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Kenzee specializes in coaching her clients to reach fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals through daily accountability check-ins and much more!

Kenzee Hobson is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in the Los Angeles area. She has her degree in Applied Exercise Science and has over 4 years of personal training experience. Kenzee specializes in showing and coaching people how to integrate health, fitness, and nutrition in to their busy lives. She coaches and encourages through the tough times, and rejoices in the big and small victories on your way to your end goal - a happier, healthier, better YOU!

Operating as usual

Alright ladies, 💃
I want to clarify something that I’ve been hearing A LOT about…

It has to do with ~muscles~
how you get them
& what happens when you stop lifting weights or working out, in general.

TBH, this is a topic I get pretty worked up about.
There is such a huge misconception that if you
>>LIFT HEAVY you will get BULKY>MUSCLE does NOT turn into FAT>Lifting HEAVY weights does NOT make you BULKY

[08/15/17]   Willpower is…tricky.
It has all sorts of implications and connections with morality
- as if having a lot of will power makes you a “better” person -
And thats just not true.

So many of us believe that you need to use our willpower to transform our bodies with fitness & nutrition.
Thats correct. We DO need to use willpower to resist the temptations of candy, breadsticks, and skipping our workouts.

But you know what makes it really, super hard to exercise willpower?
>>Biology>Willpower Bank

[08/04/17]   Do I have to do abs every day?
Should I do abs before or after a workout?

Lets break it down:
How often do I need to do abs (to have a strong core)?
1. You can do core as often as you like
2. you’re never going to suffer from a core that is too strong - thats not really a thing

Before or after your workout?
1. Ideally, you want to warm up your core before you get into your main workout; especially if you are squatting heavy or doing anything overhead
* You can simply do a plank for 2-3 rounds of 20-30 second; doesn’t have to totally gas you, just get you warmed up and activated
2. You can also do a core circuit at the end of your workout, if you so choose.
3. Typically (if you are doing them correctly) squats, deadlifts, and other dynamic movement will pretty heavily involve your core, so doing an additional core circuit at the end of a workout might not be super necessary, but is totally fine.
4. If you are doing more of a bodybuilding type workout (I.e. specific body parts like curls, hamstring curl machine; basically any machine), then a core circuit anywhere in the workout is fine.
5. Sprinkling core exercises thought your workout/circuit perfectly acceptable as well.

First things first:
- Don’t need to do a ton of crunches to get a strong core; for a strong core, what you need is stability
- Leg lifts mostly use you hip flexors (until you pass 90 degrees)
- most people don’t need that to strengthen their hip flexors
- most of us sit for most of the day, so ‘strengthening’ our hip flexors basically just make stem tighter…which makes this (very likely) worse.
- Crunches, sit-ups, etc. mostly just do a lot of spinal flexion and really on work your rectus abdominus (the pretty show muscles)
- This much flexion is typically really bad for people with low back pain; you’re basically just reinforcing the hip flexion you already do all day at your desk
- Twisting is a no-go as well; this will not define your obliques or give you that hourglass shape you are looking for, it literally just twists your spine and puts strain on it. gross.

Heres whatcha gotta do for a strong core:
1. Straight torso:
1. Plank variations
* traditional
* Feet/hands on ball
* circular motion with forearms on ball
* Feet/hands elevated
* Plank & lift one or two limbs at a time
* unstable surface
2. Standing
* Anti-rotation movements (aka not allowing your torso to twist when something is pulling it in that direction)
* stir pot (circular motion) with cable/band
* pump (hold band in front of chest; move arms out until fully extended; return back)
* asymmetrical carries (farmer’s carries holding weight on one side for exercise)
3. pivot
* adding in glutes with a pivot
* High-to-low chops
* Low-to-high chops
4. Bird dogs, dead bugs, leg lower

And I hate to break it to y’all, but lemme drop some knowledge:
That “back extension machine” is actually a Glute/Hammy raise machine.
Please don’t “strengthen” your back that way. just…please don’t.

{and to clarify? Having a 6 pack is about being lean, not doing as many crunches/sit-ups/etc. until you can no longer move. Unfortunately it's doesn't work that way, my friends.}

{second clarification: a 6 pack is not the picture of health; just because a person has the coveted lean torso with the 'right' ripples, doesn't mean they are stronger or superior or better at fitness or dieting than you - or anyone else.}

Happy Friday, friends!

Talk to me! Do you do core/ab training every day?

Life is all about balance 🤸🏼‍♀️
Some days you eat broccoli 🌳 & some days you eat pizza 🍕

Today I got kicked out of the gym (because there was a gas leak in the building ☠️) 20 minutes into my workout.

