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Lily Garcia Carlos Garcia when you guys come we should go here
Hello - is there a contact for who I can speak to about having an event here? Let me know at your earliest convenience.
Want to go there for my son's 16th b'day. Any recommendations as to what we should do there as a first timer... as in, what activities should we be doing that I don't leave there regretting not doing. THANKS
Do we need to buy the "3 Ring Special" ahead of time, or can it be bought in person?
Greg Thomas
Two Bit Circus on TBN with Mike Rowe / "Somebody's Gotta' Do It" :D
I've been wondering when I would see something like this come on the scene. Many years ago I was board on a rainy Seattle evening. Sitting in my Volks Rabbit waiting for another order to be called in for waiters on wheels. I wondered what people do on these nights if not working because their softball game was rained out. They do things indoors, raquetball, pinball games at arcades and indoor batting cages. I thought, why not put it all in one room? Paint cool graphics on walls, wire in touch pads and switches connected to lights and sounds etc. like pinball. Then give a person a bat or raquet and let them hit a ball coming from a pitching machine, toss a ball up and hit it or not it off a few and call it FLASHBALL. The person is the human flipper in a pinball game. I have presented this idea to electrical engineer in Seattle employed at Boeing. He said, $100,000.00. Described it to online company who asked are you and your wife on same page. She didn't trust online activity. This was in1992. Sooo, here it is 2019 and you all seem to think like me. I worked at a group home while incollege. They had a gym where I wired a switch on two hinged pieces of plywood. Ran a wire to a light, walked a cross the room tossed up a softball, hit it, it hit the plywood and the light flashed. Wire this to a score board and kids can compete and learn to place hit. 1 (812)895-0413 Vincennes IN 47591 Daniel and Linda BURKHARDT 3404 North Broady Drive. Thanks
Hey there "The Magic And Mayhem Show" Fans! Our next show at Two Bit Circus is Thursday May 16th. Get special ticket deals and packages for the show during our 48 HOUR PRE-SALE Pre-sale tickets start TOMORROW (Wed.) at 9:00 AM sharp. Visit our website for tickets and info.
Was the Game of Thrones premiere thing cancelled?
Matthew this is it

We’re the world’s first Micro-Amusement Park™ now open in DTLA Arts District. Bringing people together through new forms of entertainment: Arcade • VR • Food • Bar • Unique Shows *See our website for up-to-date open hours*

Two Bit Circus is an experiential entertainment company building a network of micro-amusement parks. These 35k-50k square foot entertainment complexes are a new platform to showcase the future of fun and bring people together through VR, escape rooms, re-imagined arcade games, immersive theater, and other new forms of entertainment. The venues are a launchpad for new technologies and branded content and serve as an anchor tenant to drive customers and traffic to urban centers and malls. Two Bit Circus has a long history of working with brands to help tell their story through public attractions and spectacle. Some highlights include VR action sports content for the NFL, NBA, and Indy; major entertainment activations at the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and All Star Games; and even a cloud that rains tequila. The first micro-amusement park opens in Downtown LA in 2018. Learn more at @TwoBitCircus and

Operating as usual

It's the most wonderful time of the year, that's right it's time for Two Bit Circus REMOTE: Holiday Edition! Test your knowledge from all sorts of holiday pop culture. We have 2 editions to run through this month!

Also join us in saying goodbye to this dumpster fire of a year with our NYE show on 12/31!

Two Bit Circus REMOTE

Set your light sabres to stun as we hitchhike across the galaxy through the dunes of Two Bit Circus REMOTE: Sci-Fi Edition! Test your knowledge from all your favorite science fiction books, TV shows, & movies.

It's a historical week and this week's Two Bit Circus REMOTE be history themed! Test your knowledge of weird, whacky, and random history.

Once again, this week's show is FREE, that's right, just sign up below and join us.

Thanks to all of you that continue to join our weekly play-from-home live game show, Two Bit Circus REMOTE! We're doing it again this week and we're introducing weekly themes. Here’s the line up for the next month. Sign up here:

Two Bit Circus REMOTE Themes

Due to popular demand, we've expanded our Two Bit Circus REMOTE program to feature new themes including Birthdays, Halloween, and Holidays! That's right, our play-from-home game can be booked for any of these upcoming occasions. *REMOTE Pumpkin Spice is not available. Click here to find out more:

Two Bit Circus REMOTE

Join us every Thursday for Two Bit Circus REMOTE, our LIVE play-from-home game show! Invite your friends!

These two look familiar 🧐. Check out our cameo on High Score on Netflix!

We're back this Saturday and next week with more editions of Fun in Exile. Compete from home alongside special guests & Drew Scott. Sign up here:

What do this week’s special guests NBA Superstar Baron Davis and IndyCar All Star J.R. Hildebrand do when they can’t do sportsing? That’s right, they answer ridiculous trivia questions. Play from home, and some lucky competitors will face-off against our panelists live on Zoom. Help us dribble the puck up the court... or something like that. Signup here:

Two Bit Circus is still in hibernation, friends. But we don't want you to forget what winning feels like. We're excited to launch Two Bit Circus: Remote! Find out more here:

Starting Wednesday 3/18 at 10am PST, we will be live-streaming hands-on, making activities that families can do together while schools are closed. Please enter your email at this link:

& we’ll share additional details.

