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Rob Dyrdek talked to our student leader s about the importance of designing your life and being intentional with your time. He spends equal amounts of time sleeping, working and with family! He also used the term "energy hunter." Keep searching for what gives you energy! Great lessons from a great man. Interested in supporting young change makers? Message me! #studentleadership #youth #zenmaster #changemakers @robdyrdek


The Dadbod Diaries: You gotta try and get in a few reps whenever you can! Working, parenting, husbanding, saving the world, the list goes on. Mini workouts are better than nothing. Not a lot better, but better! Set a small goal you know you can achieve and make it apart of your dad's to dos. #dadbod #parenting #reps #keepmovingforward


Happy Earth Day! I just love being out in nature. I started the day hiking up @griffithobservatory and will finish it in nature too. So #grateful for the great outdoors. We only have one planet to live on, last time I checked💡 Let's lead environmentally conscious lives and leave a legacy of leaves for our youth! #leaves #trees #earth #earthday #legacy #youth #leadership
#legacyyouthleadership @legacyyouthleadership @thirstproject

Happy Earth Day! I just love being out in nature. I started the day hiking up @griffithobservatory and will finish it in nature too. So #grateful for the great outdoors. We only have one planet to live on, last time I checked💡 Let's lead environmentally conscious lives and leave a legacy of leaves for our youth! #leaves #trees #earth #earthday #legacy #youth #leadership
#legacyyouthleadership @legacyyouthleadership @thirstproject

30-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout 03/27/2021

30-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout

This guy has great moves, great energy and a great sense of humor! Reminds me of someone I know.

30-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout Get ready to get breathless with this HIIT workout from group fitness instructor Raneir Pollard. This session includes exercises like plank with shoulder tap...


Get down to @methimatabarla and grab a World Water Week 🍸. For every one of their custom WWW drinks sold they are donating $1 to @thirstproject ! That's clean 💦 for two people for a year! Cheers to that!
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Surprise🥳 Zoe Saldana will be joining us TODAY at our World Water Day Concert Telethon!!🗣💙 Click the link to register for your FREE ticket! SEE YOU THERE! 🤩💦 #WWD2021 #WorldWaterDay #Water #Telethon @zoesaldana

Link in my bio!

Surprise🥳 Zoe Saldana will be joining us TODAY at our World Water Day Concert Telethon!!🗣💙 Click the link to register for your FREE ticket! SEE YOU THERE! 🤩💦 #WWD2021 #WorldWaterDay #Water #Telethon @zoesaldana

Link in my bio!


Legacy Youth Leadership is building a socially conscious generation of young leaders. The world water crisis is a cause we are mobilizing our students to end. Tomorrow, join our partner @thirstproject in their FREE Virtual Concert Telethon! Click the link to register today & click the share button to help us spread the word!💙💦 Link is in my bio! #worldwaterday #thirstproject
@legacyyouthleadership #changemakers #leaders #youth #legacy


Coach Kiwi Quotes: "Sweat more, stress less."


You're gonna have "bad" days. But, don't let a bad day turn into a bad week. Put the past behind you. Bounce back. Thanks for the motivation @gunzandmoses ! #dadjokes #passion #workout #motivation #coachkiwi


News flash: your brain is part of your body. That's why exercise is so important to your mental health. If you're a parent, make it a priority to make exercise a part of your self care regime. Not only will you model healthy behavior, you'll also put yourself in a better place mentally. #dadbod #lifecoach #selfcare #model #kids #leadbyexample #youdeserveit


Take this 3 minute challenge, thrown at me by @gunzandmoses at the end of our circuit. 2 mins of push ups followed by 1 minute of mountain climbers. Talk about intense. Who is pushing you forward in your life and workouts? #lovechallenges #pushups #climbeverymountain #intense #graceandgrit #coach


It's tough finding the time to workout as a parent. But it's all about your perspective. You have a little personal trainer right there in front of you! Is there any bigger motivation to stay active? #parenting #move #motivation


PSA: Drink more water. Simple steps and choices like drinking more water is the key to lasting change and transformation. You don't have to be an extremist. Make a conscious choice and take an easy healthy step today. #psa #hydrate #transformation #simple


It's easier said than done, but I really think it's the trick to enjoying the ride of life. There's always going to be bumps in the road, but your experience can be changed with what attitude you decide to adopt. #leanin #motivationalquotes #lifequotes 01/08/2021

‘I’ve Been Selfish And Arrogant, And I Apologize,’ Says Content, Mentally Healthy Trump Minutes After Social Media Ban

The Onion, never fails to make me laugh. When you need brightness in your day, turn to your favorite comics to lift you up. WASHINGTON—Projecting a calm, measured assurance as he reflected on his personal shortcomings, a content and mentally sound President Trump told reporters just minutes after his ban from social media Thursday that he had been “selfish and arrogant,” and he apologized unconditionally for his be...


