Bridge Between Worlds Events

Bridge Between Worlds Events


Calling of all musicians, artists, shopkeepers, accountants, stay-at-home moms, self-healers, doctors, nurses, therapist, rehabilitators, healers, caregivers, veterinarians, researchers, teachers, & on… for you all walk the healing path of light whether you realize it or not. Calling all Lightworkers, Lovewalkers, Crystal Children, Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, mystics, witches, shamans, psychics, and empaths a like! Join us as we raise our vibrations for ourselves and for our loved ones around us at Lightworkers Rising Leadership Coven for full details please go to — a 12-week virtual course lead by 5 Lightworker Coaches. As we guide you on your journey through clearing your chakras of the old stories and letting in the guiding Light of Divine to unfold your sacred gifts & talents towards your personal sovereignty.

We’ll be FB Live 30-mins a day (M-F) to share our knowledge & practices with you. Plus an interactive Breakout & Breakfree session once a week lead by one of our Lightworker Coaches where you can ask questions & interact with a community of like-minded individuals. Minimal time investment on your end, but so much love & inspiration you’ll receive to break free from those old constraints that keep you stuck.

Especially after the last few months of all the hustle and bustle from the holidays it’s time to give back to yourself. Start the New Year with a commitment to a better way to live your life. Improve the well-being of your Mind, Body & Spirit. It’s time to listen to the call and invest in yourself! Give yourself the gift you deserve! Join us at

Your Journey begins on January 10, 2022! Registration closes on January 8, 2022.

DM me or comment below any questions you may have, it’s my honor to guide you on this journey. You’re not alone, we’re here for you. Let’s do this together!

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2020 Vision in 2020 by Debbie Nuccio Durrough

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot” Ecclesiastes 3:1

YOUR 2020 PERSONAL YEAR & ENERGY CYCLES WORKSHOP ~ OPEN to anyone wanting 2020 Vision throughout 2020. Facilitated by Numerologist, Debbie Nuccio Durrough on SUNDAY, 1/26/2020 at ASTARA in Rancho Cucamunga (1 PM - 4:30 PM). Gather with Debbie and learn about the Universal and Your Soul's Personal Season Numbers throughout 2020. Includes Universal and Personal Insights that can help know What, How and When Your Personal Energy Cycles best support you in attracting, building, balancing, empowering and/or healing: relationships and partnerships, career or business, finances, family tree patterns, your gifts/talents, travel, etc. Understanding how and when to act gives you the best opportunities to express your soul’s full potential throughout 2020.$45 fee includes Debbie's 2020 Your Personal Year Month - Month Guide and Calendar Grid. Please register online to guarantee your place in the workshop. Click below:…/2020-personal-year-for…

Phone ASTARA: (909) 948-7412

Debbie's Bio: Debbie Nuccio Durrough is the creator and founder of TUNE IN TO Sound also known as Debbie's Classes & Events. She is a certified Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Shamanic Reiki Drumming master teacher, a Numerologist, a certified IMPART empath and wellness practitioner, a spiritual artist, a facilitator of spiritual development circles and a trained REMO HealthRHYTHMS group drumming facilitator.

Debbie facilitates TUNE IN To Your Inner Artist at the historical Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona and she is a guest speaker and/or a facilitator of a variety of holistic and spiritual classes at the Riverside County Office on Aging's Family Caregiver Support Program, The Sacred Journey in Riverside, Common Ground Corona in Norco, Astara in Rancho Cucamonga and at a variety of spiritual centers, wellness fairs, senior communities, memory care facilities and home parties. All of Debbie's classes, events and consultations support creative self-expression, self-awareness, self-empowerment and wellness. Contact Debbie: (951) 833.6597. Email: debbie[email protected] Website:

Sharing Conscious Event Gatherings in order to raise the COLLECTIVE #Consciousness. Heal yourself with the support of commUNITY! #EverythingWellness

IG @spread_seva
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Operating as usual