Tune in at


Undo! Yesterday we told you we were open. Today – based on the rapidly evolving situation – we’re closing, at least until March 31. We’ve learned that even people without symptoms may be contagious so we’ve decided that thermal cameras, hand sanitizer showers, and hoop skirts aren’t enough to keep our guests healthy.

There’s still good, clean fun to be had (with freshly washed hands). Here are some things you can do at home to recreate the Two Bit Circus experience:
Make a cardboard arcade of your own. That 72-pack of toilet paper you bought from a scalper came in a box just the right size to make a brilliant carnival game for the whole family.

Create your own escape room! “Escape from Quarantine” is maybe a bit too on-the-nose, but use your judgement.
If you have a VR headset of your own, this random YouTube VR video will remind you what it’s like to be elbow-to-elbow with strangers outside -- if you don’t have a VR headset of your own, then duct-tape your phone to the brim of your hat.
Get the gang together for drinks over Skype. The recipe for a Quarantini is… the same as a Martini, except you drink it alone.

Play a board game. Sing a song. Play D&D. Talk about the things you love with the people you love. We may all be stuck inside, but we don’t have to lose touch with the human side of all of this.

We’re still a community. Playing from home is how we can take care of each other right now. Our team will keep working on fun ways to entertain you during this time at home and for when we come out the other side.

Two Bit Circus Is Open

By now, you've probably heard of COVID-19, which the World Health Organization recently designated a global pandemic. If this is the first you're hearing about it, then maybe it’s time to evaluate your trusted source for news.

For the rest of you... here are the steps we're taking to keep everyone safe and happy. A little tongue-in-cheek, because nothing else can touch your cheek nowadays.

Park Entry: We have implemented a thermal camera at the park entrance that will check temperatures of our employees and guests. Anyone with a deviation from normal temperatures will kindly be asked to return home. We are following the executive orders from the Governor of California limiting groups to 250. That means we will be limiting our park capacity. So if you really want to come out and play Space Squad without any lines, now is your chance.

Home Games: If you’re NOT feeling well and/or are in quarantine, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite games for you and your homebound friends.

Live Stream Hands-On Activities: Starting Wednesday 3/18 at 10am PST, Two Bit Circus Foundation will be live-streaming hands-on making activities that families can do together while schools are closed. Please enter your email here and we’ll share additional details. Tune in at

Cleaning and Sanitation: Like many businesses, ours has "surfaces," which we're keeping clean. We are well practiced at it: let's just say our guests get ketchup in the strangest places. We're stepping up the cleanliness even more. If you're touching it, we're wiping it. But you can wipe it yourself if you want to take personal control. We've got wipe stands throughout the park, like the ones at the grocery store for wiping your cart that you always dismissed until last week.

Our mission is to bring people together to play, eat, drink, and generally experience life at its highest resolution. That mission remains true today and even though it may look a little different, we are still here to take you to other worlds, or to train you to perform surgery on a puppet. Two Bit Circus is still a place where you can have a good time with friends, old and new, bathed head-to-toe in hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

We are thrilled to announce that Two Bit Circus has made Fast Company's 2020 list of most innovative companies! We are so thankful to our passionate team and the enormous effort they marshaled to pull off our Micro-Amusement Park!

Life’s too short to not eat delicious burgers topped with Mac-n-Cheese patties. It’s lunch time, and we’re hungry so we thought we’d also make you hungry. Sorry, not sorry. Come try our newest 2BC Burger! 🍔 🤤🤤

*Vegan options available!

Wow we had SO much fun at our February Beta Night. Thank you all who came out and had a blast with us, and a huge thank you to the talented developers who brought their new games in for the public to test for free!

👀 👀 so when’s the next Beta Night? APRIL 7th - you’ve heard it here first! It’s sports themed ⚾️ - so you don’t want to miss it! 💥


Parties & Events - Two Bit Circus

Looking to plan an event? Whether it’s your company happy hour, Bar Mitzvah, dogs birthday party (we are in LA), or just because you feel like throwing yourself a party because you deserve it, Two Bit Circus has the event space you need for a night you and your guests will never forget! Nobody forgets the party thrown at our Robot Circus, just saying.

Click here for more info:

Just five more minutes (you said that three hours ago). 🎮 Anybody else lose track of time while gaming & suddenly it’s 1 in the morning? Well good thing we’re open until 1:30am on the weekends 😛

Hours when you should come game with us:
Tuesday - Thursday: 6PM–12AM
Friday: 6PM–1:30AM
Saturday: 1PM–1:30AM
Sunday: 1PM - 11PM

Is this how badly some of you want to come to Two Bit Circus?! 🚔 😂🚨 0/10 recommend a police chase. 10/10 recommend our tater tots though.