Take That First Step And Move Forward

Your challenge for today: Move for 30 minutes. Let's take that first step in your fitness journey and move towards your best self in 2021!


Robin Hall - Master Trainer and Life Coach's cover photo


Robin Hall - Master Trainer and Life Coach's cover photo 01/02/2021

Golden Rules of Goal Setting: Five Rules to Set Yourself Up for Success

Hey folks, this is a short read. SMART goals, I've always loved that acronym. Whether you like new years resolutions or not, don't you love the optimism that comes with a New Year? Find out how to set goals with confidence, so that you can make the most of these opportunities. 12/26/2020

Carrot Patties

I have a bunch of carrots to use today. I'm a sucker for a patty. Let's go! Just like potato pancakes only shredded carrots star in this one. Eggs, flour, breadcrumbs and garlic surround and bind the carrot together. They cook up crusty and golden and are so good with homemade applesauce.


Happy Holidays!


Simple Tips: Don't try and do a 180 when making healthy transformations. Try a simple change like making a main meal a salad. #babysteps #kiwitrainer #lifecoach #healthyfood #personaltrainer #asaladaday


Post Ironman Pic! I'd always wanted to do one, so, I did! If you get out of your head, and into your heart, reality is a lot less scary. It really doesn’t matter how old you are when you make the decision to gett on the self-help wagon. It is always the right time to start doing the right thing for yourself. I mean, if not now, when? What are your personal training and lifestyle goals? What motivation techniques and tools are you using navigate these difficult times? #kiwitrainer #personaltrainer #lifecoach #ironman #selfhelp


The Big Kid Diaries: An Introduction To An Introduction, To An Introduction.

I don't know why I liked the idea of being a life coach. I was flirting with the idea and, as you can descern from this following attempt at an introduction to a life coaching book, I felt a bit insecure. I was and am still searching for answers. I recently discovered, from an enlightened therapist, that I really am not that positive and also not really in touch with my feelings. I feel like I'm more of an artist than anything. Whatever that means. But I do want to share these experiences with you all, whoever you are. So, as means of an introduction, here is an introduction I wrote over a decade when I thought about first writing a self-help book. The thing is, like I said, it is more of an intention than anything else. I wanted to be positive and in touch with my feelings. So, for what it is worth...

An Introduction To A Book I Never Wrote:

Hi I am Robin Hall, master trainer, athlete, rockstar, comedian and coach of this thing we call life.

I am a self-proclaimed “enlightened narcissist”. What does that mean? Well I am into self-development in a big way, I love wrestling with my ego, my dysfunctional brain and can be rather self-absorbed at times yet I seek to use my shortcomings and vanity to help others in their journey towards a happier and healthy life. My mind may be rusty but I have a heart of gold (pure golden cheese that is). But believe me, I’m into me as a ways of helping you. I help me, to help you.

You may ask, what qualifications does this Robin Hall possess to consider himself a Life-Coach? That title is almost pretentious isn’t it? I mean, what gives someone the chutzpah to consider themselves to have got the grip of life so adeptly that they can have the gall to coach others about this great mystery we are born into?

Well, I am alive, surviving and moving towards thriving, and I have learnt, that's right learnt to be relatively happy and somethwhat healthy and I'm a pretty darn good coach if I may say so myself. I am in fact a natural coach. Coaching is in my genetics. I have coached all my life, first as a personal trainer and now helping people deal with their stress and inner demons. I teach from personal experience and share practical wisdom that has really worked for me and for my clients.

I love encouraging, empowering, infusing serious situations with a sense of humor and my hope is, I can do this for you with my simple wisdom that I’ve picked up over the years and through my genuine sense that helping people and lifting up others is really a joy. I’m the gift that loves giving. Also, I am corny as hell. You have been warned.

Being a life-coach isn’t about being perfect, it's the ability to communicate and help people to unravel the answers which they have within them, to help them make decisions that move them towards their most rewarding and fulfilling existence.

That is what my book is all about; and my hope is that by the end of the stories, tips and exercises you will come away with some ideas and distinctions that move you closer to a happier, healthier quality of life lived with more of an open mind and heart. I also like alliteration. I know, I’m basic.

