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Hello I’ve been buying your fish oil supplements for a while now. The latest bottle was noticeably different- the capsules are different. The bottle says they are no longer made in the USA. Where are they made? The phone number listed on your website and bottle is not a working number. Can you please provide some information regarding these concerns.

PacificCoast NutriLabs specializes in the highest quality, most effective nutritional supplements backed by scientific research. We believe, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

Our singular focus is centered on optimal wellness.

Did you see this? (It's almost over)

Did you see this? (It's almost over)

Cyber Monday: Your Monday just got awesome. 🎁

Cyber Monday: Your Monday just got awesome. 🎁

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The Black Friday Deal You CAN'T Miss!

Our new website!

We've been hard at work to bring you an awesome new shopping experience from PCNL. Take a look and let us know what you think! Without further ado, our new website has finally arrived! It was much overdue. And, we're truly excited you found us. You'll now find: Our full PLATINUM Series

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PacificCoast NutriLabs

New Study Reveals Alarming Relationship of Vitamin D & Lupus

Lupus is a deadly disease and is one of the leading causes of death from cardiovascular disease. Because it is incurable, alternative treatments are always being sought. Vitamin D is one of the alternative preventions for lupus. A recent study reveals positive results. The Science of Healthy Living

Healthy Vitamin D Levels May Help You Fight Cancer Doctors have long suspected that healthy vitamin D levels may help combat cancer. Now, a new study finds that people with higher levels of vitamin D who are d

Getting the Vitamin D Your Body Needs

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the body. Find out what it does and how you can get it. The Science of Healthy Living

How Omega 3 Fatty Acids Promote Healthy, Faster Hair Growth

Want to have healthy, fast-growing hair? Omega 3 fatty acids can help you achieve this goal. The Science of Healthy Living

Coenzyme Q10: The Key To A Healthy Heart

The heart is a very important organ in the body. You should prioritize it by eating the right food, having regular exercise, getting enough sleep and supplementing with a high-quality Coenzyme Q10 supplement. The Science of Healthy Living

Brain Damage Caused By Alcohol Abuse Can Be Minimized by Fish Oil

It is a fact that excessive amount of alcohol causes brain damage. Recent studies show an alternative way to minimize this damage. The Science of Healthy Living

Vitamin D and Dementia: Recent Study Proves Connection

Are you becoming forgetful? Does your mind easily get tired? There are many kinds of mental conditions that can be avoided by taking the right supplement. Take a look at the recent study showing the connection of Vitamin D and dementia. The Science of Healthy Living

Forskolin: It’s What You Don’t Know About It That Could Shock You

Do you know what Forskolin is? It is a miraculous substance from a plant that our ancestors used for its health benefits. Find out more here. The Science of Healthy Living

The Astounding Connection Between The Ice Bucket Challenge & Omega 3

The lighter side of the Ice Bucket Challenge. We can avoid ALS with the help of proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The Science of Healthy Living

Forskolin and Weight Loss: How to Quickly Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Forskolin proves to be beneficial in losing weight effectively. Several research studies confirm this benefit. The Science of Healthy Living

Why A Lack of Vitamin D May Lead to an Increased Risk of Schizophrenia

Recent studies reveal the importance of Vitamin D in mental health, particularly in preventing schizophrenia. The Science of Healthy Living

"Awesome Product! The Real Deal!" a review of: PacificCoast NutriLabs 2000mg...

A very happy user of PacificCoast NutriLabs Fish Oil supplement shares her experience taking our product. Thanks Linda! Linda Cummings says: I'm happy to share with you that after taking your Premium PacificCoast Platinum Fish Oil Omega 3's, for 30 some days, my hair is fuller, shiny, and supple. My finger and toe nails look and feel firm, and healthy, my skin has no experienced any eruptions, looks smooth and...

"Relaxed" a review of: PacificCoast NutriLabs 100mg...

See how a customer feels the effect of PacificCoast NutriLabs 100mg Coq10 supplements quickly. silverwolf says: I have just started this product and have noticed very quickly a start to a very relaxed productive energy in me. I usually don't see this much change this fast. I have taken Coq 10 for some time but this seems different and I like what I am feeling.

