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We are a company that provides sports performance training to young men , women & children aspiring to be great athletes and students of their sport.

Edmond Athletics is a sports specific training company designed for athletes that want to improve and gain a competitive edge in their sport.

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[06/09/19]   Good Morning Today is a fresh new start. To get on the right foot so to speak . I am offering a Summer Special of $30/hr one on one sessions for the next 7 days...if you purchase today you can start training immediately or at another date and time. This is 50%-70% savings. You don't want to miss this offer. Why have I lowered my rates. I am at the beginning of Summer and I have been asked by a former client if I had any deals that he could afford to pay for his children at this time. He is on very tight budget but wanted to get the Coaching and Training that I had offered in the past. So I to myself I can help out and come up with something that will be a Win Win. So here it is ...$30/hr one on one sessions or $15/hr small group training ( 2-6 trainees maximum.)


Get the High Level Basketball Skill Development You Deserve

Hiring Malachi Edmond as your Athletic Trainer or Coach from will substantially improve your performance over a period of 3 to 6 months.

You will not regret investing your time and money in working with Coach Malachi Edmond.


edmondathletics.com We provide comprehensive, personalized instruction!


Get the High Level Basketball Skill Development You Deserve

The time has come. Spring Training for the aspiring athletes Highschool, College and professional. If you are seeking a Coach or Mentor reach out to Coach Malachi Edmond at EdmondAthletics.com

edmondathletics.com We provide comprehensive, personalized instruction!

Muscle and Motion

Proper weightlifting technique: Deadlift

Deadlift the right way!

Starting position: The bar is above the feet, close to the shin bone. The shoulders are slightly in front of the bar.

Pulling the bar close to the body requires assistance and stabilization by the latissimus dorsi. Keep the core muscles activated and the back straight.

The deadlift can be divided into two stages. 1️⃣2️⃣

The first stage:
1️⃣Lifting the bar to knee level.
This is done mainly through knee extension.
The trunk remains in a forward-leaning position.

The second stage:
2️⃣Full extension of the hip and the knee until the body is fully straightened.

In this video, we can see a common mistake which many people are doing.

Throughout the exercise, keep the back in a neutral position.
Even when we bend down, we will keep the same back position as when we are standing erect!

In this position, the core muscles work together with the greatest efficacy, and protect the spine‼️

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Guard Play 1.0
Great Players Make Players Around Them Look Good or Better.

Question: How do I make the players around me better and look good?

Answer: The best way to start making players look good is to create assist or opportunities for them to score points.

Encourage other players to get in positions where you can pass to them or assist them in scoring points.

Note: Keep your Promise. Make sure you follow through with your promise to pass them the ball when they are open. Other wise, next time you won't receive the ball from them when you have the opportunity to score. "BAD KARMA" :0(

The Result: You will gain trust & notoriety from your coach and other players on the court or field. They will recognize you as an unselfish player. Most people do not like to play with or be around selfish players. To become an "unselfish player " you have to be willing to go the extra mile for your team or create opportunities for yourself and for other players to score points Lastly, simply execute.
1. Penetrate to the basket then Pass the ball to an open "Jump shooter" on the perimeter at the right time, instead of taking a "forced shot" can be a sign of an unselfish play.
2. Looking for your teammates up the court during the fast break and passing them the ball to score an easy layup, instead of dribbling the ball to the rim full court is a sign of team play and great basketball awareness.
3. Having this understanding that the game is won by a collective effort, is key to the success of any player, team, or organization. Use this mindset and you will go along way in the game of basketball(and life).

Basic Training
Taking High Percentage shots will improve your shooting percentage.
What are High Percentage shots?
High Percentage shots are close range shots or shots that have a higher chance or probability of going in or being made by the shooter.
During practice or pregame warm ups its important for shooters to take close range shots before taking long range shots in order to score high on accuracy ratings.
Start shooting high percentage shots and you will definitely see an improvement in your shooting percentage.

Basic Training 1.0
Shooting Drills
Ways to improve your shooting percentage?
1. Start shooting the "High Percentage" shots such as shots taken 1-3 feet from the "Bucket". This means start your practices or pregame warm ups with Close Range Shooting. Don't come into the firing up 3 pointers and half court shots expecting yourself to an On Game or Big time shooting night with no missed baskets. It's rare for most shooters to come out firing up shots and making them all during games and practices without having warmed up with shooting the " easy" close range shots first. If you can't make a simple layup consistently what makes you think you can make threes and never miss a shot. That is completely ludicrous. Simply start in and around the basket and work your way out from there.
Below is an video or example of close range shots : 1-3 feet from the basket or just outside the " Key".

