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Film Fight Fitness


Happy Birthday to my first born. Hope you had a GREAT day celebrating the day we were blessed. Love you Son.
Hey Son. Your cousin Erika from Half Moon Bay saw your commercial today (McDonald's).
Happy Birthday David! I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless, love you - Dad
The Social Contract World Premiere at Burbank International Film Fest
Hey Son, Happy Father's Day! Hope you have a good day with the family.
Now a new member of the Osbrink Talent family!
On avail for a national commercial!
Looking great David but I still want to cry a little over your missing hair. Glad to hear you're doing so well.
Hi david
Congrats on your wonderful performance in NO GOOD DEED!
You know any good photographers? I need new headhsots
Kick ass bruddah Dave!!!

Actor/Professional Sword Fighter/ Fight Choreographer/ Trainer Actor and professional sword fighter for stage, screen, tv, and web.

Operating as usual

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Are you ready for the spring?

Did you over do it during the holidays?

Take advantage of over a decade's worth of experience to make sure you are moving at your highest potential.

Custom workouts to fit your need and desires.


Your body doesn't know it's a holiday. Get moving!

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Support amf have a listen.
@realtalkunderground (@get_repost)
Ep. 1️⃣1️⃣ David C. Hernandez (available NOW on & )
David C. Hernandez is an Action/Fight Choreographer from San Jose, California trained in the art of Stage Combat. His work has been featured in various television shows and films including: Sworn, Better Criminal, Deadliest Warrior, and Last Stand of 300.
Multi-talented in the world of acting and fighting, David details his unconventional journey in the world of entertainment while emphasizing the importance of self-development in order to better serve others in the process. ⚔️ 👊🏽💢


Hey guys, just using this time to prep and make sure I hit the ground running in 2020. Keep an eye out for content and a few New Year Specials.


Sweet! Problem solved!
For those of you that don't know, I'm not a small person. Currently, I'm easily around 215 lbs plus, so I needed this thing to stay anchored. I also needed it to be relatively quiet or my neighbors downstairs would hate me.
A double layer of floor mats and a change in the configuration and "Eureka! I found it!" ( that is the state motto btw. Cali born and raised!)
I look forward to many sessions of beating this thing up!


Hello again
I like being able to train at home. It saves time and energy from dealing with the gym and waiting for equipment.

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Handball, weights, kicks on the heavy bag =
Also... low key sad I'm gonna have to shave this beard next week.

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So much of what we do goes unseen. Keep grinding.

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One week away!
Fighting for Film Workshop
Learn how to safely and believably fight on camera.
All experience levels welcome.


This page is changing from David C. Hernandez to Film Fight Fitness.


Book recommendations please.
Comment below.
The Art of War is usually at the top of mine.


What things bother you about a trainer or coach?
Comment below


Let's attack the week!
Nov 16th Levels 1&2 Fighting For Film Workshop
DM for details

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Even though it's the weekend, still gotta get your movement in.

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Remember...In 2 weeks!
Fighting for Film Workshop!
Take levels 1, 2, or both!


Are you looking to holiday proof your body?
Lose weight? Gain strength? Learn to fight for camera?
Link to my site in my bio.


Sometimes... things don't go how you expect. Wait til the end.


Another vid. I say um a lot 😑
Drop your questions or comments below!

How was your weekend?!


Apparently as an actor, according to a lot of people, I'm supposed to constantly need and want to be the center of attention, take a lot of pictures of myself, be self absorbed, and vain. I'm none of those things, so when I say I don't like watching myself, it perplexes some people. I just love telling stories and performing. But being a performer requires critique and I'm forcing myself to watch myself.


Who's ready for some deep tissue recovery and mobility sessions?!

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As an actor, separating yourself from the rest of the talent pool is essential.
Everyone can act, what skills do you have that makes you unique?
Did you know it's very likely that you'll have to do some sort of staged violence at some point in your career?


Recovery is the name of the game!
How do you like to recover?

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Tomorrow I join a few other members from Bellarmine College Preparatory Class of 1999 and other almuni for a Grand Reunion event. 20. Years.

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Actors...Save the Date!

Fighting For Film Workshop
Add another skill to your resume.

November 16 $50 per level
Level 1: 10-2
Level 2: 2-6
Save when you attend both. $90
DM and deposit to RSVP


Save the date! If you're new to the action scene, take advantage of coming to both levels 1 and 2 on the same day!
Message me and deposit to RSVP.

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Get your week started with a bang!

October sessions are opening and it's time tio get ready for my favorite holiday! I'm running a 10% off special for those messaging me the code: HALLOWEEN

Want to make sure you're killing it in costume this year, DM me or click the link in my bio for info.

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The beginning to another week and summer people are starting their journey to a healthy body and lifestyle.
How far along the path are you?

Let's work together! DM me for training options.

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I admit it, I've abused my body. Years of playing sports, martial arts, car accidents, and being a bit clumsy has certainly taken its toll. Maintaining this meat vehicle is no easy task.
I'm a performer and my body is my tool. Making sure I'm in good condition is paramount.
I'm so grateful I found @drjason and all the amazing people at @activehealthclinic that make healing a priority. You only get one body, take care of yours.


Happy Labor Day! Be safe, have fun, stay hydrated!

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Making sure I'm getting these out in time. They have to be mailed by Wednesday.

Good luck to everyone running with the desire to give back by representing our community.


September spots for stage combat and personal training are opening up!
Take advantage of my discount. The first 5 people to DM me up with the code "Summer20" will get a 20% discount off of the training package they buy!
Let your friends know.

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Making sure that your muscles are knot free is an important part of breakdown and build up cycle part of training. Mobility through full ranges of motion ensure balance and joint health to maintain movement and prevent injury.
Are you doing enough foam rolling and stretching? I use a lacrosse ball for extra focus.

Timeline photos 08/03/2019

Change it up! A great way to make sure you don't get into a funk is to keep changing things up. Enjoy the nice weather and take your next workout outside to get fresh air and dose of sunshine. August training spots are available.
Link in bio!

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Actor, professional fighter, fight choreographer, and personal trainer.

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