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My Son, Craig McCluskey, a supervisory inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service, will be part of a segment this Saturday, May 11th on 48 Hours.
When I got home this morning, I heard a lot of screaming and yelling coming from the apartment near me. I looked out the window and saw a man throwing a backpack out his window and then I heard more screams and slamming. I went to the leasing office and they called security.

On my way back to my apartment, I saw a young black woman, crying and shaking coming down to grab the backpack. I grabbed the backpack and her hand and took her into my apartment.

It took her about 20 minutes to calm down and catch her breath. We chatted a little and I made sure she was calm enough to drive and after an hour she went home (she lived in a different city and was visiting her now ex- boy friend).

All this to say, if I hadn't had my AOSJ training, I might not have felt confidant to grab this girl's hand and be ready to face and angry out of control man. I'm so thankful to have the tools so that I could tell the girl that she was safe, and that no one was going to put their hands on her avian while I was around.Fortunately, there was no more violence, but just in case...
Yet another inspiring class this afternoon on how to go from gunpoint, both from the side and back position. Shootings nowadays are getting more and more common on a ridiculous scale and it is crucial to know how to defend yourself! Once again, thank you Shihan Dai for your great ways of teaching martial arts. It is always an honor being in your class! :)
Great class today! For those who were unable to make it we trained in an active shooter scenario, where Shihan Dai taught us how to approach the situation properly. If it wasn't for this informative class and something like this would have happened in reality (which I hope it never does) I was more than likely to be the victim and be a part of the past. Thank you, Shihan Dai for the valuable lesson on things to think about and how to respond! :)

This program is for beginners to advanced martial arts practitioners seeking to develop or polish li Shihan Dai Vince Cecere has taught close Quarter combat at the John F Kennedy school of Special Warfare at Fort Bragg NC, The US Naval War College and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco GA.

Operating as usual


Congratulations to Savira, Michael, and Jason for achieving their yellow belt certificates!


There's no class tonight, the next class will be Friday night between 7 pm to 9 pm because of Thursday's Thanksgiving.
Have a great week everyone and happy Thanksgiving!


Congratulations to Shihan Cecere for being honored at the Martial Arts History Museum last Sunday. It was quite a thing to see so many martial arts greats all under one roof, gathered to celebrate Shihan. A wonderful day spent with wonderful people.



DRAGONFEST 2017 08/24/2017




*This was originally going to be a 360-degree video, but apparently, neither Facebook or Youtube liked the video format that was shot and spent hours trying to figure it out. This is how it ended up being. Enjoy! :)

Special thanks to Shihan Dai Vince Cecere for making all this possible and to everyone else for attending (including all the Sensei and Sempai)!
Here is a taste of what you missed if were unable to make it. More should hopefully be up soon. :)


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We had the profound honor of marching in the Aloha Burbank parade yesterday. Below are some pictures prior to the festivities. In the red jacket is Lt. Col. Friend, a true national hero.


After saying thank you for the hit Senpai Alyssa said" Now try that again"
so very proud of ELIJAH,&Alyssa, congrats on the test you rocked!


To see such an awesome display of courage when brother Elijah,punched sister Alyssa in the face during test she shook it off said Thankyou


Great GrandMaster Bill Ryusaki passed over today.
His legacy in Kenpo will stand the test of time. GOD BLESS Grandmaster Ryusaki Proud to call you a friend thank you for your inspiration and teachings , we will never forget them.


GreatGrandMaster Bill Ryusaki Has passed he has influenced generations of martial artists, RIP my old friend you truly will be missed. AOSJ 12/05/2016

Martial Arts reflexes are a hidden weapon only to be discovered by the aggressor after its too late!


What do you have inside? Be the best you can be! in a fight whatever is hidden inside will come out ! get trained


The tragedy in Ohio sickens me don't become another statistics easier than you think
get ready


Thinking about the tragedy in Ohio it sickens me,

You don't have to become a victim, if you can lift a pot of coffee, you can defend yourself.
what you don't know can harm you, an aggressor feeds off fear, an aggressor sees it and gets a rush I promise you they look for the weak unknowledgeable one and you are very easy to pick out you don't know ,what you don't know.
Are you willing to put yourself, your family at risk ? it starts by being proactive make the call you don't have to become another statistic get trained it's easier than you think !


First step to empowerment starts with you, make the call get started,
make 2017 the year you regained your power !


There is no greater Love than to teach one to be free ! release fear and doubt
let the warrior out! start today


Everyone have a Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving, my God Protect you and keep you from harm's way enjoy Family time and share the LOVE !


Happy Thanksgiving To all of our AOSJ Family where ever you are in the world wherever you're deployed or posted Remember we are with you!


How to fight a bear hug with one finger [American Old School Jujitsu]

Master Vince Cecere at it again!
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Using strategy and leverage against brute force.


Fort Bragg, NC Army Training Techniques [American Old School Jujitsu]

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Take the eyes first!


Training tonight!!!


AND PRAYS FOR PEACE ! 11/15/2016

A.O.S.Jujitsu (@a_jujitsu) posted a photo on Twitter

"There's nothing outside yourself to enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within." Miyamoto Musashi Get the whole picture - and other photos from A.O.S.Jujitsu


I'm very proud of three students who received promotions this week. Each of you have been dedicated, trained hard and truly earned your new ranks. Shea (brown belt), Guido (purple), Jeremy (Green). Congratulations!


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A.O.S.Jujitsu (@a_jujitsu) | Twitter

Follow us on Twitter The latest Tweets from A.O.S.Jujitsu (@a_jujitsu). American Old School Jujitsu - civilian self defense and elite close quarter combat & arrest and control tactics for military and law enforcement. Los Angeles, CA 08/24/2016

Child Star of Hit Netflix Show Trains Jiu-Jitsu

Congratulations Millie! Millie Bobby Brown, the child actress who plays troubled psychic '11' in the hit TV show Stranger Things, is training jiu-jitsu and just got some stripes on


Training tonight! Make sure you hydrate and be ready to go!


Timeline Photos 08/20/2016

Training Differences: Men and Women | 8fit

Ever wonder why women are more flexible than men? Good new is we can be just as limber guys, if we make the effort. It’s no secret that men and women are vastly different creatures; ask anyone. We generally think of this in terms of personality and preferences. However, they also differ in the ways they should approach training for fitness. Different Fitness Goals It is impossible to make complete judgments based... 08/19/2016

Helen Maroulis beats Japanese legend for first gold in U.S. women’s wrestling history

Congratulations Team USA! The Rockville native upset the woman widely considered to be the greatest female wrestler of all time. 08/13/2016

SC Featured: Carry On - ESPN Video

So, you're a wrestler with no legs. How do you get to practice? Leroy Sutton rode on the back of his blind teammate. No legs and the other blind yet still they still trained in their martial art. Now what's your excuse for not being on the mat? SC Featured revisits the story of Dartanyon Crockett, Leroy Sutton and former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn, who formed an unlikely family and altered the course of each other's lives.

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