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Looking for a new yoga studio with in person classes in the Van Nuys/Studio city area that has 6am and 8am classes. Anyone know of a place?
A new year. A new start. And away we go!

Our fitness businesses are still open for business. Come check them out and see what they are offering:

9Round Fitness (Outdoor & Online)
Barry's (Online)
Black Dog Yoga (Online)
Dragonfly Cycling (Outdoor & Online)
FitBox (Outdoor & Online)
Hunt Pilates (Outdoor & Online)
Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Check-in for their hours of operation.

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WHere do I find Jenny's class
Hi Amy! Missing you and wondering why you aren't teaching! Stay safe and hope you're doing well. xoxox
These live stream classes are truly saving lives. Thank you so so much!
How do we live stream the 4:00 today?
Thanks Sigrid! Your patience is appreciated. xoxoox
Big immune system boost yesterday during my amazing day.
Thank you for all of the love and well wishes!
I did a morning meditation, then Black Dog Yoga (hand sanitizer on the way in, no props and sanitizer on the way out). Brunch with my hearts at Blu Jam Cafe, got my nails done with my love Sandy at All Star Nails & Spa, got a massage at Heaven Massage and Wellness and had a very beautiful dinner at Petit Trois. A very full day of self-care and Love. I couldn’t have ask for more. ❤️✨

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Hi, we are casting for the new David Fincher movie 'Mank', currently filming in LA and are looking for petite women and circus acts.

The movie is set in the 1930's so I think some of your members would potentially be great in the roles.

Anyone keen can simply make a free profile at

All work is paid.

I've attached a poster below. Please feel free to share.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Neat trick of using socks to sliiiide your way into crow pose. And even if you don’t make it into the pose just yet, it’s a great way to work your core 👏💪 @Cassie Crosby's got your Friday morning flow at 7 for just 7 bucks during the 7At7 ⏰
Cassie’s a 2015 grad of our 200-hour Teacher Training. Our Winter sesh starts in January in collaboration with our sister spaces Yoga Vibe in Los Feliz and Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks Hit us up on DM if you want to know more or email [email protected] 🙋‍♀️
We love the fact that our teachers go out of their way to teach you stuff rather than just calling out names of poses and hoping you’re able to follow along. Check our full schedule online ( and on your free #yogavibeweho app 📲
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Happy dance 💃
Pretty much how we feel about Paige Carlovsky joining the WeHo #vibetribe 😊 Already part of our #yogafam at our sister space, Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, join Paige every Mon/Wed at 1215p for your $10 Lunch Flow 🥗
Check out our full schedule of classes for every level of practice and learn from teachers who dig teaching without any templates or scripts online ( or on your free #yogavibeWeHo app 📲
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Ulla Anneli, R.N., ERYT started the first yoga studio in the SFV. Over the last 40 years she has taught thousands of students and trained many teachers. A preventable tragedy has befallen her and we are reaching out to the yoga community.
If you would like to know more, please follow this link:

Thank you. Namaste.

Independent yoga studio in Studio City, California offering in person and online classes at 11423 Moorpark St, Studio City CA 91602. Sister space: Yoga Vibe in Los Feliz on LA's east sid

Founded in 2002 in Sherman Oaks, Black Dog Yoga is an independent yoga studio that now calls Studio City, CA home, on Moorpark St, adjacent to charming Tujunga Village. We offer a beautiful, peaceful and friendly environment for the practice of yoga. A locally owned and operated small business, BDY offers in person and online classes, a teacher training program, workshops and more. If you're on LA's east side, check out our co-owned space, Yoga Vibe in Los Feliz at 1717 N. Hillhurst

Operating as usual


We’ve got a spot waiting for you 🤩
It’s been so nice seeing so many returning friends and meeting all of the new neighborhood yogis. If you haven’t seen the new(ish) Studio City space, we’re on Moorpark, just west of @tujunga_village 🛍
A reminder that masks are no longer required for in-person classes, but totally optional. And if you’re still enjoying practicing from home, our full livestream lineup continues as a great option. Check the website (link in bio) and the #BlackDogYoga app 🐾 to see the full schedule and sign up for class in advance 📲 And thanks for supporting an #LA #smallbusiness 🙏🏼
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Photos from Black Dog Yoga's post 03/16/2022

