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blog.unbookedappointments.com 10/26/2015

These Tips Will Help You Travel The World!

blog.unbookedappointments.com There are all sorts of clever ways to travel to exotic locations without breaking the bank. It just takes a little elbow grease and some brilliant travel hacks. Check out these 6 savings tips! 1. Book accommodation using AirBnB. AirBnB allows locals to rent out their homes/rooms to anyone who is a…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 10/09/2015

Best Apps for Moms

blog.unbookedappointments.com Many parents spend their free moments checking their cell phones to decompress from the stresses of parenthood. Browsing Facebook and Instagram feels luxurious, but there are moments when one feels a tiny bit guilty for looking at the latest updates on one’s newsfeed. Chatting with new parents…


Pumpkin Carving Party!

blog.unbookedappointments.com Halloween is just around the corner! To get your children and their friends even more riled up for October 31st, throw a pumpkin carving party. Kids love any excuse to celebrate, play, and spend time with their friends, and this activity is a great way to get to know your children’s friends and…


Winter trips

blog.unbookedappointments.com Travel plans usually occur in the summer when children are on school vacation and parents want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. While the warm weather often encourages families to undertake adventures abroad, hotel rooms and airfare are often extremely expensive. Winter…


Fall Fun!

blog.unbookedappointments.com It is officially fall, and while our trees do not undergo a wardrobe change, we can still enjoy the season. Orange and Los Angeles counties are sprouting with fun fall activities, and I found the most exciting upcoming events. Rise of the Jack-O’-Lanterns From now until November 1st, Descanso…


All About Seeds

blog.unbookedappointments.com A quick glance around Trader Joe’s confirms that the new super foods are seeds, specifically flaxseed and chia seeds. From breads to beverages, these seeds are everywhere. While they may not look appetizing, these seeds are packed with nutrients that may prevent diseases. Why are these seeds so…


When Should You See a Chiropractor?

blog.unbookedappointments.com If you tweaked your body recently, you may be in need of a chiropractor. Before you head off to get a chiropractic adjustment, you may want to determine whether you actually need to see a chiropractor. Pain Location The location of your pain helps determine whether you should see a medical doctor…


Tip to improve sleep

blog.unbookedappointments.com One of the most common complaints people have is poor sleep quality. With work stress, their sleep quality has decreased in recent months. I have tried several techniques over the years to improve sleep, and a friend shared one that finally works! Deep breathing seems to be a cure for many…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 09/24/2015

What is cardio kickboxing?

blog.unbookedappointments.com With so many types of exercise classes available, it’s often difficult to keep up with every new addition. One of the most popular types of exercise is cardio kickboxing. If you are thinking about signing up for a high-energy workout, cardio kickboxing is definitely for you. So, what is cardio…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 09/22/2015

5 Creative Ways That People Are Saving BIG At Home.

blog.unbookedappointments.com I’m a big fan of my little woman-cave. Sure, it doesn’t always have matching towels or dishware…. But it’s comfortable and it’s a space that I love being in. I heard a quote once that said “Home should be the treasure chest of living.” I loved this for so many reasons. On one hand, it [...]


blog.unbookedappointments.com 09/18/2015

A 4-Step Guide To Crushing Your Finances

blog.unbookedappointments.com The post A 4-Step Guide To Crushing Your Finances appeared first on UnBOOKed Appointments.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

blog.unbookedappointments.com Over the summer, I baked lots of treats with my niece and nephew. Baking with children is fun and educational, and it exposes them to different utensils, words, and foods. Since we have a long weekend coming up, I have been gathering ideas for ways to keep my niece and nephew entertained. I decided…


Traveling with kids

blog.unbookedappointments.com When you hop on an airplane with your kids, do you ever experience acute anxiety? Will they spend the entire flight crying? How often will they kick the seat in front of them? Will they suddenly decide that they are no longer interested in their iPads and would rather roam the aisle and make…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 09/04/2015

Old Towne Orange Shops

blog.unbookedappointments.com My favorite place to pass a few hours is Old Towne Orange. The streets are lined with charming vintage shops selling all sorts of neat items. Friends have often said that they feel overwhelmed when they visit, because they do not know which shops are worth visiting. I have visited almost every shop…


Los Angeles Fun

blog.unbookedappointments.com Now that your kids are back in school, consider treating them with a weekend getaway to Los Angeles! When you have some free time in the next couple of months, consider take your children to Los Angeles so that they can have fun exploring and experiencing a bit of culture and variety. LA Zoo The…


Girls’ night desserts

blog.unbookedappointments.com What do you have planned for this weekend? I am spending some time with a few of my girlfriends and have invited them over to discuss a book that we have all been reading. Whenever I invite my friends to my home, I always make a new dessert and ask my friends to help make [...]

