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Another successful Health & Wellness Fair is in the books. Huge thank you to all the vendors that donated raffle prizes to our employees and to the GBA team for participating in the sessions.

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At Banc of California, we partner with wellness industry experts and local health professionals monthly.

In dedication to whole-person health, this month we are overcoming procrastination with Marino Wellness, practicing sun and skin safety with St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group dermatology, perfecting our ergonomic work station set up with CNA, dissecting our diet with Lauren Rashap at Lauren Living Healthy, meditating with Mysoulsanity, and managing our Cigna Flexible Spending accounts.

At Banc of California, we are proud to partner in wellness with health professionals and like-minded vendors. This month our well-being focus is on social health and boundaries with Dr. Robin Berman and Dr. Catherine Birndorf, healthy eating on a budget with Marino Wellness, and employee healthy rewards with Cigna.

Dr. Berman:
Dr. Catherine Birndorf:

Taking care of YOU and your mental health is a critical part of your overall well-being. This month our company continues to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace. In partnership with Marino Wellness, we’ll be offering employees virtual seminars designed to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. How do you take care of your mental health and self-care?
At Banc of California, we address health and well-being from an array of angles through our Wellness Program. We partner with esteemed wellness organizations and professionals to bring innovation and inspiration to our employees. This month we are proud to promote physical health with our Walker Tracker challenge, emotional health with Mysoulsanity meditations, environmental health with Marino Wellness essential oil diffusing, and ergonomic health with chiropractor Dr. Josh Drake.

Banc of California’s Weeks of Wellness are aimed toward promoting wellness and self-care in a fun, approachable, and bite-sized way. Thanks to our incredible partners from Megan Insurance, Cigna Healthcare and our onsite Well-Being Coordinator, Natalie Drake for two weeks of activities designed to help bring our employees closer together and connect on a whole new level of wellness. A special round of applause to Marino Wellness, Walker Tracker, Connect the Mind, Cara Natterson, MD, Kinetic Precision, and Lauren Living Healthy for their knowledge and inspiration. With the support and dedication of these partners, our employees now have many great tools to stay happy and healthy.
Though our partnerships with Cigna, Walker Tracker and Marino Wellness, we are are committed to wellness engagement and education for our employees, empowering them to make whole-health a priority. Through Walker Tracker, we challenged our employees to walk virtually from Carson City, CA to Los Angeles, CA. Over the last 2 months, we have taken over 18 million steps and we are still trekking.
Runner's Recovery Lounge: Massages from Marino Wellness
As part of our own internal wellness initiative, our friends at Marino Wellness helped us relax our muscles and minds today by providing our team with office massage therapy.

Keeping our team healthy and happy is crucial. Whether it's physical, mental or emotional wellness, studies have proven that there's no sense in being tense!

Un ultimo scampolo di ferie a Union Lido, ora si ricomincia! - Special thanks to Francesco Enzo, Patrizia Castelli, Paolo Salvalaio, Camping Union Lido, Marino Wellness
Did you know that a third of Americans don't get enough sleep? It's true and it's not good.

That's why Adrian Hall of Marino Wellness dropped into our office to provide our team with healthy advice and expert strategies to improve our sleep for better .

As part of this internal sleep management workshop, Wholesome2Go provided our participants with specially prepared meals—a healthy diet is key to good sleep!

This was a great learning opportunity that provided some truly helpful and healthy takeaways.
Yum! Marino Wellness is serving up delicious smoothies at the Horizon bar to celebrate our "kickstart your wellness" week!

Marino Wellness - the leading workplace health, fitness + happiness company!


Today is . With more than 43 millions Americans struggling with mental illness and more than 1 in 4 adults living with serious mental illness, we have to continue working hard to remove barriers to resources & overcome the stigma. If you need resources, we can help. Sending love to those afraid to speak up, those who don’t know where to turn for support and those suffering with mental illness now. You are not alone.


Friday reminder! ✨🌱 Make sure to make space for a better and newer you 🤍


Research shows that positive self-talk can: improve self-esteem, stress management and wellbeing! This is your reminder to talk a little nicer to yourself today and every other day ✨🌱🌞🤍


Thoughtful Thursday 💭 This is your reminder to take a moment to feel truly present today ✨What are some of your favorite ways of being more present? 🌱

🤍 Artwork:

Photos from Marino Wellness's post 05/17/2022

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month from the Marino Wellness team! ✨

MW strongly believes in inclusion and creating a safe space for our AAPI teammates to celebrate and honor their heritage. Earlier this month, our AAPI teammates shared their stories and background as first-generation Asian Americans, while enjoying snacks from local Asian markets/bakeries 🇵🇭 Thank you for bringing your unique heritage, insight and experiences to Marino Wellness!

While we’ve come a long way in recognizing the AAPI community, there is still a ways to go. Check out to learn about and support our AAPI communities, this month and every month!


Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! ✨🧠🌱🤸🏻‍♀️

Marino Wellness values the importance of Mental Health and is committed to making healthy living, at the office or virtually at home, simple!