2 years ago today, we became something else 😐
We were scared. For the world. For the personal safety of others and ourselves. And our future has a small business. And out of necessity, we pivoted, even though admittedly, we were playing it all by ear and had no idea what to expect. So we packed up the props and began our first foray into online yoga. At first, simple livestreams on social media from whatever laptop we already had. Because it was only going ti be a few weeks 🤯
So lately it’s been a time of reflection and introspection. On what worked and mistakes that were made. Because you know, human 🤗 We also know we wouldn’t occupy the beautiful new space in Studio City, which we are so happy to be in. To the longtime friends that stuck by us, to the those who have returned and to those who are trying us for the first time, we say thank you 🙏🏼
We still offer those aforementioned livestreams. And we have an amazing in-person lineup, where masks are optional. You can see it all on the website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
📸: @larry_santiago
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Now this is something we can get behind 👏🏼
After you’re done changing your stove and car clocks, check out our full schedule of classes, either in person in Studio City or via livestream from home. You can do that and sign up to reserve your spot through the website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾 PS: to answer the current most-asked question: yes, masks are now optional 😷
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On Sunday morning, it really is black dog yoga 🐕‍🦺
That’s because (if we’re lucky), Barney has been known to make an appearance at @amy_melinda’s 10am Mixed Level Flow class 💪🏼
Speaking of tomorrow, it’ll be the first day of Daylight Saving Time, so you might need an extra cup of coffee after that alarm goes off ☕️ You can see our full schedule of in-person classes in Studio City or livestreams to take from home either on our website or through the #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
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SOUNDBATH returns to BDY 🔈
A little #throwbackthursday shoutout to our former West Hollywood space @yogavibeweho (RIP 😢) as well. This is @aimeerousey, who’ll be joining up with @amy_melinda Saturday, March 26th from 530p-630p for a deliciously relaxing experience: Restorative Yoga paired with singing bowls, gongs and bells 🔔
Space is limited with only a few spots remaining, so sign up early to reserve your mat. This is 1-hour event is $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Find out more online (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
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Photos from Black Dog Yoga's post 03/08/2022

Honoring International Women’s Day with an amazing teaching staff of strong women 💪🏼 and always grateful for your support of a #femaleowned #smallbusiness 🙏🏼
Join us on the mat, in person in Studio City or via livestream from home. Our full schedule is on the BDY website and the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
#internationalwomensday #yoga #studiocity #yogafam


Couldn’t be happier to have @julshoovsy not only behind our front desk, but now teaching Sunday Basics every weekend 🕉
You’ve gotten to know Juls, checking you in for class ever since we reopened BDY in Studio City. Now you can take her yoga class, Sundays at 845am for Basics, both in person and livestream 👩‍💻 We’re especially proud considering she’s a graduate of our Class of 2019 200-hour Teacher Training program. (The next session starts in September btw). Sign up for class either through the website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
📸: @meganmezaphoto
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How many times have we heard the teacher say, “your other right?” 🙋🏻‍♀️ It’s happened to the best of us 🤗
That’s why it’s important to always remind ourselves to approach the practice with compassion and kindness. Because we’re gonna mess up. Or we’re gonna fall down. Or something won’t go like we hoped. And that’s ok👌🏿
Find your own gratitude on the mat in person at our space in Studio City (no masks required) or from home via livestream. The full BDY schedule is on our website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
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Need a break from the world? We know a place 🏠🕉
If you’re like us, you’ve been glued to your screens watching the horrors of war unfold. And it’s heartbreaking 💔 If you need to get away, we’re around whenever it feels right for you. Meanwhile, take care of yourself, love those you love and reflect on gratitude for what you have 🙏🏼
📸: @meganmezaphoto 👏🏼
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Who could use some chill? 🤤
Thrilled to now have @redbecca108 as part of the BDY #yogafam 🕉 And you can take her twice a week; the newest class happening every Wednesday with Yin Yoga at 1030a; an hour of deep stretch deliciousness 😋 Rebecca’s also here Sundays at 530p to wrap up your weekend with Restorative Yoga 🧘🏻
There’s something for every body on the schedule, from soft and gentle to more robust flow. Check the full lineup and sign up either on our website (link in bio) or on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
📸: the stellar @meganmezaphoto
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Fall plans? How about finally doing that yoga teacher training you’ve always wanted to do 🕉
We get it. It’s February and September seems a LONG ways away. But even dinner with friends takes 6 weeks to find a date everyone can agree on. Our Fall 200-hour Teacher Training returns September 9th, led by @amy_melinda, @larry_santiago and @sigrid.matthews 🧘‍♀️
Held in conjunction with our #losfeliz sister studio, @yogavibela, we’ll meet for 10 weekends; Friday nights and Saturday/Sunday days. Payment plans are available and the first 5 to sign up get $500 off the full price. We can even arrange a free class with Amy, Larry or Sigrid to get an idea of what we’re all about and answer any questions you have. Find out more by hitting us here through our DMs or email [email protected] 📧
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Love this 😍 because there’s lots to love 💕 @cleowade 🙏🏼
If you love your yoga, join us on the mat tonight, in person and livestream at 6p with @bkuhlwoman for Basics and 715p with Bonnie Burroughs for Candlelight Flow 🕯 Or Mixed Level Flow with @amy_melinda online only at 630p. Sign up through the BDY website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
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But seriously, where’s the snack table? 🥑
No 4pm Mixed Level Flow today with @larry_santiago, but Restorative is a GO at 530p, either in person with @redbecca108 or do the livestream version at 6p with @groundandfeel. (The halftime show will be done by then) Sign up through the website (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
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NEW CLASS ALERT! And welcoming the newest member to the BDY #yogafam: Brandee Goatcher 🤩 🙌🏼
We’ve known @beegyoga for a long time, back when had a yoga space in Glendale and taught for us there. Now we’re thrilled to have her every Friday at 1030am for Basics, just added to the schedule last week. And that’s both in person in Studio City and livestream 👨🏼‍💻
Check our full schedule of classes and teachers on our website (link in bio) and on the free #blackdogyoga app 🐾
#yoga #studiocity #yogateacher #yogabasics


