Matt Spencer Fitness - Coach/Personal Trainer

Each Body is different. Therefore the workout must be unique to the individual. This is personal training, Designed Specifically for Your Body.

Personal Training by Matt Spencer

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Matt Spencer Fitness - Coach/Personal Trainer

[12/06/19]   As the Holidays and New Years Resolutions approach you can always gift the gift of Fitness and Health!

Intro Package!
3 1-Hour Sessions for $150.00
(almost 50% of normal rates!)

Programming Only! If you feel good and know your way around the gym and don't need a trainer you can always pay less for custom programming tailored to you, changes week to week all for $150 a month!

Normal Rates for Private Training:
4 sessions at $100 per hour =$400 Total
8 sessions at $95 per hour = $760 Total
12 sessions at $90 per hour =$1080 Total

If you like training with a friend you can always look at Semi-Private Training as well!
4 sessions at $160 ($80 per person)= $640 total/$320 per person
8 sessions at $150 ($75 per person)= $1200 total/$600 per person
12 sessions at $140 ($70 per person)= $1680 total/$840 per person

Happy Holidays!!!

This workout was the ultimate “F” You to people under 5’10” but I re-tested and to my own surprise I came back second time and actually beat my 1st score. I usually don’t do better on my re-test. But today I listened to something I tell my athletes “Breathe and move.” Aside from that I almost quit halfway through and decided despite not feeling great, not feeling 100%, not thinking I was capable, that I would finish the workout. Breathe and move that’s all you can do. Analyze after. #monday #thoughts from @mattspencer_fitness @crossfitmindset #mindset #crossfit #fitness #buildhealtrain

Thanks @nonlocalrelation for awesome judging including the no reps keeping me honest haha

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful human I know. I love you more than words can describe and everyday I consider myself lucky 🍀 that I get to spend it with you. @sthspencer #birthdaygirl #wife #love

Special for All of January! $50/hr for all New Clients! DM for Info or Text 323-301-8092!
#losangeles #fitness #personaltraining

Matt Spencer Fitness - Coach/Personal Trainer's cover photo

Rest Day #sunday #restandrecovery #randr

Timeline Photos

The Spencers. Year 1.

#anniversary #love #wemadeit #brickandmortar #bestfriend #thespencers #bff #year1 #unbreakable @sthsnyder

A little piece and quiet... #secretvacation #wifesurprisedme #palmsprings #korakiapensione #getaway @tthsnyder

#flexfriday #crossfit Sometimes you just have to find out what your capable of. Time: 44:11 If it was easy everyone would do it. When you get stagnant that is the moment when you have to keep pushing until you find the next wall to break through. It’s almost harder when we don’t know what wall is next or where our next challenge lies. But doing things that interest us will lead us to the next curiosity. Nothing is harder (like in this workout) when monotony strikes. Trusting your own process and path is hard when you’re in the middle of repetition. Keep it up. #mattspencerfitness #buildhealtrain

Finished the #spartanbeast at #bigbearspartanbeast. This was one of the hardest races I’ve experienced so far. But with the support of a solid group and sheer will. We all made it through. Thanks guys for a terrible great race! The reason we’re so happy is that mike 6 was our halfway point and it was the hardest point to get to haha

PS they say 13 miles.... what they didn’t tell us most of it was uphill and then downhill and then uphill again...😅.

#spartanrace #spartan #warriors #fitfam #mattspencerfitness #lockboxla

In honor of the days ahead I wanted to challenge myself on a different level. Get my head into the space it would during the beast race coming up and #murph the following weekend. So Designed this for myself:

Part 1) 1 mile run in weight vest 20lbs
Part 2) 5 Rds:
5 Clean and Jerks 70lbs DBs
10 Deadlifts 100lb DBs
30 DUs
*wearing weight vest
Part 3)
21cal Row
9 MU
15 cal Row
6 MU
9 cal Row
Part 4) 100 #burpees

#mattspencerfitness #buildhealtrain # fitness #crossfit

When spirits align. You get stuck with something pretty profound. Something you couldn’t imagine being as good as it is. Sometimes you have to brake the norm and see something different. Here’s to the next phase of our life. The unexpected, the good, the bad, and everyday that may seem normal but isn’t because it’s another day we wake up together. Love you @sthsnyder #love #wife #bff #color #saturday

Rode 32 miles with my friend Connor. We went from mid-Wilshire all the way to manhattan beach 🏖. It was a solid trek. Trying to get my cardio up before big bear #beast. Thanks again Connor! #cycle #workout #fitness #mattspencerfitness #fitfam

@mcharron3 Got his first body weight chin-up today! Initially a vertical pull seemed impossible. But after prepping and strengthing his Lats, Scapula, Biceps, and Back with horizontal pulls first we then progressed to modified vertical pulls. Which led to today. Great job Marc! Keep up the hard work! #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitness #progress #transformationtuesday #tuesday #mattspencerfitness #buildhealtrain

@sthsnyder My #wcw always reaches her hand out and knows when to help and when to laugh. She reminds me everyday not to take things in life too seriously and appreciate the present. Happy Humpday! #happywifehappylife #love #relationships #gratitude #gratitudenotattitude #fitness

