Occidental Badminton Club

If you bad, come to the baddest club around. Whether you want a relaxing place to hang out with friends or great competition, this is the place for you!


Check it out!

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While in Thailand this summer, Madam President Emily Ong practiced her #shuttlec**k handles and perfected her skills! While neither the US nor Thailand won any Olympic medals for the sport in Rio, we are still proud of Emily for exhibiting #passion and #badness. Thank you for serving us well Madam President.

~may commitment propel us to improve~

#Shuttlec**ksAlways #ExcusesNever


Armadale Ave is feeling #bad , are #you?

#BadmintonClub #2k15


Never knew badminton was so intense


Imgur: full of all the magic and wonders of the Internet.

[03/01/15]   DID YOU MISS US?!? Oxy Badminton is back in a big way! Come to the net behind Newcomb Hall TODAY at 1:00PM for a light Badminton study break. Snacks, racquets and friendship provided.


Occidental Badminton Club's cover photo

i.imgur.com 11/19/2014


"Badminton makes me feel.....http://i.imgur.com/xK52ILW.gif"


[11/16/14]   TODAY IS THE DAY see you at Newcomb from 1-2 if you're ready to get BAD

[11/16/14]   Alright people this is not a drill....FIRST BADMINTON BAD SESH TOMORROW!!! Come to the back of Newcomb from 1-2pm for a fun filled hour of badassery.

We will just be hanging out and throwin' the good ol' shuttle c**k around, stop by for as long as you'd like


Really thought provoking sculptural piece. But what does it mean?!?! Thoughts?


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! This Sunday 11/17 from 1-2 p.m. will be Badminton Club's first Bad sesh on the Newcomb outdoor court! What is a bad sesh, you ask? It is hanging out with friends for an hour of casual badminton play and snacks!

Our meetings are super informal, come for as long as you'd like for a break from the Sunday-study stress! Can't wait to see you there!

P.S. If you have a racquet feel free to bring it!

Peace & Blessings

P.P.S Get ready to work on your badminton lunge


Today's featured Badminton Club member is our very own Madame President Emily Ong!!

She enjoys long walks on the beach, skittles, and filling leadership roles in influential organizations. Her commitment to Badminton is unparalleled, her love for the sport unmatched, and her general badassery exceptionally unique.

Fun Facts:
She speaks 7 languages
Her favorite ice cream flavor is licorice and pistachio mixed together
Her favorite animal is the Guinea Pig
Her best trick move on the court is the "Sidewinding Shuttlec**k Slamjam"


Potential christmas card to send back to the folks? We think YES!!!


Do YOU have the will to win? Is the FIGHT something you dream about? Are you FLEXIBLE enough for this sport? BADMINTON- is it in you?

[11/04/14]   GOOD AFTERNOON BADMINTON LOVERS! Looking for some ways to exercise your BADNESS in between club events? Here are some ways to stay on top of your skills and prepare for the next meeting:
-Find a friend who sits on the opposite side of class from you, and practice batting small objects between yourselves
-Sleep with your racquet to form that special bond
-Ask your professors if their classes are "shuttlec**k friendly"


Founded on September 26, 2014

Founded on September 26, 2014

lukecouture.wordpress.com 11/02/2014

Badminton is the best sport in the world...

Really thought provoking read- We would encourage everybody who is unsure about badminton to take a look at this fine piece of literature http://lukecouture.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/badminton-is-the-best-sport-in-the-world/

lukecouture.wordpress.com No pictures. No fairytales. Just straight to the point today.I have said it before and I will say it again - Badminton is the BEST sport in the world. I can't even believe how beautiful this game i...


Autumnal spirits are high on the court!! One might say the harvest festival is a "racket"!!!

[11/01/14]   Come down to the quad for the Harvest Festival and play the greatest sport known to man ALSO SIGN UP FOR BADMINTON CLUB MAILING LIST TO HEAR ABOUT MORE EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES TO GET BAD


Occidental Badminton Club



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