[08/16/17]   Basic Training by Coach Malachi Edmond

What is creating a lead ?
In basketball terms , creating a lead starts with Moving or Playing without the basketball in your hands. Having to play without the ball in your hand requires:
1. Putting yourself or being in the right position on Offense and on the court were your teammates can " feed you " or pass you the ball so that you may score points.
2. It also means you have to use specific moves or footwork in order to position yourself to receive the ball from your teammates.
3. Creating a lead also means in most cases not standing still. Usually players start from point A then to Point B and sometimes point C depending on the type offensive plays and/or type of defense your opponent displays.

[08/08/17]   "All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty"- Proverbs 14:23
This is a reminder to us all that we must ,consistently, work hard and try to master our craft. Do your best to not let a day go by without having done something that will improve your chances of winning on the court or on the field.


Welcome to Edmond Athletics Basketball Drills & Skills Development

Basketball Skills Development & Athletic Performance Training
for Beginners to Advanced(Pro level).
Starting at $75 per session for 60-75 mins
Since 2004 Coach Malachi Edmond has been working with athletes all over the counties of Orange, Los Angeles and Long Beach.
For more Info:
Call (424)250-0106
or visit www.EdmondAthletics.com

edmondathletics.com Edmond Athletics will enhance your game within 4-12 weeks using Basketball drills created by experienced coaches & scientifically proven methods and techniques.

[08/01/17]   Why you should be coached or trained by Coach M. Edmond?
1. Experience: Coaching and Training for over 15 years , former Euro pro and Pro Am , Division 1 Scholar Athlete, High school McDonald's All American Nominee
2. Champion: Won and Competed in Championships at every level of his career.
3. Specialization: Offensive and Defensive Strategy; Skill Development: shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork, etc. Strength and conditioning

Call today 424.350.0106 more info visit www.edmondathletics.com


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$5.00 Off at Edmond Athletics

Save with these Labor Day deals.

Summer is winding down but there’s still time for big savings. Come in and stock up at our Labor Day sale.

squareup.com Click here for a free $5.00 coupon at Edmond Athletics!


$5.00 Off at Edmond Athletics

Save with these Labor Day deals.

Summer is winding down but there’s still time for big savings. Come in and stock up at our Labor Day sale.

squareup.com Click here for a free $5.00 coupon at Edmond Athletics!


$5.00 Off at Edmond Athletics

Save with these Labor Day deals.

Summer is winding down but there’s still time for big savings. Come in and stock up at our Labor Day sale.

squareup.com Click here for a free $5.00 coupon at Edmond Athletics!


New video by Malachi Edmond

Edmond Athletics: Basic Training: Strength & Conditioning
In this video you will see Jason perform a Line Drill called " Suicides". These line drills help to improve your agility , quickness,and physical condition of being able to run up and down the basketball court with minimal fatigue. Test or Challenge yourself by performing this line drill 3-6 times with a rest period of 30-90 seconds between each set.
Warning: Be sure to stay hydrated and warm up properly before engaging in any type of exercises such as the one's shown and explained in this video. Consult with you Physician or Get a pass and written notice from your Doctor or Physician prior to performing these types of workouts on your own.


New video by Malachi Edmond

Edmond Athletics: Basic Training : Guard Play 1.0

Basic Training: Guard Play 1.0

The key to great ball handling is repetition, strength, speed, hand and eye coordination, or dexterity. One of the most powerful drills to perform or practice is the "Finger Tip Drill". There are several drills or actions you can perform but the single most important one for beginners are the "stationary finger tip drills". Start in a Triple Threat Position" with hand and eyes up , toes pointed forward, weight distributed evenly on both feet and directly bent over with chest up in a squatted position. This exercise or ball handling drill is an excellent strength builder for the core muscles and trains your mind and body to remain in a athletic stance or 'ready for action' position. Try this exercise/ball handling drill a few times and tell me what you think...