Ready for another week of life’s twists and turns 💪🏼
Adapting, becoming more flexible, having an open mind; attributes that can help us both on and off the mat. But like most things, they take practice. Come join us in person in Studio City at our new location on Moorpark, just west of @tujunga_village or from the comfort of home (or wherever) via livestream 👨🏼‍💻 Our full schedule is online (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
#yoga #studiocity #smallbusiness #losangelesyoga


Yogi Bear says “ahhhh.” Because yoga makes everything better 🤤
It can be easy to forget how good you feel after a class; not only physically, but mentally as well. Come join us in person on Moorpark, just west of @tujunga_village and soak up some communal energy. Or move a little at home with our livestream options. Our class schedule and teacher lineup is online (link in bio) and on the free #blackdogyoga app 🐾
📸: @julshoovsy #yoga #studiocity #smallbusiness #yogapractice


Happy birthday to the one and only Bonnie Burroughs 🎂🤩
She’s not teaching today; instead spending her special day on set as that feisty Gladys Corbin on @generalhospitalabc 👩‍⚕️🏥
Love ya, Bonnie 😘 She’s back on the mat Sunday at 12N for Gentle Yoga, Mondays at 715 for Candlelight Flow and Thursdays at 1030a for Gentle/Healthy Backs 🕉 Check our full schedule online (link in bio) and on the free #BlackDogYoga app 🐾
#yoga #yogateacher #generalhospital #studiocity

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11423 Moorpark Street
Los Angeles, CA

General information

Since it first opened its doors in 2002, Black Dog Yoga has been an inspiring, safe and unpretentious haven for the practice of yoga. Steered by a growing roster of some 30 gifted instructors and supported by our enthusiastic students, Black Dog Yoga is now recognized as the Valley’s premier yoga center. The studio offers the highest-quality yoga in a clean, spacious and inviting environment. With four practice rooms, and a retail area, Black Dog occupies more than 7,500 square feet in the Sherman Oaks Shopping Center. Our varied schedule includes Yoga for Beginners, Intermediate and Strong, Gentle, Basics, Deep Stretch, Flow, Mindful Body Sculpt, Yoga for Well Being and Restorative classes. We also feature a variety of interesting workshops and events throughout the year. A Registered Yoga School (RYS200 & RYS500), Black Dog Yoga offers Teacher Training and Deeper Studies Programs at the 200-hour and 300-hour levels. With classes 365 days a year, Black Dog Yoga is proud to remain a friendly, locally-owned studio where the owner teaches classes too! Come and visit us in Sherman Oaks.

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 8pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 9pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 8pm
Thursday 8:30am - 8pm
Friday 8:30am - 6:15pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm
Sunday 9:30am - 6pm

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