid cracks me up! The things I find while cleaning. On our special glass shelves where our wedding pictures and special items sit. A small cut out of !! Lol! Someone misses the ! Fans for life. And obviously special enough to be placed on our special shelf.


I cannot even believe we only have 3 and a 1/4 months left of this year. What the what!! What the [email protected])&:$#”(&!!!!! Looking forward to the future. 🤦‍♀️



The Holderness Family

Which one would you take?
I’m hoping for #1!

This year feels like an ultramarathon I didn’t train for.


Lunchbox for the kiddo. Now that he’s home doing school, he’s eating even more than ever! He eats every crumb.


• Ham and cheese sandwich
• Golden pluot
• sour cream and onion potato chips (his fav)
• lemon cookies

Thanks to our fav brands that help make easy! @canyonbakehouse Applegate WOW Baking Company PlanetBox


I don’t know if I’m talking about this 111 degree weather every day by 10:30 am or the pandemic, but note to self, both of these shall pass.


This lunchbox is screaming summertime! We maybe back to school, virtually, but it’s still hotter than hot and I’m still packing lunchboxes.

• hotdog
• pluots and grapes
• heirloom tomato salad
• bbq potato chips
• chocolate chip cookies that are allergy friendly.

Tap the pic to see my fav brands that help me keep this kid fed!

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Wake up wake up! It's ground hogs day!



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