New video by Malachi Edmond

Guard Play 1.0 " Ball handling" Finger Tip Drill : Basic Training by Coach Malachi Edmond


Basketball Skills Training with Coach Malachi Edmond.Start your path to success with Edmond Athletics coach Malachi Edmond. Start Your Training Today by calling 424 250 0106 or visit www.EdmondAthletics.com


[04/05/17]   "Perception too long Delayed is like running a race that is already over" - Coach Malachi Edmond

Guard Play: Knowing your personnel.

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[02/23/17]   3 important aspects of great shooters that you should incorporate into your game 1.Balance - establish the balance you need to have a more accurate and strong shot by using the strength of your legs and keeping you knees bent to gain power when you raise up to shoot. 2. Follow through- extend your elbow and wrist with each shot will give your shot power and accuracy. 3. Release - aim for a quicker release when taking a shot. This enables you to have more time to prevent your shot from being blocked, which gives you an advantage over your defender.

[02/21/17]   After winning games and championships at every level I have played at.. I realize that in order to "Be a Champion" you have to "Think like a Champion" and "Act like a Champion". "Do What Champions Do". -- Coach Malachi Edmond

THE WEST COAST DEFENDERS - basketball academy, coaching

3 things to focus on while playing man to man defense. 1. remain in a ready position, which means being in a 'triple threat' position 'or defensive stance'. 2. defend with you feet , not with your hands. It's important to slide your feet, and run to the position to prevent your opponent from beating you off the dribble. 3. focus on the midsection. your vision should not be on the ball handlers dribbling but on the ball handlers , midsection. This is the main part of the body that remains consistent and does not change direction during ball and/or body movement. Remember: "Follow the midsection , not the ball". -- Coach Malachi Edmond www.thewestcoastdefenders.com

thewestcoastdefenders.com The West Coast Defenders is a privately owned-community based Basketball Academy. We provide coaching and mentoring to athletes worldwide.

[02/19/17]   Basketball Performance Training
3 things you can do to increase your speed agility and quickness
1. Jump rope: 5-15 minutes 100 reps in 1 minutes build up to doing 500 reps or more with in a 5-15 minute period.
2. Wind Sprints: 20-40 yard dash 10 reps is a great starting point for the volume of work.
3. Ladder drills: invest in an agility ladder or get with one of trainers or coaches and we can teach you the proper techniques for using the Ladder drill. The ladder requires focus and attention to foot placement, knee, hip, shoulder and/or joint movement in the proper manner. There are tons of drills you can do on the ladder to increase your foot speed, but most importantly it has do be done correctly and with effort towards building up your speed.
"Keep track of your progress and keep up the Good Work" - Coach Malachi Edmond

THE SQUAD '95-97'

This was my Traveling Team back in the Day.. Lucky my good friend and former teammate DeAndre Walker did not lose these photos. mine were lost over the years from moving. In this photo are some Great Players and Individual people, myself included.

This was my Traveling Team back in the Day.. Lucky my good friend and former teammate DeAndre Walker did not lose these photos. mine were lost over the years from moving. In this photo are some Great Players and Individual people, myself included.

THE WEST COAST DEFENDERS - basketball academy, coaching

Start your Spring Training with The WEST COAST DEFENDERS BASKETBALL ACADEMY www.thewestcoastdefenders.com

thewestcoastdefenders.com The West Coast Defenders is a privately owned-community based Basketball Academy. We provide coaching and mentoring to athletes worldwide.

[02/09/17]   Sign your son or daughter up for basketball skill development 1 on 1 or small group coaching/training. contact 424 250-0106 for more info. Serving Orange County and The Greater Los Angeles Area. www.thewestcoastdefenders.com

[02/09/17]   If you are a competitive basketball player and want to quickly enhance your skills follow these 3 developmental steps: start with ball handling Finger tip drills, Shooting: close range shots, Passing: 2 hand chest passes- spend at least 30 minutes each day for the next 30 days and you will see improvements that will get you 1 step closer to being a Great Basketball Player and Star on the court. Coming Soon! The West Coast Defenders Basketball Academy

Tune in to Edmond Athletics: 4 Things You can do in the Off Season to improve your game - by Coach Malachi Edmond

UC Irvine vs LBST post game ..GAME SITUATIONS

Halftime Report UCI vs Long Beach State plus What's New in the Edmond Athletics Training & Coaching Program

UC Irvine vs Long Beach state on ESPU

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Basic Training: Guard Play 1.0
Ball Handling 101
Individual Basketball Skills Training
Individual Basketball Skills Training
Coach Malachi's Team Pre game warm up




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