"Finally a fish oil without an aftertaste!!!!" a review of: PacificCoast NutriLabs Fish Oil...

Many refuse to take fish oil supplements because of the aftertaste. Here's a customer who proves them otherwise. Cindi Schott says: I love these fish oils, I have to take 2000 mg a day as per my doctor and I have had issues with fish oils in the past. I hate the fishy aftertaste. Pacific Coast Nutrilabs omega 3 are wonderful, absolutely no aftertaste, they actually taste good! And I love only having to...

"A very good choice in supplements" a review of: PacificCoast NutriLabs COQ10...

Looking for the best CoQ10 supplement? Here's what Elstein had to say. elstein says: The CoQ10 Ubiquinone vitamin supplement I purchased has met all expectations. It is packaged well, the gel caps are very fresh and easy to swallow. This supplement is an exceptional value.

"it's really the best" a review of: 2000mg FISH OIL OMEGA 3...

Here's a customer who found the best fish oil product. Maura Nurse says: I give it a five star because this is the best fish oil tablets I ever take I was tired all the time and body pain and since I takeing this two tab a day I mus say I feel a lot berter

"Forskolin Platinum" a review of: Forskolin PLATINUM Series,...

Losing weight is about taking the right diet, regular exercise and using the right supplement. A happy customer proves this regimen. R.J. says: I take one or two capsules each day before eating. It makes me feel full, but not bloated. Then, when I feel hungry, I can eat sensibly and concentrate on keeping to a healthy diet. Of course, I also try to exercise every day. But, I believe that Forskolin Platinum Series has helped me...

"Five Stars" a review of: 5000 IU VITAMIN D3 Supplement -...

Looking for the right Vitamin D supplement? Kim is happy to find us. Kim S. Owens "Ksowens74" says: Great quality. Was looking for a Soy-free supplement. Thank you!

"Great Product" a review of: 2000mg FISH OIL OMEGA 3...

Hate fish burps when taking fish oil? A happy customer shares experience taking our fish oil supplement. Myrtle says: I give this product a 5 star because I do not have any burping, fish taste, after taste, upset stomach or any other negative feeling after taking the Omega-3 EPA+DHA. I get a feeling of wellness along with a slight boast of energy. The energy boast is not a drug feeling, it is just...

The Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Your Dr. Hasn’t Discussed With You

Recent studies confirm CoQ10 helps minimize and manage Parkinson's Disease. Find out more here. The Science of Healthy Living

How Vitamin D for Kids May Eliminate A Common Sports Related Injury

Prevent sports-related injury for your kids. Give them Vitamin D for protection. Find out here. The Science of Healthy Living

Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats: New Dosage Recommendations May Shock You

For pet lovers out there. The right dosage of Omega 3 helps our furry pals healthy. The Science of Healthy Living

DHA and EPA: The Missing Link to Increased Mental Development and Memory

Keep your brain healthy, young and alert. Take Omega 3 fatty acids found in Fish Oil. The Science of Healthy Living

Forskolin: The Clinical Trial Results That Caused A Nationwide Frenzy

Clinical tests proved an Forskolin to be an effective method in losing weight. Want to know about Forskolin? Check here. The Science of Healthy Living

Causes of Low Vitamin D and Why Your Climate Is Critically Important

People from colder countries should know the causes of Vitamin D insufficiency and how to combat it. The Science of Healthy Living

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits Shown to Decrease Leading Cause of Death by 50%

Learn how taking Coenzyme Q10 helps reduce mortality rate. The Science of Healthy Living

Omega 3 for Kids: A Surprising Benefit Parents Can’t Live Without

Every parent should know what Omega 3 in Fish oil can do to their children. Find out here. The Science of Healthy Living

"good product" a review of: CoQ10 COENZYME UBIQUINONE -...

Satisfied customer confirms improved energy. m from Austin says: This seems to be much better utilized by my body than the regular type of coQ10.. My energy is better when I take these.

Enteric Coated Fish Oil Pills & Why It’s Not Doing You Any Good

Taking enteric coated fish oil eliminates fish burps, but it has its its disadvantage. It body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the pill. Find out more here: The Science of Healthy Living

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