Here are 6 reminders to help maintain your mental well-being and ways to spread positivity around you this month. Which reminder will you be taking with you today? 🤍


Happy Wellness Wednesday! ✨
Marino Wellness believes that all 8 dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to truly flourish 🌿
There doesn't have to be an equal balance among all dimensions, rather a personal harmony with the dimensions that is most authentic for you.
Which of the 8 dimensions of wellness will you incorporate into your day? 🤍


What are you doing for your self care this fine Tuesday? 🌱

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Happy International Women’s Day. Tag a woman who inspires you. We are inspired by the women behind 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Small ways to give yourself love this valentine’s❣️

Thanks for sharing


Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest teammate & Wellness Specialist Alexandra Medel! We’re so excited to have such an intelligent and passionate professional join this wellness obsessed team. ✨✨✨


How are you filling up your cup this week? 🌿


Wishing you a very happy & healthy holiday! 🌿

With love,
The Marino Wellness Team 💚




Marino Wellness is hiring! Join our passionate & dynamic team! Are you interested in and making an impact on global wellbeing? We want to hear from you!

Marino Wellness is currently serving hundreds of forward thinking companies. By empowering decisions makers to ingrain healthy habits into the workplace, our team is making a difference through population health strategies one company at a time.


Empowerment over perfectionism💥✨



We had a blast celebrating Halloween with the HQ team last night! 🕸🌚🎃 Family & friends always invited 🧡


Put your hands up if you love eating seasonally! 🙌🏼 Eating with the seasons has so many benefits including increased nutrient density, fresher finds in the grocery, and not to mention a cost-effective way to shop! Health Chef creates delicious & nutritious seasonal recipes for our virtual live chef demos! DM us if you’re interested in bringing a virtual demo to your office! 🌿🥬🍎🍋


Couldn’t have said it better ourselves 👏🏼thanks .inc for the affirmation 🦋


Priority number☝️

We couldn’t agree more 💪🏼

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What to do when you’re bored❕swipe for each mood 👉🏼 🧘🏽‍♂️💡🎨

Thanks for sharing ❕


How do you measure success? 😎

Liking what you do & time for your wellness should be a true indicator of success 👏🏼💫🥳 thank you for sharing ❕


We couldn’t agree more❕Priority number ☝🏼


Is it stress or is it burnout?✖️

Burnout can look different for everyone so it’s important to check in with yourself often for consistent signs/symptoms. Ideas to combat burnout:
- 5-25 minute wellness breaks each day
- Take your lunch break (yes, 45-60 full minutes!)
- Allow for self care (whether that’s meditation, fitness, cooking, reading etc) at the beginning, middle, and end of your day
- Practice gratitude and compassion for yourself, trust us, you’re doing great! 💛

Image re: &


Happy Monday friends! Mantra for this week: Let Life Surprise You ✨🌻🦋


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Happiest of Birthdays to our fearless leader, founder ✨🎉 Marino Wellness was started by your dream, made reality by your passion, and succeeds through your grit and tenacity. You are incredible, we love you Carly! 💚💚💚


Happy Pride Month from the whole team at Marino Wellness❗️


Repost .app 🌈


I repeat... exercise + mental health are connected❕

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and what better way to celebrate than do something for YOU. Walk, dance, jog, play, burpee... it all helps with clearer thinking, better memory, and increased learning 👏🏼✨ 💭 Thanks for sharing ❕

Photos from Marino Wellness's post 05/21/2021

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! ✨ We’re so grateful to have such wonderful resources like this to expand our knowledge and support for the . Learn, celebrate, spread awareness and start in solidarity with us! 💛💛💛

Photos from Marino Wellness's post 05/11/2021

Feeling stressed? Swipe 👉 for 5 self-care tips to ease your mind & body 🌵

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Just keep going. You got this 👏🏼



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you & for the reminder 💥💯👏🏼


👆🏽this is your reminder!

Working from home can be taxing on the mind, body & soul. Try setting gentle reminders throughout the day to breathe, stop scrolling, and get some fresh air 🌿🌤 & thank you for this image 📷: ✨


Did someone say Friday? 👀

This is your reminder to treat yourself today with whatever feels best to you! Whether it’s a yummy donut, hot cup of tea, long walk, or quality time spent with loved ones... you deserve it 🎉💭🌤🌿 📷:


This is your reminder 🧡

repost 💪🏾


Join us in wishing this incredible human a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HBD Chelsea!! Chelsea, our adored Sr. Program Coordinator, is THE MOST caring, hardworking, thoughtful person you will ever know. We are beyond lucky to have her in our lives! We hope you are celebrating BIG today! 🥳 You deserve it! 🤍⭐️


We wish a very Happy Hanukkah to all who are celebrating✨

Incredible board by 🙌🏼👏🏼


Join us in wishing  a VERY happy 8th Work Anniversary with Marino Wellness! Chelsea started her journey with us as an intern back in 2013. From the very start we knew we were incredibly lucky. She is consistently a kindhearted, bright and hard working teammate! Thank you for your remarkable contributions to this company. You are a shining star and truly a gift to our team! Let's keep making a difference in other peoples lives and having fun together! 💚🙌🏽👏🏽💪🏽🌿


Double tap if you agree 🥳💪🏽🌿✨



We’re beyond grateful & excited for our newest partnership with 💪🏽✨She’s answering questions about the COVID vaccine, symptoms & treatment for children, and the best tips for prevention 🙌🏽 Interested in bringing a virtual event to your office? Drop us a line 👇🏽

[email protected] 🌿💚✨

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