Leslie Maltz Fitness

Leslie Maltz Fitness

Join my 30 Day Transformation Club! Expert fitness & nutritional coaching as well as online coaching available. Leslie Maltz, CPT
16 Years Experience in Fitness Industry
Krav Maga Instructor
NASM Certified in sports nutrition, corrective exercise and performance enhancement.

NPC Bikini Competitor (1st place Masters 45+ 2013). Isagenix Consultant & Nutritional Expert

Operating as usual


FOAM ROLLING the IT Band properly and effectively.


🥵IT Band!!

🔸️DO start with a softer foam roller. White is the softest.
🔸️DON'T roll over bone 🔸️DON'T roll on your cervical spine
🔸️DO move slowly. You want to ease the fascia into releasing.
🔸️DON'T hold your brreath. Breath through entire motion.
🔸️DO roll perpendicular to the body, and with the muscle grain.


IT Band Foam Rolling. SMFR made easy!

🥵IT Band!!

🔸️DO start with a softer foam roller. White is the softest.
🔸️DON'T roll over bone 🔸️DON'T roll on your cervical spine
🔸️DO move slowly. You want to ease the fascia into releasing.
🔸️DON'T hold your brreath. Breath through entire motion.
🔸️DO roll perpendicular to the body, and with the muscle grain.


Subtle Yet Noticeable!

This is my 60 day progress with the new Celletoi line from Isagenix.

Definitely noticeably smoother lines around my mouth! And much more affordable than injections, and no pain!

If you are afraid of needles or the high cost and maintenance up of injections and fillers, you're going to love this serum. Say goodbye to botox or juviderm!

Link in bio to order directly from me and FREE SHIPPING!!

Photos from Leslie Maltz Fitness's post 04/02/2022

Gettin' some new skillz and drillz with pickleball Pro @gabe.joseph7 Coach @markbaby63 and Coach @miguel.pickleballcoach Super clinic Fellas!! Thank you! I'm going to have bruises, but I'll wear them like a badge of honor. 🤕🥇


I happen to follow very FEW trainers, but this guy has heart. He is just great, and I happen to agree with everything he says.

So...are you doing Squats or DiddlySquats?

Have a beautiful day my friends!



I like working with my home clients who may have some challenges with aging, such as neuropathy, polymyalgia, side effects of medications, and loss of balance, hearing, sight, and muscle.

One thing that is very effective is left/right brain activities. Focusing on stabilizing one side of the body while the other side performs an action can be extremely difficult for many older folks.

I love this exercise because it allows them to focus on a target (imagine a watermelon on a fence), hold an elastic band stable (not always as easy as it looks), while slowly pulling and contracting with the other arm, all the while keeping the core engaged. That's a LOT of moving (and not so moving) parts!🥵

I have lots of tools in my tool kit, so if you know someone who could benefit from my training style, please share this with them.



Nutrition is 90% of your success in any health and/or weight goal.

Do you know your BMR?

Do you know what your maintenance caloric needs are?

Do you know what your perfect daily macros should be for weight loss or gain?

Contact me if you'd like to start a program. Designed for YOUR body and YOUR goals. No cookie cutter programs, no gimmicks, no fad diet, just perfect proportions of fat, carb, and protein macros for your goal.

This was my dinner last night. 640 Calories and perfectly portioned for a healthy weight.

Roasted Curry Pork Chops with Kale, currents, rice, bell peppers, almonds and garlic. Yummy!



New items are added each week!

Whatever your
activity, I've got the cutest and most comfortable and flattering pieces for you!

Ask me for pricing or go directly to my website and browse all the new items!


Photos from Leslie Maltz Fitness's post 01/09/2022

7 weeks post hip replacement and I am able to play Pickleball again! Not running yet, but still able to use my arms. Lol.

Say Goodbye to 2021...unwanted fat, pain, wrinkles, & cellulite! 12/29/2021

Say Goodbye to 2021...unwanted fat, pain, wrinkles, & cellulite!