Photos from Bridge Between Worlds Events's post 05/10/2022

From @casadiosamx Te invitamos a que nos acompañes todos los jueves de 7 - 8:30 pm a sesiones de yoga kundalini. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Este tipo de yoga es para todos ✨ principiantes y avanzados conectarán con el arte de despertar el espíritu del kundalini con estás clases personalizadas, aprenderás esta hermosa disciplina que ayuda a desbloquear la energía de cada uno de nuestros centros energéticos. Impartida por @akal_pritam_kaur 🤍

*Cada sesión dura 1:30 horas. Reserva tu lugar, cupo limitado, grupo pequeño.
*Aportación de $250 por clase.
*Paquete de de 4 clases $850


From @aguaharasilence Te acompaño • desde el Agua •💦

Sesiones individuales de Aguahara
1 Hora de Duración

MAYO 2022
Las piletas climatizadas disponibles están ubicadas en la zonas de:
Saavedra (agua climatizada Salada/sin cloro), así como también en Palermo, Núñez y San Isidro.

💌 Podés escribirme para pedirme los horarios disponibles de la pile y reservar tu sesión individual! 🙌🏽

Gracias ✨✨

Bren 💧🤍


From @giroalsol Nueva ronda en Escobar! 🦋

NiñSander] de 3 a 6 años: jueves 16 hs
NiñSander] de 7 a 11 años: jueves 17.30 hs

En @acampo.traviesa , Barrio de la música.
Yoga jugando, gestión emocional, meditación en movimiento y mucho más !🌻

Inscripciones abiertas 🐞
[email protected]
O al celu del flyer


From @tlallicentroholistico 𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙇𝘼𝘾𝙄𝙊𝙉𝙀𝙎 𝙁𝘼𝙈𝙄𝙇𝙄𝘼𝙍𝙀𝙎

´El corazón de aquel que ha comprendido que lo presente está en resonancia con el pasado, tanto en lo bueno como en lo malo, late en sintonía con el mundo.

𝓑𝓮𝓻𝓽 𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓻

Te invitamos a unirte a nuestro grupo de Constelaciones Familiares, cada VIERNES primero de mes.
📆 Viernes 06 de Abril
⏰ Hora 10 am
📍 Lugar Tlalli Centro Holístico
👩🏻 Facilitadora Julia Yañez
💲 Costo: $400
📲 33.1361.5927


From @colibri.birth Ready to make the space for your personal and community healing this summer? This June retreat is for you if:

- healing is important to you & you are interested in plant medicine
- you love nature/ pachamama
- you wish to be guided by experienced and skilled practitioners
- you value investing in yourself
- you wish to do your part in this world
- you’re ready to learn more about how to better care for yourself.

We love to meet the community in person. Come be with like-minded and like-hearted people as we collectively pray for and heal the collective field for the time to come.

Drop your email in my DM to receive the email or ask questions. ✨

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From @rayoscostarica We are very honored to announce that in June, we welcome back to Rayos our dear brother, Kuauhtli Vásquez and dear sister, Delfina Mun, wisdoms keepers of the indigenous North and South, to host a beautiful week long retreat called Xinachtli - Seeds of Native Culture.

This retreat is a beautiful opportunity to deepen our connection with earth ways, the elements, and the teachings of sacred plants. Kuauhtli and Delfina bring a powerful bridging between the medicine of the North and South, weaving together in harmony and unity, uplifting a beautiful prayer for the individual, the community and the world.

Link in bio for more information & to register!

📷 incredible photos captured by @el.suchi and @soulfocus_media


From Horarios de semana 2 al 7 de mayo 🌗


From Akal Pritam Kaur] 💚 Este sábado tenemos la cuarta serie de kundalini yoga con Akal Pritam Kaur]
Anahata 🫀
Mantén tu corazón fuerte. Mantente fuerte en tu temblor. Adéntrate en lo más profundo en el Anahata, la puerta de entrada al universo.
El Kundalini Yoga es una conexión directa con Brahman, el Espíritu Universal dentro de nosotros. A medida que avanzamos en una época más centrada en el corazón para la humanidad, muchos de nosotros estamos experimentando una conexión más profunda con nuestro 4º chakra.
El chakra del corazón es todo lo que tiene que ver con el servicio, el perdón y el amor, y es el combustible detrás de las misiones de corazón que tenemos en el mundo. Debemos amar algo para comprometernos plenamente con ello y traerlo al mundo, ya sea un negocio, una relación o una nueva creación en la vida.