But today life ~also~ handed me an afternoon off from work and some quality time with some quality friends 👌🏼
In my past life (the obsessed, neurotic, track-all-of-the-foods Kenzee), I would have just gone to a different gym to finish my workout and chosen to forego the fun time & delicious food.

No, pizza is not #keto or #paleo or #glutenfree BUT if food could be a spirit animal, pizza would be mine 🍕✨

All of that to say, in life, sometime we gotta let loose. YES, eat your veggies 🥕 and proteins 🍗 and fats 🥑, but remember to let yourself have some fun every once in a while.

80/20 daily, weekly, monthly...whatever works for you!
Give yourself grace & remember that every day is a new day to take one step closer to a happier, healthier you ☀️
p.s. Check out that cheese string 🤤😏
#balance #selflove #fitness #fitnessjourney #grace #health #healthateverysize #haes #pizza #butt #carbs #macros #cheese

Kenzee's Fitness & Nutrition Coaching's cover photo

Haaaaaaaaaappy Monday!🦄

“It’s Mon-yay!”
- no one, ever

👆🏼Not true! We can say it!

Here is some M O T I V A T I O N for your MonYAY:

Mondays are the the days we get to ✨d e c i d e ✨ how the week is going to go.
+ We get to set our intentions
+ We get to set our goals
+ We get to “turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”

🌻Its a good week to have a good week☀️

So, lets choose joy & abundance
Because the beautiful thing about being a human is that we get to c h o o s e
- how we react
- how we move forward
- how & when we crush our goals
- the nourishment we put in our bodies
- the way we we value ourselves
- our self-limiting stories
- & how we overcome those stories

+ We get to choose to act in alignment with our values +

+ Everything happens for a reason, but i's our responsibility to choose the reasons +

What goals are you going to crush this week?

Looking for a fun #kettlebell complex? Here @marisagodinez and I combine 3 kinds of swings:
1) soft/short arm or "t-Rex" swing
2) traditional swing (KB at eye/shoulder level)
3) American swing (KB completely overhead)

>>make sure you keep your core super tight, shoulders packed & locked in, and keep the KB high up in between your legs (basically your crotch; don't worry, you'll be fine😄). >>Don't let the KB go below your knees.
>>as you propelled the KB forward with your hips, squeeze you butt supper tight and fast WITHOUT arching your lower back; you are returning your spine back to neutral.

🤸🏼‍♀️have fun & be safe, friends!

[07/25/17]   The Great Salt Debate:

Are you trying to do the ~healthy~ thing and eat less salt?
Are you living a sad culinary life because you opt out of salting your food?

Heres the thing friends,
the tales the American Heart Association (AHA) aren’t quite all they’re cracked up to be.
With their daily recommendations coming in at just over half a teaspoon (Ew. Their food must be so bland.), thats hardly enough to season one meal in your day. Yikes.
The AHA claims[1] that having more than the measly 1/2 teaspoon of salt can put you at risk high blood pressure.
(Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there are definitely some reasons why heeding the word of the AHA might not be super ideal)

Sure, there are plenty of studies conducted that a lower sodium intake can ~moderately~ lower blood pressure (however, note above conspiracy theory),
several other studies found that restricting your sodium actually increased risk of heart disease
and found no other benefits to your health.

So here are some ~downsides~ to a low-salt diet:
" + Hypertension. According to a summary of 23 studies printed in
the American Journal of Hypertension, restricting sodium to less
than 2,500 milligrams per day not only causes hormone
disregulation, but it also makes your plasma renin activity go up,
which increases your risk of heart attack dramatically.
+ Insulin resistance. A few different studies have found that a
low-salt diet triggers a 15-20% increase in insulin resistance in
healthy volunteers.[6][7][8]Insulin resistance contributes to fat
gain and, in the long run, type-2 diabetes and metabolic
+ Fatigue and sleep quality. One study found that curbing salt
screws with your sympathetic nervous system, tanking sleep
quality and causing exhaustion and faster muscle fatigue.
[9] Participants also had ~increased~ blood pressure."

Alright, soooo...???

This brings us to the next point: >>PotassiumConsider the ~quality~ of the salts you are seasoning your meals with.
>Choosing high quality sea salt or mined pink Himalayan salt is ideal; these salts typically contain up to 80 trace minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, and zinc, among others.
>Do your best to avoid white, refined table salt; these are processed at high temperatures, bleached, and treated with anti-caking agents so it doesn’t clump.


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