Happy Holidays!
There's no such thing as a "new YOU", there's just a better version!
You're already amazing, so let's make 2022 the year you achieve a new goal or maybe one that got put on the back burner in 2021.
Check out my Favorite Things, some cool new fitness finds, and, of course, a $100 coupon from me to you as my gift towards your goal.


Say Goodbye to 2021...unwanted fat, pain, wrinkles, & cellulite! and HELLO to 2022, My Favorite THINGS and a Coupon for $100 Off! Park Workouts Start Again January 17th (weather permitting) ‌ Not ready to workout with others yet? HOME WORKOUT OPTIONS Maybe you're n


Current Mood

Yep...I am ready for another vacation. Sadly, I am getting a forced one, all of December, for yet another surgery. Hoping this is the last one and a year from now I will be back on the beach and scuba certified when I go!

Setting new physical goals is something I will always do, no matter how old I get. There's an old saying...you lose if if you stop using it (or some variation of that) and I do not intend to lose it. Lol

What's a goal you'd like to acheive in 2022?


via @preview.app



I always tell my clients their next workout is only as good as their last stretch. So it was only normal for me to jump at the opportunity to take my skills and knowledge to the Stretch Lab and become a flexologist for them!

Last night I was excited when a former bootcamper showed up for a complimentary stretch. He is prepping for a 600 mile trek across Spain and remembered the importance of stretching. It was so cool that I got to be the one to stretch him too!

I also stretched a world champion female boxer who has had 3 hip replacement surgeries and wants to keep her flexibility, and a 10-year old quarterback whose bones are growing faster than his muscles and ligaments. Light stretching can ease his tight legs and shoulders.

Whatever your sport (or even if you stand or sit all day at your job), stretching has benefits beyond just feeling good.

Lower Back issues? I GOT YOU!

Tight hamstrings? I GOT YOU!

Upper back and neck headaches killing you? I GOT YOU!!

Come visit me in Woodland Hills and get a free 15-minute stretch!

Call 805-915-8276 to book with me!



2 weeks ago I was here...this magical place...and all I kept thinking was I wish there was a rope I could use to climb up to the room. Seems like it would have been appropriate to at least have the option.

One thing I am grateful for today is that I don't have to travel to work. But I do work to travel!



My hat goes off to all the coaches out there who share their expertise, knowledge and gifts with others.

Today I got a chance to take a pickleball lesson with a PRO and it's always so great to learn from those who actually DO the sport.

As I have evolved as a trainer, I have always brought my expertise to my clients and never offered something I haven't actually done to the point of competition. How can you take someone to their goal when you haven't achieved that goal yourself?

When I don't have a skill, I learn it or pass off the client to someone who has it. That's why I call myself a fitness concierge...if I can't provide the service, I'll find you someone who can. Simple as that.

So don't ask me to teach you pickleball. But absolutely ask me to PLAY WITH YOU!


Every October I host a 30-day total transformation challenge. Whatever you need to release, we can do it together. Here are a couple of things I plan to release...

✅vacation jiggles
✅negative self talk

What do you want to let go of?

Friday we start! Post below and be sure to TAG any of your friends who might want to join us! You can add them to the group too!

What to do:

1. Post your goal
2. Post your before photo (if weight is your goal)
3. Order the products you'll need for at least 30 days plus 2 cleanse days

Stay tuned daily for motivation and tips!


Can you guess what these two were actually holding in the air??

TAKE A GUESS AND TAG @fitcoach_leslie_maltz and for a chance to win a free sample of my amazing PLANT BASED MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE!



Here's just an example of what a duo workout might include.

Today they worked together getting across the pool. One pulls the other with their arms while the other propels them with their kicks.




"Your next workout is only as good as your last stretch" ~ Leslie Maltz

Today's workout was just as, if not more, important as Wicked Wednesday's workout.

PNF Stretching
Tube core stability
Trigger Point Release

If you want to know more about how to incorporate these Stretching techniques into your workout regimen, hit me up! Better yet, comment below with your favorite yoga pose!

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FOAM ROLLING the IT Band properly and effectively.
IT Band Foam Rolling. SMFR made easy!





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