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Pioneer Fitness Systems is a strength and conditioning company created and run by Tyler Schaeffer. Tyler Schaeffer is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and RKC working in Los Angeles, CA.

Growing up in Las Vegas, NV, Tyler was introduced to athletics at a young age. During high school he played football and baseball at the varsity level while working with several strength coaches and personal trainers in order to maximize his potential on the field. The work in the gym paid off with the opportunity to play football at the college level for Grinnell College in Iowa. After college Tyler decided to pursue his passion of fitness and athletics by helping others achieve their physical goals, whether that play sports at a competitive level or simply live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Tyler currently trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is active in Muay Thai with an eye towards a career in mix martial arts.

Mission: At Pioneer Fitness we promise more than just a customized program to meet your training goals, we deliver an entire system. Whether your goals involve weight management, strength training, slimming down, or bulking up, Pioneer Fitness will work with you one-on-one to reach them. Tyler personally will work with each client in developing and implementing a system that involves proper and safe weight training, effective and appropriate conditioning, alongside innovative nutrition and mobility programming. Tyler’s philosophy is simple…if you train like an athlete, you will function, look, and feel like an athlete. To excel at their chosen sport, athletes must be in phenomenal shape, and it is no secret as to how they achieve this level of fitness. The same compound lifts, explosive movements, and conditioning programs that physically prepare athletes will also reward the general public and build a stellar physique in the process. We all do not have the genetics to become professional athletes, but we can train ourselves to our genetic potential.

10 Things Not to Say to a Female Lifter

For the ladies If you are a woman with even a half serious level of lifting under your belt, you know that some of the remarks you get because of it can be ridiculous.

Post Worlds Thoughts - Pioneer Fitness Systems

A quick "wrap up" post on NoGi Worlds Post Worlds ThoughtsIf you have been following the blog lately you’ll have noticed me yammering on about my first major weightcut for a grappling competition. Well, that competition took place Saturday morning and now I’d like to finish the “NoGI Worlds 2013″ series with a recap of the events that…

NoGi Worlds Weightcut Check-in - Pioneer Fitness Systems

weightcut part 2! NoGi Worlds Weightcut Check-inEarlier this month I posted about my nutritional plan for NoGi Worlds (found here). Since then a few tweaks have been made on a weekly basis in order to close in on my target weight (162.5 lbs) while sustaining a full training schedule. Small tweaks were made each wee...

Steady State Conditioning - Pioneer Fitness Systems

New blog post discussing steady state cardio Steady State ConditioningI hate running. Seriously, there are few things I dislike more than running. I avoided it for years in my training, and would smugly say “you’re doing it wrong” while driving by someone slowly jogging down the street. I mean, jogging is such a low stimulus. It certainly co...

Nutrition Switch Up for NoGi Worlds - Pioneer Fitness Systems

New post up regarding cutting weight Nutrition Switch Up for NoGi WorldsJust a quick post this week on what my nutrition routine looks like for my weight cut leading up to worlds. This will be my largest cut yet, dropping down to 162 with the no gi Jiu Jitsu apparel. As the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) require...

8 Ridiculously Healthy Animal-Based Foods That Will Make You Unstoppable

Need to look into some sardine action I’m really tired of animal foods getting a bad rap in the health community. I’m going to say this point blank: the big pushback from animal-based foods and the blatant flocking to plant foods is a fad that — if you choose to follow — will leave you creating meals from sub-optimal food sources. This…

The Importance of Routine in Training - Pioneer Fitness Systems

New post up regarding routine within training The Importance of Routine in TrainingWe have all heard about the importance of routine. It goes by several names such as building habits, scheduling, setting and accomplishing goals, etc…What most of these subjects tend to address (and they are important) is the bigger picture of an individual’s li...

Genetics versus Hard Work

Interesting article for athletes looking to procreate ;) Educating & Outfitting The Strongest Athletes in the World

What is “Conditioning”? | StrongFirst

"The routines these folks did were all over the board: some followed programs written by me or my colleagues, others “improved” them, most cooked up some weird plans of their own that made very little sense to me. They ranged from beginners to elite athletes from a variety of sports. All of them improved, most of them—dramatically" In his classic book Power Dr. Fred Hatfield described an imaginary contest between a 154-pound marathon runner and a 210-pound bodybuilder. (Given the fact that Dr. Squat is a 1,000-pound record breaking squatter, it is safe to assume that the bodybuilder is not a pump artist but a power bodybuilder...