#Friday #18point4 was so close to the HS Walk I could smell it! Going to redo this one. #neversettle #crossfit #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete

That feeling of round 9 in #18point1 Goodluck athletes @lockboxla! Getting ready for #18point2. #tuesday #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #mattspencerfitness

Congrats to our athlete @russoao who completed his first MU on Friday!!!!! 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊#lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #losangeles #crossfit #crossfitopen

Happy Valentines Day! #yeah #realtionships #commercialholiday #savethemoney #loveeachother #cantbuymelove @sthsnyder

@sthsnyder Celebrating my beautiful wife’s Bday Today. Here’s to the many years ahead of you my love. I feel lucky everyday I’m with you. And there’s no better sound than your voice saying, “I love you.” Love you ❤️#wife #eachdayisagift #life #bff #shesasmeigel #myfamily #happybirthday

#tbt Change is the only constant in life. Finding new ways to challenge yourself helps but also sometimes a door closes right in our face and this can cause us to panic because we had an idea of how life was supposed to go. Many times has a door closed right on me but I’ll never forget what my teacher told me as a senior in high school. You can spend your life trying to break that door down or you can look for the window that just opened, or the staircase, or the ladder, or the door right next to it. Your life will be a series of doors that constantly get closed. But when they close it’s how fast you can find a new door, a new direction and adapt that will determine whether your still banging on that same door from the outside or your inside that door because you found a different way. Thanks Mr. Starret #knowledge #teacherswhoinspire #thingsthatstick #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #tuckplanche

6am Tuesday crushed it today! The sign of a good workout is when all of your class lays down at the same time and let’s out a giant sigh, “ Ahhhhhh” Good job guys 🙌 @vlewis.pdr2pc @kemana_otosi @rubenpleal @karli.mcalees @jinnyuh #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #mattspencerfitness

Sunday #tb Workout:

2 Person Workout:
*Each Person must complete 4 Rounds:

8 RFT:
20M BB Front Rack Wall 115#
15 GHD Sit-Ups
20M BB OH Walk 115#
30 Butterfly Sit-ups
3 Bar MU

* Alternate every other RD
* 1 Person is always rowing for calories

Connor and I made it in 32:45 and 485 calories #cheers #crossfit #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #mattspencerfitness

Saturday’s Class Crushed our hard workout today! It only had nonstop rowing and hundreds of Burpees.. NBD! #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #mattspencerfitness #saturday

2017 had a lot of triumphs despite all of the craziness in the year. It had one of the best moments of my life @sthsnyder 💍. I gained a wife. I hit weight lifting goals. I did another spartan race. I wrote my first published article. I saw my father hit 60 @vanbytheriver. I gained a niece. I also saw a client hit goals we had set out long before @vlewis.pdr2pc. I also said goodbye to two kitties and a family member. I said goodbye to a job I was happy to be apart of @realfitness_playadelrey. I said goodbye to a car. I still work @lockboxla life has balance, triumphs, and losses. And yet we live to see what happens regardless. I am grateful for it all. #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #wife #bff #happywifehappylife #mattspencerfitness

2018 Goals: Get more sleep. Sleep deprivation is toxic to your health

One of the first things I tend to ask my clients is, “ How’s your sleep?” This is why. Losing sleep literally starts killing you. Get your sleep in 2018!!!!!!!

“Lack of sleep is linked to far too many issues to fully list, including chronic fatigue, confusion, poor decision-making, irritability, headaches, weight gain, depression and heart disease. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other long-term degenerative brain diseases. “ Before you decide to pull an all-nighter, you may want to consider how toxic not getting enough sleep can be.

Thursday Press Day! Connor helping me get through our drop set special. 5 reps-90lbs, 10 reps 45lbs, BW Rep till failure. Happy Fitmas!
#unlockyourinnerathlete #merryfitmas

@chrislee510 leading the pack today! Followed by the rest of the pack @drhollylucille @mfrielin @bdan4th @rubenpleal @jinnyuh @zimmortal great work today guys! #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #monday #mattspencerfitness

@kemana_otosi was our Survivor today of the Death By KB Swing challenge! Great efforts by @vlewis.pdr2pc @sharonehakman @vinci_not_venti @vanitapplebumm @mateomintgreen @ohnawyoudidnt you will be remembered! Haha #lockboxla #fitfam #unlockyourinnerathlete #saturdays

Hau‘oli Lā Ho‘omaika‘i ia Kākou – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone from Hawaii! #lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #hawaii #maui #mauithanksgiving #doublerainbow #mauirainbow

The moment. The place. The beginning. #love #newlyweds #married #nov192017 #snyderbecomesspencer

There’s moments in life that you know will be moments you look back on forever. #love #soulmate #wedding #lastday #sugarbeachmaui #findyourtribe

If your looking for a new way to train on this Halloween 🎃 Look no further! Check out the article I wrote for @livestrong_com a great source for lifestyle and fitness advice. Talking about the benefits of chains and how we can add some ghoulish flare to some already haunting workouts! 💀☠️⛓🏋🏻⛓#lockboxla #unlockyourinnerathlete #mattspencerfitness
Photo by: @travis_mccoy_photography

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