The post Girls’…


Fruit infused water

blog.unbookedappointments.com I drink at least one gallon of water each day. The crisp, clean taste always brightens my day, and I feel parched if I do not have a sip of water every thirty minutes. While I can have endless cups of plain water, I know several people who want something a bit more flavorful. I [...]

The post…


Best (south) Orange County Restaurants

blog.unbookedappointments.com Orange County is best known for sunshine and surf, but its culinary scene has exploded in recent years, drawing foodies away from Los Angeles. While fish tacos are still a staple near the beach, complex flavors and sophisticated dishes dot menus along the Orange County coastline. Why drive all the…


Back-to-school activities

blog.unbookedappointments.com Kids have been in school for several weeks and have finally settled into a routine. To keep your kids excited about the new school year, plan a few fun activities that will help them make friends and show teachers their appreciation. The following two activities are the ones that my niece and…


5 Uses For Coconut Oil

blog.unbookedappointments.com Coconut oil is on everyone’s minds these days, and its multiple uses are the talk of the town. After testing out tens of applications, we have narrowed down the extensive list of its versatility to the top five uses for this wonder product. 1. Cooking, of course! For any recipe that requires…


Popsicle Fun!

blog.unbookedappointments.com Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the AC is so delightful. And since we’ve got no place to go, let’s make some popsicles! Make some popsicles! Make some popsicles! That rhyme didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but neither did our fun beach plans. We are afraid of burning to a crisp, so…


The Yummiest Cookies You’ll Make This Week

blog.unbookedappointments.com A warm oven and a cookie-scented cloudy kitchen are two signs that we are celebrating someone’s special day. We do not often indulge in eating the cookies, but when we do, it is because we made one of the following three recipes. Note: We usually substitute and lessen the amount of sugar and butter…


Unique Birthday Party Themes

blog.unbookedappointments.com A new school year has arrived and soon mailboxes will be inundated with party invitations to celebrate the birthdays of your child’s classmates. With each new invitation, the party theme list for your own child’s birthday dwindles and becomes more generic. The pressure is on to satisfy your child’s…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 08/04/2015

2 Water Saving Tips

blog.unbookedappointments.com We Californians know the pressure of finding ways to save water. We all know the standard tip of turning off water while you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers, but these 2 little known tips have kept our plants and lawn looking lovely even on the driest days. Fruit and Vegetable Water…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 07/17/2015

3 Ways to Look Good & Save Money

blog.unbookedappointments.com Just because you want to stay in style and keep up with trends, it doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. You can look amazing and save money in the process. Gel Nail Polish Going to a nail salon is an investment. You not only have to spend a couple of hours getting [...]

The post 3 Ways…


Xamaze Tutoring

blog.unbookedappointments.com Many students are prepping for the SATs and ACT during the summer, and Xamaze Tutoring has every student covered. UnBOOKed Appointments understands the stress that accompanies school. We know the importance colleges places on receiving high test scores, so we are thrilled to partner with Xamaze…


OC Zoo Annouces Its Newest Arrival: A Bear!

blog.unbookedappointments.com If you are in Orange County, you’ll love OC Zoo’s big announcement: They have a new bear! Orange County Zoo, a hidden gem in Irvine, has announced that a new female bear will join its merry band of animals on Saturday, July 25! Meet Elinor Elinor, Orange County’s newest resident, is just over a…

blog.unbookedappointments.com 07/13/2015

3 Bridal Shower Gifts

blog.unbookedappointments.com We are knee-deep in wedding season, so you might be running out of ideas for unique bridal shower gifts. Never fear! UnBOOKed has you covered with these 3 unique gifts. Spa Day Purchase a massage or a facial for the bride-to-be, and she’ll love having a relaxing spa day before her wedding. You can…


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