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Committed to Tradition Certified by Pilates Technique, 2013 Former Professional Dancer Online Private Sessions / Classes Certified classical pilates & barre instructor.

Private/duet sessions by appt. Studio locations & House-calls. 424.303.0403

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Made a few tees for pilates lovers, let me know If you’d like one !

Here’s some mid week motivation for you !

Came up with a handy dandy transition into horseback that doesn’t require letting go of the handles. Try it !

Love that you love it Kavita ! And it’s your favorite color ! 🎀Looking forward to seeing you use it Online for class tomorrow! 💗

Thrilled to break in my new magic circle— thanks, Erin Motion Pilates!

Have you hugged a tree today?🌳✨


Pull-up is my all time favorite Wunda Chair exercise. It may not be considered super advanced , but I find challenges in it every time ! It really gets those super deep core muscles to wake up like no other !
When you’re new to this exercise, don’t be surprised if the pedal doesn’t move at all. (And It’s ok to laugh at yourself if this happens!) It may feel frustrating like you’re just not getting it , even though you’re really trying hard. Just keep focusing on zipping up the legs and rounding up to the sky using your POWERHOUSE . This exercise doesn’t allow much room for cheating , that’s why it’s so fabulous ! My favorite exercises are the humbling ones:) Keep practicing! The more you start to get this exercise , the more you’ll progress with exercises on the Reformer . The concepts here really help make vital connections . Be sure you have an instructor there to spot you ! Your spotter likely will hold your pelvis and give you the sensation of resistance as you lower the pedal down . That lifted up feeling with the pelvis in opposition to the pedal lowering down is exactly what you should try to physicalize on your own.
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Calm Corkscrew

be calm, you got this !

Pilates Mermaid , Reformer ; Classic

Tuning Inward : A Discovery Process

Tendon Stretch, Pilates Reformer

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[10/14/20]   Hey folks —-Please contact me via phone or email
for an immediate response . I am not a facebook fan, sorry . But I don’t want to miss you if you’d like to chat !

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” -Joseph Pilates
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If you can’t be a highway just be a trail . If you can’t be the sun be a star . Be the best, of whatever you are .

Audio Excerpts from King Sermon 1965, San Francisco
You can listen & watch the full sermon recording of MLK himself on YouTube: “King Sermon Part 1”
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“Corkscrew” on the Reformer @erinmotionpilates #pilatescorkscrew #classicpilates #pilatesinstructor #pilateslovers #reformerexercises

“There are no such things as self conscious birds . Fly, be free, and be happy about it.” — A note from my Lines Ballet journal 2009 • Photo taken at Florida State University by @aubrie.rodriguez

I ❤️ the Cadillac.
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🎹: Bruce Brubaker

Timeline Photos

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My certification seal. 👍
Highly recommend this program to aspiring teachers or any experienced practitioners wanting to deepen their practice. If you are looking for a thorough, comprehensive classical teacher training program, look no further ! . So grateful for my teachers at Pilates Technique. Website :

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“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness. “ -Joseph Pilates

Pilates is my Chiropractor #twist #trapeze #pilatescadillac #healthyspine #pilateslovers

“Let the beauty we love be what we do . There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” -Rumi

Truth is a gem that is found at a great depth; whilst on the surface of the world all things are weighed by the false scale of custom
— Byron

✨vintage Hasselblad 📷 @whitevans78

“It is the mind itself that builds the body.” Joseph Pilates #erinmotionpilates #josephpilates #pilatesinstructor

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Music by Creation Factory


Alonzo King Ted Talk , “We are larger than our definitions”

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