From @niweraoxobo Niwe Rao Xobo, maestra Ynes and Maestro Pervis are honored to host these upcoming master plant dietas!

Write to [email protected] to register or for more info!


From @mhalternativehealing THIS COMING SATURDAY I’ll be opening the Remix Wellness Fair with a cacao ceremony. Please join me in the donation based event to honor mama cacao, yourselves, and the consciousness of the event before it opens. We’ll finish just in time for everyone to meet and enjoy all the amazing vendors who’ll be set up outside!

Photos from Bridge Between Worlds Events's post 05/02/2022

From @cynthia_j_ Join us Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays at 10am for a powerful transformative kundalini yoga class with a lovely sound bath.

All levels welcome 🤗

Cost per class $25

Bring a yoga mat, light blanket, water bottle, cushion and an open heart.💜

📍4141 Norse Way, Unit C
Long Beach, Ca

🌟Free Parking

Photos from Bridge Between Worlds Events's post 05/02/2022

From @easytobreathe Corazón de Cacao 𓇗 Harmonizing with the Heart of our Mother Earth

Queridas —
Thank you wholeheartedly for your enrollments to our third Cihuatl Cacao cohort beginning May 9!

As this will be my final time offering this live online course & communion with Cacao Medicine until the Winter Season, I’ve opened up 4 more spaces.

Our communal journey to the Heart of Xocolatl bridges enriching education and traditional teachings from the origin of Cem-Anahuac (Mesoamerica).

With prayer and inner inquiry as our compass, our study path is greatly supported by the healing path we embark on together.

Order your Cacao bounty by April 30 to ensure on time delivery. Learn more by viewing slides and visiting our webpage via link in profile.

I hope to walk with you in fellowship and in reverence to our beloved bean, Kakaw 🌰🍃🤎🍃🌰


"Encuentro: Mujer Sagrada”🔥

🌹Conecta con tu energía femenina a través practicas tántricas.

🌹Sana tu cuerpo y relaciones con apoyo de la medicina ancestral Wuachuma o San Pedro.

🌹Recoloca tu útero a través del masaje maya.

🌹Corta patrones tóxicos de conducta a través de prácticas conscientes que realizaremos.

💌FECHA: Domingo 15 de Mayo
⌚HORA: 8am - 6 pm

Bienvenida seas a Nuestro Encuentro Mujer Sagrada este espacio ha sido creado con el objetivo de brindarte diferentes experiencias dirigidas en conectar con tu feminidad, tu poder creador que se encuentra en tu cáliz sagrado, es decir tu útero, en este encuentro realizaremos diversas técnicas para ir sanando y limpiando tu útero y ovarios de todas las cargas y memorias que puedan estar almacenadas en él, liberándonos de pérdidas, experiencias traumáticas y bloqueos emocionales-sexuales.

Nuestro corazón y útero están conectados así que si le permitimos al útero liberarse del dolor emocional de vacíos, tristeza, inseguridad, miedos; nuestro corazón se expande aportando seguridad, mayor autoestima y confianza en ti misma.


Este encuentro está enfocado para mujeres que:

-Sientan un llamado a realizar un cambio profundo en sus vidas.
-Desean reconectarse con su esencia femenina y honrar sus procesos internos.
-Desean obtener mayor conocimiento sobre si mismas y relación corazón-útero.
Este espacio está diseñado para aquellas hermanas que han sufrido abortos, violaciones o experiencias traumáticas y deseen un círculo para sanar y liberarse.