New 8-Player Free Roam VR Game at Two Bit Circus!

Huge news. Oddball has just made its North American debut at Two Bit Circus. We are the ONLY place you can play this 8-Player Free Roam VR game in North America, and this is only the second of its kind in the world! 🤯 Are you stoked, because we are stoked! You can only book this in-park starting tomorrow, so grab your friends & we’ll see you then! 😆 🤖

New Club01 Show at Two Bit Circus!


Join us for a twisted (sister) evening of 80’s rock trivia, air guitar battles, drinkin’, drawin’, and swearin’. Sing along to the music and laugh with your friends as your host, the washed up 80’s rock super fan, Dale, takes you on a journey through pop, hair bands, metal, and oh so much more. Relive some of the best music of the 80’s with this high-energy experience that is perfect for large groups, parties, Whitesnake reunions, or just any kind of drunken late-night shenanigans. Every Saturday at 10pm!

Get your tickets here:

If you're interested in being part of our audience, you should know this is an 18+ raunchy rock n' roll game show and you should be ready for some swearin' and lewdness. If this still sounds up your alley, sign up for some thrashin' action right here.

This is no ordinary circus. Our tech-infused Big Top is a whole new world of interactive entertainment best experienced with friends. Free to enter, pay to play. Welcome to the future! 🤖🎪 🎮

Learn more here:

This is no ordinary circus. Our tech-infused Big Top is a whole new world of interactive entertainment best experienced with friends. Free to enter, pay to play. Welcome to the future! 🤖🎪 🎮

If your friend asks you to hold their margarita and they put their VR headset on, are they basically offering you half of their drink? Idk, we’ll let you guys work it out. Happy National Margarita Day! 🍹

Come to Two Bit Circus tonight for an ice cold margarita and VR fun. When it comes to margs, the answer is always yes.

We see you guys getting down with all of our carnival funhouse mirrors. 🕺Here’s what you see vs. what the mirror sees. You’re welcome.

A day in the life at Two Bit Circus 🤖 🎪 | repost: @bylisalinh

What is it you need to get through this hump day? Might it be Healing Crystals? Mom’s Spaghetti? Perhaps Unicorn Blood? We got it right here for you at Two Bit Circus. 🏥 🤖 Tag the friends who you think need a mid-week pick-me-up. 🥳

Then head to our website to pre-book our hilarious story room, Dr. Botcher’s Minute Medical School.

Prod, poke, and slice your way to a promising career as a freelance surgeon. Surgery is a great weekend hobby!

Unicycles > Scooters

Valentine's Day at Two Bit Circus!

From the Circus to you, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re like everyone else in Los Angeles who plans everything last minute, it’s not too late to book our Valentine’s Day Package for 2!

Pre-Book here: ❣️

Drink happy thoughts because it’s our FAVORITE time of the day! $6 Bar Bytes, Beer, & Drinks starting now until 9pm! Hint: everybody loves the friend that texts the group chat, “Happy Hour tn?” We want this for you.

We have happy hour every Tuesday - Friday 6-9pm. 🍔 🍹 Not to mention midweek deals & shorter lines on gameplay. Come hang with us at the Circus!

It’s 2020. Up-level your Valentine’s Day plans, come to the circus, & challenge your sweetheart to competitive arcade games. Winning bragging rights over fun circus cocktails beats any boring dinner anyways. 🤖 🎪

Book our specially curated V-Day package designed for 2 through the link in our bio!

A cloud that rains tequila? Mom’s Spaghetti healing a puppet? Interactive theater where you don’t just see the show, you are the show? On this day, we’d like to celebrate the team behind Two Bit Circus’s 38k square foot space of technology and creativity! Our team members work hard every day to blur the lines between physical and digital playgrounds to create new forms of social amusement to put into our park.

+ A special thank you to all of the inventors out there (big and small) breaking through the norm! 👏🏼

‘Tis the season of love! Come check out our themed Romance Novel photo booth while it’s here. Dare we say, DO IT FOR THE GRAM.

National Pizza Day at Two Bit Circus!

All we want is a Valentine with extra cheese and pepperoni. Am I right?! It’s National Pizza Day everyone. 🍕 (as if this isn’t every day of our lives, but today is an excuse to come to Two Bit Circus and eat double... with zero-judgement). As depicted here, life is full of tough decisions, so hold onto your Valentine 🍕 and never let it go.

*NEW* Limited Time Winter Cocktails at Two Bit Circus! Yes, we know we blissfully live in Los Angeles where the sun is always shining, but can we all agree it’s been a bit cold lately?! So here’s our excuse to make you delicious winter-themed drinks. Come try them before we get excited about our next round of seasonal cocktails! 🍸🥂

Our Story

Ever wanted to be served a cocktail made by a robot, dabble in virtual reality or get lost in the story of an escape room? Now you can, and all under one roof! Two Bit Circus is designed to bring people closer together with elbow-to-elbow experiences that is sure to be fun for all ages!

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