Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio

Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio


Get your body moving this Wednesday with the Pilates Roll Up! Certified Instructor Hilary Opheim of Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio is sharing her expert tips in today's video 👇
Up for a challenge? Hilary Opheim of Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio is back with a Pilates tutorial for the Side Bend!
With a name like that, you know it works. It’s time to try “The Hundred” with Certified Pilates Instructor Hilary Opheim of Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio.

Hilary Opheim Pilates is a small boutique studio in Los Angeles, California. Privates and Duets by appointment. Traditional Pilates. Pilates one on one, no classes and focused on the individual.

Operating as usual


Bright and colorful. Sunshine and rainbows. Cool breeze and smell of the ocean.

Isn’t that what it feels like being surrounded by those that love and support you?

Respect you and have your back?

Think about it. ❤️🤔😍🥰

We all deserve that don’t you think? 😘

In life and Pilates❤️

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Happy Pilates Day.

Hope you are finding that strength, mobility and joy today that Pilates gives us each time we do it❤️

What is one word that says Pilates for you?


It is BACK… Summer Pilates Retreat 2022 is happening! Can you tell how excited 😆 I am?

This one is all about finding that INTERNAL SHOWER that Mr. Pilates talked about.

What does that mean to you? Internal 🚿 ?

To me it is that is all about finding for your client that purpose, connection and using your words and the apparatus to help and guide them.

I love these retreats and spending a weekend sharing this passion with each other and then getting some fun outdoor LA activity in, dinner together and just exploring the thing we love to get tools to use for teaching, recharge the teaching soul and just get together as a community to share.

This is all about moving and exploring together, sharing and supporting and just enjoying what we get to do. Learning and enjoying time in the studio and out!

Date is finally set. CEC’s available and I can safely say I am SURE the weather will be AWESOME and the smiles big!

I am now jumping and leaping toward August and as we all know.. time flies!!!

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Not wanting to travel…Virtual option is available.


Saturday date out with this Handsome Hubby!

Outdoors, great food and this guy❤️

Amazing people watching and how fun to drive 20 minutes… sit to eat and feel like you are on vacation 👏❤️

Spirit and soul recharged.


Can you find ☮️ in moments like this?

Moments of can I do this? Will my body do this? How am I going to do this?

Every week my teacher works with me and my love/hate of extension and wanting to do backbends…yet…all the building blocks to get to this moment…TORTURE!

I chatted earlier this week on your own practice each week and this moment is one that HELPS me BE the client.

To understand that eye look of “ummmmm” to trust that the teacher has me, to realize we are just going to explore and see what happens.

This moment yes, I had peace. I could breathe and smile. My teacher this day…my amazing friend @kimberly.a.trana worked and guided me for the hour and this was our “big ending”

To know where my mind comes from and how it allows this moment is one I am in awe of….just like with my client today..

She is getting stronger and we are working on that faith in her arms and we hit snake for only the second time.

We got into some building blocks and then I said “how do you feel about on 2 springs…holding it in…seeing what happens this week?”

She gave me a look but said ok, sure…and off she went..


She even pushed out a bit and brought the carriage all the way in!

To see her face and hear her say she can see and feel how much stronger she is…I could relate…

We all need those moments…to take our bodies past what we think, be in moment of peace and not panic!

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Hello 👋 Hundred

So much to love ❤️ on the Reformer with this one.

What about using this moment to really find one thing?

Let’s explore in Teachers space a bit today.

🤔😂😜🤣 excuse my 🧠 a bit as just got my booster shot omg. 😂


Monday…Monday…Monday…trust me in my mind I am JUMPING to the 🌙 ….seems my little booster shot has a bit of a kick on that today 😳

I do have a few little teaching tips for you today anyway? Are you ready?

This one is for those new teachers or those just trying to navigate this social media BLUR…

I am one of those that came up teaching WAYYYY before even Youtube..back then social was all about catching up, finding old friends…

Now? I am told you need to sell yourself, talk about your struggle, relate in a way “they” can relate to you.

I tried…trust me but, guess what? I felt not authentic, fake and really like everybody else. I was miserable. Dreading each post.

What changed? How do I “survive” with this social media?

Here are my tips!

✌️ BE YOU! sounds simple right? Show who you are as a person, a teacher and not who you THINK someone wants to see. Show the real you. There is only ONE YOU!

✌️ Don’t feel you need to SELL..this was a huge one for me as it felt so unnatural and gave me the Ickies…say what comes naturally for you in the moment. Use YOUR voice.

✌️ Show what you do, who you are…let people know you.