T NATION | Heavy Lifts To Increase Mobility

Wrote a very similar article not too long ago. Like what he has to say, minus the part about "butt wink". You want to get rid of "butt wink" put some more weight on the bar and watch it magically disappear. Think hours of static stretching and hot yoga classes are the only ways to increase flexibility? Quit smoking the wheat grass and hit the heavy weight

T NATION | The 5 Key Principles

"Mastery walks hand in hand with simplicity" This article is about goals and why you should set them as well, but also how to adhere to them - which may be the most important point of all.

Making Powerlifting More Approachable: An Interview with Female Powerlifter, Jean Fry - Syatt Fitnes

Word Jean Fry is one of the strongest women in the world. Jean's a professional Powerlifter, health and fitness pro, and oh yea...she's damn good looki

Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning - Pioneer Fitness Systems

My take on sport specific strength and conditioning Sport Specific Strength and ConditioningI am always a bit confused when I hear the term, sport specific strength and conditioning. To me, there is sport specific skill work, and strength and conditioning to make an athlete strong and conditioned. Now I believe that being strong and conditioned wil...

Ronnie Coleman Everybody want to be a bodybuilder

Everyone wanna get into great shape, but nobody wanna lift heavy ass weight! Everybody want to be a bodybuilder but nobody wanna lift heavy ass weight!

Starting Strength

You NEED to watch this if you are a fitness professional Starting Strength

Pioneer Fitness Systems - Los Angeles CA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettlebells, MMA, Muay Thai Training

New post up...Strength and Flexibility At Pioneer Fitness we promise more than just a customized program to meet your training goals, we deliver an entire system.

[11/12/12]   New article in the works regarding strength training and its effects on flexibility...bjj guard players, this ones for you especially, it'll be done on Friday

T NATION | Opening Up The Fat Loss Playbook

Don't agree with the number crunching at the end so much, but all and all, a great article If dieting was an NFL team, this is the playbook you'd use to win the big fat-loss game against the undefeated Pittsburgh Porkers.

Leon the Professional - EVERYONE

Hey gary oldman, who should squat and deadlift?

Clip of Gary Oldman from Leon the Professional.

T NATION | Tough or Reasonable?

Sounds reasonable Which are better, tough diets and tough workouts or reasonable diets and reasonable workouts? Maybe you need to mix and match a little.

T NATION | Are Heavy Kettlebell Swings Better Than Deadlifts?

"I'll keep this brief. Many meatheads say that kettlebell swings are a sissy exercise. However, Jim Wendler approves them (10), and Jim has squatted a grand and has a huge beard. Enough said! I'm sure he'd like them even more if he had a 203-pounder to throw around. Heavy swings are not a sissy exercise, trust me!" Heavy kettlebell swings could be the best damn posterior chain exercise you're not doing, possibly even better than deadlifts! Here's why.

Pioneer Fitness Systems - Los Angeles CA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettlebells, MMA, Muay Thai Training

New post on kettlebell training
Check it out! At Pioneer Fitness we promise more than just a customized program to meet your training goals, we deliver an entire system.

[08/30/12]   New article in the bell, six weeks, awesome results

[08/20/12]   I lift, therefore I am

30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl & Look Absolutely Awesome › › Nia ShanksNia Shanks

Take note ladies! A couple weeks ago, I came across an awesome article – 30 Rules to Lift Like a Man. It was a terrific list of training and nutrition “rules”, and I commented that women should follow the majority of them, too. Because I strongly believe women should proudly Lift Like a Girl, I decided to create…

T NATION | Get Your Press Up!

This article features one of my favorite video clips of all time! 600-pound benchers may be forgiven for not focusing on the press. Your narrow ass, on the other hand, has no excuses.

Pioneer Fitness Systems - Los Angeles CA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettlebells, MMA, Muay Thai Training

New post up on the website, check it out! At Pioneer Fitness we promise more than just a customized program to meet your training goals, we deliver an entire system.

[07/10/12]   "People are using balls, slides, ropes, and stretchy bands to do every imaginable lateral lunge – and I still think a heavy back squat trumps the whole lot of them."
-Dan John

[06/21/12]   For more health and fitness tips, follow PFS_Tyler on twitter

[06/18/12]   "Squats, sprints, and carb control are not as comfortable and easy as jogging and Snackwells. But our type of exercise has always worked; since Sparta, people have been getting out of their training exactly what they put into it."
- Rippetoe

[06/14/12]   Great article on the prowler

Pioneer Fitness Systems -

Make sure to check out the new look blog/website here, still making adjustments, but pretty much done


Interesting points on leptin, fasted training, and sprints

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