Take what resonates with you away, and discard the rest. I want you to fulfill your potential and thrive. Although this really is all about me, please my hope is that some of my conciet may be contagious and you can take this collection of self-obsessed rants and make them all about you. But, I admit freely, it’s more about me. You’re welcome.

If this book takes you closer to a sense of peace and happiness, I will consider my job done. O.K, even if you are mildly amused, I’ll be satisfied.

I like to think I have no real ego since I became gloriously enlightened after listening to almost the entire half of the Eckhart Tolle audio book, “The New Earth”. It helped snap me out of being such an egotistical construct and got me back to where I, the real me shines, back to that big, warm fuzzy heart at the center of my being. However, I'm not enlightened so there is a sense of insecurity about preaching to others as, I am still very much a work in progress. What can I say, I get the jist of an idea, and I think I’ve solved the meaning of life. It’s a gift and a curse.

I am essentially an ordinary nice chap who likes to think I hav a lot of love to give. I know my childish optimism can be nauseating. But I hope I warned you already, I am some tangy, cheddar cheese. Also, somewhat delusional.

Well, as I like to say, “Cheese makes life tastier!” You can quote me on that. You may find all of my rants a tad saccharine and corny, that really is a part of me though and please forgive my at times lofty rhetoric; it comes from a cluelless place, my idiotic desire to lift you and inspire you!

But seriously, why should you have faith in me and my ability to help you change and transform? I have been working as a personal trainer and health coach for many, many years now and as I have worked with clients initially just with physical training, it always became quickly more than just about the physical goals that my clients were working on. As I worked with a wide variety of clients, the personal training quickly and consistently became more about their inner life, the stress at work, the question of their true identity and dealing with their innermost fears and insecurities. Personal training became literally a training of their most personal challenges.

I found that I was able to support them and offer them practical advice that had worked for me. Through the years my search for self had given me tools taking me out of a narcissistic, depressed state of mind into a slightly more secure, happy, relaxed and more authentic chap that I am today. I quite simply love giving people advice and sharing what has worked and that has led me to my somewhat enlightened state of peace and happiness I enjoy on a daily basis. Like I said, I’m delusional.

Life coaching was a natural progression for me, self-development has always been central to my identity and the more I began to speak into the lives of friends and clients as a life coach, as I encouraged them to deal with their personal challenges in a healthy and positive fashion, it became glaringly obvious that I had a calling in helping people make insights into their own lives and make real changes that gave them significant results in living a healthier life whilst also encouraging them to attain their highest career ambitions. You see, if I do say so myself, my unparalleled depth and effortless spirituality is infectious. You have been warned. I will enlighten you, even if it is just by a few shades. Maybe not.

I may at times seem so much deeper and charismatic than the average human being, but rest assured, I have my feet on the ground and I’m rooting for you, human to human. Well, technically.

Did I mention I love a bit of sarcasm? If you think I may be adopting a rather exaggerated persona, I most probably am. My sense of humor is one of my greatest personal character traits. I love laughing, I love people that make me laugh, I love laughing at myself and embarrassingly even at my own jokes. Somebody has to. If ever you think I may be sounding arrogant and obnoxious, you know that is impossible, remember, I’m a spiritual, super-sensitive, new age guy. I hope you excuse me from anything offensive or juvenile. That will cover the majority of my material.

I say I love making “little breakthroughs” because in my wise old age, that is how I describe the experience of self-development. In my younger days filled with an even more pronounced delusional ego and a desire for world domination. I was always looking for the ultimate answer, one big solution. But now, for me, little discoveries that move me closer to being more honest with myself, more complete as a person and which lift me to fulfill more of my potential are what I find most real and valuable. It really is about baby steps. Emphasis on baby.

It really doesn’t matter how old you are getting on the self-help wagon. It is always the right time to start doing the right thing for yourself. Time, by the way, means nothing to me anymore; another benefit of-self professed entry level of enlightenment, though this aspect of my enlightenment has not been deeply appreciated by my clients as an excuse for occasional tardiness.

So, timelessness, enlightenment aside, I want you to understand that despite my obvious spiritual superiority I am still very human. That may surprise you as you read the text and have your minds blown by ideas with so much depth it seems to emanate from an alien source but really, I still suffer bouts of anxiety, depression, OCD and ADD, from self-doubt and I was even in a bad mood for 30 dark minutes last month.

I hope you enjoy this happiness book and I hope to encourage you to change, grow and thrive as you read and participate in the simple exercises and indeed, as you continue your wonderful journey of self-discovery and live your unique, precious life. I am there to help you change, grow and thrive every step of the way. That’s what I tell myself anyways.



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Take That First Step And Move Forward