✌️ Have fun! This is huge. When did social media become a JOB? OMG…enjoy the connections with people and community and just explore it all.

✌️ Post when you want or feel like it. Forget analytics and posting at this time and this hour. Just go with it.

I have learned so much over the past 3 years as we have shut down and had to adjust to so much.

Social media is something my students struggle with and feel they HAVE to do this or that.

My biggest tip is this…

clients come to you for you. Your energy, your style and your way of teaching that speaks to them. Most will be referral or drive by or checking out your website of google search. 

Social media? it is a tool to connect and share who YOU are. So, why not just do that? Show and share YOU!

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Where can this go?

What does this body want to do or need to?

I was chatting with a good friend. Fellow Pilates teacher today and how we are here to guide.

@effi_pilates is all about being bendy and so let’s see her stability in this moment. Let’s find that and can we then move into that “bend” later with stability?

Oh man!!! How much is this moment one of exploring and figuring out?

I didn’t realize my little ✋ gesture guiding her. Leading her.

🤣😂🤣course she doesn’t see but I am so in it with her!!!

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Monday and ROLLING into the week like this?

time for some tips for you this week and it is all about keeping balance, moving forward and learning as we go!

How about just letting that client ROLL with it?

You are there to guide them and not let them fall right? Keep them grounded, safe and exploring so, let them go!

You are still right there with them

🛼Let them “fail” or be messy.

🛼Let them get to the point of almost being out of control but, figuring out how to stay in control
🛼If things get “wobbly” cue one thing that will help them back on that path.

Remember the freedom of strapping on those roller-skates and gliding around, trying new tricks, almost feeling that fall back onto your booty but, figuring out how to stay up?

Pilates for your client should feel like that right? The joy, the thrill, the OMG I can do this!

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Birthday ❤️

Romantic dinner out with Handsome Hubby.

Can you believe he has been celebrating now 34 of them with me?

Sooo.. yep not scared to say this is 56!

I am where I want to be. Surrounded by amazing people. Doing what I love and sharing a true passion.

Pilates has helped me stay strong physically and mentally.

This guy has done the same.

Can’t imagine not having both for another 56. 🤔

Why not?

Photos from Hilary Opheim Pilates Studio's post 04/15/2022

"This is an unbirthday party!"

- Mad Hatter, 'Through The Looking-Glass


What do 2 Pilates teachers…2 friends…2 birthday girls (5 days apart) do after teaching all day?

High tea of course!

Salad, scones, tea sandwiches and so many little desserts!

Girl time, giggles, chatting and even a bell to ring if we needed more.

Oh, and we had the whole place to ourselves 😜🎉🧁

It feels so good to be able to celebrate again out and about.

Kicking it off with my Pilates partner in crime ( watch out sweets as we are after you) is the best.

I was chatting yesterday with lovely friend @melissaynagai and how we have met so many great friends through our love and teaching Pilates.

This year I’m so happy we got to hang and celebrate our days and next year? We are already planning our next adventure 🍪🧁😜

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This little girl.

Most days I still feel this. Shouldn’t we?

Carefree, pure joy, enjoying the moment while IN it?

My parents told me I would climb out of my crib to ride this rocking horse at night.

They would hear the springs creaking.

When we are young we find passion and joy in so many things.

As adults why should that change?

I love that everyday I get to do what I do and feel just this way. Like on that horse.

I get to share a passion with others and I guide them to explore and figure things out for themselves.

I get to see this moment for them.

Yep. I can feel this picture in my soul.

What about you?


It is Monday and normally I give some fun helpful teaching tips for you but this week….it is my 🎂 🥳 week AND a few new peeps are joining me so I thought I would share some “tidbits” about me…

BUT… I want to hear your answers to these ok? just put in comments so I can also learn a few tidbits too!!!

❤️ I love 🍪 , 🎂 and 🧁

Married to Handsome Hubby for 30 years..together 34..we met at the GAP!

Unapologetically positive yet I do have my moments. only human!

Takes a lot for me to trust but, once I do I am in it….but, that trust gets pushed or broken…that is it. I am out! Lesson learned.

Love my 🐶 babies…beyond!

🎶 is all over the map..Bee Gees, Kylie Minogue, Cheap Trick,and more

Love outdoor activities: swimming, sailing, skiing, biking, hiking and roller skating!! Yep just got a new pair!

I feel like I am still 16 and not apologizing for that!

In the real 🌎 I am Diane Keaton (some things that fly out of my mouth) in the studio? I am focused, know my stuff and feel at home!

I have a few best friends who passed so those friends I do have are very very special! I may pester them a lot but, they can’t get rid of me!

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