Nashwa Diaz
+52 5562238131

Ahtziry Garcia
+52 3314411331


"La Tradicion de Mirraforo"

La tradición Myrraphore fue vista como una "medicina celestial" y se practicaba en los templos del antiguo Egipto. La medicina celestial se basaba en la relación ritual entre los Planetas, los Ciclos de la Tierra y la Medicina de los Aceites Esenciales Sagrados.

María Magdalena es la Miráfora más famosa y cuando trabajamos con Aceites Esenciales Sagrados trabajamos con sus Medicinas. Los árboles, las flores, las plantas, absorben la energía de la Deidad Planetaria que los gobierna. Los aceites que se extraen de estas plantes contienen el espíritu de la planta y la deidad planetaria. Los Aceites Esenciales están vivos y podemos comunicarnos con ellos e invocar su Medicina de Sanación y despertar trabajando con su Sonido Sagrado y sus Códigos de Activación.

FECHA: Lunes 16 de Mayo
HORA: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
LUGAR: Calle Zaragoza 9, Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacan
CONTACTO: @nurhealingcenter11 o +52 5562238131

¿Que debes traer?

1. Un cojin
2. Mat de yoga
3. Un chal
4. Si utilizas aceites esenciales lleva los que mas trabajas y si no trae aceite de oliva o coco en 1 o 2 frascos pequeños.


Check out this wonderful podcast where I have the opportunity to share how I began my spiritual journey.

Interested in any of the indigenous jewelry mentioned in the episode? Contact Cynthia Jimenez

In this special animated episode, we welcome Akal Pritam Kaur, a Kambo practitioner, and a certified Kundalini yoga guide as our guest. She also learned to be a Meshika dancer on her spiritual journey with the elders of tribal communities like Wixárika (the healing people).

During our conversation, Akal explains how she started her healing journey and shares her experience with spiritual retreats. We also dive deep into the world of Kundalini yoga and explore Kambo practices. Akal shares how she gradually transitioned from a student to a healer while helping those in need. We then shift gears to understand the role of elders and different communities in Akal’s healing process.

We also discuss how an electric shock of energy made Akal feel protected, that Kundalini yoga combines kriyas, breathwork, and mantras that unblock old emotions and energetic blockages, how Akal learned Kundalini yoga, why Kundalini yoga is not just for energetic aspects but also for meditation, breakthroughs, and strengthening the immune and nervous system, that everyone is fit to perform Kundalini yoga, what made Akal understand spirituality, what types of changes Akal feels within herself on the path of awakening, why we should break the generational cycle, Akal's advice to the people who are considering healing, how every little thing in the universe is going to find its way to whoever needs to tap into it, how Kambo helps in healing your body in many ways, what made Akal shift from healing to becoming a healer, how Mexico played an essential role in her healing journey, learning Meshika and the Sun Dance from the elders, how Akal helps her clients with traditional handmade jewelry from the Wixárika and Colombian communities, and why we should continue to expand our hearts and seek to serve in a good way.

To watch or listen, go to


So excited and grateful for another beautiful class. Focusing on the

Este sábado tenemos la tercera serie de kundalini yoga con @akal_pritam_kaur
Manipura ☀️
El tercer chakra es como el sol: ilumina quién eres en el mundo.
Es el motor para actuar y completar las conceptualizaciones y visualizaciones que uno tiene en la vida.
El Centro del Ombligo es un comienzo. Es el primer punto a través del cual somos alimentados, nutridos y dados la energía para vivir como un feto en el vientre de la madre. Una vez que se corta su conexión física con la madre, el Punto del Ombligo continúa con la función más sutil de ser un área para recolectar energía del Cosmos. Cuando la energía fluye adecuadamente, crea una coordinación entre todos los órganos del cuerpo, dando la energía y la voluntad para actuar.
Ven y conectate. Deja tu ego en la puerta.
¡Te esperamos!

Conscious Events ( @Spread_Seva )

Attend an event that resonates with you or get out of your comfort zone! Healing circles, sound healing gatherings, events in the park, vegan hangouts, it’s all here. . .

Conscious Events raise the vibration of the human psyche.


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